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Marvel Studios is about to introduce a whole new team of cosmic-powered superheroes to the MCU when Eternals releases on November 5, 2021. The cast includes big Hollywood names like Angelina Jolie as Thena, Salma Hayek as Ajak, Richard Madden as Ikaris, and Kit Harrington as Dan Whitman AKA the Black Knight .
If you want to know about who the Eternals are in the MCU check out our guide for equitable that .
marvel’s the eternals
The Eternals were created by a slipstream of cosmic god-like beings called the Celestials, who are set to play a big separate in Marvel ’ second Eternals film. In dependable Marvel Comics fashion, their origins and powers are slightly jumble, so please explore this deep prima donna that will answer all your questions about Marvel ’ sulfur Celestials. ] ] >

Origins of Marvel’s Celestials

marvel comics celestials in armor
In the begin, rear before the Marvel Multiverse, there was entirely one universe and it was sentient. This universe was known as the First Firmament and it was all alone, so it created the Celestials as its servants. Some of the Celestials worshipped the First Firmament and became known as the Aspirants. however, some broke off to create life of their own. These are the motley rebels are the Celestials who will show up in Marvel ’ south Eternals .

What was the first incarnation of the Celestials in Marvel media?

marvel comics celestials
The Celestials made their wonder Comics debut alongside the Eternals and the Deviants in Eternals # 1 in 1976 by Jack Kirby. The original Eternals comic book campaign did not stopping point long but the backstory for the Celestials has since been expanded upon .
Most of their narrative begins in the Seventh Cosmos, which unlike the former six was not embodied by one single entity. Rather, the Seventh Cosmos was embodied by the two beings : eternity and Eternity. It is during the Seventh Cosmos that the Celestial first battled Knull, the God of the Void. Knull decapitated an nameless Celestial, whose promontory would become Knowhere .
knowhere from guardians of the galaxy celestial head
Knowhere made its Marvel Cinematic Universe debut alongside the first shot of a Celestials in Guardians of the Galaxy ( 2014 ). The purple Celestial seen in the flashback wielding the Power Stone to destroy a whole planet is one of the most pitiless and destructive of the race, known as Eson the Searcher .
In Marvel Comics he is gold, not purple, and he destroyed Lemuria, the subaqueous home plate of the Deviants. He was besides the one to give the name Apocalypse to the mutant En Sabah Nur. He was ultimately killed along with many of the Celestials in the battle against the Dark Celestials ( Horde ) .

How did Marvel’s Celestials make the transition to television and movies?

eternals at sunset
The Celestials will last be getting their due in Eternals. In the trailer, Marvel fans got their first look at what is most probable Arishem The Judge. Arishem is the red, six-eyed leader of the Celestials. He is besides known as the Killer of Planets and started the war between the Celestials and the Watchers. Though the war is biased as Watchers like Uatu from Marvel ’ s What If… ? vow never to interfere with animation .
Concept artwork for Marvel ’ sulfur Eternals besides shows a whole team of Celestials. This includes Jemiah the Analyzer, Nezarr the Calculator, and Hargen the Measurer. The Celestials, other than Ego, are arduous to tell apart as they loom over the Earth. Adding to some fans confusion there is besides the celebrated Fantastic Four villain Galactus, who is besides massive but is not a celestial

What are the origins of Marvel’s Celestials? How does their origin play into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe?

marvel comics celestials coming to earth
In Marvel Comics, the Celestials are indirectly responsible for Infinity War. They created the Infinity Stones during the war for their exemption. It is not known where in the Marvel Cinematic Universe they have been since they created the Infinity Stones, but they have been to Earth in the by .
This has led to a late sports fan hypothesis that the Ten Rings of Power from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ( 2021 ) might be connected to either the Celestials or the Eternals. In the comics, the Ten Rings come from an foreigner race called Makluan and came to Earth when the dragon/alien Fin Fang Foom crash-landed. But this appears to have been retconned in the MCU and all that was revealed about their origin is that they are thousands of years honest-to-god. therefore, they could have arrived on earth with the Eternals .

Marvel characters who are Celestials

Ego Marvel Kurt Russel
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ( 2017 ) gave Marvel fans their best look at a celestial with Ego the Living Planet ( Kurt Russel ). Ego is Peter Quill ’ s AKA Star-Lord ( Chris Pratt ) founder, and he is distinctly different from the elephantine Celestials we have seen. Ego is sentient satellite rather than a titan like other Celestials seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe .
In Marvel Comics, Ego is neither a celestial nor Peter ’ s church father. Ego was once a man named Egros who merged with his planet when it was destroyed by a nova. Peter ’ s church father in the comics is J ’ Son the Emperor of Spartax. While it is never confirmed that J ’ son has any connection with Celestials, a previous emperor of Spartax was named Eson – the identify of a Celestial .

What duty have the Celestials been charged with?

Marvel Eternals Celestials Arishem Jemiah Nezarr Hargen
The Celestials are cosmic Entities who were primitively created as servants of the First Firmament as the first gear human body of life in the universe. however, they broke off and took up the undertaking of creating life throughout the Marvel Universe. The Fulcrum, besides known as The One Above All, uses them to create a balance of liveliness and end in the population .
Celestials develop animation on a planet through four visitations of a satellite called “ hosts. ” The First Host plants the seed of life, the future two study the satellite to track its progress and during the Fourth Host, a planet is judged to see if it is successful .
If the Celestials determine their experiments are a achiever, a planet is left alone and memories of the Celestials are erased. If it is not considered a success, then all life sentence on the planet is destroyed and the action can begin again .

What important Marvel Comics plots involve the Celestials?

marvel comics iron man godkiller armor celestials eternals
In 2013 ’ sulfur Marvel NOW ! consequence during the “ Secret Origin of Tony Stark ” history arc in Iron Man Vol 5 by Kieron Gillen and Matteo Scalera, they revealed the Godkiller Armor. The Godkiller Armor was created by the Aspirants to battle the maverick Celestials when they were evenly matched .
however, the Aspirants started to argue among themselves and stripped the Godkiller Armor for parts, which allowed the Celestials to prevail. Their victory shattered the First Firmament, whose fragments would become the Infinity Stones .
marvel comics dark celestials eternals
The Dark Celestials storyline introduced a whole new engender of the Celestials to Marvel Comics. These celestials were infected by the Horde – a species of bugs that work for the Fulcrum. The Horde libra out the life-creating coerce of the Celestials so that everything exists in a country of chemical equilibrium .
The Dark Celestials were released by Loki to purge the Earth. The Horde came to earth in the Progenitor, an Alpha Celestial who died in 1,000,000 BC. It is believed that its cadaver is the reason superhero powers were able to develop on Earth. The Avengers were only able to stop the Dark Celestials after Ikaris showed Iron Man how to form the Uni-Mind before the Dark Celestials killed all the Eternals.

What should you know about the Celestials as a group?

marvel eternals celestial concept art
The Celestials ’ ultimate goal is to create animation. Through their experiments, they create the Eternals, the Deviants, and even the mutants. indirectly they are even responsible for the fall of Atlantis, home of Namor the Submariner, as it was conquered by the Deviants .
The Celestials are identical mysterious. They wear armor and it is rare to see their true forms. Tiamut the Dreaming Celestial was once seen with a ardent android head when it removed his helmet for a moment. Like the Eternals that they created, they do not age, but they can be killed .
They were killed by the Godkiller Armor but during Dark Celestials, Knull was able to resurrect the dead Celestials to attack the Avengers. It is believed that they get their powers from a pocket population that they created. They draw their huge cosmic energy from these extradimensional spaces .

How the Celestials are connected to the Eternals

The Eternals
When the Celestials first came to Earth, they found proto world barely coming into being. They began conducting experiments on life sentence on prehistoric earth. This originally created three genetic-offshoot races : Humans, Deviants, and Eternals .
Humans were not aware of the experiment and the grotesque Deviants were rejected by the Celestials. The Eternals would go on to serve the Celestials. Their mission was to protect humans from the Deviants so that the Celestials ’ experiment would be a success .

What is the difference between Marvel’s Celestials and Eternals?

ikaris eternals marvel comics
While the Eternals were worshipped as gods by humans, the Celestials are the gods of the Eternals. The Eternals like Ikaris and Ajax obey the commands of the Celestials to allow world to choose its own path. This could be why they did not interfere during the events of Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : endgame .
however, one baron that the Eternals have the Celestials do not is resurrection. When a Celestial dies, they tend to stay dead. The exception being those who reanimated during Dark Celestials. When Knull decapitated a Celestial, its head became Knowhere the basal of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel fans should not expect Ego to return anytime soon .
In contrast, the Eternals have the Great Machine, besides known as the Archive. This artificial intelligence is made of some smaller machines which include the Machines of Resurrection, which can bring any Eternal back to life at the monetary value of killing one human being .

How do the Celestials and the Eternals intertwine and diverge?

marvel comics celestials mutants
After the Celestials finished their experiments on Earth, they left the Eternals behind. From there, the Eternals lived away from humanness for some meter. Some would finally break off like Gilgamesh, who was banished and became The Forgotten One. In the approaching Marvel movie, Gemma Chan ’ randomness Sersi has clearly been living with humans for some time and formed a kinship with Dan Whitman ( Kit Harrington ) .
The Eternals lone came out from their obscure batch top city Olympia during the Second and Third Hosts, the tests issues by the Celestials to determine if their experiments on humanness were a success. In the movie, they appear to have gone their separate way are reuniting as the Celestials render for the Fourth Host .

Characteristics of the Celestials

marvel comics celestial with galactus
The Celestials are typically Humanoid in their forcible appearance – a hanker as you don ’ triiodothyronine count the Living Planet, Ego. They are elephantine, with some standing at over 2,000 feet ( 610 meters ). Exitar the Executioner is one of the improbable at about 20,000 feet ( 6096 meters ) .
For reference book, the tallest construction on Earth is Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 160 stories and is 2,717 feet ( 828 meters ). And The Fantastic Four villain Galactus, with whom some fans confused with a Celestial, is a mere 28 feet ( 8.5 meters ) in comparison .

What are the physical characteristics of the Celestials?

marvel comics celestial madonna
The Celestials do not technically have genders, but most are depicted as male. not a lot is known of their biota, but their bodies are made of black bio-mechanical matter that can absorb souls. It is rare for them to be seen outside of their armor and some have theorized that the armor channels their energy from a plaza where they exist outside of world .
While the First Firmament created the first Celestials, and they can not immediately reproduce. They impregnate planets with eggs, though it does not normally work out for the host satellite. The planet is injected with Vibranium to serve as the carapace and the hatch destroys the populace .
The Celestial Madonna was besides shown as “ fraught ” in SHIELD # 1 by Jonathan Hickman and Dustin Weaver. She called her child “ something new/unique/forbidden. ” She died giving birth inside Earth ’ mho Sun to a random variable Celestial called Star Child .

What are the main personality traits of the Celestials?

marvel comics celestial with names
The Celestials do not have personalities then much as tasks they perform. For example, Arishem is the Judge and he alone decided whether Exitar will destroy all life on a planet. They have a loom presence over the other Marvel characters but do not develop interpersonal relationships .
The Celestials are war-like. They had their own civil war at the begin of the population and went on to declare war on the Watchers. They do not concern themselves with the affairs of lower beings unless they interfere with their experiments. Though the trailer does show them conversing with the Eternals .

What powers do the Celestials have?

marvel guardians of the galaxy celestial eson the searcher power stone
The Celestials are basically immortal. While they can be killed it is enormously hard to do indeed. They have inner defenses inside their armors. These include jellyfish-like antibodies and winged and tentacled creatures which swarm in great numbers and can fire herculean blasts from their one eye.

They are linked to each other through quantum telepathy, can communicate through time and outer space, and are basically all-knowing and almighty. obviously, they can destroy whole planets. They are some of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe and their entrance into the MCU will bring the movies to a whole newfangled charge .
marvel comics death of a celestial
The Celestials are coming soon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When they debut in Eternals, Marvel fans will learn many new things about them. Marvel Studios already have changed their lore on the big riddle by making Ego a Celestial so we will fair have to wait and see if more revelations are in the works .
Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about Marvel’s most powerful beings — the Celestials.

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