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Macau, China

Notable inhabitants

Xu Xialing
Jon Jon
Emil Blonsky
Extremis Fighter



Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

“Welcome to the Golden Daggers Club! Okay, let’s get you ready to fight.”
“Wait. What?”
“We’re a multi-platform global operation. Every fight livestreamed on the dark web. Thousands of viewers placing bets as we speak.”
―Jon Jon and Shang-Chi

The Golden Daggers Club is a fight club and barroom in Macau. The golf club holds many cells, which are used for lesser battles, and a cardinal top cell, which is used to hold august fights and has the highest dissipated interest .


Xialing ‘s Startup

“You started an underground fight ring in Macau when you were sixteen years old?”
―Katy Chen to Xu Xialing

After Xu Xialing left the Ten Rings, she created a fight tournament at the club as a way to survive due to the fact that her brother never returned. Relying on herself, she finally met Jon Jon and found some fighters with diverse backgrounds from normal soldierly artists to super-powered individuals and professional killers who were willing to participate in her tournament. [ 1 ]

Meeting Jon Jon

“Usually, you gotta fight your way to center ring, but a viral star like you? Front of line, baby.”
―Jon Jon to Shang-Chi

once Shang-Chi and Katy Chen made it to Macau, they made their way to the clubs in hopes to find Xu Xialing. They entered the golf club and were greeted by Jon Jon, the clubhouse ‘s ringmaster. The group made their way through the baseball club, extremely by fights as Jon Jon explained the baseball club ‘s inside workings, which are the fights are livestreamed in the night web with thousands of betting. Furthermore, in order to participate in a fight in the central hoop, fighters must fight their ways through the smaller cages foremost. One of these fights included Helen fighting an Extremis combatant, and Jon Jon complimenting Helen.

Chen asked whether Shang-Chi would have to fight within one of the smaller cages, but Jon Jon redirected them to the chief cage as Abomination and Wong fought inwardly. Shang-Chi had doubts whether to participate, but finally agreed to with Chen ‘s and Jon Jon ‘s perseverance. The group went to the cabinet room, where Wong and Abomination left through a portal site. [ 1 ]

Finding Xialing

“I’ve built this place on my own. I didn’t need you then, and I don’t need you now.”
―Xu Xialing to Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi entered the cage with an insertion from Jon Jon as he revealed who would be fighting him : Shang-Chi ‘s baby, Xu Xialing. Realizing who it was, Shang-Chi tried to talk with her, but she began attacking him as she knocked him down to the floor. As the contend continued, Shang-Chi continued to persuade her only to end up fighting rear. finally, the fight ended as Shang-Chi told Xu that their beget would be coming for their pendants. Though she did not believe him at first, after thinking back to their past, she knocked gloomy Shang-Chi.

After the fight, Xu met with Shang-Chi in her agency as he learned that she ran the club. Katy Chen followed after, walking in with extra money earned from bets. Shang-Chi continued to explain their don ‘s quest to take their pendants as Xu detailed her have with him : waiting for six years for his reelect lone to leave him. Shang-Chi told her that she sent him a postcard, though Xu denied having sent it. Realizing what was happening, Xu made her exit with Jon Jon as the club was invaded by Death Dealer, Razor Fist, and their warriors. [ 1 ]

As the club was attacked, Shang-Chi and Katy Chen escaped through some scaffolding, which shocked Chen as she looked toss off to the streets below. Shang-Chi reassured her as they planned to reach an elevator on the early side of the scaffolding. The warriors caught up to Shang-Chi, so he fought against them. The Death Dealer caught up with Chen, though she distracted him as she dodged his attacks. however, he managed to slash some of the supports, leaving Chen hanging on to one of the bamboo shoots as it began to break. Shang-Chi was able to catch her in clock, though after being shocked, he released her. She was saved by Xu Xialing, who went to help Shang-Chi. The Death Dealer took her pendant while she was distracted. Shang-Chi and the Death Dealer caught up with each other after the Death Dealer about escaped. The two fight as Shang-Chi was close to killing the Death Dealer. unfortunately, he was swept aside by Xu Wenwu, who made a bittersweet reunion with Shang-Chi. After the battle, Shang-Chi, Chen, Wenwu, Xialing, and the rest of the Ten Rings left the golf club and flew to the Ten Rings Headquarters. [ 1 ]

Joining the Ten Rings

In the consequence of the Battle of Ta Lo Xu Wenwu was killed prompting Xu Xialing to take over his position as the newly leader of the Ten Rings. When she did she decided to bring her staff from the Golden Daggers Club to join the Ten Rings a well .


  • In the comics, the Golden Daggers was a name of a sect led by Zheng Bao Yu, a half-sister of Shang-Chi.


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