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James Robinson · Nicola Scott

First Appearance
Earth 2 #1
(July, 2012)

Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth-Two, Earth-2, Smallville: Earth-2, Arrowverse: Earth-2, Earth 2 Vol 1, Earth 2: World’s End Vol 1, Earth 2: Society Vol 1.

Earth 2 is the home of eight heroes known as the Eight Wonders of the World. They were led by the Ternion of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman .


These heroes became embroiled in a war with Apokolips when Boom Tubes brought Steppenwolf and his Parademons to attack and conquer. The three was killed in altruistic attempts to bring down the Parademons ‘ towers and protect the citizens of the planet. Two of the last persist Wonders, Robin and Supergirl were taken from the world, when they entered a Boom Tube in pastime of a figure they saw and found themselves on another worldly concern. Five years after the Apokolips War ended, new Wonders arose. A young man named Jay Garrick was imbued with super-speed by the god Mercury himself. Jay would late encounter the genetically adapted gem hunter Hawkgirl, who had had wings implanted onto her body. elsewhere, the young billionaire media baron Alan Scott of the Galaxy Broadcasting System would lose his fiancé in a tragic train crash, and at the lapp time, addition capital exponent thanks to an elemental wedge called the green Flame. Along with other heroes created by the World Army, these fresh Wonders would face new threats, including the remaining forces of Steppenwolf ‘s armies .

World ‘s end

This universe ‘s version of Earth was chosen by the courtiers of Apokolips to be rendered devour to sustain their world, which had begun to die after five years without its master Darkseid. The planet was struck with everything they could muster, and in the end they were successful, but not before the Wonders could construct a fleet of twelve generation ships and take to space, hoping to find a modern home.

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due to a overlap of luck, the fleet found a satellite, the physical duplicate of Earth, and with a different-but-compatible ecosystem, in a binary system of a yellow star & a red star. Circumstances caused the evanesce to crash, but they proceeded to build colonies on their new world .


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  • Earth 2 is based on the earlier concepts of Earth-Two and Earth-2.
  • This universe’s version of Jay Garrick was seen alongside Barry Allen and the Flashes of numerous parallel universes in a flashback to before the Crisis on Infinite Earths in The Multiversity Guidebook, suggesting this Earth may have had a pre-Crisis counterpart.
  • Earth 2 is opposite Earth 3 in the structure of the Multiverse.
  • Earth 2 is one end of the “Fox/Sekowsky Axis” in the local Multiverse with Earth 3.
  • “Earth 2” is the name given by the anti-matter Lex Luthor to the Prime Earth in JLA: Earth-2; other than its name, however, it has nothing to do with any of other realities named Earth 2.


  • The ships of the colony fleet that have been shown so far are:
    • Overwatch-One – Commanded by Terry Sloan, it was designed to double as a space station. After the planetfall, it remained in orbit.
    • TSS Aphrodite – Commanded by Fury. After the ship crash-landed, the reactor ruptured, and all the passengers received a fatal dose of radiation, and so Fury opened the Pandora Vessel, wich contained all the memories of the Amazons, which were granted to the passengers, creating a new people with the memories of both groups.
    • TSS Aurora – Commanded by Red Tornado. It became the basis of the colony Neotropolis, protected by Val-Zod and Power Girl
    • TSS Belgica – Commanded by Aquawoman, it seems to be peopled primarily with waterbreathers. It became the basis of the colony New Atlantis
    • TSS Endurance – Commanded by Huntress, it became the basis of the colony New Gotham, protected by the new Batman
    • TSS Erebus – commanded by Jimmy Olsen, it became the basis of the colony Midwest City, protected by the Flash. Somewhere in or near the city, Jimmy Olsen seems to have built a place called Erebus where he is revered as a guru.

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