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Yui Ikari [ 1 ], the mother of Shinji Ikari and the wife of Gendo Ikari, was a bright bioengineer who worked for Project E at Gehirn. additionally, she is the daughter of a outstanding member of Seele [ 2 ] She died in 2004 as a result of her Contact experiment with Eva-01, but her intent lives on within the Eva as ageless proof of humanness ‘s universe. Though rarely seen in Lilin imprint, Yui Ikari is one of the more mighty presences in the series. When she is seen as a human, Yui is shown to be kind, affirmative, and motherly. Her religion in humanity and impression that it is deserving preserving and remembering stand out when compared to the more cynical characters on the rest of the mold. As a student at Kyoto University, she met her “ sensei “, Kozo Fuyutsuki. The nature of their academic kinship is stranger. Fuyutsuki ‘s peculiarity was metaphysical biota, which has little or nothing to do with what Yui was formally studying, bioengineering. however, the two were airless and she regarded him as a friend and confidant. During her first meet with him, she brings up the mind of becoming married and starting a class after college .

Relationships With other Characters

With Gendo Ikari

Yui became romantically involved with a mysterious valet, respective years older than herself, named Gendo Rokubungi, who was constantly the source of fly-by-night rumors — among them that Gendo had approached Yui for nothing but her talent and her affiliation with Seele. Regardless, in Yui ‘s own words, he was “ quite a sugared person. It ‘s just that no one knows it. ”

After Yui ( presumably ) graduated, she married Gendo, and the latter took on her surname [ 3 ] He became necessitate with Seele, joining the Katsuragi Expedition to serve as an hearer, although it is not revealed what Yui was doing during this time. After Gendo returned, they had a child together, Shinji — who, if a girl, would have been named Rei .

Yui took up exercise at the Artificial Evolution Laboratory in Hakone, Japan, which was in truth a front for Seele ‘s confidential research organization, Gehirn. Her skills in bioengineering went towards the “ Adam Revival Project ”, more normally called “ project E ”. In 2004, Yui volunteered herself as the screen subject for the Contact Experiment with the incomplete Eva-01 ( a decisiveness she had made by fall of the previous year ). She brought the 4-year-old Shinji to the site of the experiment so that she could “ show [ him ] the bright future ”. The experiment, apparently, was contribution of Gehirn ‘s research into the creation of artificial souls, but it resulted in a “ addict accident ” rather, wherein her soul was absorbed into the Eva ‘s core and her body reverted to LCL. Gendo subsequently undertook a “ salvage Operation “ that attempted to recreate Yui ‘s body and fix her person back into it, but this failed, rather resulting in the creation of the first Rei Ayanami. [ 4 ]

Yui as Eva-01

Yui ‘s soul remained inside of Eva-01 throughout the serial, with her son Shinji piloting it to defeat the Angels. Despite Nerv ‘s extensive system of restraints, Yui ‘s soul could take control of the Eva ‘s body in situations where Shinji was in extreme risk. Her control condition manifested itself in berserker mode, a state of matter of greatly increase office and ferociousness. She first moved all by herself in Episode 01, protecting Shinji from falling lights and in the follow battle in Episode 02, where she took restraint and defeated Sachiel when Eva-01 shut down after sustaining severe wrong from the Angel. In Episode 16, she made contact with her son and took see of the Eva immediately before all baron to the life hold systems failed, breaking out of and killing the twelfth Angel, Leliel. finally, she manifested in Episode 19 against the fourteenth Angel, Zeruel. This clock time, in addition to taking command over the Evangelion and promptly defeating the Angel, she besides ingested its S² Engine Engine in the process. When Third Impact arrived and Rei III rejected Gendo, control of Third Impact was given to Shinji and, ultimately, Yui. After Shinji ‘s rejection of The Human Instrumentality Project, Yui took the Spear of Longinus and floated out towards quad, becoming an endless testament to humanness ‘s being, as Evangelion Unit-01. [ 5 ]

Agenda and Legacy

250px M26 C459 eva01 spear Yui ‘s soul within Eva unit 01. In Episode 20, Shinji goes on a religious travel while trapped within the Eva. During this time, Shinji overhears a conversation between his mother and founder. Gendo: He has to live after the Second Impact, doesn’t he? In this hell… Yui: If he wants to survive, anywhere could be like Heaven. He has a chance to be happy anytime because he’s alive. Gendo: I see. You’re right. Yui reveals to Gendo that she believes anyone can find Heaven ; they must have the will to survive and they will attain happiness. This impression is passed on to Shinji, first in his come back to the physical world in Episode 20, and late in his choice to be “ alive ” ( existing as human in physical kind with an AT Field ) rather than accept Instrumentality. [ 6 ] Yui ‘s impression may besides be exemplified in her amatory kinship with Gendo, however Gendo ‘s desire to be associated with Seele raised questions concerning whether he was in truth in sleep together with Yui or whether he was using her to get closer to SEELE. The fact that his every action for the next ten was made in pastime of reuniting with Yui suggests he was not just using her ; conversely, since she kept some of her agenda unavowed from Gendo, she may in a sense have been using him.

In sequence 21, Yui describes Gendo as “ … quite a angelic person. It ‘s just that no one knows it. ” [ 7 ] Yui has her own agenda, different from Seele ‘s, and ultimately different from Gendo ‘s angstrom well. a lot, but not all of her agenda is presented in the series. See Theory and Analysis : Yui ‘s Agenda for details .

In Rebuild of Evangelion

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Yui is wholly absent as a character in Evangelion 1.0, although Evangelion 2.0 opens with Shinji and Gendo visiting her sculpt. Rei ‘s soundbox is a copy of Yui ‘s original form, as in the original series- confirmed when Gendo sees Rei as Yui for a here and now. As in the original conflict with Zeruel, Yui rejects the Dummy System, which Gendo interprets as Yui rejecting him .
300px Eva2 22 C0725 yui Yui in Evangelion 2.0 .300px Eva3 33 C0847 photo up Photograph of Yui and Shinji however, there is no concrete indication as to what extent Yui is responsible for the Evangelion ‘s demeanor : The Eva Pseudo-Evolution that elevates Eva-01 to near-godlike condition during 2.0 ‘s abortive Third Impact may or may not have been completely under Yui ‘s control, and much remains to be explained about the Evangelions in the Rebuild of Evangelion continuity. In Evangelion 3.0 Fuyutsuki presents a surviving photograph of Yui to Shinji, and reveals that her maiden over diagnose was Yui Ayanami and that she was a scholar of his. Fuyutsuki goes on to tell Shinji that Yui was absorbed into Eva-01 while testing direct entry into cores and that she is now the “ control organization of Eva-01 ”.

Yui in other Media

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Shinji Ikari Raising Project ( Manga )

As the SIRP Manga has a lighter shade than most other Evangelion Series, Yui Ikari is not only still alive, but much used as a comedic character. She is very much the driving military unit in her marriage, and often assumes authority over Gendo .


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