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Derek Bishop


Real Name

Derek Bishop




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Date of Death

May 4, 2012




TV Series

Hawkeye ( 1 episode )


Portrayed by

Brian d’Arcy James

“Some people forget the one thing they can control, the choices they make in the face of it.”
―Derek Bishop to Kate Bishop

Derek Bishop was the conserve of Eleanor Bishop and the father of Kate Bishop. Bishop owed money to Wilson Fisk and was one of the victims of the Battle of New York .


early biography

Bishop Family

Derek Bishop was born into the affluent Bishop family. He inherited the family ‘s deluxe penthouse that was built by his family five generations before him. [ 1 ] finally, he married a woman named Eleanor and with her had a daughter named Kate. [ 2 ]

aid from Wilson Fisk

The Bishop family began going through a fiscal crisis. Desperate, Bishop borrowed money from Wilson Fisk, indebting his class to him, unbeknowst to his wife. [ 3 ]

Arguing with Eleanor

“What would you do in a hurricane?”
“I would do what I always do. Protect you.”
―Kate Bishop and Derek Bishop

In May 2012, Bishop and his wife were arguing about their fiscal site. Bishop claimed they just needed to patiently wait for the market to turn around and they would be set. Eleanor insisted that they needed to sell the penthouse, but he objected the estimate .
Bishop and his wife realized that their daughter was eavesdropping on their argument, so Bishop went to her room to talk to her. Kate was deplorable about the possibility of leaving their home plate, so Bishop assured her that they will not need to sell the penthouse. He promised his daughter that he will always do his best to protect her. He then suggested that Kate go have lunch with her mother, and went downstairs to his position. [ 2 ]


A short while late, New York City was invaded by the Chitauri. While the Avengers fought off the alien invaders, the Bishop penthouse suffered heavy damage. While his wife and daughter managed to survive the struggle, Derek Bishop was among the many casualties of the Battle of New York. [ 2 ]


“I’ve never asked questions, I’ve always done what was told.”
“What I’d expect when there’s a debt, and your husband owed a small fortune.”
“Which I have repaid tenfold by now.”
―Eleanor Bishop and Wilson Fisk

Bishop was buried on a cemetary near his relative, Russell Bishop and was deeply mourned by his family. Mourning her forefather, Kate Bishop made a decision to become a person who would not be scared anymore, taking the inspiration from Hawkeye who was an Avenger without superpowers. [ 2 ] Since Bishop ‘s debts remained amateur, his widow had no option but to offer her services to Wilson Fisk. Fisk finally had Eleanor become his associate and help him run his condemnable business in New York City. [ 3 ]


“My dad was fearless. And his whole life was about helping people.”
―Kate Bishop to Clint Barton

Derek Bishop is a caring father to his daughter, Kate Bishop, reassuring her once she expressed her wish to stay in their current home. Despite this, he is a laid-back individual, as Eleanor Bishop pointed out that he was not will to employ the solution at hand and expected to find an easier way out of their predicament .


  • Bishop Residence: Bishop inherited a penthouse from his family and lived in it. His emotional attachment to the penthouse led to him refusing to sell it, resulting in further financial hardships for the family. He was killed in the house when the Chitauri attacked New York City.
  • Bishop Family Cemetery: Bishop’s family owned a cemetery which Russell Bishop was buried in. Bishop himself was buried in the cemetery following his death.




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