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Eobard Thawne

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Meta-human Deceased

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Original multiverse
Professor ( physicist )
Time criminal
Director of ( once )
Leader of ( in secret ; once )
Vigilante ( in secret ; once )
Leader of the ( time end ; once )
of the ( once )
Inmate of ( once )
New multiverse
Professor ( physicist )
Time criminal
Director of ( once )
Leader of ( in clandestine ; once )
Vigilante ( in mysterious ; once )
Inmate of A.R.G.U.S ( once )
Fixed indicate methadone ( prison term leftover ; once )
Chief of mastermind at ( clock time end )

ProfessorTime criminalDirector of S.T.A.R. Labs Leader of Team Flash Leader of the Legion of Doom SS General of the New Reich Inmate of Iron Heights Prison ProfessorTime criminalDirector of S.T.A.R. Labs Leader of Team Flash Inmate of A.R.G.U.SFixed point fixerChief of engineering at Fast Track Labs


Original multiverse
S.T.A.R. Labs ( once )
Team Flash ( in secret ; once )
Legion of Doom ( fourth dimension leftover ; once )
New Reich ( once )
Schutzstaffel ( once )
Nora West-Allen ( once )
New multiverse
S.T.A.R. Labs ( once )
Team Flash ( once )
Legends ( time leftover ; once )
Fast Track Labs ( time end )


Eddie Thawne ( ancestor ; deceased )
Agnes ( ancestor )
Unnamed ( ancestor )
Unnamed ( ancestor )
Robern ( collateral ancestor ; presumed being )

Alter ego

The Flash (alternate timeline; formerly)


Matt Letscher
Tom Cavanagh ( as Harrison Wells and Harrison Nash Wells )
Victor Garber ( as Martin Stein )
Sean MacLean ( as John Swigert ) Images

This ability to travel through time revealed the truth. My fate was to become your greatest enemy. I was never going to be the Flash. So I became the reverse of everything that you were. The more people you saved, the more you were loved… the more I had to take from you.
—Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen[src]

Professor Eobard Thawne ( c. 2151 [ 1 ] – 2022 ), [ 2 ] besides known as the Reverse-Flash, was a meta-human speedster from the twenty-second hundred, a descendant of the late Eddie Thawne, a time criminal and the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash. Obsessed with the twenty-first hundred ‘s Flash, Eobard recreated the accident that was behind the Flash ‘s powers, becoming a speedster himself. however, after his very first trip back in time, Eobard learned that he was destined to become the Flash ‘s archenemy and grew to despise the champion, attempting to prove his transcendence as Reverse-Flash and becoming the opposite of his early idol. This included creating his own negative version of the Speed Force using negative energy and emotions, which he used to travel through time without the Flash being able to detect him. Since then, the two speedsters battled each early for many years, but neither of them was potent or fast adequate to defeat the early.

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After learning the Flash ‘s hidden identity, Eobard traveled back in clock time to kill Barry as a child to erase his enemy from being but was thwarted by the Flash of 2024 who brought the youthful Barry to guard. The enrage Eobard then killed Nora Allen and framed Henry Allen for the crime rather, being known as the Man in Yellow after the incident. however, Eobard ‘s connection to the Speed Force began fluctuating, trapping him in the early twenty-first hundred. Realizing that Barry was the only manner to return to his time, Eobard killed a man in order to assume the identity of Harrison Wells as the director of S.T.A.R. Labs, and to push through for the universe of a atom catalyst to ensure that Barry would become the Flash. Posing as Wells, Eobard mentored the Flash and became the drawing card of a team that he assembled to stop the meta-human threats, to increase his protégé ‘s speed sol that Eobard could use the hero ‘s connection to the Speed Force to return to his own fourth dimension. After his plan was exposed and subsequently foiled, Eobard was erased from being after his ancestor Eddie killed himself to stop him. One class after Eobard was erased from universe, Barry prevented Eobard from murdering Nora, creating Flashpoint and holding him captive for months. After realizing this mistake, Barry released Eobard, allowing him to kill Nora again ; as a result of being pulled out of the timeline Eobard was spared from his fortune and continued to exist as a time leftover, while his original actions remained intact. due to his own invalidated state of being ; he was hunted by Black Flash, forcing him to seek out the Spear of Destiny in order to restore his natural being. ineffective to find the object and outrun the hatchet man at the like fourth dimension, Eobard formed a supervillain alliance. Eobard and his co-conspirators finally retrieved the Spear of Destiny, which they used to rewrite reality to their whims. Despite its initial success, Eobard ‘s plan was foiled by the Legends ‘ de-powering the object, and Eobard was vaporized by the Black Flash. later, Eobard cryptically resurfaced as an ally of the New Reich of Earth-X. He in the first place tried to carry out the Fuhrer ‘s request to perform heart operating room on Overgirl. however, when the Reich ‘s defeat finally became inevitable, he abandoned his allies to their deaths at the hands of Team Flash, Team Arrow, the Legends, and Supergirl. In 2034, Eobard was incarcerated in the meta-human wing of Iron Heights, where his powers were negated by Cicada ‘s dagger. In 2049, he began mentoring Nora West-Allen, claiming to be working towards a less nefarious bequest, as he was scheduled for execution. however, the real reason why he mentored Nora in traveling to the past was to destroy the dagger and absolve him. After the dagger was destroyed, Eobard was freed, moments before his execution. He briefly crusade Nora and Barry before Nora began to be erased from universe. After the two ran away to enter the Negative Speed Force at Eobard ‘s ardent suggestion, Eobard made his elude. Following the Anti-Monitor Crisis and the creation of the new multiverse, Eobard ‘s spirit joined the other Harrison Wells of the old multiverse in being fused to the brainwaves of Harrison Nash Wells, the stopping point survive Wells. As Eobard ‘s body was a imitate of Earth-1 Harrison Wells, it gave him an easier access to possessing Nash. As his ghost was composed of negative particles and emotions, his hatred for everyone became so extreme that he even tried to kill Cisco Ramon, despite how he thought of him as a son and he explained how he wanted to viciously kill Barry and Team Flash. however, Nash was freed by Barry, Cisco and Cecile Horton, as Eobard ‘s awareness was expelled from Nash ‘s body as negative tachyons. Months later, to aid Barry in stopping August Heart, the Speed Force reconstituted Eobard to help against August. After defeating Heart and seeing that Barry ‘s accelerate was excessively capital for him, Eobard retreated to fight another day. Eobard former created and became the host of the Negative still Force, which allowed him to travel in time wherever he pleased and alter/manipulate fourth dimension to his desires. This kickstarted Armageddon as part for his masterplan to defeat his arch-nemesis once-and-for all. He started by manipulating time to cause the death of Joe West and erasing Barry ‘s memories of the consequence. Eobard then started manipulating time to drive Barry insane, such as framing him for being Black Hole ‘s counterspy, which got Barry suspended from the CCPD. Eobard ‘s machinations caused his nemesis to purportedly go rogue and cause the destruction of the Earth in 2031, by Armageddon, which led to Despero to travel back in time to 2021 in an undertake to stop Barry. After escaping Despero, Barry traveled to 2031 to try to stop himself from destroying the earth and much to his horror, he found out that Eobard used the Negative however Force to become a successful businessman and get engaged to Iris West-Allen. however, with Damien Darhk ‘s help, Barry ultimately prevented the surrogate timeline that Eobard created from ever happening. After the timeline was changed binding to normal, Eobard was being erased from universe by the timeline itself, evening his connection to the Negative Speed Force was not able to prevent this from happening. As a resultant role, Eobard asked Team Flash to help save his liveliness. The group as a whole was initially reluctant to do then, but Barry ultimately saved Eobard ‘s life by severing the latter ‘s connection to the Negative Speed Force. Eobard was then sent to an A.R.G.U.S. prison. The clock displace interpretation of Eobard was made into the defender of a cook sharpen in time, having been brought back to life and strip of his powers by the Time Wraiths after his death by the Black Flash. Placed in 1914 to ensure the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and, frankincense, the result populace war, Eobard came to agree that the timeline could not and should not be changed. however, Eobard agreed to help the Legends attract the Waverider by changing the circumstances of Ferdinand ‘s end. When the Legends ‘ plan went amiss, Eobard was killed by Sara Lance ‘s automaton ringer and was ultimately replaced as the defender of the fixed point by Nate Heywood ‘s automaton knockoff. This version was late resurrected a second time by the Time Wraiths to give him a probability for redemption as he never gave up his post as the defender of the fixed item and finally meet Meena Dhawan, helping her and falling in beloved with her. however, he was unwillingly sacrificed as separate of a resurrection plan that the Negative Forces developed. After ripping through his good self, Thawne vowed to destroy Barry for good this time ; besides taunting him about Iris was used for his rebirth. Traveling back to the Negative Speed Force, he absorbed the powers of the minus Forces. however, Thawne would finally be destroyed by his nemesis in struggle, with his integral torso being disintegrated by his own negative energies .


original multiverse

early biography

Eobard Thawne was born in the class 2151 [ 1 ] into the distant future, a modern time where engineering has vastly advanced to a utmost level but cows were unfortunately extinct. [ 1 ] In his childhood, he was teach astro-navigation in grade school [ 3 ] and grew up idolizing the Flash who inspired him to become a hero like him for a long as he can remember. [ 4 ] Originating from a pedigree of scientists, politicians, magnates, prodigies and captains of industry, he is a distinguished member within his own family, his first name “ Eobard ” is apparently even more distinguished. [ 5 ] Eobard is very intimate of his family ‘s history even knowing of his ancestor Eddie Thawne despite history having about no record of Eddie ‘s being, though Eobard himself considers Eddie to be a failure of a Thawne by his standards. [ 5 ] In his adulthood, Eobard had dreams and desires to improve the global and became a scientist and a physicist, finally joining the academia as a scholar, research worker and professor and dedicated the stay of his life unlocking the Speed Force ‘s secrets to fulfill that wish. [ 3 ] [ 6 ] Having spend years trying to discover the Speed Force ‘s secrets Eobard became therefore obsessed with the flash to the point that between the 2170s or 2190s he learned how his idol gained ace powers to recreate the accident that was originally behind said powers of superhuman travel rapidly ; as a consequence, Eobard became a meta-human speedster and gaining superhuman amphetamine and the office of time travel through a Speed Force connection. He then created or obtained a courtship exchangeable to Flash ‘s but ( presumably ) with the antonym colors. At some point, he besides designed an anti-speedster rifle. [ 3 ] [ 7 ] Utilizing his newly granted abilities from the speed force, Eobard somehow learned on how to use them to travel through fourth dimension and travelled to the future, approximately 200 years from the twenty-first century and last met his idol for the very first time and learned ways to possess speeds faster than anyone or anything alive. As he was about to commence his heroism, brassy intervened and saved the crowd that Eobard was meant to save and be thanked by, therefore stealing his greatest moment and leaving him sadden, embarrassed and humiliated. At foremost Eobard felt slightly embittered by this and vowed to become faster to surpass and prove himself. He navigated back to an obscure distributor point in the twenty-first century to meet him again and some fourth dimension during his travel, he somehow learned from his ability to travel through time that he was tragically doomed to become mortal enemies with his paragon and the revoke of everything that he was and stood for, rather of his successor and the hero he desperately strived to become. This revelation and realization horrified and broke Eobard to his very core, leaving him haunted, shocked, confused, disappoint and betrayed that he couldn ’ thyroxine believe it himself after everything he wasted in decree to become the flare ’ sulfur successor to save the earth and it drove him insane, enraged and it incited him to go on a rampage against his main idol ’ south life. This chiefly proves that Eobard was ultimately corrupted by ability, greed, envy and pride that his desire to save the populace warped into a lecherousness for exponent and began seeing Flash as competition. Going delirious with ability besides proves that his endeavours took a toll on him as it practically took him all his life and after every accomplishment, his ambitions would grow stronger that once denied the opportunity to achieve it, he would snap and go to whatever lengths to get it since every failure would cause him a loss and his efforts to go in conceited. It caused the man to develop a deeply and insatiate hatred for the Flash with every roughage of his being and embraced the supervillain nickname of the “ Reverse-Flash ”, he made it his life ‘s work to surpass his fall idol as a speedster, ruin his animation as revenge and erase him from universe, indirectly fulfilling his destiny in the process as he descended into insanity and madness on a dark road to hell. He vowed that for everyone Flash saved Eobard would kill more, everyone who Flash was loved by, Eobard would take, being the one enemy Flash can not stop. [ 4 ] At some point, Eobard, in both his compulsion to be Flash ‘s claim opposition and to time travel undetected, obtained this with the Negative Speed Force. [ 8 ] Eobard is implied to have met Rip Hunter who he thought is an “ interesting serviceman ” which could be how he besides obtained possession of Gideon, an artificial intelligence platform created by his early idol, and began searching assorted moments throughout history to learn when his target was active agent. [ 4 ]

Fighting the flaunt

search for the Scarlet Speedster

presumably sometime in the 2180s or 2190s, after learning he was to be the Flash ‘s intend archenemy, Eobard began traveling back in time to find when Flash was active and after respective searches proved bootless, he finally traveled back to the year of Flash ‘s origins, starting their war across time. [ 4 ]

first find

The Reverse-Flash arrived in January 2016, Central City. [ 6 ] After Gideon confirmed his whereabouts, he began searching for the Flash. Eobard rigged a truck to drive at high speeds and clash with a build to lure Flash out, and was successful. Pleased to have located the claim time era Flash was active, Eobard planned his revert home to by rights plan his next fire and broke into one of Mercury Labs ‘ offsite facilities, and fix equipment designed to act as a time machine to send him back to his own clock. however, Eobard was ineffective to replicate the tachyon might reference and sought out Dr. Tina McGee .
Storming Mercury Labs and killing four guards, he confronted Tina but was interrupted by Flash ‘s arrival. however, Reverse-Flash was surprised when Flash addressed him by his real identify, revealing Flash already met him at some point in the future and that Flash had seen him die. however, Reverse-Flash merely thanked Flash for telling him of his impending fortune and told Flash he immediately knew what clock menstruation Flash was from and that his bane would soon die rather, and he knocked Flash out before taking Tina to the offsite facility .
When Eobard showed his device, Tina recalled a “ man in a yellow suit ” tried to steal another tachyon device the previous year. Upon hearing this, Eobard realized that he must have gotten stuck in the past at some point in his future, having been unable to access enough Speed Force energy. Eobard ordered Tina to accelerate the energetic properties within the tachyon device. But when Tina expressed doubts, Eobard vibrated his bridge player and calmly told Tina to learn or die .

Vibed timeline

After Tina finished the shape at 9:52pm, Eobard killed his hostage anyhow and used the tachyon device to return to his timeline. Because Cisco vibed this event 3 hours and 52 minutes in advance Flash was given enough meter to locate them .

Changed timeline

After Tina finished the shape at 9:52 autopsy, Eobard prepared to kill Tina anyhow but Flash arrived, subdued him, and destroyed the car. Angered but soon unwavered by his nemesis ‘s sabotage to his trip home, Eobard said he would find another way to travel to the future and boasted his superiority to Flash before issuing a challenge to catch him. Both Reverse-Flash and Flash began racing throughout the streets of Central City, but Flash managed to anticipate his path and intercepted him, culminating with Flash catching Reverse-Flash. Flash proceeded to badly beat Reverse-Flash about to death in a match of fad for his future actions. alone reluctantly stopping himself from delivering a death blow, Flash rather knocked him out and placed him in S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ grapevine prison .
During his imprisonment, Eobard was visited by Cisco Ramon/Vibe, asking how his band worked. Confused so far curious, Eobard talked to Cisco and deduced he must have a history with him in the future, but was confused as to why the mastermind only wanted to know how his call worked. however, Cisco told Eobard of being the one that found him because of the young mastermind ‘s metahuman powers given by Eobard ‘s future self. Cisco besides revealed that Eobard would help build the very prison he was incarcerated in, leaving Eobard puzzled to learn of his future actions and developed an about blink of an eye captivation with Cisco .
Eobard was late approached by Flash ( unmask but concealed in the shadows ), asking his foe of his hate ‘s generator. Eobard explained his compulsion with his desire to be like his paragon himself, therefore much that he spent years learning how his paragon gained these powers and succeeded in replicating them. then he traveled through time and learned that he was going to become his own paragon ‘s greatest foe, quite than be flash himself. He opted to become the reverse of everything Flash was, vowing to kill as many people as Flash saved. As Flash was disgusted to learn what was behind Eobard ‘s motivations, even revealing that person had been killed by Eobard ‘s future self, Eobard angrily stated that he had become better than Flash and was the one thing Flash could never stop, and he promised that one day he would learn his bane ‘s real name .
shortly after, Eobard was approached by an intelligent individual and realized that his imprisonment has ruptured the timeline. however, Eobard doubted the person knew how to send him back without Tina ‘s tachyon device, but the man said he had rather developed an alternate method to send him home. Fascinated with his warden, Eobard asked the man ‘s name, but the man refused to identify himself, claiming to be no one of consequence, yet Eobard was unconvinced and was immediately fascinated by the individual .
Eobard was released from his cell and inform of Team Flash ‘s interchange method of sending him second to the future, to have both him and Flash run at high adequate speeds to create a wormhole through which Eobard can return to his own time. Eobard besides gloated of winning again, jeeringly speaking in the past tense for all his future actions. As they prepared, Eobard vowed they would meet again and Flash agreed but besides vowed to stop him every clock, and both Flash and Reverse-Flash sped around the atom catalyst ‘s ring. After gaining enough speed, the wormhole was created and Flash hurled Reverse-Flash through the portal and Reverse-Flash successfully returned to his own prison term. [ 4 ]

War in the past

After his first find with the Flash, Eobard would subsequently go on to travel through clock time again and again to the early twenty-first century to fight his former paragon. The two speedsters would then fight each other in versatile unlike times, with neither of them managing to defeat the other, [ 1 ] finally to a point where they had “ been at this a retentive time ” as their fights as cross over the course of centuries to which Eobard ended up confident of being one step ahead. [ 9 ] Whatever transpired, Eobard would sometimes ponder of “ which of us is right ” to hate the other. Though Eobard hated Flash over the course of their war, he seemed to have some deference for his bane, acknowledging his erstwhile idol as a veteran champion and an intelligent individual who would n’t use time travel for selfish or anserine reasons, unlike himself. [ 10 ] During his time-travels, Eobard learned about Cisco ‘s “ big and honest ” fortune as the superhero Vibe, [ 1 ] a well as Dr. Caitlin Snow ‘s alternate split personality Killer Frost. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] In accession, Eobard became quite knowledgeable about his nemesis ‘ early major enemies, including Clifford DeVoe/The Thinker, Savitar and David Hersch/Cicada ; he considered himself a “ adult fan ” of the Thinker ‘s work and viewed Cicada as the “ one who got away. ” [ 13 ] [ 14 ] Eobard learned about numerous other twenty-first century individuals and events, such as history books on the Starling City vigilante Oliver Queen/Green Arrow with the champion ‘s recorded death at long time 86, [ 15 ] data about Felicity Smoak/Overwatch despite history ‘s miss of information on the woman, and the respective women that have been known as the Black Canary. [ 16 ] Like most speedsters, Eobard had at least one find with the Time Wraiths, which he came to fear, trying his best to avoid as no speedster knew how to kill these creatures. Because of the Time Wraiths ‘ dangers, Eobard became more strategic about his timeline alterations, merely making necessary alterations to achieve his primary goal, and not recklessly upset history and risk being found by the Speed Force ‘s enforcers. [ 17 ] He besides became familiar with other speedsters, having been aware of Jesse Quick, Libby Lawrence and Danica Williams. [ 17 ] At some detail in his personal timeline, Eobard learned how to travel through the multiverse. He may learned of Hunter Zolomon/Zoom of Earth-2 and Jay Garrick/The Flash of Earth-3 ; this can be attributed to his recognition of a sealed helmet. [ 1 ] [ 3 ] [ 14 ] Eobard besides learned of the diverse doppelgangers of Harrison Wells, such as the translation from Earth-1 who was the suppose rationality that several meta-humans ( including Flash ) appeared thanks to the S.T.A.R. Labs atom accelerator which was successfully launched in 2020, Harry Wells and Harrison Sherloque Wells. [ 18 ] [ 19 ] [ 20 ] For unknown reasons, he traveled to Earth-38 fight Superman where the Man of Steel was flying while Eobard was faster, but their confrontation ‘s details are unknown. [ 16 ] At some target, Eobard finally learned his archenemy ‘s actual name : Barry Allen. He began studying Barry ‘s class, memorize of his parents Henry Allen and Nora Allen [ 1 ], ampere well as his wife Iris West-Allen [ 5 ] [ 10 ] and Barry ‘s and Iris ‘s daughter ( who was named Dawn in this timeline ). He besides somehow learned that Savitar was ironically a version of his bane from an alternate future who had an amusing “ pizza face. ” [ 14 ] Eobard began to develop a plan to ultimately defeat Flash, which was to erase his early idol from being by murdering Barry as a child. [ 1 ] But before that happened, Eobard wanted one more match against his enemy .
The Reverse-Flash traveled to the midnight of April 25, 2024, and fought The Flash, Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkgirl in the streets of Central City, causing the most destruction the city had always seen. The fight besides somehow caused the flip to turn a deep crimson color. Their crusade caused respective trucks to start leaking their contents onto the streets, and caused power outages spread over 20 blocks throughout the city. The speedsters then started battling over two overturn oil tanker trucks, and the lightning emitted from them caused the oil from one of them to ignite. While sounded by smoke, the two speedsters had a very heat conversation on an unknown matter before speeding off, leaving green Arrow, Atom, and Hawkgirl behind. The two then continued their fight up and down an obscure avenue before Flash and him vanished without a trace in an explosion of light. [ 21 ] According to Iris in 2049, some sources describing the battle claimed that Reverse-Flash controlled an army of tail demons and that Flash was rather or besides aided by Batwoman, Elongated Man and Supergirl. [ 22 ]

Traveling to 2000

During the explosion of light, the Reverse-Flash traveled back in time to the night of March 18, 2000, [ 23 ] aiming to murder the 11-year-old Barry and erase his nemesis from being as he had planned before, but he was pursued by the Flash from 2024, hindering his plans. The two contend inside the Allen sign of the zodiac around Nora, each landing solid hits on each other but their skills were fairly equal. When the 11-year-old Barry entered the board, Reverse-Flash moved in for the kill, but Flash intervened and transported the younger Barry to guard 20 blocks away, much to Reverse-Flash ‘s shock. however, Reverse-Flash quickly theorized another way to achieve his finish : kill Nora and ensnare Henry for the crime in the hopes that such a tragedy would traumatize Barry enough to derail from his nemesis ‘s fortune, and he ‘d be complimentary to return to a future without Flash. [ 1 ]

Life as Harrison Wells

Stranded in the past

The Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Nora in the heart leaving Nora to die, and fled the scene to return to his own time which he hoped would now be one without the Flash, but he was stopped by a sudden loss of connection to the Speed Force. After Gideon confirmed that his powers fluctuated reasonably due to his latest time jump, Reverse-Flash realized that he was now stranded in the twenty-first century with no direction back to his meter, and he screamed in frustration .
Eobard soon realized that the reason for his fluid connection to the Speed Force was because his own status as a speedster was pendent upon Barry ‘s. therefore, if Barry never was Flash in the by, then Eobard never would have been Reverse-Flash in the future. With this revelation, Eobard realized he needed Barry to be a speedster in order to return to his own time. [ 18 ]

identity larceny

A month after killing Nora, [ 24 ] Eobard traveled to Starling City to stalk Dr. Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan, knowing that the couple would create a particle accelerator in 2020 behind Barry ‘s powers. Eobard spied on the pair while on a date where Harrison proposed S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ concept to Tess business district in Starling City. Eobard plotted to use Harrison ‘s reputation and his own futuristic cognition to recreate the particle accelerator himself angstrom promptly as possible. by and by that night, Eobard rigged the road with a ear strip and caused Harrison ‘s cable car to crash, killing Tess and injuring Harrison. He dragged Harrison out of the cable car, and identified himself to Harrison angstrom well as the panicky scientist ‘s supposed character in 2020. Eobard then took out his appearance-stealing device, and attached one conclusion to Harrison and to the early to himself, acclimating Harrison ‘s DNA which literally made himself an identical duplicate on a genic level while his victim died in the serve. Afterwards, he buried Harrison ‘s body in a grove near the bridge [ 25 ] and took his victim ‘s place in the car. When the police found him, he introduced himself, formally adopting the identity of “ Harrison Wells ” at that point. [ 18 ] Eobard told the patrol the car crashed ascribable to a bore gala, thereby keeping Harrison ‘s mangle a mystery. Eobard then moved to Central City to carry out his plan and build S.T.A.R. Labs there alternatively to ensure success, giving the cover history that he moved away from Starling City because of besides many reminders of Tess. [ 25 ] [ 26 ] As Wells, Eobard devoted his life sentence to S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ creation and its atom catalyst, using past cognition but taking precautions to ensure his design would work, keeping close observation throughout Barry ‘s solid life by setting up cameras all over Central City, and tied in the West family, where Barry lived following Nora ‘s end. [ 21 ] To avoid the Time Wraiths ‘ attention, Eobard took precautions to avoid unnecessary timeline alterations. [ 17 ] Eobard besides came to like Big Belly Burger as one the few reasons to stay in the twenty-first hundred since cows were extinct in his own time ; however, he ultimately despised surviving in the twenty-first century, a situation he deemed “ barbaric ” and compared to “ living amongst the dead. ” [ 1 ] Along with S.T.A.R. Labs creation, Eobard built a secret Time Vault accessible only via hand-print where he kept his belongings, including the Gideon plan which was still able to stay informed of future events, including a newspaper article written by Iris on the 2024 crisis. [ 27 ] [ 28 ] This paper acted as a deadline as to the remaining prison term Eobard had to harness Barry ‘s speed and Eobard further used it to keep tab on the timeline, and if any changes occurred, take the necessary steps to get the timeline back on track for his own sake. [ 27 ] [ 29 ] Eobard kept his suit as the Reverse-Flash on a display case and stored a moment suit away in the board. [ 9 ] [ 30 ] He besides set himself up in a mansion but he never kept any future belongings in his house itself for security reasons, [ 31 ] and besides built what was late known as the speed lab. [ 32 ] shortly after, he began the particle accelerator ‘s constructions but made some alterations first to ensure the dark matter released would spread throughout Central City, with the calculate of creating a lightning bolt that would strike Barry with a connection to the Speed Force, though did not care that other people would either become meta-humans themselves or be killed. [ 31 ] To ensure Barry ‘s cooperation when the time came, he built the particle accelerator to act as a time machine of sorts that Barry could use to go back and prevent Nora ‘s death while Eobard could return to his time in the wormhole left behind as a solution of this time guess. To account for the hypothesis of Barry ‘s increasing speed against him, Eobard planed to exploit Barry ‘s rush only when Barry was fast enough to fourth dimension travel not one second late, thereby giving him enough opportunity to kill Barry if necessary. [ 1 ] To motivate Barry far when the time came, Eobard began working on a way to restore his own connection to the Speed Force via versatile tachyon technologies, therefore giving him significantly faster focal ratio than a compared to Barry ‘s novitiate abilities. But because of his own precarious coonnection to the Speed Force, these fixes of tachyon energies would only be irregular and would by chance vanish from fourth dimension to time, leaving him powerless. [ 9 ] [ 31 ] Eobard observed Barry ‘s personal life as an unobserved influence, initially looking upon his future enemy with nothing but hate but soon growing fond of the young ( as he hated but the Flash ‘s future version ). [ 21 ] Eobard ‘s actions had profound impacts on Barry ‘s biography both as the alleged “ valet in jaundiced ” ( an understudy name before his true alter ego was revealed ) and as Wells. As the erstwhile, he became Barry ‘s greatest fear and driving impel to be a C.S.I. with the Central City Police Department, with Barry hoping to one day find some evidence of Henry ‘s artlessness and uncover the true killer whale ‘s identity. As the latter, Barry would grow to idolize him and was described as being obsessed with him without knowing who he in truth was ( an ironic reverse of events as Eobard had once been obsessed without knowing his erstwhile idol ‘s identity either ), not learning much about him despite reading his 600-page biography doubly. [ 18 ] [ 29 ] Eobard besides kept precisely as close observation of Eddie and took whatever precautions were needed to ensure Eddie would continue their lineage, frankincense ensuring his own universe. [ 5 ] As Wells, Eobard met respective CEOs, such as Simon Stagg and Robert Queen. [ 33 ] [ 34 ] He knew Stagg was n’t very a philanthropist but a greedy and corrupt man celebrated for others ‘ scientific achievements. [ 33 ] He once met Queen at a charity event, with one of the subjects of discussion being Oliver. [ 34 ] Eobard besides thought of Felicity in his search for promising young minds to help with his sour as he foresaw Felicity ‘s “ great things ” [ 35 ] and became an acquaintance with a younger translation of Tina because of Harrison, though Tina always sensed something was different after Tess ‘s death. [ 36 ] At some point after Thomas Snow ‘s fudge death, Thomas kept in touch with respective scientists ( including Eobard ) who created a secret video recording feed from S.T.A.R. Labs to the web site that Thomas was hiding in the North Pole. [ 37 ] In 2004, Eobard was approached by General Wade Eiling to work on a military undertaking together to create soldiers with purgative abilities, presenting new opportunities financially and scientifically and Eobard agreed. While working at S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard adopted Grodd, a darling gorilla that he kept at S.T.A.R. Labs who he became close, with Grodd late viewing Eobard as his “ forefather. ” In 2009, Eobard learned that Eiling had been using Grodd as a test discipline and was torturing the gorilla in the process. When Eobard discovered this, he berated Eiling in a ferocious argument with the general and cancelled the visualize, but still had “ big plans ” for Grodd. [ 38 ] sometime prior to 2011, Eobard hired Caitlin, Ronnie Raymond, and Hartley Rathaway as employees of S.T.A.R. Labs. [ 31 ] On Caitlin ‘s first day, Eobard said “ A scientist ‘s shape is never finished. ” [ 39 ] Eobard grew particularly close to Hartley during the particle catalyst ‘s construction, often bonding through activities such as games of chess and the fact that Hartley was the entirely early person who knew how to speak Latin. [ 31 ] Eobard besides hired Arthur Light, a homo who developed a deadly high powered shockwave plunder. however, Eobard fired Arthur for apparent insanity around 2012. [ 40 ] In 2013, Eobard hired an earlier translation of Cisco, sleep together of Cisco ‘s engineer talents based on his first gear interaction with Cisco ‘s future self in 2016. Eobard started growing conclusion with Cisco, much to Hartley ‘s discouragement, though Eobard assured Hartley that Cisco would n’t get in the way of their friendship. [ 31 ] At one steer during the particle catalyst ‘s structure, Eobard gave S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ team a stern deadline to work on the synchrotron, causing the team to struggle. [ 41 ] Eventually, Hartley realized that the atom accelerator was faulty and could explode, threatening Eobard ‘s plans. Eobard subsequently had Hartley fired and threatened to ruin Hartley ‘s career if anyone was ever told. [ 31 ] After Hartley ‘s termination, Eobard grew closer to Cisco and came to view Cisco as a surrogate son. [ 42 ] At some charge before the atom accelerator ‘s launch, Channel 52 visited S.T.A.R. Labs, and Eobard spoke on how the particle accelerator ‘s activation would revolutionize several fields of science overnight. [ 13 ]

The atom accelerator ‘s explosion

On December 11, 2013, [ 43 ] Eobard held an consequence at which he planned to switch on S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ particle accelerator. He began speaking on stage, claiming that the atom accelerator would create a bright future, bringing advancements in power and medicine, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as physics as they knew it. [ 27 ] [ 44 ] [ 14 ] After opening up to questions, Marlize DeVoe asked Eobard if he had indeed planned for every consequence and result after the particle accelerator ‘s energizing. Eobard recognized the DeVoe appoint and realized that Clifford was besides there. He told Clifford of being a boastfully sports fan, subtly hinting at the world ‘s future as one of the Flash ‘s greatest enemies, and wished Clifford luck. [ 13 ] back in the cortex after the press league, Cisco alerted Eobard of an oncoming storm, but Eobard assured Cisco that it would not effect the particle accelerator ‘s activation. [ 44 ] As Eobard was about to turn the particle accelerator on, he got the ace that something was amiss ; Eobard ‘s intuition was indeed true as a version of Barry from 2018 and another speedster had time-traveled to 2013 and had fair then entered S.T.A.R. Labs. Eobard left the board and walked towards the Time Vault, with the two speedsters having just phased at heart. Before he could investigate, he was stopped by Cisco and Caitlin. Eobard asked Caitlin to have Ronnie run the particle accelerator ‘s numbers one more fourth dimension and to bring the bottle of Dom Pérignon out to celebrate. After Caitlin left, Eobard told Cisco of his belief that the youth would go on to do bang-up things, subtly hinting at Cisco ‘s future that he once witnessed. The two then attempted a handshake before heading back to the lab. [ 14 ] The particle accelerator was then switched on. As the team celebrated, however, particles began to behave abnormally, such as liquids floating in the atmosphere, followed by a brassy knock from the atom accelerator. Eobard sent Ronnie and Cisco down to manually shut the particle accelerator down before anything bad happened .
After Ronnie had vented the system to assure S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ condom but was apparently killed in the process, Cisco called Eobard down to the chamber. Eobard made his way down but before doing so, went into the Time Vault to see Barry struck by lightning, please to see that his plan worked. [ 44 ] The wave of energy from the resulting explosion besides resulted in countless meta-humans and led to at least 16 people dying. [ 29 ] Additionally, Grodd was besides affected by the particle accelerator, and the night matter ( combined with Eiling ‘s drugs which had been injected years earlier ) activated and mutated Grodd into a hyper-intelligent gorilla and escaped the cage ; Eobard allowed Grodd to roam free in the sewers, continuing to grow in intelligence and size. [ 5 ] Eobard besides suspected that Cisco was affected by the black matter ( presumably ascribable to his interaction with Cisco ‘s future self ) but could never confirm his suspicions as Cisco showed no signs of having powers. [ 1 ] Following the particle accelerator ‘s explosion, Eobard was brought to Central City Hospital fair as the comatose Barry was. He was recognized by Dr. Ambres who reported that he had no feel below his waist. As the doctors examined him, Eobard watched Barry ‘s comatose body being taken in. [ 14 ] Eobard began pretending to be paralyzed from the waist down, not equitable to keep intuition of his future activities as Reverse-Flash away from himself, but besides rigging his personal wheelchair with a machine to feed him a Speed Force connection via tachyons and make him faster than even Barry and maintain his already ruptured association. [ 15 ] He besides used the wheelchair to store a blink of an eye drive in which he kept his personal notes. [ 45 ] After Barry was put into a coma due to the lightning strike caused by the shock-wave, Barry ‘s circumstance finally went critical. Eobard convinced Joe West ( Barry ‘s foster father ) to allow him to move Barry to S.T.A.R. Labs. however, Joe never in full trusted Eobard and knew something was n’t justly but was so desperate to see Barry awake and ignored those feelings. While Barry was at S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard remarked how amusing it was to see how helpless Barry was, and how easily it would ‘ve been to good kill then and there. He besides remarked the irony of him going bet on to kill and now needing to ensure Barry ‘s being to return to his own time, and though remarking how concern it ‘s been watching Barry grow up. however, Eobard hard stated “ nothing is forgiven ” and that one day Barry will die. [ 21 ] At some point, Eobard cracked the multiverse ‘s beginning code and discovered the prison term speech which allows the exploiter to retain cognition of previous timelines due to its exemption to timeline changes, recording this presumably for personal custom. [ 45 ] due to S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ reputation being tarnished following the particle accelerator failure, Eobard ordered their Starling City ramify to be shut down and the supplies moved back to Central City. Eobard sent Caitlin and Cisco to inventory supplies where the two by chance encountered Deathstroke ‘s army. [ 40 ]

Working with the Flash

After Barry woke from the coma, Eobard was called gloomy to the lab to talk to Barry. He took Barry around S.T.A.R. Labs, explaining what had actually happened on the night of the atom catalyst explosion and how they ‘d moved Barry. Before they could run more tests, Barry left. After having realized Barry had the ability to run at superhuman amphetamine, Eobard and the team went to an airfield where they sought to test Barry ‘s accelerate. Eobard cautioned restraint, although Barry alternatively ran at wax pour, unintentionally running into barrels of water. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry told Eobard the report of Nora ‘s murder and suspected impression that possibly there were more herculean humans, possibly like the homo who murdered Nora, forgetful to the fact of talking to the very man creditworthy. Keeping this secret condom, Eobard told Barry of being most decidedly singular .
Following a former quarrel with Clyde Mardon ‘s weather manipulation, however, Barry returned, angry that Eobard had apparently lied. He admitted fault, explaining that the explosion had released diverse forms of apparently theoretical energy across the city, including anti-matter, darkness energy, and x-elements. Barry mentioned planning to stop Clyde, though Eobard attempted to stop Barry from taking the risk, as Barry was fabulously authoritative in terms of scientific advancement. Despite Eobard ‘s claims that Barry was not a hero but entirely plainly a boy who was struck by lightning, Barry furiously stormed out of S.T.A.R. Labs, determined to subduing Clyde .
Though apparently for scientific reasons, Eobard ‘s words were clearly an attack to sway Barry away from a desperate fortune and feat Barry ‘s powers without worrying about an at hand death by other metahumans ‘ hands. Following Barry ‘s deviation, Eobard finally realized the only way to make Barry faster was to allow the young to fight the other meta-humans, to push himself to his limits. As Barry struggled to unravel a crack Clyde had made, Eobard intervened over the communication, apologizing, reassuring Barry that he did, in fact, believe, that Barry was a champion and could right Eobard ‘s wrongs. Barry, encouraged by his mentor ‘s words, then managed to unravel the tornado and stop Clyde. Eobard late went into his privy board and checked up on the future and was relieved to see the future was integral. [ 27 ] After having acted as a hero, Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Eobard again cautioned chasteness to Barry, telling his protégé to make certain to know limits. When Barry belated tried to act the hero again and passed out, Barry was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs and despite being scolded, they decided to try some tests. As Barry began running on a modified treadmill, causing the youth to finally pass out, Eobard identified that it had to do with Barry ‘s glucose levels, due to an extremely fast metamorphosis processing it besides firm. They hooked Barry up to 40 IV bags before the young person last wake up. As they began discussing a new diet for Barry, Joe entered the board ; Eobard was surprised to see Joe. He reassured Joe that they were looking out for what was best for Barry, though Joe disagreed that what they were doing was the way to do it, leading to an argument between Barry and Joe. After Barry returned to S.T.A.R. Labs after been beaten up by another meta-human identified by blood samples as Danton Black, Barry decided against trying to take Black down despite Eobard ‘s support and was adamant that what they were doing was a mistake .
Following that, Eobard went to talk to Joe. After concisely talking with Stagg, he claimed to Joe that adjacent time Barry suited up, the young person would doubt himself. Eobard headed back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Caitlin was able to grow a knockoff of Black from a retroflex cell, so they called Barry in and explained this. The knockoff promptly awakened, presumably due to Black ‘s prime self activating some clones, and Joe hurried in through the doors, shooting the ringer and reassuring Barry that only a meta-human could stop meta-humans, realizing Eobard was potentially right. They talked to Barry when the youth reached Stagg Industries and Eobard noted that his protégé had to find Multiplex ‘s prime self. After Barry gained the upper hand and attempted to save Multiplex from falling to death but Multiplex actually wished to die before forcibly letting function of Barry ‘s hand and killing himself, the team watched a newsworthiness report card of it on the television afterwards. Barry mentioned having tried to prevent Black ‘s death, but Eobard reflected that sometimes people break and ca n’t be put back in concert. Following that, Eobard visited Stagg with Stagg making claims to exploit the alleged Streak. Seeing Stagg ‘s greed as an obstacle to his own plans for Barry, Eobard stood up from his wheelchair and fatally jab Stagg, claiming that the Flash ( as his protégé would come to be known as ) had to be kept safe. [ 33 ] After the Darbinyan crime family were gassed to death by a assume meta-human, the S.T.A.R. Labs team began researching what they could, all of them excited by the potential prospects. Joe noted that they would have to find somewhere to hold them, as Iron Heights was less than ideal, and Cisco suggested the atom accelerator. Cisco and Eobard went devour to the particle catalyst ‘s core bedroom. Eobard had to go do some modifications while Cisco waited ( using the information he acquired from his own captivity in 2016 ). The two later assisted Barry in going after a mist-controlling meta-human inside the Central City Shopping Mall. however, Barry discovered that the world could turn himself into gas, and inhaled some of the toxic gasses, before racing back to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team painfully extracted the poisonous gas. The team was soon able to identify the makeup of the natural gas : hydrogen nitrile with traces of a ataractic. Barry figured that the two would be mixed in a end rowing execution and they identified the meta-human as Kyle Nimbus ( proudly nicknamed The Mist by Cisco ). Barry went to protect Joe ( the future target ) and the team supported this. ineffective to outrun The Mist, they suggested Barry make The Mist tired, and would have to revert to physical, human kind finally ; Barry succeeded and The Mist is taken back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Nimbus was locked up in the prison. [ 44 ] Eobard defeated Barry in a plot of chess while Barry besides played a game of table tennis with Cisco and a game of Operation with Caitlin. When Felicity visits S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard greeted Felicity and was more than pleased to meet Felicity, noting he ‘s mindful of all the womanhood ‘s accolades and that he always keeps an eye out for such endowment. When Felicity questioned about the potential dangers of what Barry does, Eobard reassured Felicity that everything they do is to ensure Barry ‘s safety and that Barry is in adept hands. Eobard was former angry at Cisco for building a cold gun brawny enough to overcome Barry ‘s speed abilities and kill without any consent by Eobard, though Cisco built it anterior to Barry waking from the coma and was stolen by the chief thief Leonard Snart. After telling Cisco that weapons do n’t belong in S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard ordered Cisco to track down where the cold gun is and to do so immediately. After Felicity left, Eobard noted Felicity was a remarkable young womanhood. Eobard told Cisco to never do anything as to build such a weapon again, though he was unaware of another weapon that Cisco had built which was besides stolen. [ 35 ] When the metahuman Bette Sans Souci apparently begun destroying facilities around the city, Barry revealed that Bette is being pursued by General Eiling to which Eobard revealed his history with Eiling. After Barry met with and convinced Bette not to kill a scientist Bette had a stew against, Eobard and Caitlin tended to Bette at S.T.A.R. Labs. The team learned that Bette was affected by thermite when the particle accelerator went off and everything Bette touches explodes, therefore why Bette was captured by Eiling and experimented on. however, Eiling personally tracked Bette but Eobard distracted the cosmopolitan long enough for Barry to get Bette out of the facility. When the team by and by learned that Bette ‘s condition could n’t be reversed, Eobard met with Plastique, and manipulated Plastique into killing Eiling. Plastique is stopped by Barry then killed by Eiling but Bette ‘s body began building up to an explosion, forcing Eobard to coach Barry on running on water to drop Bette ‘s body in the water system to explode safely. Eobard is belated visited at S.T.A.R. Labs by Eiling to propose an alliance again but he refused and threatened the cosmopolitan ‘s life sentence if he is ever blackmailed again. [ 38 ] After Barry failed to stop Tony Woodward, Eobard told Barry they ‘d find a way to stop Tony, but told Barry to rest and heal for the clock time being. A day late, Eobard is visited by Joe, asking for avail on Nora ‘s murder character ( as Joe did not know that Eobard was the murderer ). When Joe asked if his atom accelerator was possibly involved, Eobard reminded Joe that the murder occurred 14 years ago hanker before his appliance was evening thought of. After a few other suggestions from Joe, Eobard told the detective that the theories were all highly unlikely. After Barry tries to stop Tony alone, Eobard is angered as they had yet to find a way to stop Girder. Although Barry could precisely heal, Eobard said Barry ca n’t heal after possibly being killed. Eobard then told Barry could stop Girder if entirely moving fast enough as any material can be struck at a high enough speed .
The following day, Eobard had a drink with Joe, where Joe subtly suggested that Eobard was involved as he arrived in Central City soon after Nora ‘s murder. Eobard told Joe to look up Tess before leaving. Having looked up Tess, Joe visited Eobard at S.T.A.R. Labs and apologized for accusing him of murder. Eobard then told Joe about his “ past ” and why he moved to Central City as there were excessively many atrocious memories to endure ( presumably acting on Harrison ‘s memories ). late that night as Joe was reviewing the attest of Nora ‘s murder, Reverse-Flash reappeared and encircled Joe to frighten the detective, briefly allowing his become face to be seen and stealing the evidence shortly subsequently. Before leaving, Reverse-Flash left a death terror towards Iris by pinning a photograph of Iris to the wall with a knife, and the words “ stop or else ” to scare Joe away. [ 26 ] In an entry in his personal logarithm, Eobard noted that Barry was driven to use these powers to help people, but stated that this was keeping Barry from realizing full likely. He late told Barry to “ kick it up a notch ” in the education. When Farooq Gibran attacked a transformer station, Barry confronted Farooq but lost the travel rapidly abilities. When Eobard went to check on the future, he learned, to his shock and rage, that the timeline had altered ; rather of the crisis in 2024, the future now tell of the post position ‘s permanent closure and there was no record of Flash. While Eobard desperately searched for a solution, Farooq attacked S.T.A.R. Labs seeking vengeance for his friends ‘ deaths caused in the particle accelerator explosion, and caused a blackout that rendered the lab wholly exposed to attack .
To stop Farooq, Eobard theorized that Barry ‘s cells were placid altered. If they could redirect colored count directly into Barry, they could recharge his protégé ‘s cells. As Cisco worked on using the treadmill as a conduit to achieve this, Eobard released Tony and offered freedom in substitution for killing Blackout to buy them enough fourth dimension to achieve their plan though this came at the cost of Tony ‘s biography. late, he had a abbreviated argument with Barry about sacrificing Tony to stall Blackout, angrily insisting that he had merely done what was necessary, though Barry was disgusted that Eobard would sol willingly sacrifice person ‘s life, unaware of the man ‘s future reputation of doing merely that .
When Blackout cornered the team, Eobard confronted Blackout, reciting from memory the names of everyone who died in the atom accelerator catastrophe, and demanding that Blackout leave the others alone, saying that he was the merely one who deserved to be punished. Blackout agreed and blasted him out of his wheelchair. He was apparently helpless to move ( though talk through one’s hat in reality ), however, Barry ultimately regained his own speed and allowed Blackout to drain once more but the total of world power overloaded and killed Blackout, while the resulting energy fed back on Flash and charged up his protégé ‘s speed further. After Flash defeated Blackout, Eobard made another logarithm entrance, stating that he had previously been mistaken and that Barry ‘s desire to help others was the samara to developing Flash ‘s electric potential, not an obstacle as he had thought. Eobard late took a blood sample from Farooq ‘s cadaver, while signaling The obscure to stay silence, saying that he was interest in finding out how Flash ‘s powers were drained. [ 29 ] After Rainbow Raider robbed a trust by forcing everyone inwardly to go angry and undertake to murder each early, Eobard aided the team in figuring out how the man did. however, they were distracted by the appearance of The Arrow of Starling City who both Eobard and Joe distrusted, ascribable to the vigilante ‘s former body count and the terrorist attacks committed by Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer and Deathstroke since Arrow was active. Barry, however, defend Arrow saying the vigilante is a hero and insisted the two were wrong but Eobard and Joe told Barry to see that Arrow is out of Central City by tonight. Eobard was already mindful of Arrow ‘s true identity ( presumably because of his future cognition ). belated when Flash suffered the effects of Rainbow Raider ‘s powers and went crazy and tried to murder Eddie, Eobard insisted Felicity call Arrow for help, intentionally revealing Oliver ‘s identity to Team Flash. Preparing a device to make Barry regain his own senses by correcting emotions via the colors of the emotional spectrum, Eobard and Joe arrived fair as Flash and Arrow contend and used the device to restore Barry ‘s stability. After capturing Roy Bivolo/Rainbow Raider, Oliver addressed Team Flash and Eobard besides thanked Oliver for the help oneself. Oliver left, felling that something was off about Eobard. [ 34 ] As a thank you for their help oneself, Barry gave Eobard, Cisco and Caitlin a Christmas present each, but Eobard declined Barry ‘s put up of eggnog. To motivate his protégé further, Eobard planned to attack as Reverse-Flash. A few hours late, Reverse-Flash stormed Mercury Labs looking for a tachyon prototype device, killing the guards so far was unable to reach the device due to the doctor sealing it away and he stormed off. Eobard “ helped ” Joe and Barry track down Reverse-Flash by building a trap as Joe and Barry secured the bait. Reverse-Flash later spied on Barry as the youth talked to Iris. Barry then noticed him and ran after him, demanding to know why he killed Nora, but Reverse-Flash alternatively challenged Barry to a competitiveness in a stadium. Reverse-Flash proved to be the better speedster, hard beating Barry down using respective coordinated attacks. He told Barry already that they ‘d fought for a long fourth dimension. He besides told Barry it would be fortune to die at his hands as it was Nora ‘s, leaving the young speedster identical confuse .
late S.T.A.R. Labs orchestrated the ambush using the tachyon prototype and lured Reverse-Flash in, aided by Eddie ‘s taskforce. Unknown to anyone, Eobard rigged a hologram of himself as Reverse-Flash that would answer only to Wells. Once the hologram was active, Eobard, Joe, Eddie and the taskforce went gloomy stairs to confront Reverse-Flash. As Eobard addressed his hologram, the force-field appeared to fail to stabilize ( but actually cipher was inwardly for it ), and Eobard rushed into the force-field so fast to make it look like Reverse-Flash pulled him into the field to trap himself inside. In the force-field, Eobard created a life-like accelerate mirage of himself then suiting up as Reverse-Flash in his hologram ‘s place and repeatedly punched his after double, making it appear to everyone else that Reverse-Flash was trying to kill him. [ 42 ] After the force-field disappeared when Joe sabotaged the machine, Reverse-Flash grabs the device to take to his secret room then reappears in the basement, and while still bouncing back and forth to maintain the speed-mirage of Wells. Reverse-Flash kills Eddie ‘s taskforce in seconds without any attempt but hesitates when he approaches Eddie, shoving the detective to the side rather than killing ( since this would risk his own being ), and attacks Joe .
Reverse-Flash reminds Joe of being warned. But before he can kill Joe, Flash intercepts and drags him outside. however, Reverse-Flash again proved lake superior to Flash. But as he was timely stopped by a pyrokinetic meta-human, Reverse-Flash vowed their battle was n’t over and ran off. Arriving back in time to take his speed mirage ‘s place, Eobard gets tended to by Caitlin and Cisco who abundantly apologizes for the force-field failing. Though he assured Cisco it was n’t anyone ‘s fault, Eobard expressed annoyance towards them for not informing him of Ronnie ‘s survival, but assures Caitlin that they ‘ll find Ronnie. As his wounds healed, Eobard subsequently places the tachyon prototype on his Reverse-Flash courtship. While watching his device harness its exponent, he says “ Merry Christmas ” with his deformed voice. [ 9 ] Eobard, Cisco, and Caitlin continue to train to improve Barry ‘s speed using a drone to fire at. After Cisco dubbed the homo in yellow as the “ Reverse-Flash ” alternatively, Eobard approved of the name unlike Caitlin. After Leonard returned, Barry decided to pursue Leonard, though Eobard warned Barry that Reverse-Flash is a greater threat. Due to Leonard ‘s threat, Eobard and Cisco presented the CCPD with a shield that could withstand Leonard ‘s cold gun. During Barry ‘s battle with Leonard and Mick Rory, Eobard realized the best way to let Leonard ‘s and Mick ‘s guns hybridization current is to move slower. [ 46 ] Eobard guided Flash to detour the Royal Flush Gang. After a suggestion from Cisco, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Eobard all took a group word picture together. late that nox, Eobard is in his mansion to get off his wheelchair. He received a call call then gets attacked. After Barry, Cisco and Caitlin arrive, Eobard told them he wo n’t require help with the character. Barry realized it could n’t have been a adolescent buffoonery and Eobard told Barry he knew who it was .
Original timeline: After Flash stopped Hartley from attacking Rathaway Industries, Hartley told Flash of intentional of Eobard ‘s secret. After Hartley is locked up in the meta-human prison, Eobard asked how Hartley figured out that Flash worked with S.T.A.R. Labs and Eobard is told Hartley figured out through triangulation. Eobard leaves Hartley and taunted him by claiming to know his “ bass, benighted confidential ” which prompted a level of worry from Eobard. Eobard returned to his team and admitted he knew there was a prospect of the particle accelerator explosion, even choose to proceed because of the advantage it could offer. After Hartley escaped the prison, Eobard ran out of his secret room but collapsed to the crunch after losing his accelerate. Hartley approached Eobard and asked him if Hartley was still “ his guy. ”
Eobard subsequently decided to regain his team ‘s trust by publicly admitting he was mindful of the chance of the particle accelerator exploding. He was then asked by Mason Bridge if he had any plans in the future of turning the atom accelerator on. When Pied Piper attacked the Keystone Cleveland Dam, Flash is quickly stopped with sound waves though Eobard transmitted waves through the cars at the curse, stopping Pied Piper. Eobard then told he wished to one sidereal day regain the trust of the team but Barry told him he already had. Eobard subsequently returned to his Time Vault, reporting to Gideon that his focal ratio comes and goes. Gideon reports being diffident how long the tachyon device is viable and Eobard told Gideon that it was only mean to be a impermanent fix and the veridical end game was coming. [ 31 ] Due to a timeline change caused when Barry time-traveled from 2016, most of these events have been erased and replaced by the following .
Current timeline: As Pied Piper attacked Rathaway Industries but was stopped by the Flash from 2015, Flash ‘s 2016 interpretation time-traveled to intervene and incapacitate Flash ‘s 2015 self before switching their emblems to avoid confusion. Flash ‘s 2016 self then proceeded to capture Pied Piper merely like in the master timeline, taking the embitter protégé to S.T.A.R. Labs but causing an noise within the communication devices in the process, confusing Eobard slightly. Hartley was subsequently locked up in the Pipeline prison before Barry remembered that Hartley escaped captivity in the master timeline by using EMTs within hearing aids, causing Barry to ask Cisco to test for explosives within Hartley ‘s hear aids. To Eobard ‘s shock absorber, Barry was adjust, and Hartley was ordered to take out these hearing aids with Eobard offering to replace with non-destructive ones. Eobard was then approached by Barry to present a new equation to getting faster, surprising Eobard to see that Barry had devised such a complex equality with Barry ‘s cognition in such a shortstop time. As Barry returned after facing a ghost-like creature ( which Cisco dubbed a “ Dementor ” from the Harry Potter books ) that had attacked the C.C.P.D. and seeing the creature while running to stop Hartley, Eobard realized the answers to his holocene confusion : The young with them hailed from the future and the alleged “ Dementor ” was a Time Wraith from the Speed Force who ‘d followed its aim back. Eobard invited Barry into his quarters to discuss the speed equation. With Barry ‘s back was turned, Eobard stood up and knocked Barry out, claiming that he “ figured it out. ”
late while waiting for Barry ‘s 2016 version to wake up, Eobard was visited by another future version of Barry from 2018 with Nora West-Allen. Eobard mistook Nora ‘s name for Dawn, and mocked Barry on the idea of having at least one charwoman with Nora ‘s name adenine good as questioning a vector device he was convinced to fix so that his master plan to get back to his prison term can obviously continue. But when the two suffer into an argument, Nora tells Eobard the device is for Cicada, and Eobard laughed at the theme of Cicada being stopped. Knowing that Barry ‘s 2016 self would be waking up soon, Eobard reluctantly agreed to help while offering Nora water .
In the lab, Eobard gave Nora water, and questioned how Barry would get Cicada ‘s dagger to which Nora answered by showing him a piece of Savitar ‘s suit. Eobard was stunned and mocked how Barry hated him with a passion, so far his nemesis ‘s fourth dimension end from an erase future was a way “ bigger jerk ” then he ever was. Eobard, however, praised Barry ‘s mind to use a assemble of Savitar ‘s suit to defeat Cicada, but complimented the “ clever girl ” after learning it was Nora ‘s theme. After repairing the creature, Eobard command farewell to the two speedsters and promptly ran to the Time Vault, preparing to talk to Barry ‘s 2016 translation. Knowing Nora was still watching him from the lab, Eobard waved at the television camera before Nora left. [ 14 ] After Barry ‘s 2018 translation and Nora went to 2013, Eobard interrogated Barry ‘s 2016 interpretation but the youth played dumb. Eobard sped in apparent watch and witness Barry did n’t even flinch. Barry then attempted to phase out of the cuffs but failed, further proving the fact that this Barry hailed from the future as Eobard had so far to teach his protégé how to phase. Finally Barry referred to him by real diagnose, therefore confirming Eobard ‘s theory. Barry told Eobard of needing him to teach how to get faster. however, Eobard cursorily realized that Barry being alert in the future could only mean his own design failed and tries to kill Barry in a ramp. however, Barry quickly claimed that Eobard did win, and that he ‘ll be successful into using Barry ‘s amphetamine to get bet on to his own prison term. unfortunately, a singularity had formed and that ‘s why Barry is in the past, to get faster in order to stop it but needed Eobard ‘s assistant. Eobard saw this as an opportunity to curb his bloodlust, but Barry claimed that there ‘s a letter entrust for his protégé if something happened, detailing Eobard ‘s plan worked and how to stop him. Eobard reluctantly listened to Barry .
At the like time, the Time Wraith found a way to S.T.A.R. Labs and attacked Cisco, Caitlin and Hartley but they were able to fend it off good as both Eobard and Barry arrive via focal ratio. When Cisco and Caitlin leave for solutions, Barry asked Eobard how to kill a Time Wraith but Eobard revealed there is no known way to kill these creatures therefore why speedsters try to avoid them. As Barry searched the patrol department for any clues, Eobard searched S.T.A.R. Labs, but Cisco and Caitlin were unable to replicate the frequency Hartley used to stop the Time Wraith. As they debated how to stop the Time Wraith, Barry of the present sidereal day showed up good as Barry of the future returned. To shut up Barry of the future unintentionally revealing future cognition trying to convince the team of being from the future, Eobard played dense and pretended that he ‘d equitable met Barry of the future, and told the team to prepare the particle accelerator, telling Barry of the future to travel through clock time to outrun the Time Wraith, while they build a sonic weapon to stop the Time Wraith for good when returning with Barry to 2016. Before sending Barry back, Eobard gave Barry a drive with on tachyon enhancement data, and Flash successfully made it back to the future with Eobard ‘s travel rapidly increasing information. [ 17 ] After Shawna Baez broke Clay Parker out of Iron Heights, Joe deduced Clay was a meta-human, however, Eobard corrected Joe, stating there was a charwoman ‘s DNA matched with Clay ‘s. Using the deoxyribonucleic acid, they learn the deoxyribonucleic acid belonged to Shawna. After learning Shawna ‘s powers, Eobard told Barry they should focus on learning Shawna ‘s limits. The play along day, Eobard learned from Cisco that Hartley was let out of the meta-human prison by Cisco, much to his disappointment. Eobard late learned Peek-a-Boo ca n’t teleport in dark space, as Peek-a-Boo can only teleport to what Peek-a-Boo can see. When Flash went after Peek-a-Boo, he reminded Flash that Peek-a-Boo ca n’t teleport if the woman could n’t see, leading to Flash busting out all the lights in the burrow. [ 47 ] After Firestorm attacked Quentin Quale, Eobard tells the team letting Ronnie roll release was no longer an option. Eobard and Caitlin decide to have a stakeout outside of Clarissa Stein ‘s home, assuming Firestorm would be nearby to watch over Clarissa. While waiting for Firestorm, Eobard trust to Caitlin that his work wo n’t be finished until he brings Firestorm second to normal. shortly after, Firestorm came by and the two promptly contacted Barry who fights Firestorm until Caitlin interrupted. After learning Firestorm ‘s two halves could be separated, Eobard said it was potential, but only theoretically as splitting a homo and an atom were different concepts .
Eobard learned that Firestorm ‘s form was in rejection, causing an exothermic chemical reaction and a possible nuclear explosion. Due to the two merely have hours before Firestorm ‘s body detonates, Eobard suggested they may have to kill Firestorm. While the team were outraged of the concept, Eobard told them that Firestorm would probably sacrifice themselves. In the Time Vault, Eobard pulled a hand grease-gun and Gideon said it was a unrefined weapon. Eobard then decided to make a quantum splicer using the tachyon device, though Eobard is told it would delay his timeline. Eobard told Gideon there would be no timeline if Central City gets blown up. Cisco and Eobard built the tachyon device which is given to Barry and Caitlin to take to Firestorm. After the splicer was placed on Firestorm, Eobard tells the two to get away from Firestorm. [ 39 ] Eobard greeted Ronnie, thanking Ronnie for sacrificing himself to protect those around and is introduced to Professor Martin Stein. Eobard then did medical work on Martin, checking if the professor calm had the ability to harness nuclear energy. Eobard learned Martin ‘s unable to and reported this to the team. When Eiling attacks Ronnie, Eobard pays a visit to the general. Eiling asked Eobard to surrender Firestorm, Eobard refused but the general brought up Flash ‘s identity. While conversing with Martin, Eobard spiked the professor ‘s drink. With Martin passed out, Eobard contacted Eiling, and Eiling took Martin away. Eobard claimed to the team he was left helpless when Eiling came by to take Martin. Barry was determined go after Eiling, but Eobard reminded Barry what Eiling could do .
In search for Martin, the team used Ronnie as the two are still connected and Eobard convinced them both to use the quantum splicer to merge again, but this time accept the balance they successfully became more stable as Firestorm. Fixing another obstacle, Reverse-Flash belated abducts Eiling from a military function to Grodd ‘s “ home ” in the sewers. Unmasking himself, Eobard told Eiling that he protects metahumans ( his own kind ) and unleash Grodd both to silence Eiling, and for vengeance for what the general did to Grodd years ahead. [ 48 ]

identity revealed

Eobard and Cisco pass the prison term at S.T.A.R. Labs watching old Buster Keaton movies. Cisco was shocked of never seen this before, while Eobard sarcastically remarked “ must have been before my clock time ” and approved Cisco ‘s request to make a list of movies to see. however, Eobard besides reminded Cisco of Dante Ramon ‘s birthday party but Cisco decided the best thing was to not go at all, remarking how things had been much better since Cisco stopped seeing Dante. Though Eobard is saddened to learn Cisco was hush on bad terms with the Ramon family, they were distracted by an alert of a open frame in at the Central City Morgue, though Eobard gets confused as to why anyone would rob a morgue .
Original timeline: When Barry returns, they all find out that Mark Mardon is the killer and on a vendetta to avenge Clyde ; Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the like way Clyde was. Eobard is late told by Barry that his protégé saw himself while running toward the morgue. Eobard says it could ‘ve been a travel rapidly mirage or an illusion. Eobard then told he would far investigate this after Mark is taken in, though Eobard seemed to be aware that Barry saw a future version of himself. A couple days late, Caitlin took Eobard to Jitters for a coffee. When Caitlin insisted they enjoy their drinks at Jitters, Eobard reluctantly agreed so far noticed Caitlin acting aflutter around him. While talking, Eobard realized that Caitlin was trying to keep him distracted and aside from S.T.A.R. Labs. Eobard suggested they could adjust the satellite to possibly pick up a storm to help catch Mark. When Eobard told Caitlin that they should go to S.T.A.R. Labs to alert Cisco, Caitlin turned around to get their coffee bean in to go cups but Eobard ( now certain Caitlin was distracting him ) takes off, leaving behind his wheelchair and revealing his magic trick to Caitlin .
When Cisco had discovered a hologram was used the night they “ trapped ” Reverse-Flash, Eobard reveals his true identity to Cisco. Eobard revealed to Cisco that his original intent was to kill Barry as a child and not Nora, and revealed that he ‘d only been training Barry as a means to an end, as his protégé ‘s speed was the key to returning to his clock time. Eobard said nothing would stop him from returning to his home, though Cisco offered help. Eobard noted Cisco to be smart, but not smart enough to bring him back to his time. Eobard phased his branch through Cisco ‘s chest, killing the protégé who showed him what it was like to have a son, and left the build. [ 42 ] Because Barry time-traveled by accident for the first time, these events never occurred and instead are replaced by the following.
Current timeline: Barry stopped after running, confusing Eobard and Cisco and reminded Barry to get to the morgue but Barry claimed to have been there yesterday, confusing them both. When Barry returned, they ‘re all told that Weather Wizard is the killer whale and on a vendetta to avenge Clyde and Eobard deduced Mark was affected by the particle accelerator the lapp way Clyde was. however, Barry finished Eobard ‘s sentence and correctly guessed about every give voice Cisco and Caitlin were about to say to each other before the two did. With this, Eobard realized that Barry had in fact time traveled. After learning Barry had traveled back one day, Eobard stressed the importance to his protégé of keeping history intact which meant repeating the events of the day again without and to not tell anyone or alter anything. Eobard checked in with Gideon but is assured the future remained intact .
Barry, however, ignored Eobard ‘s advice and went and captured Mark anyhow before Mark could commit these crimes. Eobard ( angered that Barry had altered prison term ) reminded his protégé that whatever tragedies time had averted would somehow replaced with even worse ones. Eobard had Barry run on the treadmill in an attempt to re-create the conditions that allowed Barry to time travel in the first base topographic point, but even Barry ‘s highest speeds could n’t achieve it. After learning that Leonard had returned with Lisa Snart and kidnapped Cisco, Eobard begun trying to track Cisco down but Barry begged Eobard to talk about the previous yesterday and Eobard reluctantly agreed. Barry states that Mark was about to destroy the city and Iris admitted to have feelings for Barry. Eobard reminded Barry the feelings were buried deep in Iris ‘s awareness and remained unfulfilled without Mark ‘s actions, Barry ‘s powers could furthermore cause serious havoc upon the worldly concern .
Cisco returns to S.T.A.R. Labs tearfully quitting the team in shame, having been released by Leonard and Lisa after revealing Flash ‘s secret identity or Dante would ‘ve been killed, however, Eobard reminded Cisco that choosing between loved ones is an impossible choice and Cisco careless is calm family and stays. Reverse-Flash late went to Central City Picture News and attacks Mason for writing an article implicating Wells ( Eobard ) to Stagg ‘s mangle and Eiling ‘s disappearance. Learning from Bridge that everything about him was on a drive, Reverse-Flash killed Mason. To cover his tracks, Reverse-Flash then noted that the reporter was truly was onto something. He destroyed all the attest, fixed the office, and moved Mason ‘s body. former at S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard consulted Barry ‘s decisiveness to let Leonard go. Barry was about to ask Eobard something but halted, and Eobard asked what Barry ‘s question was. Barry plainly said it was nothing wished him goodnight, to which Eobard returned. [ 49 ] When a terrorist known as the Trickster attacked the park by dropping bombs disguised as presents, Eobard assisted the team in searching for a intend to locate this modern individual identified as the Trickster. however, Eobard noticed Barry seemed cranky but Joe assured him that Barry was just having a bad good morning. late when the Trickster made another circulate, Barry showed further signs of angst towards Eobard but he surmised it must be because of Barry ‘s previous visit with James Jesse in prison brought back memories of Henry ‘s captivity. When the Trickster uploaded a broadcast informing the public of a turkey in the city and left it ‘s rough location, Flash failed to find it but Eobard realized it was a magic trick but Flash refused to listen to him much to everyone else ‘s confusion. Eobard ‘s prove right as there was no bombard and it was a diversion so the Trickster, now identified as Axel Walker, could break Jesse out of prison and take Henry hostage .
When both Tricksters made their move to poison everyone at a fund agriculturist held by Mayor Bellows, Iris called Joe on the cellular telephone to clue in and Eobard begun working on the antidote to the poison. however, Flash had a bombard placed on by Axel which would explode if Flash did n’t run faster than 600 miles an hour or try to remove it, so Eobard teach Barry how to phase through a hand truck which separated Flash from the turkey. After succeeding in foiling the Trickster ‘s plot, Barry brought Henry to S.T.A.R. Labs to meet everyone where Henry thanked all of them for their efforts, specially Eobard. When Eobard remarked how noteworthy Henry was and how lucky Barry is, Barry said the lapp about Eobard. however, Eobard knew that Barry ‘s beginning to suspect who he actually was. [ 18 ] Eobard helped Barry investigate Lindsay Kang ‘s foreign death at the hands of numerous honey bees, but where interrupted when Felicity arrived with aspiring superhero Ray Palmer ( Felicity ‘s new boyfriend ) seeking aid on Ray ‘s become. After the bees took Bill Carlisle as a irregular victim, one of the bees followed Barry back to S.T.A.R. Labs while Barry, Felicity and Ray were away to dinner with Iris and Eddie leaving only Caitlin, Cisco and Eobard to fend off the bees. When the bee came for him, Eobard about broke his own screen to evade it but Barry arrived in time to stop it. They shockingly discovered it was n’t a bee at all but a automaton and learned the previous victims worked at Mercury Labs and paid a visit to Tina. His “ old supporter ” confirmed the bees were Brie Larvan ‘s work but the bees went after Tina while Brie herself was sheltered some miles away, so Barry and Ray teamed up to stop Brie and the bees while Eobard and Felicity assisted over communications. [ 36 ] After Flash failed to catch up to a thief who could change into any person of any age, Eobard was worried that this meta-human could copy Barry ‘s likeness and speed and told his protégé to stay away from the criminal, which is finally confirmed to be Hannibal Bates. After Bates goes on a kill spree while posing as Eddie, and infiltrated S.T.A.R. Labs while posing as Barry then came close to killing Iris and Caitlin, Eobard figured out Everyman ‘s deception, as the imposter ‘s levorotary whereas Barry ‘s right-handed, and used a taser to force Everyman into unconsciousness. After Joe and Cisco returned from Starling City, Eobard gave his regards to Eddie and talked to Joe about the visit, but Joe questioned why he never went binding. Eobard again lied and claimed it was because of Tess but reflected that they had one trait in common of being widowers, regarding Iris ‘s mother who Joe never talked about and Eobard presumed absolutely as a consequence, and Eobard offered to have another drink with Joe erstwhile which Joe agreed to. [ 25 ] Eobard late returned to the Time Vault to ask for an update from Gideon but he ‘s assured that everything was fine, unaware that Barry, Cisco and Caitlin were in his secret room just seconds earlier. He belated helped Cisco and Caitlin work on a device to induce lucid dream, which they claimed was for physiologists dealing with people traumatized by meta-human incidents. Eobard late called and informed Barry of a burn in a build nearby but Flash was ineffective to retrieve all the civilians before the fire burnt out of command, but Eobard told Flash to rotate his own arms at high velocities which extinguished the flames. After Eobard returned from a conference, Caitlin informed him that Cisco last figured out how Reverse-Flash “ escaped ” and Eobard realized his shroud was blown. Eobard sent Everyman to pose as Wells and spring the trap the team had set for Eobard as a mean to get a confession to Nora ‘s murder. After Joe killed Bates, Eobard ultimately dropped his façade and addressed the team via the intercommunication system, admitting to using Bates as a distraction by promising exemption. As Barry and Caitlin expressed their anger for ruining everyone ‘s lives, Eobard actually claimed that his actions have actually improved their lives, even admitting that he had grown to love working with the team. Barry angrily told Eobard in having a confrontation, and Eobard assured his erstwhile protégé that they would fight again, identical soon. Eobard then cursorily returned to S.T.A.R. Labs to retrieve his Reverse-Flash suit from the Time Vault before leaving once again .
To secure leverage, Reverse-Flash ambushed Eddie and Iris, just as Eddie was proposing and knocked out Eddie before moving in on Iris. Before Reverse-Flash could kill Iris, Flash arrived and Reverse-Flash abducted Eddie alternatively, taking Eddie to his secondary coil lair underneath S.T.A.R. Labs. [ 5 ] Upon hearing that Eddie was already mindful he was n’t Wells, Reverse-Flash decided to reveal his dependable identity and relation back to Eddie, answering Eddie ‘s questions as to why he did n’t kill Eddie at Christmas, and referring to Eddie as his “ insurance. ” [ 21 ] To distract Team Flash, Eobard ordered Grodd to distract them using whatever means Grodd saw equip while he constructed a device to re-power the particle accelerator, while keeping Eddie tied to a chair. Eddie continued questioning Eobard ‘s claims but Eobard stood by his pride, considering Eddie to be the one failure in the Thawne class ( consisting of Eddie ‘s founder, mother, grandma and descendants which are besides Eobard ‘s ancestors ). He then showed his ancestor the newspaper from 2024 shows that Iris is destined to marry Barry. Eobard by and by finished his device and activated the atom accelerator. [ 5 ] Before leaving, Eobard tried to justify himself to Eddie by asking to reflect on Eddie ‘s own liveliness and remember of all the things that define it and what would to do if having lost everything, if to merely accept this new life or get back everything lost .
After the atom accelerator ‘s reactivation, Reverse-Flash escaped the facility with Barry in avocation but released Peek-a-Boo as a distraction for the rest of the team. Despite Barry ‘s efforts, Eobard ‘s early protégé was unable to keep up, and Reverse-Flash escaped. Eobard returned 36 hours by and by when the atom catalyst was ready for reactivation, but Barry stopped him external. Eobard commended Barry ‘s fail but audacious attack to transport the meta-human prisoners to guard, having been foiled by Captain Cold early after being forced to reluctantly work with, but justified his own actions as necessary and entirely doing what he needed to. As Barry asked about his plan, Eobard invited his former protégé inside to show but Barry did n’t fall for his deception. Eobard questioned Barry ‘s plan to face him again since Barry failed every prison term before, but abruptly Firestorm and Al Sah-him arrived. Despite being outnumbered, Eobard was unfazed and confident he could fight the three, and he engaged them all at once .
Reverse-Flash and Flash fought but Reverse-Flash managed to subdue Flash and sent Firestorm flying miles off, forcing Flash to save Firestorm. Al Sah-him was able to hit him with an arrow laced with nanites ( courtesy of Ray ) which delivered a high-frequency pulsate that disabled Reverse-Flash ‘s speed, keeping him from running for “ quite a while ” and forcing him to fight Al Sah-him in bridge player to hand. When his speed recovered, he pinned Al Sah-him to the crunch, taunting Oliver ‘s apparent original future death at age 86, and prepared for the kill alone for Flash to save Al Sah-him. The speedsters then fought all over S.T.A.R. Labs. As both Flash and Reverse-Flash reached the boundary of S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ roof, Firestorm intervened and blasted Reverse-Flash off before Al Sah-him finished him off with another arrow of nanites, emitting a gamey frequency pulsation that disabled his speed and kept him from recovering temporarily. [ 15 ]

Ceasing to exist

Eobard was placed inside the grapevine. Sometime subsequently, Barry visited him to get answers, addressing him by his veridical name, and asked why he killed Nora. Eobard explained their feud, the circumstances and reasoning for Nora ‘s mangle, and that he needed Barry to be a speedster in order to generate adequate Speed Force department of energy to create a wormhole though which he could return home, and Barry could simultaneously return to the night of Nora ‘s murder frankincense unmake Henry ‘s captivity and Eobard ‘s actions. Barry did n’t believe him but finally opened up to Eobard ‘s plan. While enjoying a Big Belly Burger, he explained that his design required using the particle catalyst, explaining that Barry would have to run at Mach-2 accelerate through the particle accelerator and collide with a single hydrogen atom. Doing thus would send Barry back to any time desired and create a wormhole behind which could be used by Eobard to return to his own time. But what Eobard neglected to tell Team Flash is that doing sol would result in a singularity ‘s creation. When he gets chastised by Team Flash, he assured them they would have enough time for both to achieve their goals, 1 infinitesimal and 52 seconds, and once accomplished they would be able to close the portal .
While building a potential time machine for Eobard, Cisco visited him for propose on materials. Cisco besides asked how his Reverse-Flash ring worked ( evocative of Eobard ‘s first meet with Cisco in 2016 ). After he tells Cisco what ‘s required, Eobard gets infuriated and confused that Cisco did n’t have american samoa a lot sympathy, comparing his predicament stay in a different time to Cisco ‘s own family alienation. Cisco then revealed to Eobard that he killed his surrogate son in an erase timeline. Eobard apologized, not for killing Cisco and justifying that he had a good reason, but to learn that Cisco is indeed a meta-human as he ‘d suspected for erstwhile and informed Cisco what awaited his son-esque protégé. The Flash finally prepared for the alternate and ladder at the accelerate required and Eobard tutored on how to access the time Flash wanted, and successfully time jumped to that night to prevent the Allen family from suffering Eobard ‘s actions .
After the singularity opened, Eobard admired Cisco ‘s Time Sphere, admitting that its original godhead would be impressed. After a foreign helmet arrived, Eobard knew this it was time to leave and bid farewell to Cisco and Joe. As he ‘s to take off, Flash returns and destroys Eobard ‘s pod. Enraged, he asked why Flash did n’t save Nora and would have had “ everything [ Barry ] always wanted ” but Flash simply told him of already having it. The Reverse-Flash despitefully charged at Flash and the two speedsters crusade. As team Flash worked to close the portal vein, Reverse-Flash beat Flash into submission and prepared to kill Flash, vowing to kill everyone else his former protégé loved, including Henry. As he declared his victory and dived in for the kill, Eddie shot himself in the heart, causing Reverse-Flash ‘s body to flux uncontrollably as his universe began to fade. As Eddie ‘s kernel failed, Eobard started fading out of being as his face reverted from Wells ‘s likeness back into his original form since Eddie just erased the Thawne kin after Eddie and before Eobard .
After Eddie died of the self-inflicted injury, Eobard ‘s body begun to crack apart as he arrogantly joked that he had controlled Barry ‘s life for so long and asked how to get along without him, right before his torso was incinerated and his being erased from the timeline. however, his actions remained integral, which caused a paradox that reopened the singularity. The singularity engulfed Eddie ‘s body, [ 1 ] caused Ronnie ‘s death when Firestorm helped Flash to close the singularity, [ 23 ] and late served as a doorway to Earth-2. [ 50 ]

Video will

In the event of his death and his plan to return to his own time were to fail, Eobard made a video confession to Nora ‘s murder for Henry ‘s freedom. initially, Eobard stood his establish in saying that Barry will never rightfully be happy, and believed he himself was never in truth the enemy but the veridical enemy was in fact Barry himself. Eobard then confesses to Nora ‘s murder, much to his former protégé ‘s shock absorber and please. [ 23 ]


Eobard was able to preserve himself in the timeline, returning to life once again using the Negative Speed Force, [ 11 ] and retained his memories from his years with Wells ‘s likeness. [ 51 ] [ 16 ] He traveled to Earth-X and encountered the New Reich, meeting five hundred Führer/Dark Arrow ( Oliver ‘s Earth-X counterpart ), along with the Schutzstaffel generals Overgirl and Prometheus. Eobard joined the elect SS forces, modifying his Reverse-Flash lawsuit to add a complex masquerade and the SS double lightning runic symbol, being one of the high-ranked SS generals by leading the inquiry regarding invasions of other universes and being the architect of the Wellenreiter. [ 16 ] While the Führer ‘s agenda was related to Overgirl ‘s consuming sun radiotherapy poisoning resulting in an incurable health condition, Eobard wished to use the New Reich to conquer Earth-1 and remake the world by his own rule. [ 51 ] In late 2017, the Führer captured dimensional transporter engineering from rebels led by a vigilante, and the New Reich made plans to invade and take over Earth-1. The Reverse-Flash late reunited with Dark Arrow and Overgirl at Earth-X without Prometheus after attacking Barry ‘s and Iris ‘s marry, calling out the couple ‘s strike as foolish, as his co-conspirators had n’t been fully prepare so far. The Führer said that there was an opportunity to be seized to which Eobard said the opportunity had cost Prometheus being captured. Overgirl quickly stepped in to stop the argue between the two and to save it for their enemies. [ 52 ] After Prometheus ‘s suicide, the three New Reich Generals ventured back to Earth-1, do to steal a device needed to give the Wellenreiter a “ doom device ” capability similar to a neutron turkey. Confronted by Kara Danvers/Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Flash, the SS Generals revealed their identities, with Eobard particularly reveling in still using Wells ‘s likeness “ for old times sake ” and in how he was still alive despite all of his initial erasure from being, taunting flash with this. After a abbreviated crusade with the superheroes, the SS Generals escaped with the device, allowing Eobard to work nearer on the Wellenreiter. As he worked, he was once again approached by Overgirl, and he asked to make sure that the Führer remembers the mission of conquering Earth-1, alternatively of only focusing on Overgirl ‘s survival. Eobard brought how everything fell apart for the original Führer, to which Overgirl replied that their leader is ten-spot times what Earth-X ‘s original drawing card was, and would n’t allow passions to cloud a sense of duty. Eobard would late assist the Schutzstaffel troops in capturing the Earth-1 superheroes, Alex Danvers and Supergirl. [ 51 ] Eobard was put in charge of managing Overgirl ‘s heart transplant operation at S.T.A.R. Labs, intending to weaken Kara with a imitate crimson sunlight, cut out Kara ‘s affection and graft to Overgirl ‘s body. Reveling at his previous workplace by taking a drive in his wheelchair once again, Eobard mentioned how he hated this life for fifteen years and wished to escape. Toying with Kara, he gets ready to begin his operation, but the electricity was cut off by Felicity and Iris, stopping the New Reich ‘s plans even as the Wellenreiter entered Earth-1. Capturing Felicity, Eobard threatened to kill Felicity if the code needed to remove the calculator virus is n’t revealed, which the hacker finally did after Kara pleaded not to throw their lives away. [ 16 ] however, the hesitate allowed the Legends to reach S.T.A.R. Labs in time, with Atom shrinking to microscopic flat, forcing Eobard ‘s scalpel away from Kara, before enlarging himself and blasting the SS Generals away, Eobard included. Informing the Führer that Overgirl could no long be held condom in S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard was ordered by the two to rejoin the New Reich forces on the Wellenreiter, despite his protests. During the chaos of escaping, Eobard encounters Harry. Eobard intended to vibrate his hand through Harry ‘s breast, but Harry ‘s torso was filled with nano-robots that would reject any speedster contact, causing Eobard to flee. [ 53 ] Reverse-Flash would assist the New Reich ‘s assault on Central City, primarily tasked with fighting Flash. During the two speedsters ‘ long battle, Eobard was overwhelmed by Flash trying to perform Reverse-Flash ‘s own vibrating hand whoremaster on him. Eobard screamed at Flash, urging his bane to finish him ; whether out of actual desire to fall at Flash ‘s hand or as contribution of some reverse-psychology system. One way or another, Flash refused to kill Eobard, telling him to just get away from the battlefield. Eobard agreed and taunted Flash by wondering what face he ‘d wear the future time they ‘d meet. Grinning smugly, Reverse-Flash raced away, abandoning his Earth-X allies to finally die. [ 19 ]

imprisonment in Iron Heights

At some degree after this in his personal timeline, [ 54 ] Eobard traveled to the future for obscure reasons and somehow ended up as a prisoner at Iron Heights ‘ meta-human wing, circa 2034 ; it ‘s implied that the CCPD was responsible for his imprisonment. [ 55 ] He was forced to wear a jump suit containing Cicada ‘s lightning dagger that would negate his powers along with the baron dampeners in his cell. [ 56 ] Despite keeping Wells ‘s face and spokesperson, Eobard ‘s hair partially reverted to its natural semblance and showed his natural age due to the dagger negating his powers. [ 11 ] His guard Trevor Shinick would come in from time to time to inflict a irritating jolt to Eobard, saying it was “ time to repent. ” Eobard would spend the next fifteen years imprisoned in Iron Heights with appearently customized set-up similiar to the Time Vault until he was scheduled for execution in 2049 with a clock counting down to his execution installed. He only had one visitor during his captivity. [ 55 ] Eobard knew that Cicada is the one villain the Flash was n’t able to stop, which is why Cicada ‘s dagger was never destroyed, thus he wanted to use that information to his advantage. Eobard remembered the run into he had with Barry in 2015 when Nora pointed out Cicada is involved, giving him the estimate to earn Nora ‘s believe and use as a tool to manipulate the timeline so he patiently bided his time until when Nora approached him. [ 11 ] In 2049, with days to go before his execution, Eobard is visited by Nora. now that his plan is last able to come into gesture, he convinced Nora that he was not a terror by listing off the ways his cell was speedster-proof with a stand-in in lawsuit of failure. He was bemused when all the CSI wanted to know about was about a robbery from a chemical lab. Eobard rebuffed Nora ‘s questions about how to stop a speedster, but promptly deduced that Nora was a speedster by forcible clues. As Nora begged him to help, Nora got led out of the cell while Shinick came in. Eobard knelt, and Trevor delivered a atrocious shock complete with red lightning, as Nora watched this with repugnance .
After Godspeed had killed Nora ‘s best ally, Eobard is begged by Nora on how to defeat a speedster, while Eobard did not want to. Nora pleaded and finally Eobard gave in. He guided Nora via comms from his cell to the brace agent that Godspeed needed to keep Velocity 9 in Godspeed ‘s system, and listened as Nora ran from the Velocity-enhanced speedster. Knowing Nora could not outrun Godspeed, Eobard gave Nora the same manner of speaking he gave Barry on how to phase. Unlike Barry, Nora could not try to phase, then Eobard suggested that Nora hit Godspeed with electromagnetic pulses from Central City Citizen Media ‘s satellite dishes. Eobard ‘s plan worked, and Godspeed was arrested .
Nora visited again as Eobard enjoyed a Big Belly Burger, claiming that Nora could learn a lot from him. Eobard quietly admitted that he could not teach Nora due to his time running out, as he noted the clock in his cell, which read a little over an hour left. Nora realized that the clock was actually a countdown to his murder, and the Big Belly Burger was Eobard ‘s last meal. Eobard asked what Nora knew of Flash, and guided the young speedster to the Time Vault inside the Flash Museum, where Nora discovered from Gideon that Barry was Flash and uncovered Barry ‘s final video message to Nora that was recorded during the Crisis of 2024. [ 55 ] While keeping the accuracy about tormenting and harassing Nora ‘s assorted family members, Eobard mentored Nora on time locomotion. [ 57 ] He urged Nora to travel second in time to the Thinker ‘s Enlightenment and help in destroying S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ satellites, and frankincense Orlin Dwyer is now an easier-to-stop interpretation of Cicada. [ 58 ] They kept in contact while Nora was in the past through a journal, with Nora sending information to Eobard ‘s cell through Gideon ‘s limited time travel capabilities in regards to information, using the “ time text “ to remain consistent through timeline changes. [ 14 ] After Nora returned from a joint mission with Barry where a adaptation of himself combined a piece of Savitar ‘s suit with a device used on Zoom to ultimately disable Cicada ‘s dagger, Nora sent the latest diary entrance to Eobard ‘s cell. As Eobard read Nora ‘s entry, the young speedster had arrived in person to confront him about his past actions. He exited Nora ‘s entry and agreed they needed to talk. [ 14 ] He commented on how Nora had been gone for a long time. Nora was infuriated with how heartless he was by killing Nora ‘s namesake. Although Eobard expressed compunction for his actions, he besides told Nora that his actions indirectly served the greater good, changing not only Barry ‘s fortune, but Nora ‘s ampere good. He besides offered to help Nora in ordering to pay for his crimes and repair his tarnish bequest, but Nora merely stated that he alone cared about himself and bid him farewell before running off. Nora by and by reappeared again, telling Eobard of wanting to believe there is a good slope within Eobard and wants his aid. Eobard agreed to help Nora, after which he looks at the countdown, reminding them both that he has little meter left. [ 57 ] Nora late returns to inform Eobard that Sherloque suspected Nora to be working with person. Eobard assured Nora that Sherloque had so far to discern the mystery partner ‘s identity, otherwise Barry would travel to 2049 and threaten to phase a hand through Eobard ‘s heart. Nora was more frighten of being hated by Barry if the truth came out, thus Eobard suggested to distract Sherloque by helping the detective hang in love. [ 20 ] After resetting the timeline 52 times to stop Dwyer from killing Team Flash ‘s members, Nora visited Eobard to ask if he was certain that they were n’t making things worse. Eobard angrily insisted that he was the only speedster who knew best. Calming himself, he encouraged Nora to stick to their design, promising they would see Dwyer defeated, Cicada ‘s dagger destroyed and obviously spare Barry. [ 59 ] When Nora visited once again to inform Eobard that the Meta-human remedy is finished and cook to use on Dwyer, in turn, he informed Nora of that newspaper article depicting the last public confrontation between Flash and Cicada is slowly change, hinting that something or person is going to set into motion a new timeline. [ 60 ] Eobard ‘s fears were soon rise true as Nora returned to inform him that Team Flash successfully cured Dwyer, but another equivalent of Cicada showed up and took both Dwyer and the dagger. Eobard stated he already knew as evidenced by the unaltered article. He deplorably admitted that there was nothing he could do to help and powerfully advised Nora to tell the truth to Barry. [ 45 ] After Nora ‘s mystery acquittance with Eobard is revealed to Team Flash, Barry visited Eobard, viciously demanding to know why Eobard tried to ‘steal ‘ Nora. Eobard smirked at Barry ‘s emotional outburst, claiming that it was why he had Nora keep that secret from Barry. He told Barry that all Nora truly wanted was to see Barry, and he carried it out as a “ final request for a condemn man. ” Eobard gets piercingly told by Barry that he was finally going to get what he deserved and sped away, as the clock counting down to Eobard ‘s performance ticked down to ten minutes. [ 55 ] Since Barry left Nora in 2049, Nora met up with Eobard and asked him how he managed to go back in the by without any speedster feeling any noise in the Speed Force to which he replied that he created the Negative Speed Force but with assorted negative effects. After XS first tried to run into the Negative Speed Force but failed to enter the portal vein, XS returned and tried to figure out with Eobard what went wrong when abruptly Iris appears and asked Nora to step away from Eobard to which he replied that Nora should listen to Iris. Nora got huffy for Barry not being give and believing in abandonment before running off the scene, much to Eobard ‘s and Iris ‘s shock. Eobard then told Iris that Nora ‘s second in 2019, and offered advice : Nora needs both parents united rather of fighting. Iris angrily told Eobard to leave Nora alone, but Eobard simply noted that he likes Iris ‘s anger. At that moment, Ralph Dibny entered the cell and inform Iris that Shinick ( who was knocked out and impersonate to let Iris meet Nora ) has been found knocked out and that the two need to leave. Ralph promptly contemplated Eobard ‘s jump suit before following Iris. [ 8 ] After the timekeeper ran out, Shinick taunted him, contemplating the fifteen years Eobard spend imprisoned, and asked him how it felt to know he would finally become extinct. Eobard, unflinchingly, replied that time would tell. Trevor noted missing Eobard, particularly the “ reclamation sessions. ” After the last “ repent, ” Shinick commented on the irony of the situation ; the very lapp thing behind Eobard ‘s powers was going to kill him. After more guards entered with a special chamber, designed to keep Eobard in touch during the execution. Eobard got placed inside the bedroom as Shinick took his breast plate away, revealing Cicada ‘s dagger inside. [ 56 ]


As the performance was about to start, Eobard was given a necklace with the Reverse-Flash ring attached as Shinick obtained the aim from the Flash Museum, believing that the object should get buried along with him as a “ part giving. ” right field before Shinick pulled a lever to start the execution, Eobard noticed Cicada ‘s dagger begin to disappear, and realized that his plan worked and Team Flash succeeded in destroying the dagger in 2019. Shinick pulled the lever and deadly lightning strikes began rushing to Eobard. But due to the dagger last being destroyed, Eobard connected to the Negative Speed Force once again after fifteen years, therefore getting his powers back. Just as the lightning was about to strike and kill him, Eobard entered Flashtime and began vibrating his body at super speed, making the lightning base on balls right through him and destroy the bedroom. He noted how he got his powers “ merely in time ” while regenerating Wells ‘s likeness .
As Eobard broke absolve, all the guards in the room pointed their guns at him but he remained unfazed, merely declaring that they would die. In a split second, Eobard raced around the board and killed every guard keep open for Shinick who watched on in repugnance. As Shinick urgently told Eobard of being able to help him, the speedster merely said that it was “ time to repent ” ( precisely what Shinick used to tell him before torturing him ) before using his lightning to torture Shinick like to how he had been tormented while imprisoned. Eobard then told him to consider what he was about to do as a “ separate endowment ” ( like what Shinick said moments ago ) before phasing his arm through Shinick ‘s chest, killing his sadistic tormentor immediately .
Eobard then removed the necklace, put on his ring, and began to extract his suit. But as he was about to suit up once again, meter on the spur of the moment started to reverse, right to the here and now he got out of the chamber before killing the guards. As Eobard was in the in-between of his sentence, he heard the Flash and XS saving the guards and Shinick from their deaths, altering the timeline. Realizing that time had been reversed, Eobard turned around and greeted the two heroes while besides being impressed that XS figured out how to reverse clock time, once again complimenting the “ apt daughter. ”

adam claimed that Team Flash fully figured out his plan, but Eobard wanted to hear what precisely was figured out. As Flash revealed the plan in detail, Eobard confirmed it all, but besides gleefully stated how the two speedsters helped him come up with the plan when having traveled to 2015 and Nora unintentionally revealed that the adversary was Cicada. Eobard then arrogantly declared that he constantly won due to being the lone speedster who ‘s able to manipulate the timeline to fulfill his desires. angered at Eobard ‘s actions, XS said that the two speedsters did n’t have to have Cicada ‘s dagger to stop him. Unfazed by the threat, Eobard accepted the challenge, wanting to see how much his bane teach about being a speedster. He then put on his Reverse-Flash befit and sped off as Flash and XS pursued him relentlessly .
During the chase, the Reverse-Flash had splintered into two time remnants, and made one function to a different direction than another in order to separate Flash and XS from each early ( by making each of the two speedsters chase after a different version of himself ), which besides allowed him to manipulate where his enemies run. Using that to his advantage, Reverse-Flash made it so that the two versions of himself will run towards each other on the side of a build, but at the end dodge each other. During the dodge, each adaptation hit a different speedster ( one version hit Flash and the other strike XS ), which caused them to lose momentum, and due to it happening while running on a slope of a build, the two fell to the ground .
Reverse-Flash then connected his splinter versions back into one, and pointed out that his nemesis is not a good teacher like him. Due to the crisis in 2024, Reverse-Flash tells XS that Flash will always vanish, before declaring that that ‘s his nemesis ‘s bequest. He began running towards the two, but on the spur of the moment a Time Sphere came and hit him, which made him fall to the ground. Reverse-Flash turned around, and noticed Team Flash standing in front of him, getting ready to take him down .
however, Reverse-Flash was calm unfazed. He felt nostalgic over the team he created years ago being together again, and then preceded to talk about each member. He beginning noticed Elongated man who he welcomed as the “ new guy ” but pointed out he is supposed to be dead ( because of the particle accelerator explosion in 2014 but survived ascribable to timeline changes ). Elongated Man merely said that it ‘s something they both have in coarse, which made Reverse-Flash chuckle and declare that Elongated Man will soon die anyhow. He then mentioned how it ‘s always a pleasure to see Iris, before greeting Killer Frost whose eyes turn white in anger, as he merely smiled. At death, he talked to Vibe, mentioning how happy he is to see after so long. Reverse-Flash besides sarcastically apologized for phasing his arm through back in an erase timeline from 2015, but pointed out it led to his son-esque protégé ‘s discovery of powers to be extraordinary, to which Vibe said not needing powers to be extraordinary .
Reverse-Flash simply smiled, before rushing towards the team, about to kill them all. But Vibe quickly opened a portal vein which Reverse-Flash incidentally ran into. Vibe opened it back behind then, and as Reverse-Flash got out of it, Killer Frost attacked him with a cold fire, which stopped him from running. As he tried to fight the blast, Iris shot him from the side right into another portal vein. Vibe then opened the portal vein in the publicize, making Reverse-Flash fall right into Elongated Man ‘s large hand which punched the speedster far into the tune. Vibe then opened another portal vein, to which Flash and XS ran into. Reverse-Flash fell on the ground, and when he got improving, he got punched by the two speedsters who gathered adequate speed inside the portal vein in regulate to perform a super-sonic punch .
After the hard perplex he got, Reverse-Flash is grabbed from the neck by adam who removed his mask and told him that his bequest is the one which is gon na disappear and not Flash ‘s. ten reconnected to the Negative Speed Force and was about to phase a hand through Eobard ‘s heart and kill him, but Flash and Iris shouted trying to stop but on the spur of the moment Nora ‘s hands began to shutter, as Eobard mentioned how close it was .
As Nora was n’t understanding what ‘s happening, Eobard explained that there ‘s a new timeline, created when the team destroyed Cicada ‘s dagger, trying to take over which makes Nora lento disappear from universe. He cursorily apologized for being creditworthy for Nora ‘s erasure from universe but said that he had to make sure he gets his freedom. angry about Eobard for only caring about himself and the fact Nora is fading because of him, Flash rushed to him, holding Eobard by the neck. Eobard then explained that Flash can still save Nora by getting Nora to the Negative Speed Force, which is the only home in the multiverse that is immune to timeline changes .
Noticing that Flash hesitates, Eobard tried to convince this at all monetary value and mentioned that Nora will be lost constantly if Flash does n’t decide. Noticing how surprised his nemesis is, Eobard explained that he had grown fond of Nora excessively and that he rightfully considered Nora like a daughter, which made Flash angry. Knowing that he ‘ll be let go in order to save Nora, Eobard says that he ‘ll see his nemesis in their adjacent crisis. As expected, Flash and Nora ran away, and Eobard smiled as Iris looked at him, with Eobard then proceeding to flee the scenery. [ 11 ]

crisis changes

Eobard subsequently somehow erudite Nora was never saved and was erased from being. [ 61 ] Although he had promised to meet his bane in “ their ” following crisis, it is indecipherable which crisis he was referring to as it is could have been the Anti-Monitor Crisis or a different one that had so far to happen ; it is possible that he presumably hush remembers the original translation from his position. While Eobard was still present in the version of the crisis that happened in his personal timeline set in 2024 before the two speedsters ‘ fight in the Allen residence, the timeline changes caused the date to be moved from 2024 to 2019, equally well as Eobard ‘s younger self rather fighting against the Flash, Green Arrow, White Canary, Supergirl, Batwoman, and numerous early “ fabled heroes ” before disappearing with Flash. [ 11 ] however, this excessively was altered, and Eobard was wholly absent from the crisis. [ 62 ]

destiny in crisis

It ‘s strange what Eobard was doing or where he was in the time before the Crisis, but he presumably was at a indicate in time anterior to the Crisis, as meter travel beyond the Crisis date was impossible once the modern timeline was set. [ 63 ] On December 10, 2019, when an antimatter curl hit Earth-1 and the multiverse was destroyed, [ 62 ] Eobard ‘s torso was besides obliterated, reducing his being to nothing more than negative tachyons, though his consciousness was preserved within the Negative Speed Force. [ 61 ]

New multiverse

early encounters with the Flash

Almost two centuries from right now, we meet for the very first time. For my part, I’d finally discovered ways to possess speeds. Speeds faster than anyone alive. And just as I was about to present myself to the world… You showed up in pursuit of some stupid case, dazzled the crowd. Ah, you were dazzling. And then… and then you saved the crowd. A crowd that I was meant to save. A crowd that was meant to thank me. You stole my greatest moment. I admired you. And you humiliated me. And it was in that moment that I knew that I had to get faster than you.
—Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen[src]

Eobard greatly admired the twenty-first century hero known as the Flash, searching for ways to gain like speeds. [ 64 ] At some point before 2221, [ 64 ] Eobard successfully built the Biometric Lightning Oscillation Chamber, a machine to ability himself with the Speed Force and additionally obtained ability from the Negative Speed Force. [ 65 ] [ 66 ] [ 67 ] As a speedster and the fastest man alive in his time period, he was about to present himself to the world in movement of a crowd, but Flash appeared while pursuing a font and dazzled adenine well as saved the crowd alternatively of Eobard. In this moment, Eobard gained a lifelong hate and made it his life ‘s bring to be faster and destroy Flash ‘s life, [ 64 ] as an archenemy. [ 68 ] He obtained or created a suit which he utilized during his criminal activities. [ 69 ]

Life as Harrison Wells

Eobard never appeared in the stream interpretation of the Crisis on Earth-Prime, [ 70 ] but his actions in the twenty-first century seem to remain by and large the same : he learned his nemesis ‘s identity and traveled rear in meter to struggle with the Flash in that the two speedsters ran back in time to 2000 where he tried to kill the young Barry [ 71 ] but killed Barry ‘s mother rather and was left trapped in the twenty-first century. [ 72 ] Eobard killed Harrison and used superspeed to bury his identity-theft victim, retaining some of his speed. [ 73 ] As Wells, Eobard created S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ atom accelerator [ 61 ] to explode in 2013 to ultimately allow him to return to his own time. [ 72 ] As the head of S.T.A.R. Labs, Eobard was known to be nonindulgent about deadlines. [ 74 ] For months, he patiently trained Barry, [ 75 ] such as learning to throw lightning, [ 76 ] and everything needed to be as a hero. [ 69 ] Girder and Everyman remained alive as of 2020, meaning events happened differently and Eobard ‘s manipulations did not lead to the two ‘s deaths. [ 66 ] [ 72 ] Additionally, Pied Piper never reformed and the bridge conflict even happened ( albeit with a group of henchmen which included Hartley ‘s boyfriend ). [ 76 ] Eddie still committed suicide in 2015 and erased Eobard from universe for the fourth dimension being, [ 64 ] which besides resulted in the singularity. [ 72 ] Eobard made the heir of his properties in his will to be Barry, including a hall, in which he left a animal known as Gleek. [ 70 ]

later conflicts with Team Flash

While a nazi invasion took rate on Earth-Prime in 2017 and is said to have been time-traveling Nazi clones rather of from another reality as was the event with the Earth-X invasion on Earth-1, it ‘s ill-defined if Eobard was involved in this event. [ 72 ] His daughter-esque protégé ‘s diary included Eobard ‘s information about the Negative Speed Force and notes about how to build a specific machine. [ 61 ] [ 66 ]

spectral state and failed possession

Months after the multiverse ‘s reincarnation with Earth-Prime ‘s initiation, Eobard ‘s negative tachyons is assimilated ( because of Wells ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid and appearance ) into Harrison Nash Wells, which he saw as an opportunity to regain a physical consistency. [ 61 ] While being restrained by the doppelgängers of Wells bass in Nash ‘s subconscious, Harry and Sherloque tried to get Nash to seek Team Flash ‘s aid involving Eobard. [ 77 ] [ 78 ] unfortunately, Eobard managed scat from the doppelgängers of Wells and takes over Nash ‘s body. He attempted to murder Cisco, but found he no longer had access to his speedster powers. After getting incapacitated by Cecile Horton, Eobard was locked up in the grapevine. When interrogated by Barry, Eobard revealed his finish was once again to kill Barry and all of his nemesis ‘s sleep together ones. He besides taunted Barry over the Speed Force ‘s death and the fact he calm had the Negative Speed Force to power him. [ 65 ] After spend hours at the grapevine, Eobard began to impersonate Nash, tricking team Flash into activating Nash ‘s gauntlet to generate a pulse of department of energy that somehow allowed Eobard to escape. He tried to use a Time Sphere to travel through time, but was interrupted by Barry. Eobard tempted Barry to use speed powers to kill him, knowing that this would consume most of Barry ‘s remaining accelerate. Barry was volition to kill Eobard, but was interrupted by Cisco using a tranquilizer to contain Eobard. In an undertake to possess Nash ‘s body indefinitely, Eobard trapped his host in a guilty, irritating memory of losing an adoptive daughter, however, Nash ultimately overcame Eobard ‘s hatred with the avail of both Barry and Cisco when Cecile put the two in Nash ‘s mind. Eobard was then expelled from Nash ‘s body, having to survive in the form of nothing more than negative tachyons. [ 61 ] due to the hand brake site the Godspeed war was causing, Barry and Iris had the Speed Force consumption Eobard as a trump card in orderliness to stop August Heart/Godspeed ; Eobard could n’t have his accelerate siphoned by Godspeed because of his connection to the Negative Speed Force. For this reason, the Speed Force connected to the Negative Speed Force and reconstituted Eobard ‘s body and he regained his physical form. He ran directly into Godspeed, saving the Flash and projecting Godspeed few blocks away. Eobard then greeted Flash. The Reverse-Flash teamed up with Flash against Godspeed, and all three speedsters fighting with lightning swords which finally came to a point where the two speedsters were able to whittle down Godspeed ‘s focus – godspeed knocked down Flash with a surprise sonic boom, and in the short time August was distracted, Eobard used his lightning sword to impale August .
Fearful that Eobard might have killed August, Barry rushed to check August ‘s vitals and relieved to find August was merely unconscious. Barry scolded Eobard, claiming that he could have killed August to which Eobard reasoned that Barry should ‘ve been prepared for that hypothesis when Barry ‘s team reached out to Eobard for help. Eobard was now eager to have a confrontation with Barry again, but Barry warned him to walk away. In defiance, Eobard tried to punch Barry at superspeed, only to find himself thrown as Barry tapped into Flashtime. Surprised that Barry was now faster than him and that they were no longer equals, Eobard angrily asked how Barry got faster – Eobard mentored his own nemesis and taught everything he knew. Barry only responded of having gotten faster and was gently amused when Eobard deplorably admitted he had n’t gotten faster. Though pained by this revelation, Eobard ambitiously told Barry to mark his words that he would return once he found out how to get faster, before speeding off. [ 69 ] It was clear to Eobard he was no longer fast enough to defeat his nemesis. So he tapped into the Negative still Force in order to do things that would ultimately cause Armageddon. His versatile actions included pushing Joe in front a moving discipline, framing Barry for being associated with Joseph Carver ‘s group, causing a radiation leak at S.T.A.R. Labs, and impermanent wore his nemesis ‘s expression as the Flash to attack Central City. ultimately, Eobard created the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline when he killed 11-year-old Barry and made it so that the Speed Force chose him to be struck by lightning, which led to him as drawing card of Team Flash and Iris falling in love with him. [ 71 ] When Barry goes into 2031 with serve from Deon Owens, Eobard gives a speech at a special get-together that included revealing he ‘s engaged to Iris with Team Flash ‘s friends looking just Barry arrives. [ 79 ] Both speedsters then suit astir to have an epic battle, revealing that the speedsters have switched aliases to Barry. Eobard is backed up by his “ friends ” ; Ryan Choi uses Ray ‘s “ shrink beam ” to shrink Eobard which saved him from Barry ‘s lightning bolt. Barry brings Iris outside to try and convince, but Eobard follows and confronts Barry, revealing that he was behind all of the holocene actions and that Barry was being erased from being as this timeline will solidify at midnight. sometime late, Barry and Damien planned to go back in time and situate things to which Eobard confronted Barry again as Barry tried to convince Iris and tell the truth, lone for Eobard to be temp paralyzed by Iris. then, Flash and Reverse-Flash ran across the universe, frankincense causing Armageddon and about destroying the world. But due to Iris helping Barry reconnect with the Speed Force, Eobard ultimately lost and the timeline was reset. Though the timeline was restored, Eobard returned in 2021, donning the same new suit that Barry had worn as the Reverse-Flash and claiming that he would change the timeline again in the Time Vault. [ 71 ]

erasure prevention

What exactly do you think you’ve done?”
“We just saved your life, Thawne. Don’t make us regret it.”
“You think you saved my life? You took my speed. My speed is my life. You took my life! And left me in hell.
—Eobard Thawne to the Flash[src]

ascribable to Damien ‘s time stone canceling any time variables while restoring a one permanent timeline, the Reverse-Flash noticed he was starting to be erased from universe and decided to run to CCPD so he could catch Barry ‘s care as the Flash, only to be cornered by an adult version of Mia Queen/Green Arrow who was searching William Clayton. As green Arrow was interrogating him, Reverse-Flash started to fade from being. Before he could kill Green Arrow, he was intercepted by Flash and admitted he did that equitable to get help oneself. Transported into detention at S.T.A.R. Labs, he was placed into a forcefield to both monitor his condition and make certain he does n’t hurt anyone. As team Flash and Mia discussed about what to do about Eobard, he was visited by Caitlin who made him know that he had 2 hours before he would be erased. Gloating about Caitlin being with Team Flash and the fact that Caitlin could have lived in a future with Ronnie, he claimed to be sure that Caitlin would n’t let him die because of being a doctor of the church and noted that Caitlin could ‘ve moved on but rather stayed with Team Flash. however, Caitlin replied back to Eobard ‘s provocations, remarking of hating him for 8 years because of Eobard ‘s being responsible for Ronnie ‘s death .
Afterwards, Barry confronted Eobard and asked why he created the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline fair to steal Barry ‘s life. Eobard revealed that about 2 centuries from immediately, he met Flash for the first clock ( possibly in the original timeline before Eobard changed it in 2000 or due to time travel ), finally discovering ways to possess speed. He was about to reveal himself as the fastest man alive, but Flash rather came to save a crowd, which angered Eobard as he claimed that his bane stole his greatest moment and humiliated him. Barry told Eobard that he ‘s precisely a sociopath “ reacting to something indeed small with that kind of fad ”, but Eobard replied back that he called that fad “ commitment ” and would try to find new ways to kill his bane if he is saved. As Team Flash, Mia, and Despero decided his fortune, Team Flash decided to save Eobard despite all the evil he did, while Despero decided to kill him and used Mia to do so, only for park Arrow to fight Despero ‘s control. After Despero was defeated by Flash, Eobard had entirely 30 seconds before he was erased from universe. Barry then used his lightning to sever Eobard ‘s connection to the Negative Speed Force, saving him. however, Eobard angrily and sadly yelled at Barry for taking his life and leaving him in sin. He was then transported to A.R.G.U.S. [ 64 ]

Imprisoned on Lian Yu

Eobard was imprisoned in a cell in Lian Yu. now depowered as a speedster, he is feeling his age catching up with his body, ca n’t sleep, can barely think, and is wishing to find a raw way to kill his nemesis. however, he knew that Frost died while fighting against Deathstorm. [ 80 ] As an incident occurred involving a new speedster, Eobard was visited by the Flash to to be certain Eobard did n’t escaped his cellular telephone. Eobard painfully complained about himself and that he now does n’t have his rush. Eobard surprised Flash by asking “ what scared [ Barry ] so badly that [ Barry ] had to run all from Central City to Lian Yu equitable to be certain [ Eobard ] was still there ”, revealing there ‘s a new speedster who does n’t leave any tachyons. Eobard merely replied that the suffice is obvious and refused to help. Seeing that Eobard was n’t accommodative, Flash late convinced him by telling Eobard that he ‘s jealous of any speedster who can potentially replace Reverse-Flash as he lost his speed and is ineffective to move. In a fit of fad, Eobard angrily yelled that he will never be replaced “ because no speedster can feel this infinite arrant hate towards [ Flash ] ”, besides adding that he hid from everyone and devoted his life to destroy his bane ‘s. But after that fit of fad, Eobard remarked that if this speedster does n’t want to be found, it ‘s because this speedster just found out about their fresh frightening rush just like Barry was 8 years ago and sarcastically told Barry that even speedless, he is placid faster than him. As Barry now understands the situation, he left Eobard ‘s cell, only for the latter to smirk back. [ 80 ] Because another interpretation of himself ( with his original expression ) was alive in 2022, Eobard was visited again by Barry, angrily asking him how he got his focal ratio back and that Barry saw him “ 5 minutes ago, 1000 miles away ” from his cell, merely for Eobard to reply back that there were no early versions of himself because he was closely erased during Armageddon and to leave him alone. When Barry theorized about his other self, Eobard sarcastically mocked Barry and to go annoyance his early version rather. But when Barry drew the Biometric Lightning Oscillation Chamber that his other self made, he revealed that the BLOC belongs to him, not his alternate self, and he built the device 2 centuries from the confront which is how he turned himself into a speedster, but not the means he intended as the device tapped into the Negative Speed Force. Barry quickly confirmed his theories about the raw speedster ‘s powers and Eobard replied that the raw speedster from earlier is using the BLOC, but Eobard replied back that he has never heard of the individual “ and neither has history ” and his alternate self wants to make certain of that. Eobard added that any versions of himself there are, no matter what altered memories, only looks out for himself. just after Barry left his cell, John Diggle visited him to ask about a mysterious object, Eobard attempted to use this aim to his advantage to find a way to escape. After his attempt failed, however, help oneself would seemingly find him with the Negative still Force. [ 67 ]

Avatar of the minus Forces and death

however, Eobard gets killed by the Negative silent Force, setting his resurrection design into apparent motion deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. As a battle occurred where the Negative still Force, Negative Sage Force and Negative Strength Force fights against Team Flash, the Negative still Force abruptly summons Iris from 2049 to be sacrificed, as the Flash threw a lightning run off think of to the Negative distillery Force, Negative Sage Force and Negative Strength Force. But deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as Iris vanished into park particles due to a time sickness, those particles went into Eobard ‘s clock end which led his “ true ” adaptation to be reborn by resurging through and killing his time leftover in the action. [ 81 ] As he was reborn by the negative Forces ‘ interposition, the Reverse-Flash taunted Barry about how Nora ‘s death led to the Flash ‘s universe while Iris ‘s death led to his own rebirth, much to his bane ‘s anger and hate and immediately electrified him in retaliation for Iris ‘s apparent end until XS and Bart West-Allen/Impulse pleaded with Barry to stop. Just then, Reverse-Flash mocked Barry for not “ finishing the job ” and threatened to kill his bane ‘s children, but was soon teleported into the Negative Speed Force. Finding himself in a replication of the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline, he was greeted by the Negative still Force, Negative Sage Force and Negative Strength Force who asked him how he was able to be a speedster, to which Eobard replied that he built the B.L.O.C. to tap into the Negative Speed Force, but the three replied back that the Negative Speed Force tapped into Eobard, and revealed to him that his early translation died because he forgot about his hate, frankincense “ no hate, no Negative Speed Force avatar ”. angstrom soon as he wanted to exit the Negative Speed Force, he is immobilized and three began to transform him. equitable as Barry managed to get into the Negative Speed Force, the negative Forces revealed to Barry that they ‘re transforming Eobard to “ tip the scales ”, which occurred successfully as he landed in Central City ‘s business district, clothed in a newfangled suit, empowered with the Negative still Force, Negative Sage Force and Negative Strength Force in addition of the Negative Speed Force .
Testing his newfound powers and killing civilians randomly, Eobard is confronted by Flash, XS, Impulse and Fast Track who are all engaged in a huge fight. however, Eobard used his psychic powers to make the four speedsters see knocking out Eobard while it ‘s actually Impulse taken down, and he sent Fast Track, XS and Impulse “ a billion years ” back in time. then, Eobard immobilized Flash using the Negative still Force, gloating flash about being “ quicker ”, besides mocking that Flash could have prevented all the chaos in Central City by killing him when he had the prospect. As he threw a lightning to kill Flash, the Speed Force, Bashir Malik/Psych, Alexa Rivera/Fuerza and Deon Owens stopped Eobard and lent their powers to his nemesis, much to Eobard ‘s surprise as he claimed that “ is impossible ”. Engaging another fight through the city as the two speedsters are equals, they ‘re interrupted by Jay and Iris, claiming that their competitiveness is besides destructive to the city and wo n’t end until one of them is dead. When Flash merely sit and tapped into the four Forces to concentrate, Eobard asked to have more power to kill, destroying Central City in the serve. however, Flash reset the timeline, reversing his assail which besides kills Eobard as his body was being disintegrated by his own negative energies. [ 2 ]

erase future

In a potential future visited by Despero, Eobard returned once again, retaining his connection to the Negative Speed Force. [ 64 ]

Life as a time leftover

When the Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen tongue and attempted to stab Nora, he was attacked by another version of the Flash from 2016, viciously knocking him down. Refusing to let Reverse-Flash kill Nora, and refusing to let him ruin anyone ‘s life ever again, Flash knocked Reverse-Flash out, radically altering the future and unwrap many of Reverse-Flash ‘s future crimes. [ 82 ] His nemesis then took Reverse-Flash back to the modern adaptation of 2016, took his ring from him, and constructed a speed-dampening cell using carbine material to imprison him in an abandon factory. Barry made frequent visits to Eobard to give him food. unfortunately for both speedsters, Barry ‘s intervention created the Flashpoint timeline wholly. due to Barry ‘s irresponsible actions, a newfangled reality was in place of what they knew, and Eobard was aware Barry ‘s memories would fade in club to adapt to the fresh timeline. But Eobard kept this to himself simply for entertainment, wanting to see how long it would take his nemesis to realize this himself so far was diffident as to why he was n’t losing his own memories. Eobard would remain captive for over three months, growing a byssus while in enslavement .
When Barry visited him again to deliver Big Belly Burger, Eobard facetiously asked for the “ curly fries ” and still promised to destroy Barry ‘s world. however, Barry did n’t take Eobard ‘s words seriously and reminded him that Barry now has everything back that both Reverse-Flash and Zoom steal ( Nora and Henry are alive in this timeline ). Eobard chastised his bane as there ‘s now another individual as the Flash in this timeline, letting person else endanger themselves in pursuit of Barry ‘s own happiness. however, Barry plainly scoffed at Eobard ‘s words and reminded him that Barry changed time because of what Eobard did, but he stated that Barry will finally beg him to kill Nora “ again. ”
When Barry started losing memories, Eobard gets questioned about this. Relieved to see what Barry is experiencing, Eobard explained to Barry that this world was beginning to overwrite the reality they ‘re familiar with, so that soon Barry wo n’t remember the reality they ‘re familiar with. When Eobard gets asked why he was n’t losing his memories, he replied that he was n’t sure, but he figured out that the more Barry uses speed abilities, the fast Barry loses memories, whereas Eobard had n’t used his speed at all and therefore his memories remained integral. however, Barry believed Eobard was trying to manipulate into releasing him from his cellular telephone .
Eobard then frustratingly remarked that his nemesis from the master timeline that he knew and fought for years was far more intelligent than what Barry turned out to be. Eobard stated that soon Barry would forget being a speedster and neither of them would be able to fix world, thus this timeline would set permanently like concrete and be unchangeable. Barry was fine with it, but Eobard pleaded for Barry to take him rear to 2000 to correct what was done and that Nora ‘s death needed to happen in ordering to make things justly. Barry spitefully told him to go to hell, to which Eobard angrily retorted that his bane ‘s arrogance would leave both speedsters stranded in a faulty reality. As Barry left, Eobard angrily yelled at Barry, accusing his nemesis of now being the villain .
When Barry late returned with Iris after last realizing this timeline is excessively dangerous for Barry ‘s other friends, Eobard is agreed to be released with Barry ‘s reluctance. Eobard forced Barry to ask to kill Nora and Barry reluctantly did so, expressing hate. Eobard replied with hate in retort, but questioned whose anger was truly absolve. Eobard was then released and given his ring back. As Barry started to fall unconscious, Eobard expressed his desire to just kill Barry, before saying this time he ‘s got to be the hero, and hauled his nemesis through the Speed Force, coming second to 2000, moments after Flash ‘s and Reverse-Flash ‘s younger selves had fought for the second time. Arriving moments after Flash ‘s earlier self had knocked out his past self, Reverse-Flash ‘s stream self taunted Flash ‘s past self, saying that Nora was done for. As a solution, the two speedsters ‘ earlier versions dissipated as Reverse-Flash grabbed a kitchen tongue and stabbed Nora in the chest, correcting the newfangled changes to the timeline, before preparing to bring Barry back to 2016 .
rather than restoring the timeline, however, Eobard ‘s actions created another new timeline where most of the events before remained intact but a few events were altered. [ 83 ] Being pulled from the timeline, Eobard ‘s being paradoxically remained integral, and he retained his memories from the former timeline. [ 3 ] No longer sporting a beard, Eobard returned Barry to 2016 while claiming that everything was back to the manner it was ( at least for him ). He tauntingly said that his nemesis ‘s deliver would n’t be the like and would have to just wait and find out. When Barry asked him what he meant, Eobard appeared please to have tormented his nemesis yet again and just said they ‘d see each early erstwhile soon, speeding off to a different time and position. [ 10 ]

Being hunted by the Black Flash

concisely after, Eobard found himself pursued by the Black Flash, a black-clad demon-like speedster who now served as the Speed Force ‘s hatchet man. While initially mistaking Black Flash for a Time Wraith, Eobard cursorily realized the freak after him was army for the liberation of rwanda more dangerous than a Time Wraith. As a solution, Eobard was forced to keep running through time and space to avoid the monster, aided by a beeper that notified him whenever the creature was nearby. Eobard finally realized that Black Flash was after him because Eddie ‘s suicide was supposed to erase him from universe in 2015, yet he continued to exist ascribable to coming back to 2016 together with Barry to which Black Flash was trying to erase Eobard to eliminate the paradoxical threat and restore the tear timeline. [ 84 ]

Searching for the Spear of Destiny

Realizing he could n’t run from the Black Flash forever, Eobard set out to locate the Spear of Destiny, a mystic weapon announce to have the power to re-write reality itself to restore his own being to the timeline. however, the Spear of Destiny was divided into several pieces and guarded by the Justice Society of America ‘s members from 1956 scattered throughout time. To find this mystic object, Eobard required the Askaran Amulet, a circumnavigate detailing the locations of the respective pieces and their respective guardians. however, Eobard discovered the Askaran Amulet was divided into two pieces but Eobard discovered one half was in Nazi Germany ‘s possession in 1942 while the early half was in the Soviet Union ‘s possession in 1987. Eobard learned all of this by traveling through time and gathering information across the twentieth century .

Aiding the nazi

Eobard traveled to 1942 and began secretly aiding high-level members of the Nazi party to obtain the Askaran Amulet ‘s first half, providing future information and the means to win World War II in exchange for the device. During this prison term, he encountered the 1942 interpretation of the JSA a well as the time-traveling Legends. Reverse-Flash succeeded in killing all of the Legends, however, the time-traveling heroes ‘ sacrifices bought Rex Tyler/Hourman enough time to pilot the Waverider through time to 2016 to stop the Legends ‘ arrival to 1942 to prevent Reverse-Flash committing the murders. [ 85 ] To stop his plans being exposed to the Legends, Reverse-Flash traveled back further in 1942 to start his plans over, erasing his past actions but besides erasing the Legends ‘ deaths. Realizing he could n’t stop the Legends, find the Askaran Amulet ‘s two pieces, and outrun Black Flash all at once, Eobard is forced to seek out partnerships with respective supervillains throughout time to have them find the Askaran Amulet ‘s pieces for him, promising to alter past or future events for them, while he kept outrunning Black Flash. Eobard hired Damien as his first candidate to join Adolf Hitler ‘s plan to build an nuclear turkey and destroy New York City, in the hopes the Legends would perish trying to prevent this. [ 86 ] [ 87 ]

Aberration timeline

Eobard ‘s information provided with Damien aided in Hitler ‘s plan to kidnap Albert Einstein and force Einstein to develop an nuclear bomb, which would destroy New York City. The aftermath of this would besides cause World War II to end October 8, 1947 alternatively, and would cause the death of an extra 12 million more people. This caused an aberration, resulting in a time earthquake that alerted the Legends as planned .

Fixed timeline

Damien succeeded in constructing the bombard by kidnapping Mileva Maric rather of Einstein, and forcing Maric to build the bombard. however, the Legends were forced to use the Waverider to intercept the bomb, and they were scattered throughout clock. As a resultant role, Eobard ‘s plan succeeded as he had drastically altered the Legends ‘ first confrontation with Hourman. When a german officeholder tried to kill Damien after refusing to help build another bomb calorimeter, Reverse-Flash slayed the U-boat ‘s crew members before he and Damien greeted each other. [ 86 ] To obtain the Askaran Amulet ‘s first half without noise this fourth dimension, Eobard personally began working with Baron Krieger and met with in Paris. Krieger told him the Askaran Amulet was in Berlin though Hitler refused to part with it. Eobard presented a sample distribution of his biomolecular foil, which could be used to create an united states army of super-soldiers to oppose the JSA. He besides claimed it would let Hitler plant the german sag above the White House within months. Eobard gave Kreiger a small dose for one person to confirm the serum ‘s properties, promising to deliver the means for batch production, but only if he obtained the Askaran Amulet. Reluctant, Kreiger agreed and Hitler arranged for the Askaran Amulet to be transported to Eobard ‘s detention .
While Kreiger did obtain the Askaran Amulet, the Baron was intercepted and killed by the combined efforts of the JSA, Legends and the United States Army Air Forces while in route to Eobard and the Askaran Amulet ‘s first half fell into Hourman ‘s possession. Reverse-Flash late attacks Hourman at the JSA ‘s headquarters. Reverse-Flash tells Hourman of having encounters a “ number of times ” as Hourman in this timeline had n’t met Reverse-Flash even. He then phased his pass through Hourman ‘s breast. As Hourman bled to death, Reverse-Flash stole the Askaran Amulet and sped off before Amaya Jiwe/Vixen came into the room. Killing Hourman at this point besides caused Rex ‘s future self in the original timeline who ‘d arrived in 2016 to warn the Legends to fade out of universe before revealing Reverse-Flash ‘s plan, entirely succeeding in warning the group not to travel to 1942. [ 87 ] Eobard then traveled to 1987 to retrieve the Askaran Amulet ‘s other half and assisted Damien as his “ erstwhile friend ” was about to be caught by DEA agents while trading drugs with dealers in substitution for a keepsake. Eobard offers Damien a partnership to aid him in his plans in substitute for rewriting Damien ‘s own destiny. Damien initially refused, however, Eobard warned that he knew of Damien ‘s ultimate plan ‘s consequence and promised that he could give Damien actual office, rather than symbols of ability. matter to, Damien agreed and Eobard had Damien arrange a confluence with the Soviets to obtain the Askaran Amulet ‘s second half. When the Legends confronted Damien at the conduct, Reverse-Flash traveled there to stop them from killing Damien and risk losing the Askaran Amulet .
barely as Sara Lance/White Canary had taunted Damien about the ultimate consequence of Damien ‘s plans for H.I.V.E., Eobard sped Damien out of the adeptness. When Damien realized that Sara had snatched Damien ‘s keepsake, Damien demanded Eobard to be taken back, but the speedster reminded Damien the Legends had left the time period and were beyond reach. Damien then reconsidered Eobard ‘s offer and begging to come along to his adjacent finish, insisting Damien needed to change his own destiny. Accepting this suffice, Eobard showed his ally a Time Sphere. When Damien gets inside, Eobard sped around the Time Sphere to open a portal vein into the Speed Force where he traveled to his future finish with Damien. [ 88 ] Eobard and Damien then traveled to 2016 to recruit Malcolm as the second recruit. Eobard sped himself and Damien into Malcolm ‘s apartment. As Malcolm had descended into dipsomania after losing the League of Assassins and H.I.V.E. following Damien ‘s end. Malcolm precisely watched green Arrow kill Damien on the newsworthiness, getting highly confused to see Damien alert but Eobard elaborated that he ‘s from the future, Damien was from the past, and they ‘re on a quest to change their respective fates and offered the opportunity to Malcolm in doing the lapp in central for Malcolm ‘s services. While disbelieving at first, Malcolm agreed to Eobard ‘s offer and accompanied the duet through time. [ 84 ] Following this, the trio traveled to the Time Masters ‘ former base of operations in the Vanishing Point and began using the ruins as their own al-qaeda. [ 89 ]

Chicago trap

Planning to cause an aberrance to lure the Legends out and retrieve the Askaran Amulet, Eobard ‘s team traveled to 1927 and offered their aid to crime overlord Al Capone. When the three approached Capone, the crime lord initially refused and tried to have them killed. When Eobard slaughtered Capone ‘s men, Capone listened to their proposal. Eobard would ensure Capone would remain out of patrol detention and become mayor of Chicago. In exchange, Capone would aid them against the Legends, and the scheme crime overlord agreed. As per their deal and part of the plan, Eobard informed that Capone was destined to be apprehended by Prohibition agent Eliot Ness, and Capone had Ness abducted and plotted to kill the agent. As planned, the Legends arrived and foiled this plan. As the Legends searched one of Capone ‘s clubs for testify, Eobard abducted Sara and Martin. Eobard had Martin brought to him and used the appearance-stealing cord on Martin, planning to infiltrate the Waverider and find the Askaran Amulet ‘s second half himself. Having acclimated Stein ‘s likeness, Eobard is “ rescued ” by the Legends though Eobard had Capone attack them to avoid drawing intuition. On board the Waverider, Eobard began searching for the Askaran Amulet ‘s second half which he could not find but catch Jefferson Jackson ‘s attention with his actions. When Sara came to speak with him about Martin ‘s daughter as an aberration, Eobard questioned the claims, having no cognition of this and leaving Sara leery. Nate Heywood came into the library ask to speak with Sara about Jefferson though Eobard insisted Jax could wait, though Sara immediately noticed him refer to Martin ‘s partner as Jax and not Jefferson as Martin had a tendency to do .
Realizing Nate was aware of his magic trick and is trying to warn Sara, Eobard attacked the two, dropped Stein ‘s form, and sped off. In the hallway, he is subdued by Jax with a speedster weapon but Eobard cursorily recovered and attack Jax. Before he could kill Jax, Atom attacked him, but Eobard sped off towards the bridge and sealed himself within. Dropping the ship ‘s cloaking engineering, Eobard opened the cargo bay doors and allowed Malcolm and Capone ‘s men on board to kill the Legends as he continued searching for the Askaran Amulet ‘s second half. Finding Mick with a udder of valuables he believed Mick was trying to steal, Eobard believed he ‘d found the Askaran Amulet but realized besides late Mick tricked him, getting blasted from behind. Eobard gets surprised to see Amaya as his attacker and attacked Amaya. Before he could kill Amaya, Eobard is alerted that Black Flash was close and sped off to avoid this .
however, Malcolm had managed to force Sara to give up the Askaran Amulet ‘s irregular half in exchange for Martin ‘s location. By the docks, Eobard elaborated the Askaran Amulet was in fact one in two pieces as Malcolm pointed out to Damien, displaying a holographic compass. however, Malcolm initially mistook the Askaran Amulet ‘s holographic scope for a “ portable planetarium ” a lot to Eobard ‘s annoyance. Elaborating that the holographic compass is a steer to finding the Spear of Destiny to Malcolm and Damien. Eobard informed them finding the Spear of Destiny would be complicated but the first step is locating Captain Rip Hunter, the Legends ‘ former leader and one of the Spear of Destiny ‘s protectors. [ 7 ]

Hunt for the Spear of Destiny

Locating Rip in 1967, Eobard sent Malcolm and Damien to capture Hunter so they could acquire Rip ‘s piece of the Spear of Destiny while Eobard went on the prevail from the Black Flash. After managing to outrun and escape, the Reverse-Flash returned as Malcolm and Damien fought the Legends, and swiftly knocked the Legends all to their feet. As Eobard questioned who should die first base, Rip revealed himself and pulled a gun on them, only for the alleged weapon to be a film prop up which amused Eobard ‘s consortium, unaware of Rip ‘s suffer amnesia. After the Legends retrieved the Spear of Destiny ‘s piece and retreated to the Waverider, Eobard swiftly kidnapped Rip before the Legends could retrieve Rip. Taking Rip to their facility, Eobard demanded Rip tell him about the Spear of Destiny but Rip claimed not to know anything, and had Malcolm and Damien torture their hostage to make talk. [ 90 ] As his patience began to wane, Eobard is informed by Damien and Malcolm that torturing Rip would not work because Rip literally could n’t tell where the Spear of Destiny was as the man ‘s memories had been wiped. Infuriated, Eobard derided the two for losing the decoration and violently accosted Malcolm when his associates pointed out that Eobard ‘s responsible for losing it excessively. Malcolm reminded Eobard that he needed the two and suggested using hypnosis on Rip, however, Malcolm ‘s methods failed as Rip ‘s memories had been wiped excessively thoroughly. Eobard exasperatedly remarked on his associates ‘ results ( referring to Malcolm as a flop and Damien as a dead man ) and sped off. When Eobard subsequently returned, Damien had successfully extracted on of Rip ‘s tooth which had a barcode symbol for a bank report in 2025 Zurich, Switzerland which Eobard theorized must contain the rest of the Spear of Destiny. At that moment, Eobard ‘s watch began to sound an alarm, prompting him to order Damien and Malcolm to take the Time Sphere back to 2025 before running off without an explanation .
Having outrun Black Flash, Eobard arrived in 2025 Zurich good in clock to find his associates having successfully broken into the deposit vault and discovered that Rip ‘s box contained a Mnemonic Archive which held Rip ‘s memories. As he examined what the Mnemonic Archive is, Malcolm suddenly sealed the vault door, trapping the conspiracy all inside and declaring a re-negotiation of their deal with Eobard, starting with him revealing why he needed the Spear of Destiny and why he was always running out on the two. While Eobard amusingly threatened to kill Malcolm with a vibrating hand, he is ineffective to as Malcolm is the only one who knew the vault door code, while Damien chose to just watch. As his associates question him more, Eobard ‘s watch alerted him to Black Flash ‘s bearing. visibly scared, Eobard begged to be let out or they would all be killed. When pressed about who by his associates, Eobard last revealed his condition as a time leftover due to Eddie ‘s death and that Black Flash trying to kill him which is why he keeps vanishing. Satisfied, Malcolm and Damien resolved to help Eobard escape his pursuer .
The trio set up an still-hunt in the bank with Eobard as bait to draw Black Flash in, though Eobard is able to remain inconspicuous to Black Flash by not using his speed as Black Flash raced throughout the bank searching for him. As the demonic speedster is about to zero in on him, Malcolm and Damien attack Black Flash from both sides, distracting the creature long enough for Eobard to use a speed-punch to send Black Flash hurtling into the back vault, at which point Eobard sealed the demonic speedster inside. Know that his enemy would not be contained for hanker, the three departed the bank but not earlier Eobard acknowledged Damien and Malcolm as in full peer partners. After escaping, Eobard used the Mnemonic Archive to restore Rip ‘s memories, but reprogrammed his hostage ‘s mind as his syndicate ‘s fourth member, sending his new associate to 1776 to kill George Washington on Christmas Day to cause an aberrance to alert the Legends to lure out. [ 84 ] Eobard and Rip then traveled back a few days earlier and Eobard made an alliance with the british army, promising to ensure victory in the american Revolutionary War, in central for aid in retrieving the Spear of Destiny. To aid the british, Eobard besides supplied the british with twenty-first hundred assault rifles which Rip presented to a platoon of british soldiers entrusted under his own command. please to see Rip ‘s reprogramming is successful, Eobard entrusted Rip to retrieve the Spear of Destiny ‘s piece from the Legends and finally succeeded. [ 91 ] After this, Rip tells Eobard about the Spear of Destiny ‘s other fragments being in the JSA ‘s possession and each time period of where they were. He first sent Rip to Chicago in the year 3000 to retrieve another objet d’art, killing Dr. Mid-Nite in the process. Eobard then sent Rip and Damien to Camelot in the year 503 to retrieve Stargirl ‘s nibble, however, Rip gets captured and a objet d’art gets lost to the Legends. [ 92 ] Learning that Henry Heywood hid a piece within the Apollo-11 iris pole on the Moon itself, Eobard himself traveled to 1970 and posed as a repair for NASA to see John Swigert, one of the astronauts mean to go on Apollo-13 ‘s deputation to the moon. [ 93 ] Eobard, with Swigert ‘s appearance, is on Apollo-13 and ventures into space. Since Eobard repaired the oxygen tank car that was meant to explode, he caused an aberration that alerted the Legends. While Apollo-13 is in outer space, Eobard knocked the other astronauts out and dropped Swigert ‘s shape and made the preparations for down. however, he discovered Atom has sneaked aboard and they fought, though Eobard is unable to use travel rapidly in zero gravity, but Atom managed to beat him and tied him up .
After the Atom got the Spear of Destiny ‘s fragment, Ray had to use the LEM to get back to the Waverider but it was damaged to which Eobard pointed out that he could help Ray repair the LEM and offered a impermanent armistice, which Ray grudgingly accepted. As they moved to repair the transport, Eobard told Ray that it was nice to work with a fellow scientist again reflecting on times with Cisco and Caitlin. He besides informed Ray that it was easily for Ray to see him as a monster but he had seen history ‘s greatest monsters and he was n’t one of them. Ray scolded him for this claim as he ‘d killed Nora twice, killed Rex and brainwashed Rip into killing Dr. Mid-Nite. however, Eobard said that they were more alike than Ray would admit as they were both scientists that chased after the impossible ( Ray with the A.T.O.M. Exosuit and Eobard with the Negative Speed Force ) and that Ray did n’t have to be ashamed of reaching for higher feats. They managed to take off and re-connect with the Waverider and Eobard was cursorily thrown in the brig. When the Waverider had to enter the atmosphere, Ray went to Eobard to find out the correct slant to enter without burning up. Eobard gives the angle instantaneously and told Ray to trust him as he wanted to live merely like the Legends .
When the Waverider managed to enter the atmosphere safely, Eobard easily phased himself out of the cell to look for the Spear of Destiny ‘s pieces but was promptly met with Ray equipped with a speedster weapon ready. Eobard laughed at the irony as he was the one who invented the weapon in the inaugural plaza. Ray knew that Eobard would try and escape and was aware he ‘s a clock time end because of Eddie ‘s sacrifice, and that something was after him to try and correct the aberrance. Eobard confirmed Ray ‘s suspicions as his vigil alerted him that Black Flash was close, and Ray told him he ‘d have no time to search the ship. Eobard smirked and said that they would meet again before he sped off. [ 3 ] After failing to retrieve the Spear of Destiny ‘s concluding fragments, Eobard sent Malcolm and Damien to get the Calebros Manuscript in order to activate the Spear of Destiny to rewrite world. While he was making a plan to try and track the Legends, he discovered that the Legends had infiltrated the Vanishing Point and stolen their two fragments and fled before Eobard could stop anything. When Damien returned and learned of what happened, Eobard gets scolded for his recklessness, but Eobard realized that the Legends now had all the Spear of Destiny ‘s fragments so they no longer had to hunt for the holy place aim while by nibble. however, Damien insisted that in order to succeed, they would need to up their scheme besides just the three of them. Eobard then traveled back to 2014 and located Captain Cold before having joined the Legends and turned from criminal ways, revealing Leonard ‘s future death being all they needed to have Captain Cold agreed to help them in getting the Spear of Destiny. After Leonard successfully manipulated Heat Wave into betraying the Legends and steal the Spear of Destiny from them during World War I, Eobard sped into the war-zone and transport Leonard, Damien and Mick to the Vanishing Point. After Malcolm hark back with the Celebros Manuscript, the five criminals held onto the Spear of Destiny as Malcolm read the incantation and they began to use the holy object ‘s exponent to rewrite world to their whims. [ 89 ]

Rewritten reality

In his syndicate ‘s rewrite reality, Eobard remains in 2017 but is now S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ official C.E.O. ( under his true identity this time ) with global realization for using his futuristic magnificence to solve many worldwide problems. He is besides a close supporter of the President of the United States. however, Eobard did not remove ( or possibly could not remove ) the Black Flash from this new reality. Regardless, Eobard built a moisten cellular telephone in S.T.A.R. Labs that he kept Black Flash imprisoned in, leaving the demonic speedster unable to escape, running round the inside of the cell in homicidal rage, with Eobard commenting that he wants to somehow bend the monster to his will, to no avail. As per his agreement, Eobard besides altered his consortium members ‘ fates based on their own desires .
Eobard revived Malcolm ‘s wife and son, made Malcolm ‘s daughter a love character of the Merlyn family, gave Nyssa aluminum Ghul a “ measly life in Ohio, ” made Malcolm C.E.O. of Merlyn Global Group once more, and even restored Malcolm ‘s original right hand. Eobard made Damien into the Mayor of Star City and restored Damien ‘s magic trick who then killed many opposing heroes and vigilantes ( including the Flash ). finally, Eobard improved Captain Cold ‘s and Heat Wave ‘s lives, remaining criminals yet being allowed by the police to carry out thefts without intervention though the two carried out Eobard ‘s assassinations when called for. He besides changed the Legends ‘ fates as vengeance for noise in his plans. He kept Rip stuck inside the Waverider which was powerless and shrunken down and put on display on his desk, driving Rip harebrained with nothing else to do but bake cakes. He made Jax and Martin employees at S.T.A.R. Labs and made Jax a much barbarous person whose much abusive towards Martin being not permitted to leave S.T.A.R. Labs until projects were completed and sometimes remained there for months. He besides made Ray a janitor at S.T.A.R. Labs, reduced Nate to being a conspiracy theorist that no matchless believed while living with his mother, and turned Sara and Amaya into Damien ‘s personal assassins. To ensure cipher could reset titanium reality, Eobard destroyed the manuscript and had Martin study on developing a fusion nuclear reactor equivalent to the sun ‘s world power, intending to incinerate the Spear of Destiny entirely .
As he considered his partnership with Malcolm and Damien over, Eobard ignored any calls from his two subordinates. Malcolm finally confronted Eobard in person as there were still some things Malcolm wanted changed, but Eobard insisted that the Spear of Destiny was best keep in his possession as he was the lone one who knew how to use the holy place object. They were interrupted by Jax informing him the nuclear reactor ‘s taking longer than anticipated but Eobard, sedately made subtle threats to motivate. Eobard broke into a hard laugh as Malcolm scolded him for keeping the Legends around as “ pets ” when the group should be erased from universe all in all, though Eobard considered this poetic judge. Eobard then told Malcolm to leave and enjoy this new life sentence as Malcolm frustratingly left. Fearing Malcolm may be a trouble, he asked Leonard and Mick to keep an eye on Malcolm. Before they could go on far, Nate arrived past security, having no cognition of Eobard, and told him reality was n’t right. Realizing Nate ‘s starting to catch on to their actions, he ordered Leonard and Mick to take Nate away to be killed .
Eobard late checked up when Martin completed the nuclear reactor but Eobard insist Martin remain behind until the nuclear reactor reached full power. When former alerted by Martin via silent alarm clock of intruders, the Reverse-Flash sped into the lab to find Martin confronted by the Legends with successfully restored memories. Reverse-Flash annoying mused at this disclosure before expose and holding the Spear of Destiny over the nuclear reactor, ready to throw the holy place object in. Eobard annoyingly remarked that Malcolm was proper earlier besides being confronted by his own syndicate members demanding the Spear of Destiny. Eobard tried to tell the Legends and his own allies that he was trying to destroy the Spear of Destiny for their sake but Captain Cold ‘s cold gun abruptly shot him, rendering him unconscious .
Eobard wake up as the Legends and his syndicate contend over the Spear of Destiny which he tried to re-obtain, only for Nate to use the holy place object on him by sending Eobard flying across the room and knocking him out again. Eobard awoke again after Captain Cold precisely killed Amaya as Amaya attempted to use the Spear of Destiny which he took back, tossing the object into the reactor for destruction. While the Legends and his syndicate both expressed desire to kill him, Eobard ‘s unwavered by their words as they ‘re dispiritedly outmatched against his accelerate without weapons or powers. however, Eobard did not wish to see the Legends dead, not out of sentiment, but rather to watch suffer and persist trapped in this reality where everything the Legends have always accomplished no longer matters. He besides allowed his early co-conspirators to live despite their mutiny, but promised to kill them if they tried to oppose him again. Telling all of his opponents to remember this mercifulness of his, he ordered them to leave his laboratories ‘ premises. [ 94 ]

Caught by the Black Flash

soon after, the Legends managed to restore Rip and the Waverider to size and traveled back to 1916 to stop Eobard ‘s syndicate from obtaining the Spear of Destiny in the beginning set by altering the events, frankincense erasing the Legends ‘ present day selves from universe. however, Eobard anticipated all of this. Eobard traveled back to 1916 and as Atom re-discovered the lineage of Christ to which he stole and crushed. Remarking that his syndicate was right about disposing of his enemies, Eobard phased his hand through Atom ‘s exosuit, and removed Ray ‘s kernel and amusingly watched as Ray ‘s older translation dies .
Eobard late found Dark Archer searching for the manuscript and brought back to 1916 and met with Captain Cold and Damien. Explaining he was from the future where they had retrieved the Spear of Destiny and altered reality, Eobard told his syndicate of the Legends ‘ plan. rather of deceiving Heat Wave as planned, he ordered his co-conspirators to attack the Waverider and take the Spear of Destiny by storm. As the trio did this, Eobard went to get back improving and created dozens of time remnants .
Returning after the Legends defeated his syndicate ( who silent succeeded in killing the older versions of Jax, Nate and Mick ), the Reverse-Flash arrived with prison term remnants of himself and encircled the Legends, killing Rip ‘s older self in the process. After the Legends refused to hand over the Spear of Destiny, Reverse-Flash ‘s time remnants attack the Legends, and Eobard stole the Spear of Destiny from Sara ‘s younger translation when attempting to rewrite reality. Taunting Sara over the apparent failure, Eobard promised to erase the Legends from being but the Spear of Destiny would n’t ability up, and Eobard realized that Sara already used the Spear of Destiny to erase its own powers rendering the holy object useless .
Enraged, Eobard intended to use the neutralize object to physically kill Sara alternatively merely to be confronted by the Black Flash due to the fact that his syndicate ‘s alternate reality never existed because the Spear of Destiny was neutralized, angstrom well as Eobard having carelessly left his warn device behind. As Eobard panicked, he attempted to flee only for Black Flash to swiftly catch up and stabbed a bridge player into Eobard ‘s chest. After doing so, Eobard helplessly screamed while being vaporized along with the Spear of Destiny. After that, Reverse-Flash ‘s time remnants were besides erased from being. [ 95 ]

Protecting the specify distributor point

Eobard was by and by revived by the Time Wraiths and stripped of his powers. Given a watch-like device that would keep him perpetually looped in time while besides allowing him to freeze time, Eobard was placed in June 28, 1914, Sarajevo and tasked with ensuring the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand so that World War I would occur .
Each morning, Eobard stretched, meditated, and ate porridge before setting to work on protecting the “ fix point ”, flush coming to agree that the timeline could not and should not be changed. He dealt with several time-travelers who attempted to prevent Ferdinand ‘s death, each time killing them before they could do then in ways that looked like accidents. This went on for sol long that a prevention was founded for meter travelers to wait their turns to attempt to prevent the character assassination and watch as others tried and failed. Eobard finally faced Sara as one of the individuals intending to alter the specify point, though Sara was able to make multiple attempts ascribable to regenerative abilities. When Sara was able to stop time with another device, Eobard was slightly storm, and he attacked Sara before being overpowered by Sara. He then explained his situation over a beverage, and the two resolved that they would work together. Eobard stated that he would allow a forty-minute delay of the character assassination, which would attract the Waverider and allow the Legends to take back the timeship as they wished, though Eobard noted that he would kill the Legends if necessary. [ 96 ] Eobard successfully delayed Ferdinand ‘s character assassination, but the Legends ‘ plan began to fall apart when the Robot Legends, the early visitors of the Fixed Point bar, attacked as well and searched for Eobard. Eobard assisted Gavrilo Princip, the remaining assassin, in killing Ferdinand but was concisely thereafter confronted by a automaton knockoff of Sara who he believed to be the very Sara. Eobard was stabbed by the clone to his surprise. The real Sara found Eobard moments belated and he was able to tell Sara to ensure the situate point stayed protected before he died and his time operator detached itself from his wrist. Eobard was ultimately succeeded as the defender of the fixed target by Nate ‘s automaton knockoff who was tricked by the real Nate into donning the time operator immediately before the device ‘s clock readjust, frankincense dooming Nate ‘s clone to guard the fix point in Eobard ‘s invest. [ 97 ]

Working at Fast Track Labs and death

In 2020, Eobard cryptically resurfaced in Central City, suffering from retrograde amnesia but regains his old personality, his altruistic motives and even more of his emotions and humanity back and besides retains his ace mind. He laid low for a class, apparently finding irregular jobs at small technical school companies ( though he could n’t remember anything before 2021 ), and he would finally be attracted to Fast Track Labs, where he got a job by impressing Meena Dhawan, solving a travel rapidly equation that flush no one could. After helping Meena, Eobard built a machine called the “ Biometric Lightning Oscillation Chamber ” ( BLOC ) in orderliness for one individual to be able to be a speedster albeit for altruistic motives because he wanted to be more than good a superhero and fix the worldly concern ’ south greatest problems. amazingly, he fell in love with Meena and sincerely sacrificed his own probability to be a speedster to save Meena from going into cardiac halt, proving that he is different from his other self .
When he ‘s “ inaugurate ” to Barry by Meena, Eobard is quickly confronted by Barry about being the Reverse-Flash to which Eobard reasonably shockingly so far calmly replied that he does n’t know what Barry is talking about and that he ‘s not Reverse-Flash. Meena wanted more tests to which Eobard urged caution, but the Flash arrived to assume Meena ‘s life at gamble because of Eobard. As Eobard learned his other version is a “ psychotic murderer ”, Meena channeled the Negative Speed Force which took over. Eobard surprised Flash by revealing having fallen in love with Meena, sincerely begging and pleading for Flash to save Meena from the Negative Speed Force, showing Flash that he is n’t Reverse-Flash .
Working with Team Flash to free Meena from the Negative Speed Force, Eobard intervened as Meena was about to kill Flash and stepped in as he ‘d quite die than losing Meena, reminding Meena of Eobard ‘s love, describing it as Meena is his hero as Meena always helped Eobard being a better person. Upon his words, Meena was free from the Negative Speed Force, embracing Eobard for saving Meena, but Eobard replied that Meena actually saved him .
back at Fast Track Labs, Eobard and Meena apologized for the trouble caused with the BLOC, but Flash replied that their bond and love could actually help them adjust the BLOC so that Meena would control these powers, as he described Eobard being Meena ‘s lightning rod, akin to Flash ‘s own lightning rod. [ 67 ] While Meena was discouraged and discussing with Eobard about insecurities, the two were assaulted by the Negative calm Force, Negative Sage Force and the Negative Strength Force. Eobard was empowered with the Negative Speed Force via Meena, but he used black and ashen lightning. team Flash worked to neutralize the negative Forces, but Iris is teleported in front of a lightning bolt to be disintegrated and was sent to him which led to his “ true ” adaptation resurging through him and pulling his original confront back. [ 81 ]



Powers and abilities


erstwhile powers

  • Possession: After Eobard’s death in the Crisis, his essence was reduced to a manifestation of negative tachyons as his physical form was no longer preserved. As negative tachyons, he has the power to possess humans. However, he could not take over the body and connect to the Negative Speed Force until the host was fully overwhelmed by him.[61] However, since the Speed Force gave him back his body, he doesn’t need to find a host again.


  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Master tactician/Leader: Eobard is considered a genius even in the more advanced era of the late 22nd century, having learned astro-navigation in grade school, potentially making him more intelligent than all individuals of the early 21st century (besides Clifford DeVoe) he has displayed in-depth knowledge and understanding of time-traveling like the Time Masters. With this, he was able to effectively evade any encounters with a Time Wraith and confidently travel back over 150 years to change the past with no fear of affecting his own future, as well as to give the Legends trouble balancing the timeline. Eobard is a great tactician, businessman, and leader, having personally founded S.T.A.R. Labs and ran it very successfully for 14 years and was able to effectively lead Team Flash and swiftly come up with plans to help Barry Allen defeat the meta-humans while simultaneously carrying several misdeeds to fulfill his own agenda and preventing them from figuring out that he is Reverse-Flash for nearly a year. In addition, his mastery of contingency plans was also seen by how he had set in place the necessary tools to force everyone to go back into the pipeline, therefore; forcing Team Flash to still help him return to his time even after he had been defeated by Barry, Oliver and Firestorm. After rewriting reality with the Spear of Destiny, Eobard once again proved able to efficiently run S.T.A.R. Labs, becoming a prominent figure in the world of business. Eobard is proven to have great intelligence about the Speed Force and its usage. He has many times helped and guided Barry to use it better. He knew it has powers to create vacuums, move seamlessly pass through any solid target and was able to direct Barry on how-to use the Speed Force to time travel. Eobard also has knowledge relating to mystical artifacts. He knew that the Askaran Amulet was a Judeo-Christian artifact which acted like a compass for the Spear of Destiny as well as knew the object’s divine capabilities. He even related some knowledge of the Fasces Axe which Damien Darhk was purchasing. He also revealed he knows about time remnants, when he went up against the Legends. His knowledge and understanding about the Speed Force seems to be among the greatest (if not the greatest) among the speedsters due to him being from the future. Eobard is among the most intelligent individuals in the multiverse and the most intelligent individual on Earth-1.
    • Medical knowledge: Although never explicitly stated to excel in the medical field, Eobard was still a good enough of a medic to perform complex surgeries, as he was put in charge of transplanting Supergirl’s healthy heart into Overgirl.[16]
    • Computer specialist/Skilled computer hacker: Eobard is a skilled computer hacker, being able to hack into the radio signals of multiple cars in order to destroy Hartley Rathaway’s weapons.[31]
    • Master scientist: Having learned astro-navigation in grade school and dedicated his life to learning the secrets of the Speed Force, Eobard is a vastly knowledgeable, resourceful and ingenious scientist, specializing in various fields of science. Throughout his life, Eobard has been a genius professor, especially a physicist, from the advanced 22nd century, and when stuck in the 21st century as Harrison Wells, while running S.T.A.R Labs, he was able to effectively act as one of the greatest scientific leaders of that time and make great advancement to multiple scientific fields. He has a superb knowledge of meta-human biochemistry and molecular structure, creating a biomolecular enhancer. When given the formula of Velocity-9, Eobard was able to quickly identify a way to disable the artificial speed. This may all be because he’s from the 22nd century. His greatest feat of science was his successful replication of the Flash’s accident to replicate his former idol/future archenemies’ powers for him self and he even created his own method of being a speedster and time travel by creating/tapping into the Negative Speed Force, a force leeching power from the Speed Force and fueled by negative emotions and negative tachyons, in order to be a speedster yet be undetectable by the Flash, as well as a means to be protected from his existence being erased from his ancestor’s death.
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Eobard is highly accomplished at deceiving people, as he was able to work closely with Team Flash for months as Harrison Wells without them knowing who he really was and even deceive those close who had known the real Harrison Wells, all but Tina McGee.[36] He is also an excellent manipulator, as he managed to effortlessly manipulate Tony Woodward and Hannibal Bates respectively into helping him.[21][29] He even manipulated Nora West-Allen into trusting him, telling her to help punch Devoe’s satellite in order to manipulate the timeline and create a Cicada that Team Flash could defeat in order do destroy Cicada’s dagger which was dampening his powers in the future, thus freeing him.[11]
    • Master engineer: Eobard is highly proficient in the art of engineering due to his consummate knowledge of futuristic technology from 22nd century, as he successfully created and modified the particle accelerator with only the resources of the 21nd century, recreated the tachyon device into a Quantum Splicer with Cisco’s help and was able to create the ring that contains his suit, the Time Vault, anti-speedster guns, and the appearance-stealing cord, which he managed to modify to be nonlethal to the person whose appearance is being mimicked, allowing him to keep Martin Stein alive. Eobard, while serving as a SS General on Earth-X, even designed and constructed the Wellenreiter mostly on his own.
    • Multilingual: Eobard is capable of fluently speaking English and Latin. He can also read and write in the time language.
Newsflash, Raymond: I don’t need super-speed to kick your ass.
—Eobard Thawne to the Atom[src]

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Though suffering a beating at the hands of the Flash from 2016 in his first encounter, Eobard eventually became a seasoned expert of hand-to-hand combat, being able to fight on par with the Flash of 2024 and easily defeated the younger Flash from 2014-2015 in multiple fights, along with later on winning two fights with the 2017 Flash, who’s speed equalled his, before being defeated in their final fight. Whereas the novice Flash from 2014-2015 relied primarily on speed to overwhelm slower opponents with random striking, the older Eobard proved to be a very methodical combatant, using his speed to seamlessly and quickly strike at precise spots to systemically wear down his opponent. Even without his speed, Eobard’s fighting skills on their own right proved formidable, capable of trouncing Ray Palmer in his A.T.O.M. Exosuit when they were in a no gravity area, which effectively stripped him of his speed, with solely superior fighting skills, quickly turning the tides after Ray briefly overwhelmed him to swiftly beat and kick him away, with Ray only overpowering him using his suit’s blasts and even managed to roughly hold his own against the extremely skilled Oliver Queen, who had already been trained by Ra’s al Ghul at this point long enough to regain his speed, able to dodge and block quite a few of Oliver’s blows before eventually being overpowered. When in Nash’s body and not having his powers, Eobard was still able to outfight Cisco, easily knocking him down and restraining him and breaking out of his grip after being hit and tackling him to a table and ultimately subduing him after easily blocking his attack upon being kicked away. Like his rival Barry Allen, Eobard is also quick to adapt in battle, as shown when they used their newly created lightning swords against the temporarily much faster Godspeed, with their combined efforts proving to be a match for him. When Eobard became the guardian of the fixed point, he proved himself capable of fighting on par with Sara Lance for a short period of time (even without his super speed).
    • Skilled knife-fighter: When fighting Ray, Eobard was able to use a knife to slash him twice before getting disarmed.
    • Expert stick-fighter: When fighting Oliver, Eobard was able to wield a metal pole against the bow-wielding vigilante, hold his own for a time and even land a hit on him though he clearly caught Oliver off guard.
  • Intimidation: As Reverse-Flash, Eobard possesses an intimidating presence that would force other individuals to give up information or stop an investigation on him.[26] Damien Darhk notably wasn’t afraid of him; only his super speed.


  • Mental instability: Eobard is unbelievably arrogant, erratic, cruel, unstable and delusional; for example, after travelling back in time, he discovered via the Flash Museum that he was destined to become one of the Flash’s greatest enemies, as he could never become like his then-idol, he developed an hatred towards Barry Allen. This hatred was further intensified when Eobard was prepared to reveal his existence as a speedster to a crowd in the 22nd century after he had gained enough tremendous speed; which was the first time that Barry and Eobard met each other in real time, however, the scarlet speedster beat him, saving the crowd from an unknown disaster and thus; stealing his moment of glory; albeit that Barry had no intention or desire to upstage him. Since that moment – he became obsessed with trying to destroy Barry’s life – spurred on by the grandiose belief that he is superior to the latter. In truth, Eobard lacks any form of morals or honor, all traits that his arch-nemesis stands for. Eobard has a habit of underestimating his opponents – despite years of battling against Barry, he still underestimates the scarlet speedster – which has led to several of his downfalls at the latter’s hands. Eobard’s obsession with trying to destroy Barry’s life almost costs him his own life. After Eobard created the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline not only so that he could usurp Barry’s role as the Flash, but also to hurt him, but after Barry used the particle eradication distributor to prevent the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline ever happening again, he was being erased from existence by the timeline itself; even his connection to the Negative Speed Force was not able to prevent this from happening; fortunately, Eobard still remains in existence; due to Barry severing his connection to the Negative Speed Force.
  • Anti-speedster weapons: The Legends have an arsenal of anti-speedster guns, invented by Eobard himself, which would allow the user to momentarily slow Eobard down. However, Eobard showed himself resistant to the weapons, restoring his powers after mere moments.
  • Particle eradication distributor: After Barry Allen used the particle eradication distributor to prevent the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline from ever happening, he was being erased from existence by the timeline itself, as it had somehow bypassed his connection to the Negative Speed Force. In order for Eobard to remain in existence, Barry had to sever Eobard’s connection to the Negative Speed Force.
  • Positive tachyons: Since the Negative Speed Force is the opposite of the regular Speed Force, positive tachyons are theorized to weaken Eobard’s powers as he produces negative tachyons. However, negative tachyons can also leech off positive tachyons to draw power. This suggests that too much positive tachyons can actually offset negative tachyons.
  • Cold temperatures: Much like other speedsters, Eobard seems to be weakened or at least momentarily stunned when exposed to an extremely cold environment. This was proven when Leonard Snart’s Cold gun knocks Eobard unconscious for a short period of time.
  • Irregular gravity: Eobard is unable to access his speed while in space or on the moon. While Ray suggests this is because of the lack of gravity, Eobard is still unable to phase or vibrate himself while tied up on the moon, which does possess a gravitational force. However, this may simply be because of the differing gravitational forces of Earth and the moon, meaning that Eobard would be able to phase in that particular level of gravity. Also, he needed to manually restore his normal appearance with the appearance-stealing cord instead of vibrating on his own power. He can however still access his speed and phasing abilities to their fullest effect when Earth-level gravity is artificially replicated (e.g. on the Waverider).[3]
  • Nanites: When Eobard was shot with a nanite arrow, he lost his powers for a short amount of time even though Oliver said it’d take away his speed for “quite awhile”, and he could somewhat vibrate; allowing him to phase the nanites out of his body, instantly restoring his powers.[15]
  • Time alterations: While willing to make huge leaps through time and likewise meddle with events,[18] Eobard has a great fear of time manipulation done recklessly by others.[17][49] This is due to the existence of the Time Wraiths who act as guardians to the Speed Force’s energy.[17] While existing as a time remnant as his past self was erased from existence, Eobard was forced to constantly run, even through the timeline itself, to avoid getting killed by the relentless hunting of the Black Flash, of which Eobard was utterly terrified of facing.[84] After his return from some unknown place, Eobard seemed to have solved his problem with the Black Flash, as he appeared nonchalant when confronted about his previous erasure.[51] He claimed to discover that “the timeline is malleable” and was able to predict the timeline with ease.[14][11] However, because of the time stone’s ability to nullify any time variables, he began to slowly fade away from existence when the stone was used.[64]
  • Power limitation: After absorbing the powers of all four Negative Forces and becoming a living god, Eobard’s body could only handle so much power. This lead to his death, as he overdosed when the Negative Forces gave him even more power and his body disintegrated because of it.

former weaknesses

  • Cicada’s dagger: Cicida’s dagger has the power to disable and negate the superhuman abilities of meta-humans who gained powers due to exposure to dark matter, including Eobard. In 2049 it is used to dampen Eobard’s powers while he’s in prison on death row.[56] However, since Team Flash sent the dagger to the Mirrorverse in 2019,[76] this caused it to vanish in 2049, thereby allowing Thawne to regain access to his powers.[11]
  • Speed Force connection flux: According to Gideon; Eobard severely damaged his connection to the Speed Force from having traveled back in time and killed Barry’s mother, Nora Allen. Even when Eobard’s ancestor Eddie committed suicide to wipe Eobard out of existence, the Negative Speed Force continued to exist despite Eobard being the creator, so this implies the Negative Speed Force truly is immune to timeline changes as Thawne said. While later regaining his super-speed and most of its related powers due to setting the timeline back on course through the particle accelerator explosion leading to Barry becoming the Flash, he still lacked a stable connection to the Speed Force; thereby rendering him unable to travel through time, and thus, stranded in the distant past. At the same time, his recovered speed was unstable, randomly working, and also appeared to affect his ability to walk. To compensate somewhat, Eobard relied on the tachyon prototype to stabilize his powers for a longer duration. However, the version that had existed after undoing the Flashpoint timeline never experienced these damaging events and is able to use his powers to their fullest with ease. Later, the original version who wore Harrison Wells’s appearance somehow managed stabilize his connection.
  • Lack of physical form: As negative tachyons, Eobard does not have a stable form and has to possess a person to remain stable as well as the connection to the Negative Speed Force. In addition, when he possesses someone, he has to make them fully give in to their negative emotions (such as Nash Wells’s despair and guilt over losing Maya) in order to completely take over their body. Until he’s fully taken over his host, he cannot access the Negative Speed Force.[61] However, since the Speed Force gave him back his body, he doesn’t need to find a host again.[69]


original multiverse

  • Reverse-Flash ring: Eobard owns a ring with a Reverse-Flash lightning-bolt symbol on it that can open up a wall in the Time Vault that contains a mannequin which he uses to store his Reverse-Flash suit.[9] Eobard is able to hold his entire costume in his ring, and shoot it out of the top, allowing him to change into it at super speed and always have it ready for wear.[15]
  • Reverse-Flash suit: Eobard wears a protective suit while acting as the Reverse-Flash, to hide his identity from his victims and withstand extreme force. It is similar to the Flash’s future suit, but only reversing the colors (red to yellow, white to black).
    • Earpieces: On his suit’s cowl, there are two lightning-bolt shaped earpieces, also similar to those on Barry Allen’s Flash suit. The suit has wireless communication capabilities through its built in earpieces, though it is unclear what Eobard uses them for, as he is not shown to have any other allies other than Gideon and Grodd. It’s possible in his current post-Flashpoint iteration that he uses it to communicate with his teammates Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk, although Eobard prefers to wear a black leather jacket instead of his suit, and as such tends to use wireless earpieces to communicate with them.
    • Holographic interface: The suit has a computer-like connection to Gideon, giving the user portable access to the A.I. It has a holographic projection of Gideon in the center of the suit’s palm.[18]
    • Retractable half-face mask: Eobard, as of re-appearing on Earth-X, wears a nanotech mask that only covers the large mouth hole on his Reverse-Flash suit, leaving the glowing-red eyes exposed. For reasons unknown, he has not used it since.
  • Various future technologies: Eobard has several devices and gadgets from his time at his disposal. Some have been displayed and their functions have been shown, though there are those that are still unknown.
    • Appearance-stealing cord: This device has two cords that are connected to two organisms, corroding one while transferring that one’s genetics (especially phenotypes) to the other, allowing the survivor to physically resemble the other in every way. Eobard used this to physically become Harrison Wells. After Flashpoint, Eobard modified this device (or an identical one) to be used without killing the person he uses it on, only causing the victim pain, and allowing him to revert to his normal appearance when he wishes so he is not trapped with any one appearance. Eobard used the modified device on Martin Stein and others during his quest for the Spear of Destiny. Eobard implies having used this to get Harrison Wells’s appearance once again upon his return to Earth-One.
    • Biomolecular enhancer: Eobard gave this to the Nazis in 1942 as a bargaining chip in a trade with Adolf Hitler. It was used to mutate Baron Krieger into der Übermensch.[87] Ray Palmer modified Eobard’s enhancer into a drug to cure Nate Heywood’s hemophilia. As a result, Nate also received meta-human powers of identical to Tony Woodward’s.[123]
    • Pager: Eobard has a futuristic watch-like pager which can indicate whenever Black Flash is near.[84]

former equipment

  • Gideon: Eobard uses Gideon, an advanced artificial intelligence created by Barry Allen; to aid him during his travels through time and when monitoring the timeline.
  • Tachyon device: After Eobard’s connection to the Speed Force began fluctuating, he stole this device from Mercury Labs, using it with the intentions to get faster and stabilize his fluctuating Speed Force connection for longer durations. But once the effects of this device could no longer help him, he converted it into a Quantum splicer for Firestorm.
  • Wheelchair: After the particle accelerator exploded, Eobard pretended that he became paralyzed in his legs to hide his identity from the team. In addition, a device was stored on the underside of the wheelchair that was charging his super speed which Cisco Ramon eventually discovers. After his identity was revealed to Team Flash, Eobard abandoned this wheelchair which is currently in S.T.A.R. Labs, although he temporarily used it again in S.T.A.R. Labs, possibly for sentimental reasons after re-appearing on Earth-X.
  • Spear of Destiny: Eobard previously owned the Spear of Destiny, an ancient Biblical relic which was tainted by the blood of Jesus Christ, thus gaining tremendous reality warping divinely supernatural power.[7] Sara Lance used the object’s power to depower itself, thus; rendering the holy item useless.[95]

New multiverse

  • Reverse-Flash ring : Eobard owns a ring with a Reverse-Flash lightning-bolt symbol, which may has the same utility and the same features as it had in the original multiverse.
  • Reverse-Flash suits: Eobard wears a protective suit while acting as the Reverse-Flash in order to hide his identity from his victims and to withstand extreme force. The first is version is yellow with red highlights and fades to black on the arms and legs, while the second is more entirely yellow with red boots.
  • Appearance-stealing cord: Eobard used this device to become Harrison Wells as he did in the original multiverse.[73] It can also be assumed that this device is what allowed Eobard to wear Barry’s face when he framed the Flash in 2021.[71]

former equipment

  • Time manipulator: After being revived and stripped of his powers by the Time Wraiths, Eobard was given a watch-like device that both trapped him in a perpetual loop of the same day and allowed him to freeze time in order to protect the fixed point of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination.[96]
Alternate timeline equipment
  • Flash suit: When Eobard acted as the Flash in the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline, he wore Barry’s red Flash suit.[71]



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The Chronicles of Cisco

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Concept artwork

Reverse-Flash concept art 1Reverse-Flash concept art 2Dark Flash concept art Dark Flash .

promotional images

The Flash

Season 1

The Flash season 1 poster - Is he fast enough to change time?Reverse-Flash promotional image Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash ( as Wells )Reverse-Flash fight club promotional Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash in “ Fight Club ” ( as Wells ) .

Crisis on Earth-X



Behind the scenes


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