Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

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Title I

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

Title II

“Neon Genesis EVANGELION [3 Years After] -ANIMA-“


Light Novel


Mecha, Psychological, Apocalyptic


Dengeki Hobby Magazine

Created by

Ikuto Yamashita

Written by

Yamashita Ikuto (Writer, Illustrator, Editor)
Takeru Kageyama (Writer)
Yasuo Kashihara (Planning, Editor)

Illustrated by

Yamashita Ikuto
Utatane Hiroyuki (Characters in the Magazine version)
Ryota Magaki (Guest Illustrator)
Kio Seiji (Guest Illustrator)

Release Date

January 2008 – 2013

Running Time

5 Volumes (Complete)



Preceded by
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Alternate Ending)

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA ( エヴァンゲリオン ANIMA ) ( previously known Neon Genesis EVANGELION (3 Years After) -ANIMA- and shortened as Evangelion ANIMA ) is a light novel that was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine from 2008-2013. [ 1 ] It was written by Ikuto Yamashita and illustrated by Utatane Hiroyuki and Ikuto Yamashita in the serialize version. The book adaptation was entirely illustrated by Yamashita. The book translation was late released with five volumes. It is set in an alternate future of the Evangelion global in which the Human Instrumentality Project, seen in episodes 25 and 26 of the zanzibar copal was averted by Shinji ( along with some plot changes such as Kaji not getting photograph or Unit-00 being not wholly destroyed ) .

Plot Summary

book 1

The narrative begins three years after the end of the MP Evas in the Battle of the Geofront. In this timeline, Asuka and Unit-02 were the anchor of Third Impact rather of Shinji. The old Nerv HQ has been trapped inside a black dome where time does not move, along with Gendo, Ritsuko and many workers and soldiers. This place is known as “ Lilith ’ s Chronostatic Sphere. ” A new headquarter has been built on the surface, along with a new Tokyo-3. Rei III, now called Trois, has split her soul and introduced shards in three new bodies : Quatre, Cinq and Six. These clones orbit the Earth, each piloting a Unit-0.0, and are controlled by Trois from the planet ’ s surface. One day, Trois ’ connection with her clones is cut, and Quatre redirects her Eva on a collision course with Tokyo-3. Shinji and Asuka are dispatched to intercept it, and although they manage to minimize the destruction by using their AT-Fields, Rei Quatre lands and begins to fight Unit-01. At the like time, a bony version of an MP Eva, house a cocoon among its rib, appears and starts walking towards Nerv HQ. When Shinji attacks it, the sleeve of the Angel Sachiel emerges from the cocoon. Asuka follows the MP Eva all the manner down the old Geofront, where she destroys it using a replica of the Lance of Longinus. meanwhile, in the surface, the Eva of Rei Quatre mutates and fuses its weapon with a gamma-ray laser canon. With this, she shoots Unit-01 and kill Shinji before vanishing. The new threat, the resurrect MP Evas, are named “ Angel Carriers. ”
Unit-01 is transported down to a cage. They discover that the body underneath the armor is liquefying, with the exception of the S2 Engine, which is actually shrinking and slipping aside into another proportion of universe. A few days former, a new Angel Carrier attacks and, using the powers of Leliel, manages to steal the replica of the Lance. Helped by Yui ’ south soul, Shinji returns to biography in a restructure, more knock-down Unit-01 ; and he destroys the Carrier. however, Yui seems to disappear from inside the Eva. They discover that Shinji lacks a kernel, and that he ’ second connected with Unit-01 –renamed as the Super Eva– through the core, which now beats like a gigantic human heart. Trois, having have in sharing a consciousness among many bodies, teaches Shinji how to keep the Super Eva under master. Their coach is cut short-change when she, along with the other two Reis silent in eye socket, is taken over by a mysterious entity. surveillance satellites around the moonlight localize a giant dress in black armor holding the original Lance of Longinus. This entity speaks through the Reis, demanding “ You who have failed your parts, depart the stage at once ; ” and besides declaring Super Eva ’ s blink of an eye to be an anomaly .
The black giant, named “ Armaros ” by Misato, unwinds the Lance into a beaming tune and hurls it at the Earth. then it releases the Reis from its control, which completely severs the connection between the three. unable to cope with her newly-gained independence, Cinq falls into a self-induced sleep. Six freaks out, but Toji manages to calm her down through the comm. channels, and she uses her Unit to attack the entrance Lance. however, the attacks not entirely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work, they besides cause the spear to release bursts of light which turn 1.9 million people –from North America to Europe to Russia– into pillars of salt. Among the victims is Kodama, Hikari ’ s older baby, who was in Germany. The Lance begins to spin around the Earth, which causes earthquakes and other natural disasters as the satellite ’ s multitude cryptically disappears. The birds besides vanish en masse, which causes an overpopulation of insects. Rei Quatre returns, nowadays with silver hair, and abducts Shinji. She kisses him and tries to convince him to restart the Human Instrumentality Project ; but he rejects her and she disappears once again .
Unit-02 is modified into the Eva-02 Allegorica, fitted with an N2 nuclear reactor, wings, thrusters and a centaur-like appearance. Asuka, along with Rei Cinq in her Unit-0.0, is going to be sent to a lunar excursion. however, to reach the moon, they first need to cross the Longinus Curtain, a pull field that isolates the earth from the rest of the universe, created by the spin Lance. The spear attacks them when they try to breach the Curtain, and Cinq sacrifices herself sol that Asuka can go through. All her memories and emotions are sent back to Rei Trois. These desperate news lawsuit Shinji, who was inside Super Eva at the time, to lose control and run away to a bare area. An Angel Carrier is attracted by the heartbeat of his Evangelion and attacks, but Shinji kills it with help from the UN. then, a whiten Eva descends from the defile, one that has the like type of wings, thrusters and reactor as the Allegorica. Shinji calls Asuka ’ south identify, but Hikari is the one who responds, telling him that Asuka is still alive. [ 2 ]

volume 2

The new white Eva reveals itself as a Unit created in Germany, called Heuterbise, or “ Euro-II ” due to its similarities with Unit-02. When Shinji notices that it has two of Armaros ’ black scales in its shoulder pylons, Hikari claims that they have found a way to harness their power without being contaminated. however, Shinji doubts it, as he notices that his old supporter seems to be in a sort of enchantment. While Super Eva and Euro-II battle, a evanesce of UN military planes fly over them, towards Tokyo-3. They blame Nerv for all the people that turned into salt due to the Lance of Longinus, and they want to seize master over the headquarters. fortunately, a massive drove of locusts ruins their engines, and the remaining planes are easily shot down by Nerv ’ s defenses. Euro-II and Hikari abandon the battlefield and fly away. After the fail rape, Nerv, Japan and the UN establish by and large passive relationships once more. On the island of Cyprus, Kaji and Kensuke find Keel Lorenz ’ mho bill. When Kaji puts it on, his mind is taken over by the collective memories and cognition of all SEELE members. Kensuke calls Tokyo-3 and informs them of the situation, but before a rescue party can be launched, two black Evangelion-like creatures appear near headquarters. They are similar to Armaros, but smaller and with only one wing each. These entities –named Victor 2 and Victor 3 for the moment– open a portal site, and three winged Angel Carriers arrive through it. After Shinji defeats the Carriers in his fresh flying Super Eva, Rei Quatre, in her mutant Unit-0.0, takes Misato through the portal vein before it closes. meanwhile, Asuka and her Eva-02 Allegorica have arrived on the moon, which is now much closer to Earth, swollen to respective times its original size and with magma-filled cracks running across its coat. This couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be seen from Earth due to the Longinus Curtain. Asuka defeats an Angel Carrier with the powers of Arael, and then she finds Armaros terraforming the satellite through unknown means. She realizes that the Lance of Longinus is teleporting Earth ’ s bulk to the lunar month, and that ’ s why the planet is shrinking. After that, Asuka finds a mysterious crystalline structure, and when she enters in it, both she and her Eva are overwhelmed with data from millions of different lifeforms. She learns that Earth and the lunar month have been switching places for several thousand years and that it ’ sulfur about to happen again. Armaros rips them out of the structure, but the Allegorica mutates into a more animalistic version of itself and attacks the black giant in ramp. Quatre and Misato come out of the portal and arrive in Cyprus, where they meet with Kensuke and Kaji, the latter a vessel for SEELE. He explains that Armaros has no navigate nor will ; it is just a condom mechanism to ensure the progress of the Human Instrumentality Project. They are attacked by the Euro-II Eva, sol Kaji takes restraint of Quatre and uses her mutant Unit-0.0 to escape along with Misato and Kensuke, teleporting them to the Atlas Mountains in Africa. This is where they find the Ark, an ancient crystalline structure which contains the datum of all animation forms that have always existed. It ’ second besides the same one Asuka found on the moonlight, since the Ark is split into two existences so that it might survive unharmed thorough eternity. Unit Euro-II appears and attacks again. back in Japan, Toji convinces Fuyutsuki to get out of retirement and to return to Nerv in Misato ’ s absence. meanwhile, Trois is starting to act and speak like Cinq. Victor 2 and 3 reappear and open another portal, summoning more Angel Carriers ; but Shinji and Trois, in the Super Eva, pursue them before the gate closes. They fight inside what appears to be a transdimensional corridor, and the clash trowns Super Eva into the Atlas Mountains. As a consequence of this dimensional shock, Armaros and Unit-02 to appear there vitamin a well, but the latter is therefore mutate that cipher recognizes it. Shinji believes that Asuka died on the moon. Super Eva answers to his ramp and collapse into flames, attacking Armarmos with powers never seen earlier. During the crusade, Shinji keeps yelling “ Give Asuka back to me ! ” The black giant calls down the spear of Longinus, which pierces through the Super Eva, taking away its “ heart. ” then it returns to orbiting about Earth and it dispels the Longinus Curtain, allowing everyone to see the real moonlight. Armaros vanishes and Quatre frees herself from Kaji ’ s control condition ; but Trois disappears, and therefore does the mutant Unit-0.0. Hikari is freed from her capture and she recognizes the mutate Unit-02, calling for Asuka to no avail. In a desperate attack, she rips one of Euro-II ’ s black scales and puts it in Super Eva ’ mho thorax, managing to revive both the Evangelion and Shinji. At Hikari ’ s supplication, Shinji calls for Asuka. This causes a reaction in the mutant Unit-02, and it sheds all the excessive genetic material it received from the Ark until all that remains is a android red giant, a fusion between Unit-02 and Asuka. Toji arrives and meets Hikari. [ 3 ]

volume 3

Hikari gives Toji the glass phial containing the salt that was once her sister Kodama, and asks him to take it back to Tokyo-3. Hikari will return to Germany and keep piloting the Heuterbise, but she will be the one in control this time. interim, they discover that the Asuka/Unit-02 coalition –called “ Crimson A1 ” – acts like a modest child : curious, unable to speak, harmless but heavily to control. When it ’ s prison term to return to Japan, Shinji tries to fly, but he doesn ’ t know how to extract power from the Armaros ’ scale in Super Eva ’ second thorax. Crimson A-1 takes Super Eva by the hands and lifts it in the air travel, the two flying together. During the fledge back to Tokyo-3, Rei Quatre destroys a window of the plane she ’ second in and falls. Shinji manages to catch her and he gets her inside Super Eva ’ sulfur hack, but Quatre draws exponent from Armaros ’ scale and wishes for it to “ take them to the farthest place. ” Thus, Super Eva and its two occupants go through dimensional tunnels and end up in a strange land. There they meet Kaji, who has Rei Trois and the mutant Unit-0.0 under his control. He explains that they ’ re in Apple ’ s Core, a satellite at the other side of the sun and the testing labor for the first Human Instrumentality Project. Shinji finds the Leliel Angel Carrier who stole the replica Lance of Longinus. He retrieves the replica and hurls it back towards the Earth so that Kaji can ’ t have it. Quatre frees Trois from the mind control and reclaims her mutant Eva, teleporting away along with Kaji. This event helps Trois to stop repressing her feelings, and she cries for the first time in many years. meanwhile, in Japan, the land surrounding Hakone has been transformed by the constant catastrophe. A massive crystalline structure appears on the shores of Lake Ashi, and they identify it as the Glass Egg, the plate of Lilith ’ s Chronostatic Sphere. Maya wants to separate Asuka from Unit-02, and suggest asking Nerv U.S. to send their fender, Mari, who has been genetically altered using animal DNA. Maya hopes that, by studying the small girl, she will find a room to reverse the process in Crimson A1. Thus, Mari arrives at Tokyo-3 along with her Unit, an animalistic-looking Eva called Wolfpack. however, before any experiments can be performed, the UN decides to lure Armaros to a trap by replicating Super Eva ’ s heartbeat. While being transported to the battlefield, Crimson A1 flies off the ship and she ’ randomness abducted by strange root-like tendrils emerging from the earth, disappearing. A exchangeable destiny happens to Rei Six, as her Eva-00 Type F Allegorica accelerates beyond its flight way and vanishes. The fake pulse summons one of Armaros ’ Victors –from now on referred to as “ Torwätchers ” – who proceeds to fight the UN forces stationed there, including Hikari in the Heuterbise. As the competitiveness goes on, they discover that the Torwätcher has Super Eva ’ mho heart beat in its thorax. While this is happening, Shinji and Trois are travelling through the dimensional tunnels, trying to return to Earth. They find Asuka ’ second spirit, who enters the plug. She hugs Shinji, and through Trois she apologizes to Cinq for her death. Shinji feels soothed by Asuka ’ s presence, but then her liveliness goes away, claiming that “ You didn ’ triiodothyronine bring me here, Shinji ! It wasn ’ thymine you ! ” On the battlefield, the Torwätcher opens a portal site, and from it emerges Crimson A1, now contaminated by Armaros ’ scales but obviously distillery acting on her own treaty. Maya, who is watching the fight, suggest that possibly Crimson A1 thinks that the Torwätcher is Shinji, since it has Super Eva ’ randomness heart. Seven Angel Carriers are besides summoned, and all of them attack Heuterbise. Mari and Wolfpack arrive, and when the girl sees Crimson A1, she declares that she wants to be like her, admiring her nature as the arrant coalition of different beings. Toji takes a little plane and flies into the struggle, where a digress attack shoots him down. He ’ s saved by Crimson A1, and Toji tries to convince her that the Torwätcher is not Shinji ; but Hikari attacks, believing that he ’ s in danger, and Crimson A1 flees.

The Super Eva emerges from the ground, following the beat of its steal heart. The Angel Carriers encase it, along with Wolfpack, inside a crystalline structure called The Tower of Babel, which causes everyone around it to become unable to communicate. During a long and tense battle, Shinji has a vision of the Torwätcher ’ sulfur and Crimson A1 flying though the dimensional tunnels and notices that one of her hands is touching the heart of Super Eva. Shinji learns how to draw power from it, even if it is far away, so that he nobelium longer has to depend on Armaros ’ scale. With Hikari ’ s outside avail, Shinji destroys the tower and kills all the Angel Carriers. even after that, he can calm feel Asuka ’ s warmth close to his affection. Mari and Wolfpack go their own way. Shinji, Trois and Toji return to Tokyo-3, where they discover that Lilith ’ s Chronostatic Sphere has been stolen by Armaros. Shinji deduces that it has most probable been taken to the moon, still in the summons of becoming the new Earth, getting closer and bigger each day. [ 4 ]

bulk 4

Using the Super Eva, Shinji and Rei Trois go into space to recover Rei Cinq ’ s Unit-0.0. The operation is a success, and Super Eva returns to Earth while Trois prepares herself to go search for the vanish Rei Six. however, her plan is interrupted when a musical composition of the bloat moon breaks off. Unbeknownst to everyone, Six and her Unit-0.0 Type-F Allegorica are in there. interim, in Norway, Mari decides that she wants to eat Crimson A1, hoping that it will grant her a much better connection with the animal souls inside Wolfpack. She mimics the blink of an eye of the Super Eva, attracting the attention of both Crimson A1 and Torwätcher B, the one who stole the heart. They teleport to Norway and open a dimensional gate, sending Wolpack and themselves to the moon break up. Around the same prison term, the replica of the Lance of Longinus arrives from Apple ’ s Core and crashes on the detached lunar landmass, where Rei Six finds it. As Super Eva returns to Nerv, Shinji starts seeing through the eyes of Torwächer B. Moving about on instinct, he grabs Azumateratsu, a giant star bow-like weapon that Maya had excavated from Lake Ashi, and aims it towards the flip. The bow shoots an huge arrow of light which vaporizes half of the detached lunar landmass, from now on called “ Yomotsu Hirasaka ”. however, the energy output turns Super Eva, and Shinji, into a salt statue which crumbles as Azumateratsu disappears. Shinji ’ second spirit takes control of Torwätcher B, but in doing so he forgets his identity. Azumateratsu manifests from his tail, and Shinji uses it to fire at Wolfpack, who has the replica Lance in its fangs and is trying to attack Crimson A1. From a nearby mountain, Kaji/SEELE and Rei Quatre watch the fight, and the early reveals that he was the one who detached Yomotsu Hirasaka from the moon, using it to intercept the Longinus replica. Inside a dream-like mindscape, Shinji sees a “ girl clothed in loss fart ” being attacked by a snake made of lightning, and jumps in to protect her. In the substantial world, Wolfpack unfurls its AT-Field, creating a pack of apparitional beasts that incapacitate Torwätcher B. Wolfpack reaches Crimson A1 and bites her shoulder. This causes Asuka ’ s awareness to reawaken, and she calls out to Shinji, who hears her voice inside the dream-like mindscape and remembers his name. The “ girl clothed in crimson wind instrument, ” now with a morsel mark on her shoulder, scolds him for forgetting about her. She declares that, even if the populace became a perfect rate, she ’ five hundred love him enough to be the one actual irritant in his side. then she kisses him, and Shinji recognizes her as Asuka. now in entire command of the Torwätcher, Shinji grabs the Longinus replica and fights back the horde of AT-Field beasts. In the summons, the black armor cracks, releasing a reconstructed Super Eva, now reunited with its heart. interim, Rei is using her Unit-0.0 to blast the entrance fragments of Yomotsu Hirasaka, so that they don ’ metric ton fall on worldly concern. She is infected by one of Armaros ’ scales ; but Hikari appears in Heuterbise and saves her. shortly after, the Longinus Ring creates an enormous lens veracious between Earth and the incoming lunar landmass. barely as Shinji tells Rei Six to take Crimson A1 aside from there, Armaros manifests and reclaims Azumateratsu, which originally belonged to it. The black giant summons two more Torwätchers, ones that speak with Asuka and Rei ’ second voices. Kaji/SEELE reveals that the current Armaros is a Shinji from a former world, one where Asuka and Rei died before the final conflict. A injure Wolfpack attacks and manages to absorb all the organic data from Crimson A1, and both fritter in loss particles. At the early side of the lens, in the entrance fireplug of Unit-0.0, Asuka and Mari happen, returning to their human forms. As Yomotsu Hirasaka gets closer and closer to Earth, Shinji channels the power of Third Impact through Super Eva ’ sulfur affection, becoming a giant star of light, bigger than tied Armaros. This allows him to change the collison path and decelerate the lunar fragment, hopefully minimizing the damage. Hikari uses a fresh weapon, the Devil ’ s Backbone, to apparently kill Armaros once and for all. Yomotsu Hirasaka falls safely into the Pacific Ocean, but Shinji disappears. Some prison term late, he reappears at the Tokyo-3 school, but he is acting wyrd. The pilots discover that they can meet there when they sleep, careless of the real-world outdistance between them, and theorize that it must be Shinji ’ sulfur dream. The asleep Rei Cinq is besides present, although the narration implies that it ’ south actually Yui ’ south soul. She explains that Shinji froze Third Impact in its last 0.82 seconds, and that it will resume if he wakes up. Asuka arranges for an entry-plug to be translated to the classroom, and convinces “ dream ” Shinji to get inwardly with her. A few seconds late, Super Eva reappears in the ruins of erstwhile cardinal Dogma. [ 5 ]

volume 5

Affected by pain, Shinji goes into an about amuck country, making the Super Eva methamphetamine about ; but Asuka manages to calm him down. She explains to him that, because of the unfinished Third Impact, his dream is now merging with reality, manifesting in anomalies such as the classroom. Maya finds a message carved onto a piece of metallic element, from Gendo Ikari and Ritsuko. They are alive, but trapped outside of clock and watching events unfold. meanwhile, in Europe, Hikari and Heuterbise become the new Armaros, taking Kensuke with them and causing untold destruction. Asuka suggest they go to Yomotsu Hirasaka and destroy the lens, which are now siphoning seawater to the moon. She believes that such an action will attract Armaros ’ attention. In the dream classroom, Shinji hops binding into the entry plug, returning to his body, frozen in clock inside the Super Eva. He reactivates it, managing to keep the last 0.82 seconds of Third Impact at true laurel. Super Eva –now christened as the Final Model–, takes off, with Asuka and Toji following in a VTOL. meanwhile, using her mutant Eva, Rei Quatre takes Kaji/SEELE to Nerv, where he negotiates with Misato : information in exchange for the Longinus replica. Around the same time, Mari regains some of her animal instincts and features. She slips under Nerv ’ s watchfulness and sneaks into a boat on path to Yomotsu Hirasaka. In the new island, Shinji is attacked by the Angel Carriers, which have regenerated thanks to the exponent of the Ark. During the contend, he falls into subterranean magma and finds Lilith ’ s Chronostatic Sphere. Influenced by its ability, Shinji contacts two early possible versions of himself, and together they summon the Lance of Lucretius. Shinji uses it to destroy the spatial lenses, bringing Armaros to the island. In the meanwhile, Asuka sees Mari running through the jungle and follows her. Upon arrival, Armaros is attacked by a restructure giant Wolfpack, who now has Unit-02 embedded into its frontal bone. Mari fuses with Wolfpack while Asuka climbs to the heading and manages to reactivate Unit-02. They aid Shinji in the battle against Armaros, but the black giant summons a Torwätcher containing Kodama ’ second soul, and then it turns Toji into another Torwätcher. The original Lance of Longinus comes down from outer space and tries to stab the Final Model, but it ’ south absorbed by the roots of the World Tree, which manifest all across the world, bloating the skies. In Nerv, Kaji/SEELE explains that the roots are “ the road that connects the Human Instrumentality Project. ” They ’ ra besides what Armaros, the Towätchers, the Angel Carriers and Quatre ’ randomness mutant Eva have been using to teleport freely around the populace. Using the Ark, Asuka fuses with Unit-02 one more time, becoming Crimson A1. Shinji is forced to use some of the baron of the hold on Third Impact, but in doing so he brings the catastrophe 0.5 seconds closer to completion. With the original Longinus lost inside the World Tree, Armaros flies through the roots to Tokyo-3, to steal Nerv ’ sulfur replica. Rei Quatre takes the replica Lance and uses it to crack the Glass Egg, destroying both in the serve and bringing back the honest-to-god HQ into world, along with Gendo, Ritsuko and many others. After this, Kaji is freed from SEELE ’ s control. At the same time, a massive volcanic eruption in Yomotsu Hirasaka launches Lilith ’ s Chronostatic Sphere into the moon. Armaros fuses with the roots of the World Tree, taking the phase of an huge giant of dark who threatens to destroy Tokyo-3. They urge Shinji to let as many people as possible inside pipe dream classroom, since it ’ s durable a long as he ’ south active. He besides releases the concluding power of Third Impact, turning the Final Model into a giant of light. Shinji burns some of the roots of the World Tree and cuts one of Armaros ’ arms, but in doing so he frees the original Lance of Longinus, and the spear plunges right though his center, putting a blockage to Third Impact. In the ambition classroom, Toji reawakens Bardiel ’ s kernel within his body, which allows him to take control of his Torwätcher form and excerpt Hikari and Kensuke from Armaros. Asuka realizes that Shinji ’ sulfur awareness must be entire somewhere, since his dream still exists, and so she calls out to him. Kaji tells her to “ think of the one she loves ” and that she “ must give him a vessel. ” On the real populace, a dimensional tear appears on Crimson A1 ’ s lower body, and a brand newfangled Eva, piloted by Shinji Ikari, comes out. This march returns both Asuka and Unit-02 to convention. Shinji gets ready to destroy Armaros, knowing wide well that he will become future one ; but Mari appears, still fused with Wolfpack, and kills the blacken colossus. Using her powers as the raw minister of the Human Instrumentality Project, she takes the Ark and the Lance of Longinus to Apple ’ s Core. The moonlight becomes the New Earth, since the original has lost its Ark and excessively much multitude. Shinji, Asuka, the Reis and the other pilots will have to look for a new moon to stabilize the scope of New Earth ; but first, Shinji wants to speak with his father. The end. [ 6 ]


Evangelion Units



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The initial announcement was presented in the November 2007 issue, with a unretentive introduction by and interview with Ikuto Yamashita in December 2007. The beginning chapter was published in the January 2008 offspring. The chapters are accompanied by numerous illustrations of the characters and many redesigned and upgrade Evas. The designs utilize scrapped ideas from Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal equally well as “ bode ” the Evangelion designs used for the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy. ANIMA is advertised as “ Ikuto Yamashita presents, ” and he is credited as the supervisory program of the stallion work, mecha graphic designer, and illustrator. Character design and character illustrations are done by Hiroyuki Utatane, with color by Ryou Ramiya. The series besides features extra mechanical designs by Seiji Kio and, in a few issues, models built by some of the Dengeki Hobby modelers adenine well as Bandai prototypes. The Chōgōkin Super Evangelion toy was last released in March 2010 after more than 2 years of development by Bandai and supervision by Yamashita. In the June 2010 write out of Dengeki Hobby Magazine the Neon Genesis Evangelion -ANIMA- Visual Book was announced for publish in the summer. The August issue of Dengeki Hobby dated the koran for a July 24, 2010 release, costing 2,000 yen. It was subsequently delayed until August 11. There are differences in content with the serialize interpretation and the book version, with information regarding to engineering being ommited from the book version, which had its first chapters rewritten by Yamashita, unlike the serialized version which was written by Takeru Kageyama.

To commemorate the series ‘ tenth anniversary, ANIMA received a broad print book free, rent into five books. The first two books were released simultaneously in Japan on November 30th, 2017. [ 1 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] The third gear volume was released on March 17, 2018. [ 9 ] The final two volumes were released simultaneously in Japan on March 30, 2019. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] On January 11, 2019, Seven Seas Entertainment announced they had licensed ANIMA for an english terminology liberation. The first volume of the series was released early digitally on August 15, 2019 and in mark on October 29, 2019. [ 12 ] [ 2 ] The final volume for print was released on August 3, 2021, with an early digital release on June 24, completing the series. [ 13 ]

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  • Volume 1: ISBN-13: 978-4048933728 (Tankobon Hardcover – November 30, 2017)
  • Volume 2: ISBN-13: 978-4048934565 (Tankobon Hardcover – November 30, 2017)
  • Volume 3: ISBN-13: 978-4048937429 (Tankobon Hardcover – March 17, 2018)
  • Volume 4: ISBN-13: 978-4049121209 (Tankobon Hardcover – March 30, 2019)
  • Volume 5: ISBN-13: 978-4049124064 (Tankobon Hardcover – March 30, 2019)
  • Visual Book: ISBN-13: 978-4048685269 (JP Oversized – August 1, 2010)
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