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Driven by annoyance and hatred, prone to violence, and trained in the soldierly arts and the ancient ways of the ninja, Elektra Natchios has killed her means to the upper echelons of the global ’ s deadly assassins—and not even her own death has stood in the way .

Daughter of Darkness

Elektra Natchios was born in calamity, as her mother was shot while pregnant and died curtly after giving birth to the girlfriend. Elektra was raised by her father, greek ambassador Hugo Natchios. As a young child, Elektra became a consecrated student of the warlike arts, beginning to acquire the skills that would serve her years subsequently in her choose profession.

By her late teens, Elektra was living in the United States with her don, and attending Columbia University. There, she met and fell in beloved with chap scholar Matt Murdock, who would late become the costume crimefighter, Daredevil. The couple found that they shared a hunger for danger and gamble. Because of her beget ’ s overprotectiveness, Elektra and Matt met in secret, which merely fueled their passions. But Elektra was plagued by dark voices that drove her to violence, which she contained merely by acting out against criminals whom she felt merited punishment.

After Elektra and Matt had been dating for a year, she and her father were taken hostage on campus. Matt, in disguise, defeated their captors with Elektra ’ mho help, but a patrol military officer err Hugo Natchios for one of the terrorists and snapshot him dead. unable to bear the trouble of losing her beget, and fearing that she would be overwhelmed by her own aggressive urges, Elektra fled, leaving Matt brokenhearted.

Elektra hoped to join the Chaste, a kin of warriors led by the blind martial-arts overlord Stick, who had advised her in the past. But Stick recognized the pain and hatred that still burned within her. To preserve the group ’ s purity, he forced Elektra to leave the Chaste. Determined to prove her worthiness, Elektra planned to infiltrate the Hand—the ninja cult that had been at war with the Chaste for many years—and defeat them from within. The Hand proposed a quiz, tricking Elektra into killing her former sensei. Her already flimsy soul was shattered. The Hand exploited this vulnerable country of mind and trained her to become one of their greatest weapons. But they could not bring her over to their side completely. Elektra broke free of the Hand ’ sulfur dominance, but was forever tainted by the group ’ s sinister touch. She then became an assassin-for-hire, selling her deadly services to the highest bidder .

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