Doctor Strange’s Wife, Clea, May Be More Powerful Than Her Husband

Clea Strange makes it absolutely clear that she is more powerful than Doctor Strange ever was, specially as Sorcerer Supreme of two worlds. The following contains major spoilers for Strange #3, available now from Marvel. Marvel ‘s latest Sorcerer Supreme might be wielding at least twice equally much power as her predecessor .
strange # 3 by Jed MacKay, Marcelo Ferreira, Roberto Poggi, Don Ho, Java Tartaglia and VC ‘s Cory Petit showcases just how mighty Clea Strange is as the Sorcerer Supreme of not good Earth, but the Dark Dimension deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. This was already something of a concern after she took up her estrange husband ‘s mantle following his premature death, but now she has last demonstrated precisely what bearing both titles actually means.

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Clea was first introduced alongside the titular villain of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko ‘s “ The Domain of the Dread Dormammu ! ” from the pages of 1964 ‘s Strange Tales # 126. The daughter of Umar and niece to Dormammu, Clea has been imbued with incalculable amounts of power from birth. When Doctor Strange confronted Dormammu about his plans to invade Earth, Clea offered her care to the then Sorcerer Supreme. The two quickly fell in love and finally married. Although their matrimony would n’t final, their friendship never waned. When they reconnected after Strange ‘s tragic death, that romantic flare was reignited, and it has since driven Clea to do all she can to bring Doctor Strange back to life.

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As the current Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Clea has established herself as a pitiless, unrelenting coerce for good, albeit one with her own exceptionally explosive trade name of department of justice. apart from her prominence in the world of Marvel Comics, Clea is besides poised to become a central figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her MCU debut comes courtesy of the end credits sequence of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which sees the Faltine heir portrayed by Charlize Theron .
strange # 3 is on sale now from Marvel.

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