Victor von Doom (Earth-616)/Expanded History



Below is an elaborate history of the character Victor von Doom, aka Dr. Doom, for an abridge version of his history please refer to Victor von Doom. It should be noted that some elements of Dr. Doom ‘s past history is affected by the Sliding Timescale of the Earth-616 universe. During instances where specific, so far dated, events have occurred that are relevant to the date of publication of the reference fabric, they will be generalized here with specifics detailed in the references section. This page is a employment in advance .

early on life


Victor Von Doom was born in Haasenstadt, Latveria, [ 1 ] roughly forty to forty five years ago. [ 2 ] He was born to Cynthia and Werner von Doom who were members of the Zefiro, a local Romani course in Latveria who were much maligned under the predominate of King Vladimir. [ 3 ] They were constantly forced to be on the prevail from the King ‘s soldiers. [ 4 ] While his don used traditional medicine and worked as a therapist, Cynthia was a practitioner of sorcery. [ 3 ] Victor has claimed that he has full echo of all his memories dating back from being in utero, and suspects that this might have something to do with his mother ‘s practitioner of the benighted arts. [ 4 ] While Victor was still four years old, [ 4 ] Cynthia was slain after foolishly making a treaty with the demon Mephisto. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] } Wherein she gained the office to attack the King ‘s enemies with magic, but it came at the monetary value of the lives of all the children in a nearby greenwich village. This horrified Cynthia, and she became hunted by the King ‘s men and finally slain. Found by Werner, she had him promise not to let her son learn of or use the iniquity arts. Cynthia was buried in an unmarked grave accent, and when the early members of the Zefiro began speaking ill of Cynthia, her own articulate son spoke up in her defense, besides warning the other gypsies that continuing to speak ill of her would force him to grow up to be equitable like his mother. [ 4 ] Following the funeral, Werner hid the mystic artefacts of his recently wife from his son in an attempt to protect him. [ 3 ] Growing up, Victor often played with a young girl named Valeria. [ 7 ] Valeria was Doom ‘s only ally among his people and by the old age of eleven that friendship grew into love. [ 4 ] It was during this time that the King ‘s wife became terminally ill with cancer [ 4 ] and thus he sent his guards to collect Werner to try and cure her. Saving the king ‘s wife was out of Werner ‘s ability and she finally died of her illness, the King ordered Werner ‘s death. Werner then fled the Zefiro greenwich village with his son into the Latverian alps, and had to spend their night out in the elements after their knight ran off. Werner wrapped his son in his dress leaving him exposed to the elements. Werner and Victor were found by another Romani named Boris who brought them back to the greenwich village. There on his deathbed, Werner put Victor in the worry of Boris. His dying words were a warning of protection involving Victor. Boris presumed that Werner believe that he was being told to protect the earth from his son. angered over his beget ‘s death, Victor vowed to finally get revenge. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 4 ]

Boris then showed Victor his founder ‘s bequest : his collection of herb and potions that he used to cure the ill, hoping the boy would carry on his beget ‘s craft. Searching through these meager possessions Victor besides came across the trunk containing his mother ‘s versatile mysterious artifacts. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] These he showed to Valeria, and while she feared their manipulation. [ 7 ] [ 4 ] Victor then spent his years mastering the arts of both skill and sorcery. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 4 ] One night about 37 years ago, while Victor slept, he was visited by the sixth century mysterious known as Morgan Le Fay. Le Fay had travelled to this earned run average to get revenge against Victor ‘s future self who had wronged her, but before she could kill young Victor she decided against it, wanting his future self to know why he was being punished and besides to prevent the electric potential of altering history in a way that would ill benefit her. [ 9 ] finally, Victor became a master of both science and charming and vowed to use these skill to become chief of the world. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 4 ] This drew a bomber between he and Valeria, who feared that Victor was out of control. Seeing her as fallible, this drove a wedge heel between the two. [ 7 ] Victor started off by using his skills to sell respective barons and lords of Latveria apparently valuable objects, such as a violin that required no skill to play, hair salve that could cure headaches, and versatile other trinkets and sundries. however Von Doom normally tricked his affluent clients, as most of the items he sold would go sour or break soon after his passing. This earned him hostility among the ruling class of Latveria and the besiege region. however, attempts to capture Doom and execute him for his crimes were constantly met with failure thanks to Doom ‘s versatile devices that allowed him to evade capture. One of his early forays into robotics included a automaton which he had digest in for himself before a fire police squad. [ 3 ] Doom besides used his command of both science and sorcery to protect the Zefiro people, making him their drawing card and defender as they tried to stay a dance step ahead of the King who so persecuted them. One night while Victor went for a walk away from the greenwich village he was caught by one of King Vladimir ‘s soldiers with nothing to defend himself. With a plunder pointed in his confront, Victor suddenly lunged at the soldier and strangled him to death. Victor looked the man in the eye as his life was snuffed out and the feel left him feeling horrified, believing that he had finally become his mother ‘s son. Victors hands shake good into the next day. [ 4 ] finally, stories of Victor ‘s scientific art reached the United States. original accounts state that and a scout from State University and offered him a eruditeness. [ 3 ] however it has since been revealed that the man seeking Victor out was from the United States Army who sought to recruit Victor ‘s talents before he was tapped by foreign nations that were hostile to the United States at the time. Victor was offered a full eruditeness at State University on acme of being using his skills to develop new weapons for the United States. Victor accepted the offer seeing this as a new challenge, but besides as a mean to escape what his life had become in Latveria. [ 4 ]

State University

At the time that Victor had arrived in America, he had come to the stopping point that his mother ‘s soul was trapped in Mephisto ‘s kingdom [ 6 ] and became determined to reach that region by studying interchange dimensions as a mean of creating a device to reach her. [ 10 ] Upon his arrival, Victor was given a lab facility on a US Army al-qaeda where he was to conduct his experiments. Upon arrival at State U, Victor met another young ace named Reed Richards who took interest in Doom ‘s make, although Doom was uninterested in forming a friendship with Richards and closely came to blows with Richard ‘s future roommate Ben Grimm. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 10 ] Accounts state that Victor was offered a find to be roommates with Reed Richards and he refused, but in reality the government had set Doom up with a private dormitory with a shroud soundproof lab. Richards remained below Von Doom ‘s notification until a physics class where Victor got into disagreement with his professor over the function of Einstein pertaining to parallel universes. When Richards spoke up to defend Victor ‘s theoretical point of view, Von Doom angrily told Richards he did not require his aid, but was however impressed by him. [ 11 ] Soon, Reed and Von Doom became intellectual rivals, constantly competing with each other academically, their oeuvre amazed their professors. [ 12 ] Doom by and large kept to himself and refused to involve himself in other activities that the other university students engaged in, namely athletics, drink or fraternization with the inverse sexual activity. His workplace did gain him admirers both romantically from the women, and his classmates for his scientific flair. He soon gained a lab assistant named Daniel Kurtz who worked with Doom devotedly. With the military, Von Doom began working on robots fr combat use while in his dormitory room lab began building a device that would allow him to search for the soul of his mother. [ 11 ] Doom continued his study into the black arts as well. [ 13 ] One night, Victor had decided to accompany Kurtz to a party and allowed himself to partake in drinking and flirting with a girlfriend. When the girl took Victor into the woods to make out, Victor was soon disgusted by her blunt nature — contrary to the behavior he was used to with Valeria — and soon began to strangle her. Seeing the face of the soldier he killed, Victor abruptly became disgusted in himself and stopped and girl fled. Victor did not get into trouble with the authorities because both State University administrators and the military hushed the incident astir and forced the girlfriend to leave the school, allowing Victor to continue his workplace unfettered, although his colleague classmates were terrified of him. Victor besides continued working for the military where he continued to develop his robotics engineering american samoa well as the first working prototype of his Time-Platform. [ 11 ] One day, Reed happened upon Doom ‘s notes for his device to contact his mother. In most accounts it is said that Richards found that some of his calculations were off. however when Doom caught Richards looking at his notes, his pride, ego and anger prevented him from listening to Richard ‘s warnings and he continued on with the experiment. [ 3 ] however more recent accounts state that Richards was unable to fathom Doom ‘s fusion of both science and magic to operate the device. The device worked for a few moments [ 14 ] and Doom was concisely transported to Mephisto ‘s region where his mother begged him to turn back. however Mephisto reached out and touch Doom, chilling him to the bone. [ 11 ] It was at that moment the experiment literally blew up in his face, scarring it. For conducting the experiment in confidential and without mandate from the university, Von Doom was expelled from State U and blamed Richards for his experiment going wrong. [ 13 ] [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 15 ] [ 11 ] In one explanation, it is stated that Doom ‘s expression only suffered a minor scar. [ 8 ] but he believed that his face was hideously disfigured for all time. [ 3 ] [ 13 ] For months Victor stayed in a hospital bed, refusing to talk to the authorities regarding the explosion. The nights were lidless as he was haunted by visions of his beget and the devil he met in the hell. He came to continue wearing the bandages across his grimace regardless of the genuine stipulate. Deciding that his time in America was done, Victor then developed a device that caused all his inventions built for the military to explode, forever denying them the versatile technologies that Victor came to create under their servicing. Before they could capture Victor he had already fled the area. [ 11 ]

In Hiding

Victor used the money he earned in America to go into hiding and was frequently moving from place to place in Europe to avoid the american authorities, while he continued to perfect his craft. [ 16 ] It was likely during this period that Doom founded two bases of operations around this prison term, a castle in the Adirondack mountains in New York [ 17 ] equally well as a palace in Romania where he commanded an united states army of patriotic gypsies. [ 18 ] It was besides during this period that Doom built a raw Time-Platform. [ 17 ] Seeking the help of die scientist Dr. Olsen to further his goals of reaching his mother in the hell, [ 19 ] Dr. Doom travelled back in time to the year 1942 during the stature of World War II. [ 17 ] This put Von Doom in a precarious position as at the prison term Dr. Olsen was tapped by nazi leader Adolf Hitler to create a device that would bring the Asgardian thunder deity Thor through time and dimensions to that era to use against the heroic Invaders. The pair complied and succeeded in bringing Thor to that earned run average and Hitler convinced the big h deity to fight the Invaders who were on a deputation in Russia. [ 20 ] When Dr. Olsen died of a heart attack shortly thereafter, Hitler became determined to pull Trolls into that earned run average american samoa well. Having had adequate with Hitler ‘s lunacy, and unable to get the aid he needed from Olsen, Von Doom set the device to detonate and left Hitler to his fortune, [ 19 ] and returned to his own time. [ 17 ] [ 21 ] Doom then sought to locate the pieces of the Claw of Bast seeking data of the locations of each part Professor Roderick Van Nuys. [ 18 ] Doom sought to use the Claw to heal his marred face and use its ability to conquer the global, [ 22 ] however due to mysterious limitations placed on the Claw it could only be used one more prison term and only during the proper erratic alliance. [ 14 ] Van Nuys himself sought the Claw to cure himself from the debilitating Sebert Syndrome, and sought the help of his colleague Reed Richards to obtain it for him. [ 18 ] Doom sent his minions to impede Richards ‘ quest. ultimately capturing Reed and his compatriots Francesca Fisher and Alyssa Moy in Romania when they attempted to steal the Eye of Bast from a museum there. Doom then had Francesca and Alyssa strapped into a machine based on the original experiment that scarred his side. Doom gave Richard ‘s the opportunity to prove that his calculations were faulty and if he could free Francesca and Alyssa, Doom agreed to let them go. [ 22 ] Reed managed to free his compatriots and flee Doom ‘s romanian castle, but this only played into Doom ‘s plans to follow them to the placement of the final examination component of the claw : The Paw of Bast. When the trio succeeded in collecting all the pieces, Doom and his minions jumped them and stole them. Doom then assembled the Claw of Bast, but in doing so besides caused the spirit of Pharaoh Khafre to possess the Sphinx and attack them. Before Doom could utilize the ability of the Claw for his own selfish ends, Reed trapped Doom by using a freeze compound to trap him in ice rink. Richards then used the Claw to banish Khafre ‘s spirit, and bring around Van Nuys, rendering the Claw useless. With their quest accomplished, Richards left Doom in the desert to finally thaw out, allowing them clock time to escape. [ 14 ] During this menstruation Victor was hush plagued with horrifying dreams from his feel in the hell. He finally sought safety in France, and constantly dealt with an annoying drink named Otto who continued to sleep in the doorway outside Doom ‘s apartment regardless of how many times Victor chastised him for doing so. Soon Victor ‘s localization was discovered by the Russian KGB who besides sought to recruit him into their service. Having had his occupy work for other governments, Victor refused and fought off the KGB agents, warning them that he would kill anyone who was sent after him in the future. By this point the KGB were besides allies of King Vladimir and used this connection to try and force Victor into their service. They paid off a member of the Zefiro, who claimed to be a fortune teller, to warn Valeria that their people were in worry and that she needed to bring Victor back home. She complied and was soon reunited with Victor. Their clock together was about comparable magic as Victor warmly accepted her back into her life, and their whirlwind romance besides kept the colored dreams at bay. however this happiness soon came to an end when the KGB returned and tried to use Valeria as a hostage to force Doom to comply with their demands. When all seemed ghastly, Doom was surprised when Otto came to his aid, using mysterious powers to shield Valeria from harm and killing the KGB agents, but not before taking a total of their bullets himself. Dying, Otto explained that he was contribution of an order of monks who resided deep in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet who had a prophecy that a world hiding his truthful face would soon come to lead them. After Otto died of his wounds, Valeria begged Victor to come second to Latveria with her, but Von Doom refused, deciding to seek his fortune in Himalayan mountains. [ 16 ]

The Birth of Doctor Doom

With no information other than that this secret order of monks lived in the Himalayas, Victor travelled there and exhausted months climbing the mountains and searching for clues to the whereabouts of this hidden tribe. Victor utilized his technical skills to build devices that made travelling through the harsh winter climates of the mountains easier, but the trek was silent one fraught with trouble and danger. [ 23 ] In on account it is stated that Victor came upon the cave dwell of the mystic known only as the Aged Genghis and attempted to force the aged homo his arcane secrets. The Aged Genghis refused however convert Von Doom to seek out a confidential order of monks by giving him directions to their most obscure society. [ 6 ] This refutes Doom ‘s meet with Otto, although the Aged Genghis mental facilities are questionable at best. sentence himself has stated that he was able to divine the placement of the monk temple from an ancient parchment that was over 600 years old. [ 23 ] Doom ‘s evenings were even haunted by nightmares of his beget and the devil who took her. finally, Doom ‘s resources were closely exhausted and he faced starvation and hypothermia. however he found a minor meal from eventual death from the elements the day he was attacked by a Yeti which Victor swerve. The animal ‘s flesh gave him food, and his fur an extra coating to protect him from the elements. [ 23 ] finally his supplies ran out again and after months of travel and on the brink of death he found the temple collapsing outside. Victor was found by the monks and was nursed back to health, and managed to convince the monks. [ 3 ] [ 8 ] [ 23 ] Doom found that the monks were masters of both charming and technology and upon reaching full health he mastered all they knew and surpassed their abilities himself within five years. so affect were the monks that they named him their drawing card. He then constructed a device that allowed him to monitor all television receiver, radio, satellite and internet transmissions and learned that his old school rival Reed Richards was working on a new experimental outer space vessel and grew ferocious. It was at this meter that Victor insisted that the monks all begin referring to him as “ Doctor Doom ”. ultimately growing fed up of the constant nightmares and wishing to feel neither emotion or pain, Victor began to design a suit of armor that not merely protected him from the dreams but besides severed his physical connection to the world making him a cold engine of logic. [ 23 ] doom had the monks forge this armor for him, and when they were constructing the masquerade, Victor put it on before it could cool ignoring the searing annoyance which probable disfigured his side even more atrocious than earlier. [ 3 ] [ 13 ] [ 8 ] [ 23 ] Deciding it was ultimately clock to get retaliation against King Vladimir, the newly born Doctor Doom left the Himalayas for his fatherland with Larin, one of the monks from the monastery to accompany him. [ 23 ]

Conquering the Latverian throne

When Doctor Doom first arrived in Latveria, he and Larin took refuge in a little abandoned palace which overlooked the abandoned greenwich village where, many years ago, his mother was creditworthy for the death of every child that lived there. destine made his presence known by confronting guards watching over a chain-gang of slave workers and slew the soldiers and freed the slaves telling them to spread the password that the tyrants of Latveria would fall to the might of Doctor Doom. Doom then returned to the castle where he and Larin began building an army of robots to face off against King Vladimir ‘s armies. Victor then tracked down the Zefiro tribe and reunited with Boris, telling him to gather the elders to spread the discussion of coming drive over of Latveria, ordering them to have their people pass out holographic projectors showing Doctor Doom ‘s opening salvo against Vladimir ‘s forces .
A alone dissenter was slain and the rest fell in lineage however they had all feared that Victor had become precisely what they feared he would one day be. Soon word banquet of Doctor Doom ‘s plans to liberate the people of Latveria from Vladimir ‘s rule and soon a rebellion army was formed to overthrow the king. Valeria finally came to see Victor and was horrified to see what he had become, when she spoke against him Doom had her removed from his hearing. Soon Doom sent out his rebellion forces with his army of robots and gained many victories. More and more people joined Victor ‘s rebellion including many of Vladimir ‘s soldiers. Doctor Doom finally sent a messenger with a holographic projector so that Victor could issue his ultimatum to King Vladimir : resignation and survive, or fight and die. Vladimir refused to surrender, so Doom ordered his people to prepare for the final examination battle. [ 24 ] winner and his united states army then pushed through the last lines of defense before King Vladimir ‘s castle. With his enemies about to attack Vladimir refused to surrender and ordered his second in command to have his sons Rudolfo and Zorba taken to safety. When Doom ‘s army arrived in the capital city, the soldiers departed, not wishing to fight an invincible enemy. Doom then entered the town alone and learned that King Vladimir was attempting to escape the city through a privy burrow in the local anesthetic cathedral .
There Doom confronted his most hat enemy, the serviceman responsible for the murders of his mother and church father, and strangled him to death. With Vladimir dead, Victor took his royal cloak as his own. Upon the death of Vladimir, Dr. Doom had his castle destroyed and relocated the new capital city of Latveria to the township where his mother died years ago, rebuilding the castle there as his new imperial concentrate. The town was renamed Doomstadt and Victor was then crowned king of the state. [ 25 ] Prince Rudolfo was obviously captured trying to flee Latveria and was forced to abdicate his position as Latverian royalty and Doom sentenced him into exile. [ 26 ]

now with a kingdom to command, Doom then used his mystic skills to summon up Mephisto and the two entered into a treaty : sentence would be offered a opportunity to try and save his mother ‘s soul once a year. however, if Victor should fail, the price was that the people of his domain would slowly grow to hate and despise him. Victor agreed to these terms [ 25 ] and over the years he tried time and time again to save his mother, only to be met with failure each time. [ 5 ] For a time, Doom kept his principle of Latveria a mysterious from the outside worldly concern. [ 3 ] Following his conquest of Latveria, Doom kidnapped french scientist Professor LaFarge and his daughter Cosette. Doom then kept Cosette hostage for many years, forcing LaFarge to build missiles that became the first base line of defensive structure against any attack against Latveria by a foreign government. [ 27 ]

enemy of the Fantastic Four

Dr. Doom soon learned that his rival Reed Richards and his flight crew had gained super-human powers after being exposed to cosmic rays and formed a group of costumed adventurers known as the Fantastic Four. [ 28 ] He attacked the group at their headquarters within the Baxter Building in New York City. During this conflict he took the inconspicuous Girl ( Sue Storm ) prisoner and forced Mr. Fantastic ( Richards ), the Human Torch ( Johnny Storm ), and the Thing ( Ben Grim ) to accompany him back to his castle in the Adirondack Mountains. There Doom used Sue as a hostage to force Reed and the early members of the team to use his Time-Platform to travel back in time and recover Blackbeard ‘s care for breast which Doom believed to have contained a mysterious gem that was once used by the sixth century sorcerer known as Merlin. While the three heroes succeeded in recovering the chest, they dumped its contents out in the past and replaced it with chains. Furious, Doom locked them up in a end bunker but they were ultimately freed by the Invisible Girl and Doom was forced to flee. [ 13 ] Doom then sought an alliance with another Fantastic Four foe, the recently revived Sub-Mariner, promising to Namor that he could have the Invisible Girl once he vanquished Reed Richards. Forming an anxious alliance, Doom convinced Namor to infiltrate the Baxter Building and plant a charismatic grabber within the build. While Namor kept the Fantastic Four occupied, Doom used his magnetic device to pull the Baxter Building into distance, intending to toss it into the sun, betraying Namor to the same destiny as well. Namor then put aside his differences with the Fantastic Four to stop Doom, sending him fleeing his ship into space and apparently getting lost in a meteoroid belt, allowing the heroes to return their headquarters to Earth. [ 29 ] destine was concisely plucked from fourth dimension and brought a few years ahead into the future where he was forced by the Headmen and the monster Orrgo to battle their foes the Defenders. Doom and the early villains brought forward in time were easily defeated and returned to their own time, presumably with no memory of what happened. [ 30 ] Returned to where he was stranded in space, Doom was rescued by the alien Ovoids who taught Dr. Doom the mental technique to swap bodies with another individual and then returned him to Earth. Doom then set a design in motion to use this might against his foes the Fantastic Four. [ 31 ] First he obtained the help of Nazi war criminal Otto Kronsteig to develop a shrinking irradiate. When the re was complete he then turned it against Kronsteig, shrinking him out of sight. [ 32 ] Learning that Reed Richards had licensed the Fantastic Four ‘s adventures to be adapted into amusing books published by Marvel Comics, Dr. Doom went to their New York offices and took writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby hostage to lure Richards there. Doom then used the Ovoids technique to switch bodies with Richards then tricked the Fantastic Four in subduing Richards — now trapped in Doom ‘s body — and subduing him in an air close container that Doom planned to have him suffocate in. Doom then convinced the members of the FF that by using his shrivel beam he could potentially boost their powers to bang-up levels, intending to use the ray to shrink them to nothingness like he did with Kronsteig. however, Richards broke release and caused his teammates to doubt in the situation. When the Human Torch created a heat mirage of a stick of TNT which “ Dr. Doom ” altruistically shielded his teammates from, this convinced the group that Doom had indeed taken possession of their leader ‘s body. With this disclosure the march immediately reversed. In trying to escape his foes, Doom became victim of his own flinch ray, apparently shrinking away to nothing. [ 31 ] In reality, Doom actually shrink down sol much that he passed through the dimensional barrier into the Microverse where he ended up on the universe of Sub-Atomica. There he managed to wrest control of the planet from the king who lived there and began plotting retaliation against the Fantastic Four. He used a flinch re to cause the team to spontaneously shrink at random times, prompting Reed Richards to investigate. With the avail of the size changing hero Ant-Man the group shrunk down to size and learned of Doom ‘s conquest of Sub-Atomica. With Ant-Man ‘s help, the Fantastic Four liberated Sub-Atomica from Dr. Doom ‘s control forcing Doom to flee back to their population. [ 33 ] There Doom prepared a ambush for the FF upon their return. Sending out androids to distract the group, they besides served to scan their deoxyribonucleic acid enabling Doom to utilize a massive airship that used disintegration beams that were keyed into the FF ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid to prevent them from boarding the embark. Doom besides made a point to capture the Thing ‘s girlfriend Alicia Masters to keep as a hostage. Doom then demanded that the United States surrender to him, but when the president refused, Doom activated a device that affected the electrical systems all over the nation. finally the Fantastic Four came up with a means to stop sentence : using a serum to temporarily change the Thing back into Ben Grimm, he managed to slip past the disintegrator ray and shut it off. The FF then stormed the airship, and freed Alicia. While battling Dr. Doom, Doom attempted to escape but fell out of the transport to his seeming death. [ 34 ]

Examining the Superhero Community

Following his stopping point kill at the hands of the Fantastic Four, Doom spent a menstruation of prison term clashing with other superheroes to see what he could learn from them .
Doom survived however thanks to his built in jet pack and from a clandestine hideout in New York began plotting to get revenge against the Fantastic Four. Reading news reports of the novitiate super-hero known as Spider-Man, Doom developed a device to contact the bomber via his Spider-Sense. When Spider-Man came to Doom, he offered an confederation, an offer that Spidey refused. Furious, Doom decided to use Spider-Man as a hostage to lure out his foes rather. Using his communication device to track Spider-Man, Doom incidentally captured Spider-Man fancier Flash Thompson who happened to be wearing a Spider-Man costume as a prank to scare his schoolmate Peter Parker ( who unknown to all at the time was secretly Spider-Man ). Doom then issued an ultimatum to the Fantastic Four : rescue Spider-Man or he would be murdered. Feeling guilty, Peter Parker went after Flash Thompson in his alter-ego, facing up against Doom entirely. ultimately the arrival of the Fantastic Four prompted Doom to flee the scene, and Spider-Man left Thompson to be rescued by the group. [ 35 ] With the holocene formation of the Avengers, Dr. Doom decided to attack this group pre-emptively to eliminate their potential terror arsenic well as sending a message to the Fantastic Four. To this end, he has his minions infiltrate the United States military to recover his air-ship. When the Avengers were sent in to secure the vessel, Doom utilized the ships traps to try and eliminate them. however his folly was in capturing the Wasp who communicated the ships plans to her teammate Giant-Man, who freed the others. Doom fled the conflict, leaving the group to go after a Doombot rather while he set the ship to self destruct. [ 36 ] Doom then became interest in what the future had in storehouse for him, utilizing a visionary who could give him visions of the future. He was shown visions of a herculean psionic creature called Onslaught a being that would become a endanger in the future. Hoping to exploit Onslaught ‘s world power, Doom sought to learn more but the Seer was unable to determine any more from that earned run average. Noticing a resemblance between Onslaught and the mutant terrorist known as Magneto, Doom then utilized both his time machine and the Seer to learn what he could, using a cloak device to hide their presence. [ 37 ] They travelled to the holocene past to view Magneto ‘s first struggle with the X-Men. [ 38 ] [ 37 ] Finding no sign of Onslaught, they went fore to the future to witness a battle between Magneto and the future generation of X-Men. [ 39 ] [ 37 ] however a psionic approach from the Phoenix compromised their dissemble device and time car forcing them to flee. The damage caused them to overshoot their next destination sending them to the future of Earth-811, a world where mutants were about exterminated and the United States was conquered by mutant hunting Sentinel robots. There Doom broke into the Baxter Building to seek the parts needed to repair his Time-Platform, witnessing the death of that reality ‘s X-Men. [ 40 ] [ 37 ] On their way back to Earth-616, they passed through the demand consequence of prison term that Onslaught was active, but the Seer was barred from gaining any cognition other than a connection between Onslaught and X-Men laminitis Charles Xavier and sol Doom began researching this connection. [ 37 ] He witnessed the deaths of the X-Man Thunderbird, [ 41 ] [ 37 ] Xavier ‘s struggle against Dark Phoenix, [ 42 ] [ 37 ] Xavier ‘s possession by a Brood fagot, [ 43 ] [ 37 ] and a period of time when Xavier was badly hurt and left the X-Men in the charge of Magneto. [ 44 ] [ 37 ] Growing frustrated with the miss of results, Doom travelled a number of years into the future following the Onslaught conflict to interrogate Magneto directly. After a conflict, the only information that Magneto would impart was that Onslaught was defeated but Earth ‘s heroes and Doom himself were lost, [ 45 ] even the heroes finally returned except for Doom who was inactive missing. [ 46 ] [ 37 ] Doom made one last trip back in time and found a menstruation in which Xavier used his mental powers to shut down Magneto ‘s mind. [ 47 ] [ 37 ] Slipping into the Astral Plane, they witnessed as a black entity was travelling from Magneto ‘s heed into Xavier ‘s. [ 48 ] [ 37 ] Doom sought to harness the creature ‘s world power, but this entity proved excessively powerful and they were forced to flee bet on to their own earned run average to avoid destruction. Believing that the cognition of Onslaught ‘s coming entirely was enough to prepare for its eventual arrival, Doom then slew the Seer as his utility had come to an end. [ 37 ] however, Doom would not come to face the threat of Onslaught until at least a decade belated, obviously telling cipher or doing nothing to prevent the crisis from happening, likely in an undertake to capitalize on it for his own ends. [ 45 ]

Renewed Focus on the Fantastic Four

Doom then began to focus his efforts on the Fantastic Four again, this time deciding to create super-humans that could compete with his super-powered foes. To this end he recruited brawler Bull Brogin, victimize man “ Handsome ” Harry Phillips, and former circus performer turned robber Yogi Dakor. Using his scientific skills he enhanced Brogin ‘s force, Phillips ‘ listen, and made Dakor wholly fireproof. He then sent his severe trio against individual members of the Fantastic Four, with Doom himself going after Reed Richards. Doom succeeded in capturing Mr. Fantastic with the care of a automaton designed to imitate the Thing. With the pillow of his group successful, Doom then placed all the capture members of the Fantastic Four in a room particularly treated to open a portal vein into space once a “ solar wave ” passed through Earth ‘s atmosphere. however the Fantastic Four managed to break exempt and leave Doom to get caught in his own trap. [ 49 ] Doom found himself trapped in outer space out near the satellite Jupiter with circumscribed life support in his armor. however alternatively of perishing in space, he was rescued by the time-traveller known as Rama-Tut who was on his way binding to his native meter in the thirtieth hundred of Earth-6311 following his frustration at the hands of the Fantastic Four in ancient Egypt. Tut explained to Doom that he was a possible ancestor as he found Doom ‘s original Time-Platform and developed his own time machine based on its technology. When Dr. Doom suggested that they might be both the like homo living in two unlike eras, Rama-Tut did not correct Doom from this way of think, and returned him to Earth. There, Doom used his status as rule of Latveria into tricking the fantastic Four into attending a party at the Latverian Embassy in New York. There his aids fed them drinks that were laced with a drug that caused them to see hallucinations that pitted the Fantastic Four against each early. however, the group saw through this when Doom exposed himself during a moment of conceit where he looked upon his marred face and shot the mirror to remove it ‘s horrid sight. Doom then fled to the Baxter Building where the FF fought him. Richards then challenged Doom to a contend to the coating using a device that would pit their brain world power against each other and destroy the lesser mind. Doom accepted this challenge, however this was another one of Reed Richards ‘ tricks. Doom then fell for his own gambit : accepting a beverage from Richards before their conflict he was drugged into thinking that Richards was slain and he left the stay of the Fantastic Four to pursue his own efforts. [ 3 ] not long after this, the Human Torch sought to make a name for himself by attacking Doom at his New York embassy. Doom cryogenically froze the hero, but the Torch was belated rescued by Spider-Man who briefly flim-flam Doom into thinking he had reconsidered the evil sovereign ‘s previous offer of an alliance. [ 50 ] Returning to his kingdom, Doom believed Richards to be dead until a sorcerer came to entertain him. Using his powers of hypnosis the sorcerer learned that Doom ‘s beware had been tampered with and reversed the effects of the drug he had taken. angry to have been sol tricked by his hate foe, Dr. Doom went after the Fantastic Four for revenge, attacking them during a period in which they had briefly lost their powers and were being trained to use mechanical variations of their abilities. Doom took manipulate of the Baxter Building and began using the FF ‘s own technology against them, but the group was assisted through the initial barrage by the blind crime champion known as Daredevil. [ 51 ] The FF and Daredevil managed to fight their way into the Baxter Building and during a collide with Doom, Richards used a extra ray to restore their powers. Furious over being transformed into the Thing again, Ben Grimm launched a brutal attack on Doom. With his hands crushed and his armor gutted of many of its devices, Doom ‘s pride was the most damaged and he fled the struggle. [ 52 ] Taking time to allow his hands to heal, Doom began developing a device called an “ emotion Changer ” plotting to use this in his following scheme against the Fantastic Four. [ 53 ] doom found the perfect opportunity to use the device : on the day of the marry between Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The device cast influence to super-villains all over the globe and even in different times and dimensions, compelling them to attack the wedding. Doom took restraint of regular Fantastic Four foes such as the Puppet Master, Red Ghost and his Super-Apes, the Mole man and his Moloids, the Mad Thinker ‘s Awesome Android, the Super-Skrull, Attuma, [ 54 ] and Diablo [ 55 ] angstrom well as early villains such as Kang the Conqueror, Grey Gargoyle, the Black Knight, the Mandarin, members of the terrorist administration known as Hydra, the Cobra, the Executioner, the Enchantress, Mr. Hyde, Electro, the Melter, the Beetle, the Unicorn, Human Top, [ 54 ] Plantman, Batroc the Leaper, the giant Grogoom, and the Eel. [ 55 ] These attacks were fended off thanks to the respective super-heroic guests including Nick Fury and his agents of SHIELD, the X-Men, the Avengers, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Spider-Man, and members of the Fantastic Four. [ 54 ] During the naturally of the battle, Doom took the time to send a holographic projector to taunt the Invisible Girl while her husband-to-be and their friends and allies fought against the horde of villains. This did not intimidate Sue who rather destroyed the projector and joined the fray. [ 55 ] Eventually Uatu, Earth ‘s Watcher, intervened and teleported Reed to his root on the moon. There Richards was allowed to choose one device to help in his struggle. Reed chose a Sub-Atomic Time Displacer which when used transported all the villains back in fourth dimension to prior to the conflict and erased all memory of the incident, this besides apparently affect Doom. [ 54 ] however when all media pertaining to the attack was besides affected, Doom obviously remembered. This proved to an even more exasperating kill as not entirely did his hate foes get married, but there were no reports of Doom ‘s attack either. [ 55 ] sentence then focused on his common stand-by plot : targeting another super-hero group as a mean of intimidating the Fantastic Four. In this regard he targeted the Avengers once again by sending members Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch a hypocrite letter claiming that the orphaned mutants had a relative who lived in Latveria who knew who their parents were. The Avengers joined their teammates in going and upon their arrival were arrested and imprisoned by the local patrol. As Doom expected, the Avengers broke out of jail, and indeed he erected an dense barrier in order to trap his foes. Doom was thus focused on his undertaking he refused one of his people who begged him to lower the barrier so she could take her son out of Latveria to seek a checkup discussion that would enable him to walk. ultimately, the Avengers confronted Doom and destroyed the device trapping them in Latveria and managed to escape. [ 56 ]

ability Cosmic

Doom ‘s kingdom was soon visited by the expatriate acclaim of Galactus known as the Silver Surfer and Doom began plotting to steal his huge cosmic powers. [ 57 ] Doom sent an invitation inviting the Silver Surfer to his palace where Doom convinced the cosmic powered being to show off his abilities. Impressed, Doom then offered to show the Surfer his own wonders. however this only proved to be a distraction for the Surfer. While the Surfer was marvelling at a view screen that showed the open population, Doom attacked using a device that drained the Silver Surfer of his Power Cosmic, transferring it to Doom. Using the Silver Surfer ‘s board, Doom flew off to use his fresh found power to make himself the overlord of the world. [ 58 ] first Doom sent a warn to his foes the Fantastic Four before attacking them immediately. Doom bested each member of the group and the efforts of their ally Wyatt Wingfoot. Convinced that his foes were incapable of stopping him, Doom decided to spare their lives until after he had conquered the satellite with his newfangled powers. [ 59 ] While Reed Richards convinced the United States government to allow his group to deal with Doom, other governments decided to act on this new terror. When the russian government sent combatant planes after Doom, he cursorily atomized them before returning to his castle to gloat over his victory to the imprisoned Silver Surfer. Doom then went out into the world, plunging one city into complete dark, flash freezing a tropical island, and mutating a gorilla into a brawny giant, losing it on the jungles it inhabited. Having tested the fullest potential of his might, Doom decided to turn his attentions to his foes the Fantastic Four and destroy them once and for all. [ 60 ] Doom clashed with the FF one more clock time however Reed Richards had developed a device called the “ Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing ” to attack Doom and then fly into quad. unaware of the barrier that Galactus had put around the Earth, Doom flew after it and slammed into the barrier and was apparently destroyed. [ 61 ] The Surfer ‘s control panel however returned to him and the prisoner alien managed to break loose from Doom ‘s castle. [ 62 ] however Doom was army for the liberation of rwanda from dead, when he crashed into the barrier it alerted Galactus that person else other than the Silver Surfer had hit the barrier he put around the earth to keep his contrary harbinger planet oblige. Looking upon Doom, Galactus decreed the dictator beneath his notice and used his huge power to trap him in a “ molecular bubble ” that slowly transported him back to his castle in Latveria. [ 63 ] Doom decided to take this clock time to lay first gear and workplace on other schemes .

Laying depleted

While recouping from his previous loss, Dr. Doom created a new automaton dubbed the Prime Mover to test his strategy make skill. Doom then created robots based on another international terrorist, the legendary Yellow Claw, his niece Suwan and the Yellow Claw ‘s lackey the Nazi war criminal Karl von Horstbadden. Doom and the Prime Mover than used these robots as a test against SHIELD and its director Nick Fury. [ 64 ] The Yellow Claw automaton had diverse clashes with SHIELD and Nick Fury, who were assisted by Captain America, [ 65 ] Reed Richards and the Thing. [ 66 ] But ultimately, after a number of clashes, SHIELD managed to bring down the faux-Yellow Claw and its organization revealing that “ yellow claw ” was actually a automaton. [ 66 ] [ 67 ] however, they did not learn of Dr. Doom ‘s affair. Doom was impressed with the Prime Movers abilities and gracefully accepted get the better of in their “ game ” but vowed to one day deal with SHIELD directly. [ 64 ] After the hero Daredevil came to the Fantastic Four ‘s aid to stop the Trapster from attacking the Baxter Building, Doom decided to come out of hiding to use the hero in his most latest scheme. [ 68 ] Battling a cheeseparing exhausted Daredevil in a underpass burrow, Dr. Doom took the hero prisoner and brought him to the Latverian embassy. There Doom locked DD in a cellular telephone, but the hero used his enhance senses to break free. Doom was prepared for this and set up a series of elaborate traps that played havoc with Daredevil ‘s senses, ultimately incapacitating him. doom then used a device to swap minds with Daredevil and take possession of his body, while Daredevil was trapped in the body of Dr. Doom. [ 63 ] Locking Daredevil in a cell, Doom then went out in Daredevil ‘s body in order to attack the Fantastic Four. however Daredevil took advantage of the fact that Doom did not tell his embassy staff of his diagram and convinced them that he was locked up by “ Daredevil ” and sent the thugs after their overcome. however after a battle, Doom convinced his men that he swapped bodies with his enemy and sent them after Daredevil. Daredevil then used trickery to get Doom to reverse the process. Going back to the embassy, Daredevil then ordered the Latverian military to prepare for an all out military mint against its neighbor countries. Hearing reports of this, Doom rushed back to the embassy and reversed the body-swapping process. Daredevil then smashed Doom ‘s device and escaped. After calling off his military, Doom then used a device to contact the Fantastic Four and convince them that Daredevil ‘s soundbox was possessed by Dr. Doom. [ 69 ] This ultimately led to the Fantastic Four battling Daredevil, Spider-Man and Thor, but ultimately the nature of Doom ‘s trickery was revealed. [ 70 ]


doom returned to Latveria where is was approached by another Fantastic Four villain, the alchemist known as Diablo. Diablo offered an alliance between the two, and when Doom refused Diablo showed Victor that he had his old childhood love Valeria as his prisoner. Doom tried to brush this off as of without consequence, but soon found that he could not ignore is old feelings for her and went after Diablo. Doom found Diablo hiding in his castle in the Adirondack mountains, which had been under military guard duty since his inaugural defeat there. After driving out the soldiers, Doom learned that Diablo wished to utilize Doom ‘s time machine so that they could both alter history and rule the earth. however, Doom had no pastime in this plan, nor a desire to share his plans with a mere lackey. He then betrayed Diablo and rigged his Time-Platform to transfer the alchemist to the distant future, gloating over Diablo ‘s getting his regard — to be the sole master of Earth, albeit a dead world. Freed from Diablo ‘s exile, Valeria was horrified by how much Victor relished absolutely defeating his enemy and left, vowing to never return to him again. [ 7 ] Doom then began working in a new army of Doombots, garnering the attention of SHIELD who sent spies to investigate. Doom caught these spies, but not before some of his robotics engineering got into their hands. As Doom planned, SHIELD enlisted the help of the Fantastic Four to try to sneak into Latveria and investigate more on the robots. When the FF tried to sneak into the country they were ambushed by Doom ‘s new robots and easily captured and taken prisoner. Doom had the FF mentally conditioned to be unable to use their powers and rather of destroying them had the people welcome them as celebrated guests of Latveria. however when they attempted to flee Doomstadt, Doom barred their paths, telling his previous foes that they would be welcome guests in Latveria for the rest of their lives. [ 71 ] Doom then became mindful of those who wished to overthrow them and while continuing to condition the FF To be unable to use their powers, Doom unleashed an united states army of fresh robots on his own people. [ 72 ] The Fantastic Four led an armed rebellion against the robots and when the heroes began winning the fight, Doom activated explosives he set below Doomstadt that would destroy the entire village around his castle. however the explosion was deflected thanks to the timely arrival of the Invisible Girl ( who was taking prison term off from the team to care for her and Reed ‘s neonate son Franklin ). [ 73 ] The Fantastic Four the enter Doom ‘s palace to face him directly. While the male members went one room, the Invisible Girl and Crystal found themselves in Doom ‘s feast hall as honor guests. Doom intended to use his particularly built electric organ to emit a deadly sonic assail on Reed and the others at the opportune clock time, however when one of Doom ‘s scientists named Hauptman endangered a number of valuable paintings in Doom ‘s art gallery, he killed Hauptman alternatively and having grown tired of his conflict with the Fantastic Four, allowed them to leave with their lives. [ 74 ] Returning to his embassy in New York, Doom provided mental hospital to his old ally the Sub-Mariner who at the clock had lost his ability to breath submerged and fly. Doom attempted to convince Namor to join him in taking over the earth, however by this time Namor had given up aspirations to be a universe conqueror. Doom then had all the water in the embassy removed in the hopes of pressuring the sabotage monarch into doing his wish. however, the Sub-Mariner outsmarted him by starting a fire and when local fire crew showed up to put out the blaze, the water from their displace hoses revitalized Namor ‘s strength allowing him to escape from Doom ‘s clutches. [ 75 ]


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