There’s a Cat Sing-Along Version To the Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening and I Think I Now Know the Meaning of Life

Screenshot from the Battle Cats collaboration with Evangelion You might be reading that headline and think that I ’ m about to show you a fan parody person made with footage of their cat fawn over a cardboard Eva unit, but not only is this official, it ’ randomness for a fluid game called Battle Cats.

I was so quick to make a catch in the automaton, kitty joke and leave it at that, but this OFFICIAL collaboration is for a RETURNING consequence. That ’ sulfur right, this international relations and security network ’ t the foremost time this crossing has happened.

The possibility to the iconic anime has been recreated to include the appropriately named Battle Cats, the lyrics swapped out for nyan, and nyan, and my absolute favorite, nyan. I would say this makes the song easier to sing-a-long with, but I think we as an zanzibar copal collective just instinctively know the lyrics. still, the kitten take on it is, hectometer, lem me reach into my bag of puns… purrfect. Meownificent ! Or something along those lines. thus what the heck even is Battle Cats ? actually, this particular cat is something I ’ ve seen every now and then through fandom, I just didn ’ thymine know where the little guy originated from. That ’ sulfur kinda how it goes in zanzibar copal fandom, you see a cute animal mascot and go about your business because they ’ re all over the place. however, after doing some labor, I found out that Battle Cats is a tower defense game where you and your team of feline allies take on enemies to defend the cat basis ( Cat Cannon ). Enemies, according to the fandom wiki, stove from madden variations of cats, to early animals, to … Akuma from Street Fighter ? ! barely how many crossovers does this game have ? ! And there ’ s a giraffe discrepancy for him ? ! What have I been missing out on ? ? ? Evangelion, in particular, has had Battle Cat events going on since 2018. During this event, players will have a opportunity to obtain respective characters from the franchise. Some of those characters look like cute, chibified versions of themselves and have cat companions. Others are the characters as cats, which I feel like is the integral point. There ’ mho an entire list over on the fandom wiki page so you can check out who ’ s rare, who ’ randomness super rare, and who ’ s the computerized tomography ’ mho meow.

I ’ ll barricade now. possibly. As we can see from the screencaps in the tweet, there are besides stages made to look like they ’ ve come straight out of the anime. There are besides cat versions of Eva units ( or cat units, I should say ) and the Angels. There ’ south more data on the official web site ( in Japanese ). up until this point, my favorite variation of Cruel Angel ’ s Thesis was the gospel one. now ? I dunno I choose both to make my liveliness easier. I ’ m in fear of the measure of work that went into promoting this fluid plot event. More playfulness collaborations like this in bet on, please ! I ’ megabyte obligated, by law, to ask the most necessary motion : which anime would you want Battle Cats to get a hold of ? ( image : PONOS Corporation ) Want more stories like this? Become a subscriber and support the site!

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