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4357 B.C.


August 8, 2016


Amanda Waller ( unwillingly, once )
Task Force X ( unwillingly, once )





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Cara Delevingne

I am more than a dream, June. I am your destiny – and you are mine.
―The Enchantress to June Moone[src]

The Enchantress was an ancient and inter-dimensional mysterious being, who possessed the body of June Moone after the latter unwittingly freed her from her captivity. initially under Amanda Waller ‘s operate, Enchantress was viewed as one of the candidates for Task Force X membership, but the malefic wiccan swiftly escaped, freeing her brother Incubus and attempting to take over Earth with their unite mysterious powers. In the end, however, Enchantress and her brother are killed by the combined efforts of Task Force X and the U.S. military during a final examination competitiveness in Midway City. [ 1 ]


Hailing from another dimension, Enchantress and her brother Incubus entered this plane of universe circa 4,358 B.C., over a millennium before the War of the Gods. Due to their incredible world power, Enchantress and Incubus were worshiped as gods by ancient humans of pre-columbian South America but were ultimately betrayed by her subjects and somehow defeated and sealed away into containers, which, in plow, were placed inside a grave of Tres Osos Caves for millennium. [ 2 ]


Archaeologist Dr. June Moone was exploring a locate along the long overgrown Tres Osos Caves in the north-central highlands of Peru when she fell a rotating shaft into a cavern containing a grave. A doll-shaped container that held the hex caught her center and called to her, making her release the spirit of the ancient deity. The spirit then possesses June ‘s body, inhabiting her normal self until she says the discussion “ Enchantress ”, upon which her normal consciousness is overtaken by the ancient spirit inside .
It is not long before she comes to the attention of Amanda Waller during her search for metahumans for the United States government. She sends her subordinate Colonel Rick Flag to apprehend her and watch over June. not before retentive June and Rick twilight in love, fulfilling Waller ‘s intention to attain leverage over both of them. meanwhile, Waller sends people to locate the grave in which June was possessed and find the emotional state ‘s “ heart ”, the only thing capable of controlling it. once in Waller ‘s possession, she has the power to control the Enchantress. When Waller approaches the government for blessing to form the Task Force X, June accompanies her to turn herself into the Enchantress in front of the committee to convince the members of the use of harnessing criminals and metahumans for military purposes. She uses her teleportation abilities to warp to Iran and obtain a highly sought file containing the iranian nuclear arsenal inventory as a endow to impress the differently terrify staff. Waller is then given their mandate. [ 2 ]

Freeing Incubus

Where are we?”
“The same world only much later.
―Incubus and Enchantress[src]

soon after, June transforms into the Enchantress during her sleep while in Midway City. As this happened, she made Rick Flag hallucinate seeing June Moone on her deathbed, forcing him to keep his mouth exclude about her plans. She teleports away to Waller ‘s room and opens another phial, which contains the spirit of her brother Incubus. She goes to Midway City and incapacitates a world, Gerard Davis, in the metro for Incubus to use as a host once she releases him. She tells him to wait and build up his powers. When the time came, Incubus attacked the Midway City metro, absorbing many people to restore his on-key form and demolish trains. The efforts of the U.S. military and local police to “ contain ” him failed dramatically, with the first responders were wiped out by Incubus ‘ tentacles .

Building a superweapon

Where’s your heart?
I will take it back. Until then, you will share your power. Now help me build my weapon. It’s time to wipe them out.
—Incubus and Enchantress[src]

Waller then sends June Moone and Rick Flag to destroy Incubus, but the attack turns into an opportunity for Enchantress to escape and join her brother alternatively. Although without her heart, and thus unable to bring the full extent of her powers to bear, Enchantress is saved from an apparent death under Waller ‘s hands and is restored to her more healthy imprint by her brother sharing his power with her. She is then more than capable adequate to begin creating her united states army and an highly knock-down mystic superweapon. Stepping outside, she begins channeling bow of lightning into the sky. While Incubus continues to wreak havoc in the city and destroy the military ‘s attacks against them, he besides contributes to the superweapon by lifting the wreckage of buildings and destroy military equipment to the “ closed chain ” now hovering above Midway City. The military is soon forced to evacuate and call up the rest of the Task Force X against this fresh terror .
Having created grotesque Eyes of the Adversary minions by converting humans in Midway City, Enchantress dispatched them to capture Amanda Waller. After her helicopter was taken down, Incubus ordered that he be brought his sister ‘s affection, which he proceeded to levitate into her chest. Absorbing it and the power to last finish her weapon, Enchantress began breathing intensely, her eyes only flitting open when Waller was brought directly before her by a demon. When she refused to comply and goaded her to show her her worst, Enchantress ignored her and attached the womanhood to her superweapon, to destroy the armies and weapons of the modern global. Without resistance, she would be able to take over the populace again. [ 2 ]

Why are you all here? Because the soldier led you? And all for Waller. Why do you serve those who cage you? I am your ally. And I know what you want. Exactly what you want.
―Enchantress to Task Force X[src]

once Task Force X arrives, Enchantress attempts to convince them to ally themselves with her to be granted their desires. She compounds her offer with telepathic visions placed into the minds of Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo, but Diablo can baron through his vision, having come to terms with his accidental mangle of his family. Surprised at Diablo ‘s especial mental fortitude, Enchantress calls upon Incubus to force the Squad to bow to her. enchantress watched as El Diablo transformed into a huge bally avatar to battle her brother. then, Rick Flag had the fail she abandoned earlier detonate, killing both Diablo and nightmare. reasonably weakened without her brother, a devastate Enchantress reverts to her ash-grey previous kind, to defeat the group herself. While the Squad was initially able to somewhat hold their own against the witch, Enchantress ultimately got tired of their underground and telekinetically knocked their weapons away, offering them a concluding chance to serve her. Harley Quinn appeared matter to, wondering if she could bring back the Joker, who seemed to have been killed in a helicopter crash. Enchantress claimed that she could resurrect him, and happily accepted Harley ‘s servitude, but was subsequently taken by storm when Harley cut out her heart with Katana ‘s sword, giving Rick Flag and the Squad a luck to destroy the superweapon. A weaken Enchantress desperately attempted to stop Deadshot from shooting down her superweapon by giving him a vision of his daughter Zoe Lawton begging him not to make the shot. Deadshot, however, managed to tearfully world power through the imagination and brought the superweapon down with a single shot. [ 2 ]

Defeat and death

You don’t have the balls.

A fall Enchantress solicit Katana to kill and thus reunite her in death with Incubus. Flag, however, holds Katana back and orders Enchantress to return June Moone ‘s body to her, threatening to otherwise kill her ( by crushing her heart ), but the enchantress refused. A devastate Flag recalls June ‘s plea to kill her if that means destroying Enchantress, so he tearfully crushes Enchantress ‘ heart, killing the hex once and for all. Moments late, June Moone emerges, ripping Enchantress ‘ bark and clothes off of herself. [ 2 ]


Why do you serve those who cage you?

Because of her “ divine ” status in the world, Enchantress developed a God-complex, having been worshiped as a deity over the years in respective places. Because of this, she is very tidal bore to conquer the modern world with her mystic powers. Her personality prior to being betrayed and imprisoned is unknown, but she was worshipped along with her brother by the ball-shaped population and they work well together as leaders so it can be assumed she was a charitable and competent rule. Like Incubus, Enchantress was vastly confident in her ability to renew and redeem world and this coupled with her powers made her audacious and gave her extreme pride in her status as one of the oldest living metahumans, making her confidence reach the point of arrogance following her recurrence and inducing her to take into report that people worshiped her. thus, she takes bang-up joy in showing off her powers ( such as when she treated her unwilling clash with Task Force X like it was a deadly dance ) and firm believes that it is the metahumans ‘ destiny to inherit the earth from their human oppressors, believing that the events of holocene years are a bless that they are ready to rise against those who cage them. Although she did not hesitate to do what was necessary to cleanse and renew the earth and therefore showed no compunction for using June as a vessel or bringing down mod constructs, Enchantress only did anything harsh or questionable to serve the greater good, being mindful sacrifices would have to be made for development, and as a solution she did not exercise ferocity needlessly, as best shown with her ignoring Waller ‘s taunts and plainly knocking her out and throwing her aside, and even demonstrated a more affectionate english to her such as when she lightly held Incubus as she explained what was going on, politely encouraged Task Force X to come lecture to her directly, and encouraged Harley she was a woman of her give voice ( being unaware her loyalty to her and her opinion towards her boyfriend were both smokescreens ). Because of her empathy for the descendants of her loyal subjects, Enchantress was will to allow certain humans, provided that they were utilitarian or amusing, such as Deadshot or Harley Quinn to have high places in her otherwise metahuman-filled ranks and even was volition to make offers to them ( such as her extend to Harley to resurrect her presume deceased lover ), provided they agreed to join her and accept her as their schoolmarm. sadly, it is because of her mercy that she is relatively well outsmarted by the crafty, so far far less potent Harley Quinn, which allows Enchantress to be defeated. inescapably, Enchantress is vastly intelligent and has a well-managed pique. Despite being around for a few weeks at best, she seemed to understand advanced bane words and quixotic slang. She is besides cunning, creating a large united states army of humans whom she converted into Eyes of the Adversary, the better to bring people under her dominance. She besides managed to use Rick Flag ‘s sexual love for her host, June Moone, to keep him calm about her fly ( to free Incubus ) by showing him a imagination of June dying. Her plan to free Incubus and “ bolt ” during the early stages of Task Force X ‘s deployment shows her skills as a tactician. Enchantress deeply loves her buddy Incubus ; they are about american samoa close as two siblings can be and shared their ambition to revolutionize society. Although she tended to be ringleader, they still did just about everything together, with her helping him adjust to the ‘new universe ‘ and trusting him enough to risk her neck leaving Waller know he reciprocated her sleep together and was hard enough to save her. After Incubus ‘ death at the hands of Task Force X, she is devastated and, upon her later defeat, expresses a desire to be reunited with him in death. Despite orgasm across on respective occasions as being arrogant and selfish, Enchantress has ultimately always had commodity intentions, as she authentically believed that the actions of her and her brother were what was best for world, and for the sake of recreating refinement for them after destroying the one they had replaced their own with, to in their eyes cleanse a corrupt populace. She besides showed an about informal disrespect for stream universe leaders who had taken the land in her absence, sexually straddling a board penis, frequently giving Waller dirty looks and jeeringly asking her a rhetorical wonder about the direction her “ armies ” could fall, and making Rick Flag hallucinate that June Moone was on her deathbed. apart from having a condescend and about fresh attitude around her enemies, Enchantress is besides shown to have a very arch side to her such as the clock when she measuredly pressed the release to live explosives merely seconds after Rick Flag had instructed her how to detonate them before teleporting away while laughing. a well as caressing a board member condescendingly and measuredly jump scaring Gerard Davis for apparently no rationality early than her amusement by appearing in a toilet mirror before grabbing his oral sex and smashing it into a mirror, all before transferring her buddy ‘s mind and soul into his body. All of this indicates that the Enchantress has a identical twist sense of humor. She even shows a childlike agitation to restore the old ways and laughs excitedly before flying into June ‘s mouth and belated looks astounded by her own physical transmutation equitable before the revolution began. curiously, Enchantress refers on two occasions to intending to “ wipe out ” humanness despite frequently mentioning she wants to resume her reign over them. Her reasons for such give voice are indecipherable, although it is decidedly possible her anger towards the people for falling without her may have merely manifested in this choice of words showing she was clearly inactive hurt by her by involve whomever turned on her and her brother .

Powers and abilities


I saved the best for last. The witch.”
“A witch?”
“I’m talking a flying, spell-casting, making-shit-disappear witch. A sorceress from another dimension. Another world.
―Amanda Waller and Admiral Olsen[src]

Mystical Entity Physiology : enchantress is a awful inter-dimensional mystic being, allowing her to manipulate huge amounts of charming energies for a kind of effects, such as manipulating matter and casting potent spells, due to these mystic abilities Amanda Waller claims that Enchantress and her brother are the most powerful metahumans that she has always come across, with Enchantress closely overpowering the compound might of Task Force X single-handed. however, while highly powerful, and although she was worshiped as a goddess by the ancient pre-columbian Maya and Incas, Enchantress was notably not quite a potent as an actual Old God .

She’s walked this earth for a very long time and will likely be here when we’re long gone.

―Amanda Waller[src]
  • Longevity: Enchantress, much like an Old God, is capable of living for millennia, being 6,373 years old (thus being born long before the War of the Gods) by the time she is finally killed, by Rick Flag.


Magic or not, this girl can do some pretty incredible things. Go get it, girl.
―Amanda Waller[src]
  • Gifted Intellect: Enchantress is exceptionally intelligent, given her tremendously long lifespan, and is notably smarter than her brother Incubus. Enchantress’ intellect extends to her tactical and deceptive skills, though her immense arrogance and God complex occasionally clouded her judgment.
    • Expert Tactician: Enchantress is quite adept at using cunning and planning to outwit her enemies. After June Moone accidentally transforms into the Enchantress during her sleep while in Midway City, she teleports away and releases the spirit of her brother Incubus, as a long-term plan to escape from Amanda Waller’s captivity. Hence, after releasing him, she tells Incubus to wait and build up his powers. When her brother starts wreaking havoc, Waller (unaware of Incubus being her brother) sends Enchantress to stop him, which gives her the perfect opportunity to escape and betray Waller and Task Force X and join her brother, who saved her when Waller tried to kill Enchantress (by damaging her heart). However, Enchantress’ arrogance and superiority complex occasionally make her tactics imperfect, which is what allowed Harley Quinn to ultimately trick and undermine her.
    • Bilingualism: Enchantress speaks her native ancient language while addressing her brother Incubus, and is also fluent in English.
  • Master Combatant: Enchantress is an extremely skilled armed and hand-to-hand combatant (most likely having centuries of combat experience). Her skill was such that she swiftly overpowered the combined might of Rick Flag, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn, and even the immensely formidable samurai warrior Katana was only able to hold her own against Enchantress for a limited time, though that might have been primarily due to the latter’s superior strength, coupled with her rapid teleportation every so often (to avoid Katana’s sword slashes).
    • Sword Mastery: In battle, she can summon two swords, using them with great efficiency. She was even able to fight Katana, a master swordswoman in her own right, though her opponent proved to be a better sword duelist, forcing Enchantress to fall back on her teleportation.


  • Heart: The spirit heart was obtained and used by Amanda Waller to control Enchantress, initially planning to include her in Task Force X. When Enchantress was released she regained her heart becoming more powerful, eventually when the team manages to retain her, her heart is destroyed weakening her, so Rick Flag destroyed her heart killing her and causing June Moone to get out of Enchantress’s body.



  • Swords: Enchantress used two swords in combat, mainly when she fought Task Force X.



  • Enchantress has two states reflecting her overall being.
    • Her first and best known form makes Enchantress look like a tribal or voodoo witch doctor; the messy hair, dirty body and dark ornamental bikini and skirt. In this state she’s more a physical being, relying less on her magic.
    • Her second form after linking with Incubus’ magic has Enchantress look like an exotic and regal queen, with blue-green iterations of her last apparel and a matching headdress. Her skin also becomes ghostly white with blood red lips. In this state, she is focusing on her magic and rarely moves.

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