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Real Name

Jonathan “ Jon ” Osterman

Main Alias

Doctor Manhattan


( don, deceased )
( adopted son ) Inge Osterman (mother, deceased) Josef Osterman (father, deceased) Clark Dreiberg (adoptive son)


Crimebusters, Gila Flats

Formerly U.S. government

Base Of Operations

New York City Mars · Formerly Prime Earth





Public Identity


American · german

Marital Status



Scientist, Government Agent Superhero · Former Mass murderer








White · Blue


No Hair · Brown







Alan Moore · Dave Gibbons

First Appearance Appearance of Death
Watchmen #1
(September, 1986)
Doomsday Clock #12
(February, 2020)
Quote1.png Thermodynamic miracles… events with odds against so astronomical they’re effectively impossible, like oxygen spontaneously becoming gold. I long to observe such a thing. And yet, in each human coupling, a thousand million sperm vie for a single egg. Multiply those odds by countless generations, against the odds of your ancestors being alive; meeting; siring this precise son; that exact daughter… Until your mother loves a man she has every reason to hate, and of that union, of the thousand million children competing for fertilization, it was you, only you, that emerged. To distill such a specific form from that chaos of improbability, like turning air to gold… that is the crowning of unlikelihood. The thermodynamic miracle. Quote2.png

Doctor Manhattan src

Doctor Manhattan ( real name Jonathan “Jon” Osterman ) was a nuclear physicist transformed into a divine being by a radioactive particle test. Cold, distant, and well distracted, he was instrumental in Ozymandias ‘ prevention of nuclear war, and altered the timeline of Prime Earth as share of his experiments.

early Years

Jonathan Osterman was born in 1929 Germany to Jewish watchmaker Josef Osterman and his wife Inge. When Jon was nine years honest-to-god, Hitler ‘s men began weeding out Jews, chasing his parents out of the area. On the way out, however, Jon witnessed his mother being shot. As a child in America, he planned to follow in his father ‘s footsteps and practiced diligently on one of his founder ‘s watches. He was sixteen when the United States dropped the nuclear turkey on Hiroshima. Confronted with the undeniable facts of the theory of relativity, Josef declared his profession outdated and threw the parts of the watch that Jon was working on out the window. He urged his son to alternatively pursue a career studying nuclear physics. Osterman attended Princeton University from 1948 to 1958 and graduated with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. In early 1959, he moved to a research base at Gila Flats, where experiments were being performed concerning the ‘intrinsic fields ” of physical objects which, if tampered with, resulted in their dissolution. There he met Janey Slater, a fellow research worker, and they finally became lovers .

Manhattan undertaking

In August 1959, shortly after his thirtieth birthday, Jon planned to give Janey her compensate watch, only to discover he had left it in his lab coat. He remembered that he had left the coat inside the test chamber where they conducted the intrinsic field experiments. While he was inside the chamber retrieving it, the door closed, mechanically locking as a safety sport. unable to open the door or override the countdown, his colleagues—save for Janey, who could not bear to see his last moments—could only watch in repugnance as Jon had his ‘intrinsic sphere ‘ removed. Bathed in the beaming easy, he was torn to pieces by the force of the generator. immediately he was vaporized and was officially declared dead. Over the following months, Jon ‘s consciousness began to increasingly attempt to retake material mannequin. This progress took the form of fond bodily reappearances, first as a disembodied nervous system, including the brain and eyes, then as a circulatory arrangement, and late as a partially muscled skeleton. Each time the appearance only lasted for a few seconds. finally, he amply reappeared on November 22 as a improbable, hairless, naked, blue-skinned world. After his transformation, Jon began to experience time in a non-linear, “ quantum ” fashion and was mindful of and experiencing all the moments of his life simultaneously. He was not all-knowing, as he remained reliant on his reason and sensational experiences to reach conclusions, but his crop of sensory data had been abruptly extended. This was in proportion to a subside of his emotional capacities. This frequently led him to arrive at conclusions greatly different from those available to normal humans. He had increasing difficulty acting in, what those around him considered, the present here and now, leading to many accusations and even the public percept that he was emotionless and uninterested in homo affairs. He did nothing to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, tied though he was mindful it was going to happen when he met the president. His lack of sentiment was more a count of radically altered priorities, owing to a colossal, unbridgeable gap of sensing between him and the perch of world. He gradually became a instrument of the United States politics. He was given the code diagnose “ Doctor Manhattan ”, a mention to the Manhattan Project, the wartime inquiry project that had developed the atomic bombard. He begrudgingly accepted the costume, a one-piece bodysuit and skullcap, that they provided. But he refused to use the symbol they put on the skullcap as his emblem, alternatively choosing a representation of a hydrogen atom. Discarding the headstall and etching the notice on his brow, he declared that the ease of an nuclear nucleus with a single electron in orb was something that kindled his respect. As the years passed, he lento reduced the size of the bodysuit until, by the end of the 1970s, he refused to wear anything at all, except for mandate populace appearances. however, his bearing still succeeded in tipping the balance of the Cold War in the West ‘s favor, and the United States consequently became more aggressive and adventurous. His abilities besides radically altered the populace economy, as he could, for example, synthesize the massive amounts of lithium required for all motor vehicles to become electric. At the request of President Richard Nixon, he brought America victory in the Vietnam War within three months. This victory distorted the american political process, as the 22nd Amendment was repealed and Nixon was repeatedly re-elected .


During the first meet of the Crimebusters, Laurie Juspeczyk, the second Silk Spectre, caught his eye. His kinship with Janey Slater ended acrimoniously shortly thereafter, and he then began dating Laurie. During the execution of hadrian Veidt ‘s diagram to save the global, Jon was accused of having given cancer to those who were exposed to him over long periods of time. It emerged that this was out of true and that it was actually a careful fabrication of Veidt ‘s to cause Doctor Manhattan to exile himself to Mars. finally, he brought Laurie there, where they argued over the destiny of the human slipstream. As they traveled above Mars in his floating glass fortress, he explained his impression that life was an overestimate phenomenon, citing the barren planet as an example of natural, undisturbed beauty. Laurie tried to convince him otherwise, but he was not persuaded. Angered at his apathy to Earth ‘s wellbeing, she demanded he send her home to die with the others. He told her that, while she always asks him to see things through the human point of view, she had never attempted to see things through his eyes. While attempting this as he allowed her to perceive her entire liveliness all at one time, she realized her founder was Edward Blake .
As she wept over this epiphany, Jon explained that he had spent his time trying to define what could be considered a miracle, but neglected to see anything of the kind in human coupling. The odds against two people like her mother and the comedian coming together to create a child like her, he believed, was the same as turning air into amber. With this revelation, his matter to in humanness was restored and he returned them to Earth to stop Veidt ‘s plan. They arrived excessively deep, however, as Manhattan had already been destroyed by the psychic shock-wave from the “ squid monster ” that Veidt teleported to the city. His sensing of the future was being blocked by tachyon particles, but he was able to locate the informant, Veidt ‘s Antarctic lair. Teleporting there, he began to feel more deform as he drew closer to the tachyon generators ‘ source. He confronted Veidt, who tried to run from him. Stalling him with Bubastis, Veidt threw the trade on an intrinsic field disrupter, blowing both his darling and Jon apart. Veidt ‘s victory seemed certain, but Jon materialized outside as a giant, asking Veidt if he actually expected something that could not kill Jon Osterman could kill Doctor Manhattan. Before he could kill Veidt, however, Veidt turned on his rampart of televisions in order to show Jon that all the countries in the world, including the United States and Soviet Union, had ceased battle. They were doing this in order to try and understand the “ estrange attack ” on New York. Seeing that his plan had brought about genuine world peace, Jon agreed with the others, aside from Rorschach, that going public with Veidt ‘s design was counterproductive. Jon confronted the defiant Rorschach, warning him that he could not let him reveal the accuracy. In tears, Rorschach removed his mask, screaming at Jon to do what must be done. He obliged by killing Rorschach. Returning to Karnak, he saw Dan Dreiberg and Laurie together, happy that they had found each other. He appeared before Veidt, informing him that he was leaving for another galax. In reality, Jon decided to broaden his range of exploration and travel to a completely different population .

New 52

Jon observed the Flash as he attempted to restore his own population and undo the temporal distortion caused by Flashpoint. Influenced by the Great Darkness, Jon interfered with this by erasing ten years of the restore universe ‘s timeline and in effect creating a new world. [ 1 ]


As partially of the Great Darkness ‘ attempts to deal with what it considered its real enemy – the superheroes of Earth 0 – it cursed Jon with the undertaking of stealing clock from the Prime Universe to weaken them. The end result caused the residents of Earth 0 to become ten years youthful and to lose much of their past. [ 2 ] Over clock time, Jon continued to observe and experiment with this universe. He rescued Jor-El from the destruction of Krypton, setting him up with the identity of Mister Oz to watch his son ‘s life sentence on Earth. Jon ‘s intent was for Jor-El to reconsider his decision to send Kal-El to Earth. After Owlman escaped with the Mobius Chair to the Moon, he and Metron used its might to learn the secrets of the universe, merely to be incinerated by Manhattan after discovering his interfering with the timeline. [ 3 ] Jon then imbued the Mobius Chair with a assign of his ability. [ 4 ]

The Button

When the Comedian ‘s button appeared in the Batcave after Wally West returned to the timeline, Reverse-Flash attacked Batman in the cave and took the button. Using it as a radio beacon, the Reverse-Flash plant out through the timestream to find its owner. After ultimately tracing it to a localization, he sensed Jon ‘s power upon arrival, demanding him to reveal himself. Jon then did so, frightening Reverse-Flash to the luff of begging for his life sentence. Jon then partially incinerated Thawne and transported him back to the Batcave with half his consistency reduced to burnt muscle and bone. Just before dying, Thawne exclaimed that he saw “ God ”. Jon then retrieved the button from the ground where it had fallen. [ 5 ]

Doomsday Clock

Within years after Jon ‘s passing from his world, it had become pure chaos. Veidt became desperate and attempted to find Jon, believing lone he could bring ordering spinal column to the world. [ 6 ] To this end, Veidt used quantum tunneling to follow Jon into the Flash ‘s universe. [ 7 ] After arriving, he discovered that Jon had teleported Eddie Blake to this population just before he had died at Veidt ‘s hand in their home reality. [ 8 ] Jon is summoned by Veidt. He reveals the reason he spared Mime and Marionette was because their second child does something to impress him. He besides reveals Veidt was lying about having cancer, before leaving for Mars. It is then revealed the cause he came to Prime Earth is because he saw an angered Superman punch him and saw nothing happen afterwards. He believes Superman kills him or he destroys everything. [ 9 ] The energy that caused Firestorm ‘s explosion in Moscow matched that of Dr. Manhattan which the Justice League traced to Mars. When multiple heroes from Earth, along with Firestorm arrive, he has martian Manhunter broadcast his vision of the future where he destroys Superman or is destroyed himself. The heroes attack him but he does n’t see them as a threat, alternatively inquiring about the unusual properties of their universe such as the Lanterns ‘ rings and magic. To undermine Firestorm, Jon shows Ronnie that Professor Stein meaningfully fused them together in that plosion. Captain Atom attempts to destroy Jon by unleashing his entire might, but Jon rebuilds himself and wholly knocks out every hero. [ 10 ] It was former revealed that Jon had been on Earth Prime far longer than anyone suspected. He watched as the world apparently adjusted, changing everything around him and all of it apparently centered around Superman. Out of curiosity, Jon messed with history, preventing Alan Scott from obtaining his park Lantern Battery and allowing him to die. This created a timeline where superheroes came to existence much by and by, as the Justice Society of America never existed, and turned Superman into a more alien figure. however, he became haunted by visions of his destine find with Superman. [ 11 ] As Superman went to confront Black Adam and his cortege at the White House, Jon waited for Superman to arrive, watching as Superman crashed in presence of him. Veidt reveals to Saturn Girl that Jon had revealed to him the real reason he did n’t kill Mime and Marionette – because he knew that their son will grow up to be bring joy to a woman who was very crucial to him in the past. This was the reason Veidt had the two broken out of prison again. He realized that Jon had come to their universe to be with those similar to him : the super-heroes of whom there were many in this population. He asked Jon for assistant but he refused as he thought either Superman will destroy him or he will destroy the population. As a leave, Veidt made a new design to save both universes by making sure the League was incapicated and Jon would confront Superman alone. [ 12 ] Osterman warned Superman that either he will destroy him or he will destroy everything. The likely confrontation however was interrupted by a fight between metahumans from assorted countries. meanwhile, Superman ‘s wife, Lois Lane, was shown, by Lex Luthor, the accurate same visualize of Dr. Manhattan with Janey Slater that had been left throughout versatile clock time periods, telling her to expose it to the world that person had altered their timeline in the past. meanwhile, when Superman questions Jon why he is n’t helping, he states he ‘s seen the future where he wo n’t. Questioned again, he reveals how his own world was destroyed after an opportunity at peace. [ 13 ] Jon reveals to Superman that he altered the by, causing his parents to die and erasing people he once knew merely out of curiosity. He then tells him to make a choice between destroying him or being destroyed, telling him that he ca n’t see the future beyond it. Superman however chooses to protect him from Pozhar ‘s attack. When questioned by him, Clark responds that there is a third choice. Seeing sol many pictures of him and Janey he had created, Clark realizes she must have been important to him. [ 13 ] Superman then tells Jon that possibly he ca n’t see the future because he might have to give everything up to save his worldly concern and he can choose it. Inspired by his words, Jon decides to undo his alterations by moving the Green Lantern back into Alan Scott ‘s scope. This restored the JSA, the JSA in turn inspires a young Clark to become Superboy, which besides inspired the legion of Super-Heroes and ensured the survival of his parents. Jon besides finds that every time the metaverse is altered, the Multiverse is expanded to preserve every world where Superman lived. He besides sees the future and the approaching crisises arsenic well as alterations to the timeline, realizing in the end that Superman will always guide world. Manhattan then summons Veidt, the Comedian, Mime and Marionette to himself. He leaves Mime and Marionette on Prime Earth, assuring they ‘ll see their son again before leaving for 1954 where he encourages Carver Colman to come out as gay. [ 13 ] Jon ‘s actions resulted in the JSA and Legion of Super-Heroes coming to Superman ‘s rescue while besides stopping the metahuman battle. Lois meanwhile is able to expose the accuracy of Firestorm ‘s explosion because of Veidt. He then travels back to his worldly concern, to 1992, where Veidt ‘s design had been exposed and had led to a nuclear holocaust. He then travels binding in time to stop the missiles, making all nuclear weapons on Earth vanish before taking away Mime and Marionette ‘s son, realizing that he himself was the cause why he could n’t figure out the child ‘s future completely. He raises him as his own and names him “ Clark ” in honor of Superman. Who showed him what it means to be a genuine hero. [ 13 ] After Clark grows up into a young kid, Jon shifts his consciousness to look to a timeline where Janey convinced him to continue enjoying lunch and not bother to retrieve her determine. As a result, he is never transformed and he and Janey marry six months later and start a family. Smiling, Jon remarks it was a nice daydream to exist in. He tells Clark to find Daniel and Laurie Dreiberg, the former Nite Owl and Silk Spectre respectively, so he would be loved and will give it back. now that Superman had inspired him, he regretted that he could n’t be the hero people needed, transferring what remains of his powers to Clark so he would become a true bomber for their earth before he himself ceased to exist. [ 13 ]


It was later revealed that Doctor Manhattan tried to fix the fractures of the Multiverse, which were residuals of every previous crises, by using his positivist Connective Energy but his actions were not enough to “ cure ” the world. The leftovers of his energy were gathered by the Quintessence and gifted to the Justice League to fight one death time the mother of the Multiverse, Perpetua. [ 14 ] not long after, Tempus Fuginaut let Wally West absorb the last remains of Doctor Manhattan ‘s power within the Mobius Chair, allowing him to become an almighty being, like Jonathan Osterman primitively was. [ 4 ] West tried to finish Jon ‘s world fixings but failed because of the Batman Who Laughs ‘ actions [ 15 ] : the Dark Batman managed to capture Flash and, late, get his almighty might for himself, which he combined with the Crisis Energies from the Dark Multiverse in order to become the Darkest Knight. [ 16 ] After the unknotting of the timeline and the rebirth of the Multiverse, Doctor Manhattan ‘s reality manipulations became populace cognition : during a conversation with Cameron Chase, Mister Bones stated to know that Manhattan, which he referred to as a Super-God, came to Earth 0 and changed the world years before. [ 17 ]



other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Without being able to truly feel or embrace things in a virgin perception, Doctor Manhattan had begun to lose his sight of humanity and his sense of humor. He grew bored of the Earth and its inhabitants multiple times. He finally chose to leave Earth after he stated he understood humanity again; signifying his final departure from humanity. His inability to understand emotions lead to him creating utter chaos on Prime Earth, all just for the sake of sating his curiosity about that reality.

  • Doctor Manhattan was based upon Charlton Comics’ Captain Atom, who in writer Alan Moore’s original proposal was surrounded by the shadow of nuclear threat. However, the writer found he could do more with Manhattan as a “kind of a quantum super-hero” than he ever could have with Captain Atom. Moore sought to delve into nuclear physics and quantum physics in constructing the character of Doctor Manhattan. The writer believed that a character living in a quantum universe would not perceive time with a linear perspective, which would influence the character’s perception of human affairs. Moore also wanted to avoid creating an emotionless character like Spock from Star Trek, so he sought for Doctor Manhattan to retain “human habits” and to grow away from them and humanity in general. Artist Dave Gibbons had created the blue character Rogue Trooper, and explained he reused the blue skin motif for Doctor Manhattan as it resembles skin tonally, but has a different hue. Moore incorporated the color into the story, and Gibbons noted the rest of the comic’s color scheme made Manhattan unique.[citation needed]
  • Moore recalled that he was unsure if DC would allow the creators to depict the character as fully nude, which partially influenced how they portrayed the character. Gibbons wanted to tastefully depict Manhattan’s nudity, selecting carefully when full frontal shots would occur and giving him “understated” genitals—like a classical sculpture—so the reader would not initially notice it.[citation needed]
  • In Sam Hamm’s unproduced 1989 screenplay for the movie, Adrian Veidt had studied alternate timelines using tachyons, and noted that the human race survived in some of them because Doctor Manhattan never existed (as his creation was a flashpoint in history). And so, he plotted to assassinate Jon in the past before he got killed by the intrinsic field disruptor. To do this, he creates a tachyon bubble showing the day of the experiment, then gets ready to shoot a rifle at Jon through a small opening in the bubble. However, Doctor Manhattan arrives in time to thwart the plot and kill Veidt. Manhattan then decides to enter the past and save his past self from the experiment instead. He enlarges the opening of the tachyon bubble and steps through, then fuses with Jon and becomes a protective husk surrounding him. The experiment destroys Manhattan, and Jon leaves the chamber intact, returning Janey’s repaired watch to her. With Doctor Manhattan no longer in existence, the present transforms into a reality closer to ours, with Rorschach, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre existing as anomalies.[citation needed]
  • In Before Watchmen: Doctor Manhattan, Doctor Manhattan tries to directly observe the events leading to his creation. This results in Doctor Manhattan confronting the fact that time is not linear as he had believed but a series of ever-branching realities. Among these other realities is one where the Comedian’s actions cause the Cuban missile crisis to escalate into nuclear war. However, Doctor Manhattan believes via the concept of Schrodinger’s cat that he has somehow broken time and has created these alternative realities and proceeds to wipe them out to where there is just one quantum reality. How this relates to hypertime, which seems to exclude the possibility of this happening or the 52, new 52, and reborn Pre-Crisis multiverses is unclear.
  • Allen Adam, the “Quantum Superman” of Earth-4, is in part based on Doctor Manhattan.


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