Fact Check: Can Google Meet and Zoom hosts now know which apps you’re using in the background?

young or old, school students or corporate professionals, the pandemic has made us subject on video recording communication platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. In about every firm, while the adults are busy on video recording call with their colleagues, the kids are attending on-line classes .
however, if a message circulating on social media is to be believed, Google Meet will soon introduce a sport that will allow the server to know which apps the participants are using in the background. The screen grab of what appears to be a tweet by Google India gives out this information.

Pic 1 Another purported tweet by Zoom says the service has already introduced this have .Pic 2 India Today Anti Fake News War Room ( AFWA ) has found that the tweets are imposter. Neither Google India nor Zoom has tweeted such updates. The archive versions of the posts can be seen here and here. Had Google Meet or Zoom announced a feature allowing hosts to know which apps are being used by participants in the background, that would have surely raised privacy concerns and made headlines. however, we could not find any such report in indian or external media. grammatical and style errors in the said tweets made us leery about its authenticity. besides, the two tweets contain similarities in language, which is highly unlikely in tweets by two different companies .Pic 3


We could not find any tweet similar to the viral one on the official Twitter handle of Zoom. According to the screenshot, the tweet was made from the handle “ @ zoom-us ”. however, Zoom ’ s official Twitter treat is just “ @ zoom ”. The actual logo is besides different from the one seen in the viral tweet. With the help of archiving tool “ Wayback Machine ”, we were able to confirm that Zoom has been making its official tweets from the wield “ @ Zoom ” at least since March 2021. We besides found that the viral tweet was circulating in some meme pages last class. Speaking to AFWA, officials of Zoom ’ s populace relations team said on condition of anonymity that the viral tweet was not made by Zoom and no such feature has been announced. Commenting on Zoom ’ s attention-tracking sport that had previously allowed hosts to see whether participants have the app open when the screen-sharing feature was in practice, the spokesperson, through a Twitter message said, “ As of April 2, 2020, we have removed the attendant care tracker have as part of our commitment to the security and privacy of our customers. ” On March 22, 2020, in response to a user question, Zoom had tweeted that it “ does not track any aspects of your audio/video or early applications on your window ”. Zoom has not mentioned the feature of speech made in the claim in its blogs on approaching features.

meanwhile, we found a modern feature called “ Active App Notifier ” that sends participants “ privacy notifications when a confluence host or another meeting participant uses an app that can access real-time content or personal information during a meet ” .

Google Meet

According to the screenshot of the alleged Google India pinch, it was posted from “ TwitterDeck ”. however, there is nothing called “ TwitterDeck ”. The tool that allows real-time chase, organising and posting tweets is called “ TweetDeck ”. A comparison between the pinch in question and one made from the official handle of Google India through “ TweetDeck ” can be seen below .Pic 4 0 The screenshot in circulation shows that the alleged tweet by Google India was made on May 29, 2021. however, we could not find any such tweet on the official treat of Google India. A search for the archived version did not yield any resultant role either. The publicly announced products and features planned for Google Workspace, including for Google Meet, are available in its “ Help Center ” section. however, the feature in motion has found no mention here till the filing of this floor. Neither is it list under the category of new features and enhancements available in Google Meet. technical school giants such as Google and Zoom have constantly been under the radar of experts who ’ ve often flagged privacy concerns over alleged hide features. however, they excessively have not said anything similar to the viral claim. While newly features might get added in the future, we can confirm that this particular have allowing hosts to know which apps are being used by participants in the background has not been announced yet. INDIA TODAY FACT CHECK



According to a tweet by Google India, Google Meet will soon introduce a have that allows hosts to know which apps are being used in the background by participants.


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The tweet in circulation is talk through one’s hat. Google has thus far not announced any such feature .


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