Gendo Ikari

This Villain was Headlined on June 2020.
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Villain Overview

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Full Name

Gendo Ikari (née Rokubungi)


King of the Lilin


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Supreme Commander of NERV

Powers / Skills

Exceptional intelligence

Vast resources
AT Field


Reflecting on his plans.


Complete the Human Instrumentality Project and reunite with his wife Yui (failed).


Mass murder

Abuse of power
Global conspiracy
Psychological abuse
Child abuse
Mass genocide
Mass destruction

Type of Villain

Obsessed Mastermind

The human being forget things to survive, but there are certain things that should not be forgotten.
~ Gendo Ikari
There are also those who desired this disastrous outcome. A world untainted by original sin that no man may enter.
~ Gendo Ikari

Gendo Ikari is the main antagonist of the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He appears as one of the main antagonists in the master series, the secondary adversary of the film The End of Evangelion and the main antagonist of the film Evangelion 3.0: You Can (not) Redo, angstrom well as the last installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0. As the air force officer of NERV, he is the main leader of the war to destroy the Angels and one of the masterminds of the Human Instrumentality Project. In japanese, Gendo is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki, who besides voiced Akainu, Don Krieg ( both from One Piece ), Menthuthuyoupi in Hunter x Hunter, and Megatron in the japanese dub of Transformers: Robots in Disguise. In English, Gendo has been voiced by Ray Chase, Tristan MacAvery, and his current voice actor, John Swasey.


A loner by nature and ill-famed for frequently visiting bars and getting into bibulous bash, Gendo was seen by most people in his youth as reasonably of a delinquent and hood. Gendo himself claimed that the frequent fight he was involved in was often the resultant role of coincidence, preferably than any careful agitative on his behalf, noting that most people promptly seemed to take an about natural dislike to him. His relationship with his wife, Yui, was by all appearances the only happy and stable one he ever had, and she was the only one capable of bringing out forgivingness in him. After the disappearance of his wife, Gendo entered a state of shock and delusion that he could never wholly get the best. wholly absorbed in his obsessional finish of recovering her, Gendo buried about all his emotions, becoming a cold unfathomable being, entirely able to express kindness to his adopted daughter ( and Yui ‘s clone ), Rei Ayanami. He cut himself off from his son, Shinji, and only contacted him years late to force him to become a original. Most of the fourth dimension Gendo is pondering his machinations, without showing any kind of fear or heat even in situations of battle, he expressed merely slight signs of gratification when his plans were being fulfilled. only the possible disobedience of his subordinates could make him demonstrate cutthroat military discipline, and not in few cases a very calculate cruelty. All the staff of NERV obey him properly, but find hard to treat with him. In terms of his relationship with his son Shinji, it was revealed that the fracture familial bond between them have been beyond any hope of restitution ever since he abandoned him. The great annoyance and fad over losing his wife Yui drove Gendo to abandon Shinji and late manipulate him in whatever way was necessary as a instrument in his machinations to bring her back, regardless of how much this hurt him. This was worsened by the fact that at the same time, Shinji was already fractured thus much that he was unable to do his best to do what was necessary to win Gendo ‘s acceptance, as shown in the fight against Bardiel, who possessed Eva Unit-03, where he was unwilling to harm it because its fender ( Asuka in boot films or Toji in original zanzibar copal and manga ) was trapped inside. In response to this, Gendo, alternatively of telling his son to take a third choice and find a means to rescue the at bay fly from the possess Eva, activated Shinji ‘s Eva Unit-1 ‘s Dummy System that resulted in the Eva viciously maiming Bardiel and badly injuring the pilot inside, with Shinji unable to do anything about it. Since Gendo was excessively absorbed in his obsessional finish of recovering Yui at any cost and being wholly uncoerced forfeit his alliance with Shinji in cattiness of briefly improving it and other people ‘s lives when he deemed it necessity, there was very little that Shinji could do to restore their doomed relationship .



  • “Gendo” means “illusion”, Rokubungi “sextant” and Ikari “anchor”. The sextant and anchor are instruments of navigation. Probably not by accident many of the Evangelion’s characters have names inspired form WWII’s ships.
  • His relationship with Rei might hint an Elektra syndrome.
  • During the Giant Impact, he admitted that the reason why he abandoned Shinji is because he feared the memories of Yui.
    • Additionally, Gendo is generally considered one of the worst fathers in all fiction for forsaking his familial bond to Shinji.
  • His visors in Evangelion 3.0: You Can (not) Redo are very similar to those of Keel Lorenz, the leader of SEELE. This suggests that he is the new head of SEELE.


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