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Doom Patrol Reading Order

Created by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney, and artist Bruno Premiani, the Doom Patrol is a superhero team from DC Comics. The first iteration of the team appeared for the first gear fourth dimension in My Greatest Adventure # 80 ( June 1963 ) .
The Doom Patrol is not your ordinary superhero team. They are a group of super-powered misfits whose “ gifts ” caused them alienation and injury. And this is why they are sometimes dubbed the “ World ’ s Strangest Heroes ”. Doom Patrol has known multiple iterations of the team and has been adapted to other media, more recently with their own television receiver Show .

Doom Patrol Reading Order

Volume 1: My Greatest Adventure with Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani (1964-1968)

here are the members of the Doom Patrol during this earned run average : The Chief ( Doctor Niles Caulder ), Elasti-Girl ( Rita Farr ), veto Man ( Larry Trainor ), Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), Mento ( Steve Dayton ) et Beast Boy ( Garfield Logan ).

The Doom Patrol Archives Volume 1 Reading Order
Drake and Premiani ’ randomness run is available in color :
In black and white Showcase editions :

  • Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol Volume 1
    Collects My Greatest Adventure Vol. 1 #80–85, Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #86–101
  • Showcase Presents: The Doom Patrol Volume 2
    Collects Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #102–121

In two volumes with softcover :

  • Doom Patrol The Silver Age Vol. 1
    My Greatest Adventure Vol. #80-85; Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #86-95
  • Doom Patrol The Silver Age Vol. 2
    Doom Patrol #96-107; Challengers of the Unknown #48; The Brave and the Bold #65

In omnibus form :

  • Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omnibus
    My Greatest Adventure Vol. 1 #80–85; Doom Patrol Vol. 1 #86–121; The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #65; Challengers of the Unknown Vol. 1 #48

Larry Trainor Doom Patrol Icon Reading Order

Volume 2 Part 1: The Doom Patrol’s Adventures From Showcase by Paul Kupperberg (1987-1989)

The new team is led by Celsius ( Arani Desai ), the Chief ’ s previously-unseen wife, with Robotman with a new, futuristic body. The negative Spirit now possesses russian astronaut Valentina Vostok, making her negative Woman ( although its presence does not render her radioactive ), and Tempest aka Joshua Clay, a Vietnam veteran/deserter who fires energy blasts from his hands .
Doom Patrol The Bronze Age Omnibus Reading Order

  • The Doom Patrol: The Bronze Age Omnibus
    Collects Collecting The Doom Patrol’s Adventures From Showcase #94-96, The Superman Family #191-193, The New Teen Titans #13-15, DC Comics Presents #52, The Daring New Adventures Of Supergirl #7-9, Teen Titans Spotlight #9, Secret Origins Annual #1, The Doom Patrol Vol.2 #1-18, The Doom Patrol And Suicide Squad Special #1, Superman #20, The Doom Patrol Annual #1 And Pages From The New Teen Titans #10 And Invasion! #2-3, Along With A Brand-New Introduction By Paul Kupperberg.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Icon Reading OrderFollowing are stories that take place before Doom Patrol Vol. 2 (after sporadic appearances in various titles), most optional. This is where
Following are stories that take position before Doom Patrol Vol. 2 ( after sporadic appearances in versatile titles ), most optional. This is where Crisis on Infinite Earths happens. Doom Patrol Icon Reading OrderAt the end of this part, the Doom Patrol appears also in the event (go see

  • Invasion!
    Collected Invasion! #1-3
  • Checkmate (1988-1991) #15-30 (optional)
    Not collected anywhere. For those interested in following the story of Valentina Vostok (formerly Negative Woman).
  • Suicide Squad #58 (optional)
    Collected in Suicide Squad Vol. 8: The Final Mission. Last appareance of Karma.

At the end of this region, the Doom Patrol appears besides in the event ( go see reading rate to know a fiddling bit more about the event )

Volume 2 Part 2: Grant Morrison ’ second Doom Patrol ( 1989-1993 )

Kupperberg was replaced by Grant Morrison and what followed defined the Doom Patrol for the adjacent 30 years. This is obviously a good starting point for raw readers .
Kupperberg agreed to help Morrison by writing out characters Morrison did not want to use ( with the habit of the Invasion ! crossing ). The new team reunites the Chief with ambition to rebuild his team to its erstwhile enormousness. Always present is Robotman, after a stay in a psychiatric guard ; Larry Trainor who regains his previous joining with the Negative Man, and becomes Rebis after involuntarily combining with a female repair named Eleanor Poole. They are joined by Crazy Jane, a patient at the hospital Robotman stayed with who possesses a different world power with each of her multiple personalities ; Dorothy Spinner, an ape-faced daughter with powerful “ complex number friends. ” and sentient neighborhood Danny the Street .
Doom Patrol Vol 1 Crawling From the Wreckage Reading Order
Collected in TPBs :
besides in three volume sofcover editions :
besides in Omnibus form :

  • Doom Patrol Omnibus
    Collects Doom Patrol Vol. 2 #19–63, Doom Force #1

Morrison also wrote the miniserie Flex Mentallo. The miniseries forms part of what Morrison calls a thematic hypersigil trilogy along with 

  • Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery
    Collects Flex Mentallo #1–4

Morrison besides wrote the miniserie Flex Mentallo. The miniseries forms part of what Morrison calls a thematic hypersigil trilogy along with The Invisibles and The Filth

Volume 2 Part 3: Rachel Pollack’s Doom Patrol (1993-1995)

Morrison left the book with issue # 63, and Rachel Pollack took over writing the book for the adjacent issues, a period which was for a retentive time uncollected. This will change soon, as DC announced an omnibus for this period ( those issues are besides available in digital format ) .
Dorothy Spinner, The Chief, Robotman, The Bandage People ( George and Marion ), Charlie the Doll ( The Inner Child ), Coagula ( Kate Godwin / Clark Godwin ), Alice Wired for Sound, The False Memory ( The Identity Addict ) forms the team .
Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack Omnibus

  • Doom Patrol by Rachel Pollack Omnibus New
    Collects Doom Patrol # 64-87, Doom Patrol Annual # 2, Totems # 1, and Vertigo Jam # 1 .

bulk 3 : John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat ’ south Doom Patrol ( 2001-2003 )

Under John Arcudi from 2001 through 2003, the team is formed by Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), Fever ( Shyleen Lao ), Freak ( Ava ), Kid Slick ( Vic Darge ), Beast Boy ( Garfield Logan ), Doctor Light ( Kimiyo ), Elongated Man ( Ralph Dibny ), Metamorpho ( Rex Mason ) and Fast Forward ( Ted Bruder ) .
Like Pollack, Arcudi ’ second run is not available in paperback book colelction or differently, but you can find this volume in digital .

  • The Doom Patrol (Vol. 3) #1-22
    Not collected in a paperback edition

volume 4 : John Byrne ’ mho Doom Patrol ( 2004-2006 )

This iteration was retconned to be the first base in continuity appearance of the team — with The Chief ( Doctor Niles Caulder ), Elasti-Girl ( Rita Farr ), minus Man ( Larry Trainor ), Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), Grunt ( Henry Bucher ), Nudge ( Mi-Sun Kwon ), Vortex, Faith, Bumblebee ( Karen Beecher-Duncan ), Vox ( Malcolm Duncan ). A later report arc brought all former appearances back into continuity .
John Byrne ’ sulfur run had the reputation for being nasty, no other iteration of the title is ampere hated as this one. You ’ ve been warned !

  • Doom Patrol by John Byrne: The Complete Series
    Collects Doom Patrol Vol. 4 #1-18, JLA #94-99, material from Secret Origins Annual #1, and Superman Vol. 2 #20

Infinite Crisis

DC column used the events of the Infinite Crisis crossing ( reading ordering ) to restore the Doom Patrol ’ second continuity. It ’ s wholly optional to read that event as it ’ sulfur just for continuity ’ s sake. During that time, they don ’ t have their own serial .

bulk 5 : Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark ’ s Doom Patrol ( 2009-2011 )

Following The Four Horsemen miniseries, writer Keith Giffen is put in charge of the new Doom Patrol, in a popular move for the team .
This time about, the team is : The Chief ( Doctor Niles Caulder ), Elasti-Girl ( Rita Farr ), negative Man ( Larry Trainor ), Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), Bumblebee ( Karen Beecher-Duncan ), Black Hole, Crazy Jane ( Kay Challis ), Danny the Street and Ambush Bug ( Irwin Schwab )

  • Doom Patrol: We Who Are About to Die
    Collects Doom Patrol Vol.5 #1–6
  • Doom Patrol: Brotherhood
    Collects Doom Patrol Vol.5 #7–13
  • Doom Patrol: #14–22
    A third paperback titled Fire Away was planned, but never released.

Doom Patrol during the New 52 (2011-2016)

In september 2011 begun The New 52 rebooted DC ’ sulfur continuity ( see Reading ordain ) and during that menstruation, the Doom Patrol doesn ’ thyroxine have its own series. still, we can meet the team in other titles, and this time around we have : element Woman ( Emily Sung ), Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), The Chief ( Niles Caulder ), Celsius ( Arani Desai ), Tempest ( Joshua Clay ), Negative Woman ( Valentina Vostok ), Scorch ( Scott Fischer ), Karma ( Wayne Hawkins ) and Elasti-Woman ( Rita Farr )

Volume 6: Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s Doom Patrol (2016-2020)

The modern Doom Patrol series written by Gerard Way and drawn by Nick Derington was created as character of the Young Animal imprint .
The team is a mix of master characters and former team rosters with : Robotman ( Cliff Steele ), Casey Brinke, Danny the Street, Sam Reynolds, Ricardo, The Chief ( Niles Caulder ), Lotion, Terry None, Negative Man ( Larry Trainor ), Flex Mentallo, Fugg, Lucius Reynolds, Crazy Jane ( Kay Challis ), Valerie Reynolds andElasti-Girl ( Rita Farr ) .
Doom Patrol Vol 1 Brick by Brick
Milk Wars Young Animal DC Crossover - Doom Patrol Reading orderDC’s Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a different kind of crossover with

  • DC/Young Animal: Milk Wars
    Collects JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1, Mother Panic/Batman Special #1, Shade, The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special #1, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing Special #1 And Doom Patrol/Jla Special #1.
  • Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds
    Collects Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #1-7.

Doom Patrol in the Infinite Frontier era (2022-)

DC ’ second Young Animal collides with the DC Universe to bring you a unlike kind of crossing with 2018 ’ s Milk Wars

The Doom Patrol appears in the beginning fib of Batman/Superman : World ’ s Finest, set early in both heroes ’ careers, at a prison term when Dick Grayson was Robin. For the Doom Patrol, it means the report takes plaza during volume 1 .

  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest New
    TBA. The title is available in Kindle edition.

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