01: The Elevator Scene

01: The Elevator Scene

1* lrh9g7PTMaYqLr6Rc5ifgFig 1: The Elevator Scene — Neon Genesis Evangelion (1996) Let ’ s get this out of the way : I ’ m a nerd. I grew up playing video games after school and watching Saturday dawn cartoons like it was my religion. References to both still litter my board, whether it ’ s the Digimon goggles on my desk or the Pokemon badges on my backpack. There ’ s something so free about visiting these worlds. They ’ re similar to ours, yet so wholly unlike at the like time. For me, they contain a charming mix of nostalgia and safety valve. Anyway, that ’ s a station for another day. indeed what ’ s the floor behind the Elevator Scene ? Asuka Langley ( right ), is introduced to us as a child genius, praised for her glare and deft in piloting mech suits. however, through the arc of the show, she is forced to confront the abusive relationship she had with her now dead mother. As a leave, her ability to control the mechs falters and she falls behind her once subscript peers. Asuka, who prides herself on her superiority, crumbles under these new circumstances. She begins to lash out at her peers, most of all Rey Ayanami ( left ). All of Asuka ’ s frustrations, her anger, her pity, are projected onto Rey. All this leads us to the ill-famed Elevator Scene. fifty-three seconds of two people riding an elevator. No music, no television camera changes, not even the flickering lights of floors gone by or shifts in gaze or carriage. It is merely fifty-three seconds of deafening silence. For those unfamiliar, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an iconic japanese animation, considered by many to be among their front-runner series of all time. What began as a fairly typical “ mech-suits fight off extraterrestrial being invasion ” show evolved into a dark exploration of awareness and the human circumstance. however, then novitiate director Hideaki Anno was battling depressive disorder and, pressured with a time crunch to meet production schedules, left Evangelion rough around the edges to say the least. Despite its proceed popularity, many criticize it for inconsistencies in pace, fib, and characterization. In a feel, the Elevator Scene is the perfect representation for the indicate ’ randomness short-comings. When you start to think about it, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate quite make smell, and the more you think about farther down the rabbit hole you fall.

here ’ s the thing though. I actually like it. In fact, I think it ’ s a very intentional choice. Anno, who enjoys dramatic scores and tight stopping point up throughout the show, chooses to forgo both in this consequence. alternatively, he locks the camera into a flat injection and offers merely the slow rumble of the elevator. The stoic, freeze expressions of the characters expresses the real tension between the two. For me at least, this kind of story-telling in truth works. There ’ randomness something to be said for allowing the audience to experience the world precisely as the characters do. To truly feel the tension and self-consciousness the characters do. Of class, there ’ s a good and wrong room to do this. For model, the first eight episodes of season 2 in the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ( 2006 ) are actually a loop of the same episode, eight times. Imagine the writers wrote one full episode with options for jokes ABCDE and character designs 12345. alternatively of reducing it to one episode with ABC and 125, they created eight episodes, each of which is just some permutation of the master five letters and numbers, frequently overlapping in both. This was purportedly mean to make the audience experience the same repeat as the protagonist who, plunderer, was caught in a clock coil. alternatively it became a massive turn off for hebdomadally viewers who were excited for a newly season and rather endured week after workweek of the lapp thing. “ The Endless Eight ” was incredibly infuriating for viewers and arguably one of the contributing agent to the express ’ s fall. I don ’ thymine think there ’ south much argument to be made for why this would work.

now, I want to offer you the find to make your own decision : the pie-eating scene from Casey Affleck ’ s A Ghost Story ( 2017 ). In scene, Rooney Mara returns from the funeral of her lover to find a proto-indo european, left on the kitchen buffet. In a moment of complete and express grief, she unwraps the proto-indo european, sinks to the kitchen floor and proceeds to eat as much of the proto-indo european as she can stomach until she sprints off to vomit in the toilet.

In a sense, it ’ randomness very similar to the Elevator Scene. Both go unmown and without accompanying music or dialogue. They allow the consultation to focus entirely on the moment. I think by now you can gather my opinion. personally, I love it. We ’ re therefore used to shitty spelled out writing. “ Oh Mom, I ’ m so sad because he ’ south gone. ” Bullshit. Heartache is illogical. It doesn ’ t always reach out for comfort or seek the help it needs. Sometimes it barely wants to eat pie and try to fill a null that rightfully can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be. It ’ s like every grade school English teacher always has constantly said : “ show don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate state. ”1*w k92HLJIl8q8MCwggdsSAFig 1b: The pie-eating scene from Ghost Story (2017) Note: I ’ m not sure how much of this type of writing I ’ ll do. It takes a distribute longer to do research and flush out my ideas, plus there ’ sulfur about a million YouTubers and Editorial Columnists who do it better. At the moment I ’ m a big winnow of Patrick ( H ) Willems and Nerdwriter to name a few. But hey, writing is writing. Fun(?) Fact: Takotsubo cardiomyopathy or Broken Heart Syndrome, occurs when the end of a sleep together one causes such emotional stress that the muscles in the center weaken leading to acute kernel bankruptcy. In other words, your heart can literally be rupture. Isn ’ metric ton that… heartbreaking ?
Quote: “ All the worldly concern needs is me. I ’ ve got my values so you can keep yours, okay ? ” — Neku Sakuraba, The World Ends with You ( 2007 )

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