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What do you guys want him for?”
“Just to save the fucking world, that’s all.
―Alandy and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Agent Emilia Harcourt is an national security agency agent who worked with Amanda Waller and A.R.G.U.S. in order to monitor Task Force X, while besides acting as a supporting member to them during the mission of Corto Maltese. With the release of Starro, Harcourt and her team disobeyed Waller to help the team. In retaliation, Harcourt along with Economos were sent to Clemson Murn ‘s team on a mission to save the global from the Butterfly invasion. Harcourt was assigned as a battlefield member, finally discovering that Murn was a butterfly, promising to keep the secret. By recruiting Peacemaker, Harcourt initially had a contempt for him, and not hanker after she would be forced to rescue him from the Wild Estates Apartment Complex, helping him escape from the patrol. During the attack on Royland Goff Harcourt killed a homo to the disapproval of Leota Adebayo. After a while, Harcourt and the team were assigned to complete a slaughter in Glan Tai Bottling Company plant, which would end with Harcourt forging a friendship with the 11th Street Kids, specially with Christopher Smith concisely former. After the death of Ik Nobe Llok as a solution of the butterflies expansion, she became the drawing card of the team leading the Battle at Coverdale Ranch, being sternly injured and late treated at the Mount Rouge Health Center .


early life

After high school, I joined the CIA, spent a couple years in the DEO, then A.R.G.U.S., that’s where Waller found me.
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

At the historic period of 12, Emilia Harcourt was given a Glock 20 by her don, learning since then to be an technical marksman. After finishing high school, she joined the CIA then later spent respective years in the DEO, and then moved on to work for A.R.G.U.S. where she was recruited by Amanda Waller. [ 2 ] At some point, Harcourt committed her first murder, which caused her to miss a period for three months. [ 3 ] According to her files, she besides spent some time in the NSA. [ 4 ]


Miss Waller, I-“
―Emilia Harcourt and Amanda Waller[src]

Harcourt would help Waller recruit Bloodsport into Task Force X for the mission at Corto Maltese. When DuBois found out that his daughter was being manipulated, he threatened Waller with a pencil, so the guards would point him at him. Harcourt would watch and try to insist on not putting down their weapons, but Waller would yell for the guards to come down. DuBois ultimately agreed to join, so Waller took him to meet his peers. Upon retiring, John Economos was concerned that Waller was capable of murdering DuBois ‘ daughter, but Harcourt and Flo Crawley saw it as normal on Waller. [ 4 ] When Task Force X ‘s first hit team headed toward to the coasts of Corto Maltese, Harcourt began gambling with her teammates, where she supported Crawley ‘s theme that Savant would die, adding Weasel, Captain Boomerang, and Mongal as possible killed members. In that Waller came to interrupt to tell them to go to their positions on the radar. When the first affect team arrived on the island, Harcourt watched with business as most of the members were cursorily killed, and then went on to watch the irregular hit team arrive on the island with facilitate. At that, Harcourt began to celebrate by receiving money from her teammates having won the bets. [ 4 ] Emilia Harcourt and her team would follow in the footsteps of the second strike team. Days later when Starro was released, Amanda Waller warned that the mission was completed as all traces that linked the United States with the experiments in Jotunheim had been destroyed, and that Starro ‘s attack was no longer a problem and they should return. however, Bloodsport decided to disobey this order, in the same way Ratcatcher 2 besides disobeyed, so Harcourt notified Waller. [ 4 ] In that the respite of the members besides disobeyed, so Waller would assassinate the stallion team starting with DuBois, but Flo Crawley would hit Waller knocking her forbidden. cursorily after the hard, Harcourt assisted Task Force X by guiding them where the starfish was headed then they could confront it. The team then managed to assassinate Starro, a few hours late when Amanda Waller woke up from the blow, Harcourt and the rest of her teammates felt uncomfortable disobeying Waller. [ 4 ]

You realize this is revenge, right? Waller knows we double crossed her and she’s getting back at us by saddling us with this Douchebag.”
―John Economos and Emilia Harcourt[src]

Some prison term after the battle in Valle Del Mar, in retaliation, Waller placed Harcourt on Project Butterfly with Clemson Murn, Peacemaker, John Economos, and Leota Adebayo. [ 5 ] Harcourt and Economos visit the Mount Rouge Health Center to recruit Peacemaker, while they reviewed his circumstance while being in a coma, upon arrival they were guided by Dr. Alandy, who led them to Smith ‘s stretcher. Alandy asked them what they wanted Smith alive for, for which Harcourt replied that it was alone to save the global. [ 4 ]

Discovering the truth

I figured out when a bomb exploted on Murn’s face and he briefly took any damage. I already knew that he had a wave more butterfly knowledge that was possible to mark with our current investigations. I confronted him and he came clean.
―Emilia Harcourt to Leota Adebayo[src]

At some point, Emilia Harcourt started to suspect that Clemson Murn was a butterfly due the high cognition he had about butterflies superior to the investigations they had, and finally they became friends. After he barely suffered damage in the plosion caused during an operation, Harcourt decided to confront him, so he ended confessing the truth revealing that he was a butterfly that betrayed his species to save humanity, Harcourt since then promised Murn to keep his secret. [ 6 ]

Recluiting conciliator

Stay where you are, Smith.
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

Five months late, Harcourt was informed by Murn that Peacemaker was released from the hospital and escaped to his dwelling, so they headed to the rate. Upon arrival, Harcourt and the team threatened Smith with a weapon, warning him not to move, to then enter the dawdler where Murn mentioned that Smith could n’t get away with his 30-year prison term, causing Smith to say that he killed Rick Flag for them to prevent Project Starfish from becoming public, while Harcourt criticized him for the number of times he murdered people for the lapp reason .
Murn proceeded to introduce the team, while Harcourt gave Smith a middle finger in contempt. When Leota Adebayo introduced herself as the new recruit, Leota mentioned how she and Harcourt were the merely women and had to support each other, making her uncomfortable. Clemson Murn then explained the mission and if he did not accept he would return to Belle Reve, convincing him to accept, agreeing with the team to meet at the Fennel Fields restaurant .
Emilia Harcourt and John Economos soon went to abandoned storehouse Henenlotter Video with Leota Adebayo to set up their operations, upon arrival Harcourt asked her to move her things from her place. When Harcourt asked Adebayo which representation she transferred from, Harcourt mentioned how she and Economos helped Task Force X break Starro, Economos then noticed how the shriek sounded, Harcourt laughed at having made him hesitate with a question. [ 5 ]

This is the guy Waller’s giving us? I told you she’s fucking us.
―Emilia Harcourt[src]

At night, the team sat waiting in the Fennel Fields restaurant and started to eat, when Peacemaker arrived late, Harcourt and Economos were storm that he came with his lawsuit and an eagle on his cable car while they made fun of him, highlighting that Waller entirely made things worse for them by bringing Smith. Peacemaker ultimately sat down, to which Harcourt questioned why he was wearing his costume, causing Smith to correct her with uniform term, when browning machine gun mentioned his favored Eagly, Harcourt and Economos scoffed at him giving it such an unoriginal list. As they ate, the team discussed the deputation and how they were to kill Senator Royland Goff, belated when the team finished their meal, they proceeded to leave. [ 5 ]

Cool, I’m just trying to fucking have a beer, but when those douchebags or you, I guess that’s just something that I can’t have in my life, because, I don’t know, I wear make-up.
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

After dinner, Harcourt walked with her telephone to O’Rourke ‘s Sports Bar, to which Peacemaker saw her crack and decided to visit her. Harcourt ordered a beer, while she was drinking some stalkers began to bother her wanting to ask her a question, however, Harcourt smelled the fishy smack of the stalker, making him angry. Harcourt soon saw Peacemaker embark, annoyed she greeted him when he approached politely, when Peacemaker asked for Harcourt ‘s first name, she decided to omit as Peacemaker told her that she could call him Chris .
The stalker returned to his friends to try to attack her while insulting her, so Harcourt got up from her professorship and demonstrated her combat skills by bending her limbs, causing her annoyance. Harcourt proceeded to ironically ask the prowler ‘s friends if they wanted to finish her diss, to which the strong-arm friends left her alone. Harcourt then went back to her seat and took the beer while she continued talking to Smith .
Harcourt noted how Peacemaker looked like a stalker knowledgeable that he followed her around the street, she then proceeded to say she was n’t concern in a kinship, stating barely because he was beautiful did n’t mean he was n’t a piece of denounce murderer, asking him to please go away. A surprise Smith explained that he equitable wanted to relax a bite after being in prison for 4 years. An annoyed Harcourt was upset that Peacemaker and the other stalkers would n’t let her have a quiet beer, and she proceeded to leave her check and then left the bar, grabbing her jacket and going to her apartment to get ready to go to sleep together. [ 5 ]

That thing better not shit back there.”
“You can’t housetrain an eagle, dude. Not without stealing its soul.
―Emilia Harcourt and Peacemaker[src]

When Harcourt was sleeping in her apartment, she was called by Peacemaker. Annoyed, Harcourt answered the call and asked what was going on, to which a frightened Smith explained that he slept with a butterfly and how it tried to kill him, which caused him to be chased by the police department, concerned Harcourt immediately got dressed and left the department while continuing the call. Once she cut off her call upon arriving at Adebayo ‘s apartment, she badly knocked on her windows to let her know that she needed her to drive a vehicle to rescue Smith .
Quickly Adebayo hurried over and the two headed towards the Wild Estates Apartment Complex where Peacemaker was waiting. On the journey, Harcourt communicated with Murn on her call as they discussed the rescue and how they headed to Peacemaker ‘s localization via his nano-bomb tracker. After the call ended, Harcourt readied her weapon for the mission while she talked to Adebayo about her dogs. last, they arrived at the apartment while parking very lento so as not to be discovered .
In the car, Harcourt and Leota continued arguing about the dogs, until Harcourt looked confused from the window at what was happening, angry at Smith ‘s tardiness, Harcourt called Peacemaker to ask why he was n’t coming, to which Smith replied that he was saving his things, Harcourt warned him of the presence of the patrol and that if he did not hurry he would have to find another way to escape. When Peacemaker asked about Eagly, Harcourt replied that they were not going to risk the mission for his favored .
ultimately Smith told her that she should entirely grab the chips that Peacemaker would throw out the window for Eagly to come, however when he stuck his capitulum out the window, Smith would be discovered by the police. Angered for risking the mission, Harcourt scolded Smith as she explained how to jump off the balcony into a pool, Harcourt then asked Leota to turn around, Leota then showed her exhilaration for the beginning deputation, however Harcourt did not move her at all .
When parking, Harcourt saw Smith come down from the balconies in a identical painful way, seeing how he about fell when he jumped, to which Harcourt was surprised, it caused her trouble to see him, finally Harcourt and Adebayo watched as the officers approached in their cars. At that Adebayo asked what they should do, while Harcourt got out of the car with her grease-gun while she asked Leota to wait, however Harcourt told her to wait when they escaped .
Harcourt stealthily fired tranquilizer darts at the four officers who tried to stop Peacemaker to immediately tell him to leave, at which point Peacemaker finished walking out of the build and began following Harcourt to the car. Harcourt ultimately got into the car and, frightened, they saw how the policemen were shooting at the windows of the car. Desperate, Adebayo asked Harcourt to start, however she refused because Smith still had n’t arrived .
ultimately Peacemaker opened the car doorway and stopped for a few moments for Eagly to enter and then for Smith to do the lapp, once inside Adebayo started the car and they escaped. Harcourt wryly asked Smith not to crap the car with Eagly, to which Smith replied that she ca n’t housetrain an eagle without first base stealing its soul. happy to survive, Harcourt watched Leota scream with excitation as they made their way second. [ 7 ]

discussion with the team

For the four of us and Waller, we are the only ones to knew about it. You’re the one to brought the butterflies to paid attention, so it can’t be you, and it’s not me, I spent my assline to save Muscleman Weakling. It’s not Muscleman Weakling because he’s the one who almost got killed, so if it’s not Waller and it’s not us, maybe it’s her.
―Emilia Harcourt to Clemson Murn[src]

The team returned to Henenlotter Video during the dawn, where upon returning they watched Economos sew Peacemaker up while they argued, Murn asked how the butterfly knew about Peacemaker, to which Harcourt replied that possibly person was giving the butterflies information about the visualize. last Murn made haeded to where Economos and Smith were as Harcourt followed him while continuing to talk about how she saw Amanda Waller wittingly manipulate and sacrifice troops, and that possibly they were a decoy team for others to take on the butterflies .
Murn said that there was no reason to betray them, to which Harcourt proceeded to explain how each of them could not be the denounce, except for Leota Adebayo. Adebayo offended said how she could n’t be because of her years of train, however Harcourt began to doubt her even more, Peacemaker then told her that it was n’t Adebayo since Eagly liked her. At that consequence, Harcourt saw Peacemaker and Economos arguing again, last Harcourt asked why the Annie Sturphausen butterfly tried to kill Peacemaker after sleeping in concert. This prompted Smith to remember that she left the Project Butterfly files on Sturphausen ‘s bed, allowing her to read them, the disclosure then frustrated the team. [ 7 ]

I’m sorry. I never killed anyone.”
“Well, your streak still going. Make sure he’s clean, Murn will want a sample if he is not.
―Leota Adebayo and Emilia Harcourt[src]

early the next day, as the team prepared for their first gear mission, Harcourt began packing the weapons while Adebayo and Smith packed them into a van. When Harcourt brought the last bag with weapons, she observed Vigilante from a outdistance spying on them from a trash can, Harcourt immediately asked him to leave, annoying Vigilante who commented that spying behind a trash can is something very convention, to which Harcourt said no. Vigilante told her that if she was n’t a psychiatrist she should n’t tell him what things were normal or not, and that possibly he was a psychiatrist. ultimately Harcourt told him that if he was a psychiatrist he had better get out of the room, an annoy Vigilante said that he was about to leave until she said that, and then left when Peacemaker asked him to, as Harcourt watched. Murn then advised the team to refocus on the mission and they prepared to travel .
On the ride, Harcourt sat next to the driver where she began using her earphone as Murn explained the deputation and how they were to kill Senator Royland Goff. While Leota Adebayo was showing the senator ‘s pictures on her pad, she would incidentally show an picture of a vagina that Keeya Adebayo sent her, causing Smith and Harcourt to laugh at the position while Adebayo embarrassed and apologized to Murn arguing that Harcourt told her that it was dangerous for her and Keeya to be in concert .
An offended Harcourt was annoyed that she blamed her like that, to which Adebayo said that she was n’t trying to frame her. ultimately Murn told him that possibly they should kill Goff ‘s children, worrying Smith about having to kill children, to which Harcourt reminded him that he said he loved peace no count who he kills, soon after Murn warned that Harcourt and Smith would take caution of killing Goff while the others worked from a distance .
When the team arrived, Smith began to criticize that their weapons did not have the peace squab draw, to which Harcourt, while getting out of the truck with the bags, told Smith that they were not going to take a craftsman fair for that. Emilia Harcourt and Peacemaker concisely thereafter settled in the woods near the Goff residency awaiting their arrival in the night, where Harcourt former began eating seeds .
While they waited, Harcourt offered Smith seeds, to which Smith took out of the base but ended up returning the high-calorie ones. Adebayo then warned that the Goffs were approaching in their Mercedes, to which they both prepared to take aim while communicating with Murn. Seeing the Goffs walk, Harcourt reported believing that the integral family were butterflies ascribable to their strange behaviors after they walked away from the bodyguard .
Harcourt and Peacemaker then had to wait longer until the opportune moment to shoot, while drink water, Smith asked her how she got into her work, Harcourt then asked him the lapp thing, to which Smith told him that thanks to his dad. Harcourt mentioned how her father besides influenced her to get into that job and how she belonged to multiple agencies. She last asked him to watch while she left for a moment .
Harcourt returned and was annoyed to see Vigilante again while criticizing him. soon after, Vigilante asked him why they did not kill the bodyguard, to which Harcourt said that they would not if he was innocent, finally Harcourt watched as the Goffs prepared to eat while pouring a gelatin, Murn then gave the notice that they were all butterflies and yelled at Smith to kill them all while Smith refused to kill children. Harcourt soon saw Vigilante kill the Goffs while reporting to Murn .
When they were about to kill Royland Goff, they were attacked by Judomaster, Harcourt tried to stop him but was kicked hard by him, throwing her into a spill that hit her leaving her injured. Harcourt was found by Royland Goff ‘s bodyguard who lit her astir and stopped her when she tried to get up from her, however Adebayo would arrive pointing a grease-gun at the bodyguard indeed that he raised his hands. When Adebayo started asking him questions, Harcourt asked her to kill him .
The bodyguard began to beg for his liveliness mentioning his family while promising not to say anything, despite the bodyguard ‘s pleas, Harcourt made the decisiveness to grab his gunman from the grind and shoot him ending his life, Adebayo lamented scar mention never having killed to anyone, Harcourt annoyed then asked her to make surely he ‘s clean. Emilia approached Murn, to which he asked her to track down Peacemaker, discovering that he was in the residency kidnapped by Goff. [ 2 ]

Oh, shit. We’re over them. There’s a basement.
―Emilia Harcourt[src]

Harcourt and Murn headed towards the Goff residency with their flashlights lighting the way, until they met Leota Adebayo who warned Harcourt that the bodyguard was not a butterfly, the three then continued walking towards the residency. Once at heart, the team conservatively moved around the board, aiming their weapons while Harcourt tracked down Smith with her cell call. Harcourt stopped at one point to discover that they were on top of a basement .
Leota began to analyze the home until finding the mystery entrance behind a portrait, and both pointed when it opened showing a type of cocoon, Harcourt tried to hit it but without success. last Murn gave Adebayo an adhesive explosive, when she licked it Harcourt looked at her in surprise asking why she did it, ultimately she took it off and placed it herself in the cocoon. The team then moved away, taking cover behind an armchair, to which Murn detonated the explosive .
however, it did not work at first until Clemson Murn approached, the explosion took the team by surprise and then Emilia Harcourt got worry and check if Leota Adebayo and Murn were fine. After making sure, Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo proceeded to conservatively walk through the destroyed cocoon aiming their weapons, finding that Peacemaker and Vigilante were dependable and killed Royland Goff. [ 2 ] The team soon after made the travel back to Evergreen kidnapping Judomaster, where on the way Harcourt asked Peacemaker what happened after Goff ‘s chat up flew away, to which Smith lied that it exploded when he was shot. Vigilante started complaining about losing his little finger saying that everyone would make fun of him, to which Harcourt told him that no one would make fun of him. As the passed out Judomaster moved, Smith and Chase pointed their guns at him, to which Harcourt and Adebayo stopped them. [ 3 ]

But it’s good it hurts. If not, you’ll become like Amanda Waller and you start treating human life like if is nothing.
―Emilia Harcourt to Leota Adebayo[src]

Returning to Henenlotter Video, Harcourt, Economos and Smith helped unload all the suitcases used in the attack. Murn would then arrive and ask Harcourt and Adebayo to go through Goff ‘s neighbors ‘ boxes, Harcourt complained why John Economos did n’t, to which Murn mentioned that he should take care of Judomaster. As Smith and Chase left, Adebayo again apologized to Harcourt for not killing on the deputation as he had never done so ahead .
When Adebayo mentioned that she was a pescetarian, Harcourt told her that it was hypocrisy that she could n’t kill Goff ‘s bodyguard as being excessively much of a coward to end his misery, but she could eat a fish, Harcourt proceeded by saying that if she wanted to do this speculate she would always had to make unmanageable decisions when necessity, without reluctance. Adebayo then left to go to the toilet, to which Harcourt continued to analyze the boxes .
late on finishing her occupation, Harcourt approached Leota and John as they kept the Judomaster tied up, and lento sat down future to Leota to talk again, where she told her about the first time she killed, and that it was estimable that would she regret the mangle, or would she become Amanda Waller treating homo animation like garbage. Adebayo then confessed that she manipulated Vigilante into killing Peacemaker ‘s beget in prison, surprising Harcourt who ended up telling Murn. [ 3 ]

Fine, it says that he trained you to kill when you were very young. And it says your brother died on mysterious circumstances, and that you were involved on that.
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

Murn got together with Harcourt, Adebayo and Economos to scold them for compromising the mission. Clemson Murn ended up asking John Economos to leak information from Vigilante to rescue him, while Harcourt and Adebayo watched, they discovered that his real name was adrian Chase along with other data, to which Harcourt pointed out jumble remember that he was the guy who worked at Fennel Fields restaurant .
former in the even, Harcourt returned to O’Rourke ‘s Sports Bar where she bought another beer. tiredly, she watched Christopher Smith return to the bar, approaching her after assuming she would be there. Harcourt angrily told him not to bother her on her complimentary time, but Smith asked her that he just wanted to know what his files said about what his father had done when he was a child. Harcourt mentioned not having studied his file, but Smith asked her anyhow, Harcourt then told him that his files said that his don trained him from a very unseasoned age and that his brother died of unknown circumstances. Smith thanked her and proceeded to walk away from her, to which Harcourt asked if that was it, to which Smith mentioned that it was n’t and that her dumbbell were amazing, in a compliment sense. When Smith left, Harcourt began to hear how the other patrons of the barroom shouted a goal on television receiver while she continued to drink her beer, tired and deplorable .
once night came, Harcourt was assigned to pick up Vigilante once the team removed his criminal charges, when Chase left the Evergreen Police Department he saw Harcourt in his car and approached her after she asked let it go up Chase came up depress mention that Peacemaker ‘s don was still alive, and told Harcourt his identify. Chase began to cry mentioning believing that he made things worse, to which Harcourt sadly observed him and took him bet on to Henenlotter Video with the team. [ 3 ]

That shit they eat… There’s literally a thousands of boxes over here. This can be the distribution center of the whole country.
―Emilia Harcourt to John Economos[src]

The next day, Harcourt and the team met at the Henenlotter Video where Murn would begin to explain how A.R.G.U.S. became aware of the butterflies ‘ arrival on earth, taking over the bodies of multiple celebrities and politicians around the universe, adenine well as how the that entered their bodies. At one point, Peacemaker said that Superman had a faecal fetish, prompting Harcourt to mention that this was a lie. Murn continued to explain as the team listened, leading at one point to Peacemaker and Economos arguing again with Smith mentioning multiple celebrities he could have arrested alternatively of his father, wearing Harcourt down. Murn then shut them up and finished explaining the mission .
The team proceeded to make the slip to the Glan Tai Bottling Company plant, where Harcourt took over drive. At the begin of the travel, Peacemaker turned on the hand truck ‘s radio receiver at full volume to listen to rock and roll, annoyed Harcourt decided to turn off the radio after a while as she could no longer stand the music. Peacemaker tried to suggest another genre of music, however Vigilante asked if the team had any search warrants, to which Harcourt stated that every time person gets involved with the butterflies it ends up with the government arresting them .
Peacemaker then asked Harcourt if he could play a pop record, to which she asked if the guys on the cover were men, to which Smith mentioned that she was discriminating against good music. When Smith noted that the politics ‘s actions seemed like a deep express, Harcourt tried to correct him but ended up agreeing with him. Economos and Smith soon mentioned the band Hanoi Rocks, to which Harcourt asked who they were, to which Peacemaker described them and then played one of their songs on the radio .
Harcourt finished the tour by arriving at the Glan Tai Bottling plant, parking and taking the opportunity to stop the radio. Peacemaker prepared to use a shotgun, Harcourt thought it was an hyperbole and he should entirely use a pistol, when getting out of the hand truck, Harcourt was about to ask Smith about his newfangled helmet, however, she was interrupted by Vigilante when using a chain saw forte, to which she angrily told him that they would not carry that and asked him to leave it back in the hand truck, annoying Chase who began to complain .
Harcourt and Adebayo made rock, paper or scissors to define who would go with Peacemaker or Vigilante, to which Harcourt lost having to go with Vigilante, while they advanced together Chase asked what the game of rock candy newspaper scissors was for, Harcourt lied saying that for nothing. As they entered the establish, Harcourt set up a signal with Economos to mention that butterflies were everywhere. Inside, Harcourt and Chase entered cautiously and armed .
Finding a box, Harcourt proceeded to open it and discovered the same jellify that the Goffs toast, mentioning it to Economos as she began to suspect that the implant functioned as a production center and that all the boxes were distributed to all the butterflies around the United States. Harcourt and Chase then watched from a distance as a chat up man made a great jump, so Chase told her to continue investigating the plant .
After walking, they would enter a factory area where they would see some butterflies producing gelatin from a window, at one charge Harcourt would poke her head out and be discovered, so they were cursorily chased by them. Harcourt and Chase would escape and close a gate so that the butterflies would not advance, and then proceed to shoot them and leave the place when they began to destroy the pipes. Stepping out into another room, Harcourt made indisputable to close a metallic element door so the butterflies would n’t get in.

however, they got together and slowly began to destroy the door by hitting, surprised Harcourt contacted Economos and Adebayo to notify them that they were locked in a computer room, requesting a ransom. Harcourt soon began to analyze one of the computers, trying to decipher the language of the butterflies, however Chase and Harcourt were cursorily attacked by an infect gorilla, so in an act of rescue, Peacemaker and Adebayo finished off the butterflies at the entrance to help Harcourt and Vigilante .
The team began attacking the infect gorilla in multiple ways, to which Harcourt attempted to shoot him several times, however he threw a calculator at her, which hits her, throwing her to a shelf, leaving her on the deck. After about being killed, John Economos would arrive at the place, ending the life of the gorilla with Vigilante ‘s chain saw. Relieved to have survived, Harcourt and the team returned to the truck a light time by and by prepared to leave the implant and head back to Evergreen. [ 8 ]

Making newly friends

Harcourt. Not bad, huh?”
“Yeah. Not bad.
―Peacemaker and Emilia Harcourt[src]

On the return trip, the team began listening to the radios and happily singing Hanoi Rocks songs now arsenic friends as Harcourt watched. Smith looked at her for a moment and told her the sung was n’t bad at all, to which Harcourt told her it was genuine. happy, Harcourt watched as her new friends had fun with each other, to which she took advantage of taking out her cell phone and proceeded to take a photograph of her team having a good clock time .
Returning to Henenlotter Video at night, the team continued to celebrate having killed a gorilla by mentioning it to Murn. Harcourt then said that butterflies could use any creature as master of ceremonies, to which Vigilante suggested a chihuahua, to which Harcourt said that indisputable would n’t fit, however Chase saw it as something that would be bang-up, confuse Harcourt who asked why, Chase then asked her to tell him, to which she said she would n’t, causing Chase to start laughing at her answer .
ultimately Murn mentioned that they must soon find out where the butterfly fluid originates from, and that for the wholly night they earned a rest, the team then proceeded to withdraw. Harcourt soon returned to the O’Rourke ‘s Sports Bar again where she ordered a beer, there Harcourt used his cell earphone and created a new world chat group called “ 11th Street Kids “, adding Peacemaker, Vigilante, Leota Adebayo and John Economos, Harcourt then sent the photograph she took during the travel bet on after killing the gorilla. Her friends received the image and began to answer happily, that Harcourt at that time read them. [ 8 ]

Revealing the accuracy

You forgot to tell her about the cow?
―Emilia Harcourt to Clemson Murn[src]

A while later, after it started to rain, Harcourt was contacted by Murn to return to Henenlotter Video. Upon arrival, Harcourt got out of the car and approached Murn to ask if Adebayo had already discovered his mysterious when she saw her lying on the street, frightened and confused, as she begged her to bring her artillery close to her to defend herself. Murn explained how Leota used the x-ray vision helmets when she discovered him, finally Harcourt handed her gun to Adebayo and told her that they had to talk about what happened .
The three entered the memory again, where Harcourt began to tell her how she discovered that Murn was a butterfly, Murn then proceeded to explain to Adebayo how he was a butterfly that betrayed his species to save humanness to which Harcourt listened. When Leota asked if Economos already knew, Harcourt mentioned that he did, saying that Waller did n’t know, annoyed Adebayo asked why Waller did n’t know, so Harcourt reminded her that they ca n’t trust her. When Murn mentioned the cow, a confused Leota asked which cow, Harcourt let Murn know that he did n’t tell Adebayo about the cow .
At dawn, Leota and Emilia began to work again at a table, to which Adebayo watched Murn from afar, Harcourt asked if everything was very well, so Adebayo asked her how she could trust him, Harcourt told her that she only trusted logic and Murn had helped them excessively a lot to betray them. At that Economos would arrive, so Harcourt told him that Adebayo already knew the clandestine, so he turned a deaf ear, at that here and now Adebayo showed Harcourt and Economos on the computer how the butterflies made deliveries of the amber liquid in security cameras. [ 6 ]

search of the butterflies

You’re really stretching out your 15 minutes.
―Emilia Harcourt to John Economos[src]

As they continued to investigate, Harcourt received a call from Peacemaker advising them that they would be arriving soon after escaping pastime. Harcourt then alerted the team to which Murn went on to ask if they knew Peacemaker had a diary. Smith and Chase ultimately came to which Harcourt asked Smith if he had a diary, angrily Smith said he did n’t, when Vigilante mentioned that the butterfly killed an easterly police matron, Smith tried to correct him with the asian term because the easterly term was bad, to which Harcourt said was derogative to some people .
curtly after, Economos would find data about the amber fluent so the team approached him. Economos then explained how he deciphered the route of the butterfly manner of speaking hand truck, and that all the fluids came from the Coverdale Ranch, however Harcourt said that the ranch was not bombastic enough to produce bombastic amounts of fluid every day. Economos then mentioned Glan Tai reminding them that he saved them from the gorilla, to which Harcourt told him that he was exaggerating his consequence of glory. Peacemaker began to complain that a fortune of information was not being discussed, asking what was going on, to which Harcourt and the others remained silent as they continued to investigate. Finally Murn gave the ordering to the team to do what they have to do to stop the cow, so Harcourt swallow. [ 6 ]

Talking with Christopher Smith

Listen, I know when we first met I said I thought you were a piece of shit, but… I don’t think that anymore.
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

late that night, Harcourt began tattooing a Peacemaker ‘s gunman with his columba symbol. At that time Smith would arrive to ask if Adebayo had left, to which Harcourt said she believed she had gone to herhouse. Peacemaker then asked if Leota Adebayo was somehow avoiding him, but Harcourt asked why, to which Smith said he did n’t know. Harcourt then proceeded to pass Smith his gun telling him that she put up his peace squab as he had previously wanted .
Smith noted some mistakes but appreciated the gesture, Harcourt then prepared to go to sleep however Smith told her not to believe if he wanted to continue killing people, to which Harcourt said him during the alien invasion that it was not the best clock to become a pacifist, but Smith said he felt good about killing aliens. honestly, Harcourt told Smith that she no long believed he was a bad person and wished her a dependable night, before going to sleep she told him her mention was Emilia, in response to the confrontation at the prevention and then walked away. [ 6 ]

I fucking trusted you.
―Emilia Harcourt to Leota Adebayo[src]

After discovering that Leota Adebayo betrayed Peacemaker by framing him with a false diary, Emilia Harcourt decided to confront her and headed towards her apartment. Harcourt knocked on Adebayo ‘s door furiously, when she opened it Harcourt started yelling at her after discovering that she was only sent by Amanda Waller to prejudice Peacemaker. Leota Adebayo began to excuse to Harcourt for betraying Christopher Smith, where Emilia told her that he was her ally .
Annoyed Adebayo reminded Harcourt that she screwed her from the first sidereal day arsenic well as mentioning her checkup conditions, to which Harcourt was surprised, she said never Having mentioned said states, Adebayo then tried to hypocrite Harcourt for not having a problem killing Goff ‘s bodyguard, but to betray a ally if she had the wrong expression. Harcourt let her know what she was talking about, sad Leota then mentioned that for the like reason she was leaving because she did not feel made for the job .
Harcourt then asked her why she came in the foremost place, to which Adebayo revealed that she lost her former job and that her mother Amanda Waller offered her that. Harcourt was surprised that Adebayo is Waller ‘s daughter to which Murn arrived, to which she asked if he already knew, to which Murn replied in the affirmative upon reading the files. When Harcourt tried to mention that Adebayo planted the diary, Murn told her he already knew .
Murn asked Harcourt and Adebayo to put their differences apart so they could pack up to leave the Overview Lofts Suites to avoid the policeman butterflies and proceeded to leave, Harcourt leaving the apartment angstrom well without first base reminding Leota that she trusted her. Leaving, Harcourt tried to call Peacemaker, when she could n’t, she left him a voice message saying to call her when he could and that they would try to work things out .
Harcourt finished packing her things into her bag and proceeded to leave the apartment to which she saw patrol cars arrive. Harcourt cursorily hide in her hallway thus as not to be discovered as the patrol officers headed to the apartment where Murn was. Harcourt watched from a distance as the officers knocked on the door until she heard person pass in the hallway to which she pointed her gun at, turning out to be Adebayo. She was startled by Harcourt ‘s act, however Harcourt quickly lowered her grease-gun and asked Adebayo to get down and keep quiet .
Leota turned on her radio receiver vector, to which Murn communicated with them telling them that this was the end for him asking them to leave, feeling proud of the team he begged them to kill the cow while trying to stop the police. After a while, the patrol officers left, so Harcourt and Adebayo proceeded to return to the apartment, where they would find Murn ‘s lifeless soundbox, and the butterfly that possessed him, Ik Nobe Llok, lying on the grind dying after his body was crushed by Sophie Song ‘s butterfly .
Emilia Harcourt proceeded to lift Clemson Murn ‘s butterfly with her hands, seeing how he stretched his leg in his last moments of animation, Harcourt proceeded through tears to touch the leg with her finger, representing her last moment with Murn. When the butterfly stopped breathing and fell silent on Emilia ‘s hands, Harcourt lamented his death cry while she did n’t know how to stop the cow without his avail. [ 9 ]

Fight against Judomaster

This is your last punch, asshole.
―Emilia Harcourt to Judomaster[src]

At that moment, Harcourt and Adebayo heard Judomaster arrive making his yell, Judomaster promptly kicked Harcourt however she threw Murn ‘s communicator radio at him and cursorily proceeded to hit him fighting him until Harcourt kicked him against the nightstand, she at that moment he tried to stop him but Judomaster resisted, so Harcourt decided to jump on top of the bedside table and grab him hard enough to throw him into the toilet, making him hit the toilet. Judomaster however got up from her, and when Harcourt ran towards him, he tripped her .
Harcourt cursorily got astir, to which Judomaster used a towel to defend himself, Harcourt tried to hit him, but he resisted making her strike the door and then leave the bathroom. Harcourt tried to kick but she fell to the reason, to which Judomaster took the opportunity to hit her repeatedly in the front. Harcourt then began to laugh as Adebayo approached, mocking him for cheating on him. Adebayo then proceeded to electrocute Judomaster until he fell unconscious on the grind, Harcourt then got up and both proceeded to tie his arms with a rope to prevent him from escaping .
A while late, Harcourt attempted to use heals to heal her hits from Judomaster while Adebayo called her wife. Leota soon after approached her to help her with the bandages, Harcourt then asked her about the occupation she foresaw, to which Adebayo replied having a cad shelter closed while Waller insisted her to join the mission. Harcourt then asked if she told Murn, to which Adebayo said she did n’t know whether to tell him, saying again that she was n’t made for the job. Harcourt told Leota that in fact if she was made for this job. At that here and now, Harcourt received a message from Economos, requesting that they go to Paws A Moment Veterinary Clinic. [ 9 ]

New drawing card

The butterflies breath our air and drink our water. But our food sources don’t keep them alive, so they had to transport a creature from their planet across the galaxy. And now we know they keep it in the cavern below the farm of Coverdale Ranch. There, they milk the beast to take the amber fluid. To stop the butterflies all we need to do is kill the cow, without it they won’t be able to stay alive for more than a couple of weeks. However, they almost certainly know we’re on our way to do that now, which means they’ll do they can to move the cow before we get there.
―Emilia Harcourt to 11th Street Kids[src]

Harcourt and Adebayo quickly traveled to the veterinarian on their car and parked it, upon entering the room where John Economos was in, Harcourt confusedly asked what was happening, to which Economos explained how the nurses offered to help Peacemaker to save Eagly while Vigilante threatened them with a grease-gun. When Economos revealed that Vigilante was a restaurant busboy, Vigilante was convinced to kill the nurses by revealing information about his secret identity, Harcourt then convinced Chase not to kill them by telling them that they should good tie them up so they do n’t escape, to which Chase agreed. At that moment, Leota would be called by her wife so she left the room they were in, Harcourt asked where she was going sol Leota explained and left the board .
curtly after Adebayo returned with the rest of the team wholly convinced to kill the overawe, to which Harcourt asked what was going to happen to her wife, to which Adebayo said that she would be fine. Economos asked how they would solve the mission without Murn, indeed Adebayo looked at Harcourt as the correct person to lead the team, and then the rest of the colleagues saw her convinced that she would guide them, Harcourt agreed to guide and proceeded to explain all the information that collected about butterflies. Harcourt mentioned how the butterflies had to transport the creature known as the cow across the galaxy since she fed them with the amber fluid and it hid under the Coverdale Ranch, to stop the butterflies Harcourt said they should entirely kill the cow and make certain they were n’t discovered as they could move the cow by teleportation, decidedly hurting the deputation .
When Harcourt asked who was with her, the entire team agreed to join the mission, including the nurses who were besides convinced, however Harcourt and the entire team told them that they could not go as they were only going to die. The 11th Street Kids then tied the nurses to chairs to prevent their evasion and proceeded to hijack one of their trucks. Harcourt and the team took their equipment and headed to the truck to travel to the Coverdale Ranch to complete the mission, in the car Harcourt sat next to Economos, who at one distributor point turned up the volume of the radio stating that there was no incorrect time to rock, to which Harcourt smiled. [ 9 ]

They’ll be teleporting this cow in any minute. We need to find out and look for the helmet.
―Emilia Harcourt to 11th Street Kids[src]

After a few hours, the team arrived and positioned themselves near the ranch around a forest, going down Harcourt opened the second door for Peacemaker, Vigilante and Adebayo to get out. Leota then decided to call her beget Amanda Waller to request reinforcements to which Harcourt asked Adebayo to tell Waller that if they were belated the butterflies would teleport the overawe out of the ranch so it was her merely luck to stop them .
however, Waller said that Harcourt was in charge of her and that Economos and Leota should stay if something went incorrectly, to which a defeated Harcourt replied to Waller having heard her birdcall when Adebayo brought her cell earphone. The team moved fore and headed into the woods carrying their weapons, while Harcourt positioned herself and watched the butterflies in the distance with a binocular. When Adebayo asked about Peacemaker ‘s helmets, he responded by explaining what they were for to which Harcourt asked about the functionality of the Anti-Gravity helmet .
shortly after Adebayo would mistakenly activate the Anti-Gravity helmet while the team watched after Vigilante noted it, frustrating Harcourt. She then asked how they would get Sonic Boom ‘s helmet to the barn, to which Peacemaker suggested throwing it from the trees and letting it slide. When the team started comparing the idea to the Green Arrow, Harcourt said that it would n’t work far frustrating her, so Peacemaker suggested that Eagly fly to the barn leaving the helmet, which she was not wholly convinced about .
Peacemaker then proceeded to give Eagly instructions, however Harcourt mentioned that there was no way an eagle would understand him, while Eagly made negative gestures towards Harcourt, Peacemaker then asked Eagly to wear the helmet causing him to pay attention and start flying with it. Harcourt and the team watched for a few excite moments thinking the plan worked, however Eagly turned around and threw the helmet into some trees in the woods .
Harcourt got angry and remided the team that the butterflies were going to teleport the cow and that they should hurry asking everyone to look for the helmet immediately. As they searched, Harcourt asked Adebayo what made her change her take care, to which she replied that seeing Eagly embrace Peacemaker she felt a signal. Harcourt then wryly asked her why she was n’t a signal to run in the opposite steering and not risk her life, Harcourt then went off to look elsewhere frustrated that she could n’t find the helmet anywhere .
Harcourt approached Peacemaker and observed how he was having hallucinations with his father to the point of throwing a flit at a tree. Confused, she asked Smith what he was doing and proceeded to look at the dart in the tree. Seeing it in contingent, Harcourt was surprised to find Peacemaker ‘s helmet among the leaves and ran to grab it. Excited to find it, Harcourt asked Smith to do something else for her as she watched him, asking him to kill the ranch ‘s butterfly precaution, which Smith did without a hitch as sunset approached .
At night, Harcourt and the team prepared to execute the mission while she explained that the only way to get the helmet in is for person to infiltrate it as incognito, so Harcourt asked Economos since he was the lone one who Eek Stack Ik Ik never met, Economos then began to complain, after some discussion Economos accepted and proceeded to dress as an infiltrator. When John headed towards the Coverdale Ranch, Harcourt established a association with him through the radio-communicator, John would briefly look back at the team, however Harcourt asked him not to, when Economos became disturbance Harcourt asked him to stay calm .
Economos would be discovered by a butterfly who asked what he was coming for, worrying Harcourt, however John managed to evade it and managed to enter the ranch leaving the helmet, however being inside Economos said he could n’t do it, to which Harcourt told him that he would. he was doing fine and asked him what was there. Economos said that there were some stairs through which he could go down to leave the helmet, to which Harcourt asked him to go down to leave it vitamin a close as potential to the cow, halfway down the road, however, John would return when he saw the creature, Harcourt tried to communicate with John again and he replied about the size of the cow .
Seeing through the binoculars that Economos was returning, Harcourt told Leota to get ready to use the radio-communicator and activate the helmet. however as John was leaving, a butterfly asked Economos what his horde was like, to which Economos began to talk about himself explaining how he dyed his byssus, while Harcourt listened and watched through binoculars. When Economos returned with the team, it would be discovered along with the helmet .
Harcourt watched worriedly as Leota about dropped the comlink but managed to perform the explosion multiple times. When John returned, Harcourt along with Peacemaker and Vigilante loaded their weapons and prepared to conflict the butterflies, Leota suggested that they help, however Harcourt asked him to stay sol that he could help them if something happened, once they were ready, the three headed towards the fight. [ 10 ]

Help… Chris.”
“I have to get you out of here.”
―Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo[src]

Emilia Harcourt, Peacemaker, and Vigilante slowly walked towards the ranch and when a butterfly spotted them, they began shooting at each butterfly that came towards them, where Harcourt used her shotgun, killing multiple of them. soon after, the team began to run closer to them, to kill more well. While Harcourt was shooting it she began to briefly use her knife against some butterflies that were approaching her, however she was pushed by a butterfly serviceman who knocked her to the footing, but promptly managing to slash his head to kill him and be able to get up .
At that consequence she observed how a hostless butterfly attempted to escape, but Harcourt promptly plunged his knife into it. Harcourt cursorily switched weapons and used her pistol to assist Peacemaker with an oncoming butterfly, then ran off shooting more butterflies in the head. When Smith saw Eek Stack Ik Ik go down to the basement of the ranch, Emilia asked him to go kill the cow while they took care of stopping the rest of the butterflies .
While she continued to fight when there were few enemies left, Harcourt shot a man in the promontory, however this made it easier for another chat up to shoot her with a shotgun from a distance cause wrong, Harcourt aimed to fall and managed to kill the butterfly with a shotgun to the head, but was shot again by another butterfly that besides managed to fight back killing him. Harcourt about to faint, she then fell to the ground spitting blood from her mouth .
Adebayo saw Harcourt decrease and cursorily ran two pistols towards her as she killed multiple butterflies that tried to get cheeseparing to her. A chat up without a host determine Harcourt on the ground, so it flew over it and proceeded to approach its mouth to enter it, the butterfly was about to achieve it, however Adebayo would arrive to save it by removing the butterfly from its mouth before that it could enter wholly, when removing it Adebayo grabbed it in his hand and killed it with a dart .
Adebayo, then concerned, approached Harcourt to speak to her, asking her to stay with her, however Harcourt with her few breaths asked her to help Smith, when Adebayo told her that she should get her out of the ranch, Harcourt insisted that helping Smith was more important. Adebayo asked her what she should make of it, to which the hurt Economos approached her and passed the Human Torpedo helmet to her, whereupon she proceeded to go .
Adebayo and Smith would manage to kill the cow ampere well as all the butterflies below, so upon returning to the open, Smith found a frighten Harcourt lying on the land and passed out with many injuries. immediately afterwards, he grabbed Harcourt on his shoulders and proceeded to carry her away while the team left very tire, as they left the Justice League arrived belated for the conflict, however they were scolded by Smith who continued to advance with Harcourt in his arms. [ 10 ]

time at the hospital

I heard you’ve been out there for days…
―Emilia Harcourt to Peacemaker[src]

After the struggle, the team headed to Mount Rouge Health Center for discussion, where Peacemaker took her in for rehab, having sustained many gunfire wounds. Once they arrived in the morning, Harcourt was put on a stretcher and respective nurses took her to her room. Harcourt was then treated by Dr. Alandy who was in commit of saving her from her injuries throughout the dawn .
once Harcourt got better and woke up from her coma, Alandy called Smith, who was in the wait board, to see her. Chris then arrived, where he sat adjacent to Harcourt ‘s capstone, glad to see him, she mentioned to him that she had hear that he had been away for days, to which Smith nodded his head affirmatively, this made Harcourt shed a rip of happiness who reached out her handwriting to him, which Smith grasped .
After a while, Harcourt would start to walk again with the avail of the nurses who arranged for her to use two bars to walk. While doing the reclamation exercises, Harcourt watched the nurse happily after seeing the process they achieved so that she could walk again. Harcourt then continued to heal in the hospital by performing more exercises. [ 10 ]


Don’t worry about Harcourt, she doesn’t really like anybody.
―John Economos to Leota Adebayo[src]

Harcourt is an agent who is not afraid to use criminals to force them to fulfill missions, that is why she was recruited by Amanda Waller to guide Task Force X during the deputation of Corto Maltese. Harcourt was besides seen gambling money with her teammates to find out which team penis would survive and who would n’t, hinting at her like for gambling. When Flo Crawley knocked out Amanda Waller for her nothing matter to in helping the citizens of Corto Maltese when Starro attacked the island, Emilia Harcourt quickly set out to assist Task Force X, careless of a violation of Amanda ‘s orders. late when she woke improving from the blow, Harcourt and her companions felt uncomfortable for disobeying her. [ 4 ] At the begin of Project Butterfly Harcourt was cold and apathetic towards her team mates, firm believing that the mission was little more than good Waller ‘s way of getting retaliation for their former rebellion against her. Harcourt showed the most disgust toward Peacemaker out of everyone on the team, whom she saw ampere little more than good a male chauvinist speechless beast. Over the class of the mission however, Harcourt slowly begins to warm up towards the stay of the team and begins to see the more human english of Christoper Smith, to the point she even begins to sympathize with him. When the forged diary that Adebayo snuck into Peacemaker ‘s preview was used to incriminate him, Harcourt immediately defended Smith and confronted Adebayo over the incident, showing how much her views towards Smith had improved to where she now saw him as a genuine friend. She once again showed this during the Battle at Covedale Ranch, when despite the fact she was seriously injured after being shot by two Butterflies, she insisted that Leota focus on helping Chris take down the Cow. After Murn ‘s death Harcourt was elected to be the team ‘s new drawing card, a put she gladly took showing in full trust towards everyone in the team, though she still found herself annoyed whenever person in the team did something dense .


You wanna do this job, you can’t balk. Ever. You have to make the hard choice when necessary.

―Emilia Harcourt to Leota Adebayo[src]
  • Expert martial artist: Receiving combat training by the NSA and other organizations, Harcourt became a highly formidable combatant and martial artist, showing training in martial arts such as Sambo, Systema, Kali, and Karate, as seen when she easily dispatched a man confronting her in a bar. However, she struggled against Judomaster after being ambushed by him. In the second fight with Judomaster, Harcourt is able to fight him more effectively, performing various of parries and kicks knocking him down twice before being overpowered.
  • Expert marksman: Harcourt is a skilled markswoman, having received a Glock 20 at a young age and later receiving training from multiple agencies. She was able to tranquilise five police officers in quick succession with a tranquiliser rifle, before any of them could react or notice her. She also easily gunned down a former Secret Service bodyguard. She was able to gun down multiple Butterflies during the battle at Coverdale ranch, both with her sidearm and a shotgun, and even after having been shot by two different Butterflies, she was able to fire back and kill them despite her injuries.
  • Knife expertise: Harcourt is skilled in fighting with a knife. She was able to kill a Butterfly that had tackled her with her knife with ease, as well as swiftly killing another Butterfly that tried to escape.
  • Leadership: Harcourt was shown to be a skilled leader, even though she was forced to take the leadership role due to Murn’s death. She was able to successfully lead the 11th Street Kids against the Butterflies at Coverdale Ranch, delegating Leota to staying behind in case her, Vigilante and Peacemaker fell, which was a smart move.


That’s a lot of gun for a little girl.”
“I was a lot of little girl for a gun.
―Peacemaker and Emilia Harcourt[src]
  • Glock 20: Harcourt was given a heavy pistol by her father when she was 12 and she continued to carry it as her service weapon, as she still had it when she was working with the Suicide Squad. She used it to gun down one of Goff’s bodyguards.
  • Dart gun: During the escape from Wild Estates Apartment Complex, Harcourt used a dart gun to save Peacemaker from being apprehended by the Evergreen Police Department, in the rescue Harcourt stealthily fired tranquilizer darts at four officers who nearly caught Peacemaker.
  • Heckler & Koch P30L: Harcourt later switched to using a P30L as her primary sidearm. When the butterflies entered Murn’s apartment to kill him, Harcourt carried the gun to defend herself in case she was discovered. She eventually used it to gun down several butterflies during the battle at Coverdale Ranch.
  • Remington 870: Harcourt carried a highly customised Remongton 870 during the final battle against the Butterflies. She used it to great effect, gunning several of them down before it ran out of ammunition. At this point, she threw it at a Butterfly to incapacitate it.
  • Knife: In the battle at Coverdale Ranch, Harcourt also used a knife as self-defense against butterflies, killing the butterfly from an infested body from the head and then killing a hostless butterfly that tried to escape.



Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Emilia Harcourt was a Russian-American A.R.G.U.S. agent sent to keep an eye on Amanda Waller and Task Force X. In reality, she was a spy for the terrorist organization known as The People, and when Waller was killed by Deadshot, she took control of the most powerful military might in America. However, this was all part of Waller’s plan, who ordered Deadshot to kill her and the Enchantress to resurrect her soon afterwards, so when she returned from the dead, she shot Harcourt in the head, killing her.


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