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  • Everyone gets hugged and turns into Tang or Morning Rescue explanation The common drumhead for end of Evangelion. note that this is precisely what happens.
  • Evil Manga Kaworu explanation possibly as a result of his Misaimed Fandom, the manga made Kaworu less ambiguous in his intentions and more sinister, leading to this to distinguish between the two versions .
    • Kaworu kills kittens. explanation In the manga Kaworu strangles a kitten to death, and that ‘s all that anyone remembers.
      • Every time you masturbate Kaworu kills a kitten. explanation Created after the above, a version on the democratic meme of “ Everytime you masturbate God kills a kitten ” .
  • Robo-Shinji. explanation Used to refer to Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty, since it was pointed out how alike he was to Shinji conceptually. ironically, there ‘s an ending in one of the Lighter and Softer games where Shinji is turned into Robocop. No pull the leg of .
  • Who killed Ryouji Kaji? explanation ( spoilers ) Kaji ‘s killer is never seen, and speculation about them abounded until Word Of God put their foot down and said it was barely a random soldier .
    • A. Firebender?
  • Kaworu died for your sins! again ! explanation ( spoilers ) Kaworu is frequently interpreted as a Christ figure, a cleric being sacrificing himself so that world can live, leading to this. Became an Ascended meme when ADV Films created a bumper dagger with this phrase on it .
  • “GENDOWNED” explanation Became both celebrated and copied to death after its “ introduction ” in AMV Hell 2 .
    • Later followed by the lesser known “RITSUKOWNED!” explanation Based on a scene in the manga translation of End where Ritsuko, after having been shot by Gendo, wills herself to hang on good long enough to take revenge by reaching her accelerator and shooting Gendo in the throat blunt from behind .
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  • ZOMG TEH REI!! explanation A compendious of Rei ‘s ( according to Word Of God, misaimed ) fandom. Derives from a ephemeral 4chan meme where person used MS paint to give a penis blue hair to vaguely resemble Rei, and drew “ TEH REI ” next to it. Yeah .
  • Reispin (and pretty much everything to do with deformed Rei’s head).
  • MIND RAPE! explanation Asuka ‘s psychic assail by the fifteenth Angel became the Trope Namer for any phase of mental trespass .
  • “Ritsuko Akagi, the truth is…” “… huh. You liar.” explanation Gendo ‘s last words to Ritsuko in The end of Evangelion are infamously muted, leaving fans to fill in the lacuna .
    • Here’s the manga’s take: “ Until now, your actions were exemplary … I did love you. ”
  • X (Not) Y explanation Following the examples of You Are ( not ) alone and You Can ( not ) advance, it ‘s become democratic to make random statements with the discussion ‘not ‘ ( or something else ) in brackets .
  • Macekre of Evangelion. explanation It ‘s hilarious to imagine what it would be like if 4Kids Entertainment got halt of Evangelion. A normally recurring theme in such parodies is changing the Evas to legitimate Super Robots alternatively of being a disturbing biomechanical wrench on the concept .
  • Shinji wins! Apocalypse time! explanation Best big bloody Villains moment ever, Kaworu . At the end of 2.0, Shinji gets the girlfriend … and triggers Third Impact .
  • “Goo lau!/Gulan!/Goo lurrrr!/some other phonetic variation” explanation Kaji ‘s “ english ” in “ Evangelion 2.0 ”.
    • DOO DEATETTU DA ENJERR explanation besides Kaji ‘s ill-famed Engrish, rendered phonetically. He does n’t actually say “ to defeat the Angel ”, or “ to defeat the Angels ” – it just evolved that means .
  • “POINT BLANK, SHITHEAD!!!” explanation Another Mari-ism, this time from Evangelion 2.22 ‘s english dub.
  • [something happens] while Hideaki Anno plays unfitting music. explanation A snowclone of the YouTube Poop “ while I play unfitting music ” meme, referencing the abundant practice of Soundtrack Dissonance in Evangelion.

  • “I will not be a puppet for you to control.” explanation Said by Rei III to Gendo as she disowns him while he tries to create his interpretation of Instrumentality, becomes freelancer and does it her means. So popular is the equivalent give voice in Japan that they parodied it on Keroro Gunsou.
  • “Captain Asuka” or “Asuka the Pirate”, taken from her eyepatch in the Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 teaserSpace Pirate Asuka.
  • Everything in, of and relating to the final scene of Evangelion 2.22 has attained memetic status.
    • MOON MAN SAYS NO! explanation ( spoilers ) Used to refer to Kaworu coming out of nowhere with a Deus ex-husband Machina to keep the movies going. Why ? Because last we saw him, he was on the moon .
  • Evas In Space! explanation ( spoilers ) The moment preview for Evangelion 3.0 features Asuka in Unit-02 flying around in distance, fighting something offscreen. Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when one realizes that the Light Novel Evangelion : Anima did it first gear .
  • The elevator scene with Asuka and Rei.
  • “Reiquarium”: explanation ( spoilers )Fan Nickname adopted as the official term for a massive aquarium-like construct that holds dozens of spare body clones for Rei, should her current body be destroyed, and infamously known for a ruthless dose of horror the moment Ritsuko expresses her hatred for them, pushes a button, and makes every last clone rot to pieces.
  • “Giant Naked Rei (GNR)”: explanation ( spoilers )Fan Nickname for the Gainax Ending antics of End of Evangelion- Rei steals Adam from Gendo and fuses with Lilith while she’s completely naked, having disregarded her lack of clothing as important and left her school uniform garb behind in the “Reiquarium;” the God-like entity assumes Rei’s form, then grows unbelievably huge anatomically, so to speak. In other words, her big ‘uns are the size of Asia.
  • “Kimochi warui (I feel sick).”/”How disgusting.” explanation ( spoilers ) The very coldly delivered concluding line of end of Evangelion in both the Japanese and English dubs, respectively- spoken by Asuka as Shinji sob over her body, which contrasts with her gesture seconds earlier, when she had gently caressed Shinji ‘s font as he was strangling her .
  • Bishonen Space Jesus: explanation ( spoilers )Fan Nickname for Kaworu since his role in Evangelion 3.0.
  • End of X. explanation : When a movie is either a ) made of mind-screw or, more negatively, b ) seems to intentionally troll the audience by making no sense, it can be called this, in reference to The conclusion of Evangelion .
  • GET IN THE FUCKING ROBOT, SHINJI. explanation A catchphrase that sums up the habit of jokingly claiming that everything Shinji is called on to do — i.e. piloting a giant cyborg with a mind of its own to fight Physics-buggering monsters that want to destroy humanness, while being constantly bullied, manipulated and ignored by his none-too-stable colleagues — is perfectly normal and not worth complaining about .
    • GET THE FUCK OUT OF THAT ROBOT, SHINJI! explanation As of 3.33, it was to prevent another awakening .
    • And now, a contemplation.
    • YO SHINJI, GET IN THE ROBOT. YOUR DAD LOVES YOU, GET IN THE ROBOT. explanation From a “ 4Kids version “ of the opening that turns the song into a Theme Tune Rap that strips all the pathos out of the testify .
  • “There is no word for “I” in Japanese.” explanation A rather infamously wrong statement by Amanda Winn Lee made on the comment path on the Manga Entertainment publish of goal of Evangelion. It is often referred to as a reason why the comment should never be used as an authoritative reference in analysis of the serial .
  • Rami-chan. explanation nickname for Ramiel, the Fifth Angel .
    • Rami-chan is best girl. explanation A combined drive That ! and Take a Third Option joke answer to the long-standing fandom argument whether Rei or Asuka ( and sometimes Misato ) is the best female quality of the series, that states that Ramiel, which has the shape of a giant glazed, amobarbital sodium floating octahedral, is in fact the best female character .
    • [screams geometrically] explanation An attempt at describing the strange, piercing legal Ramiel makes when it moves around .
  • “Worthy of my grace.” explanation The version of Evangelion available on Netflix came with a new translation of both subs and dubs. And with that, a batch of changes. Among those complained about were lines that toned down the hints of a relationship between Shinji and Kaworu, chiefly changing “ worthy of love ” to the technically more accurate, but fabulously clunky-sounding “ worthy of my deck. ” The latter wrinkle became a coarse decimal point of jeer for said clunkiness, particularly among detractors of the new translation .
  • A photoset on Tumblr showing a cat with a blank expression laying on its side, which turned out to be Anno’s cat, Might Jack. bill deplorably, Might Jack died at 13 in March 2018 .
  • I said I wasn’t gonna lose my head, but then POP! explanation Kaworu ‘s head getting violently popped off his torso ( from getting squeezed by Unit 01 in the read and from an explosive collar in the Rebuild 3.0. set to the song Pop! Goes My Heart by a fictional band from the movie There are multiple videos ( such as this one ) playing up the Ho Yay between Shinji and Kaworu while besides being timed with the lyrics to showset to the song pop ! Goes My Heart by a fabricated set from the movie Music and Lyrics
  • It’s Wednesday, or as I like to call it, THURSDAY. explanation A caption macro meme of Asuka looking disdainful, as if she were saying this, which originally ended with an actual punchline, but had “ THURSDAY ” artlessly pasted over it .
  • “You think you can just say things to me?” explanation A empanel from the manga of Asuka saying the cable to Shinji, it was cursorily applied to situations where people refused to listen to logic or the loudspeaker merely could n’t believe what they were hearing .
  • Feliz Jueves! transformation glad Thursday ! explanationcorpse hanging from the ceiling. The sheer juxtaposition between the innocent nature of the video and the dark themes of the series from which it originated made it popular among Spanish-speaking communities, with Asuka being heavily associated with Thursdays to the point of A meme originating from a video by the Mexican/Uruguayan Facebook page Mi Lugar Favorito ( eng. “ My favored Place ” ), which is dedicated to sharing wholesome, motivational posts. The television in question featured a GIF of a new running Asuka accompanied by playful music and the text “ Vengo Corriendo Que Quiero Ser La Primera Persona En Desearte united nations Feliz Jueves ! ! ! ( eng. “ I Come Running ’cause I Wan sodium Be The First Person To Wish You A happy Thursday ! ! ! “ ) ; in an ironic case of Cowboy BeBop at His Computer, the GIF actually comes from an flashback where Asuka runs to tell her mother she was selected to be an EVA original, only to find her. The sheer juxtaposition between the innocent nature of the video recording and the darkness themes of the series from which it originated made it popular among spanish-speaking communities, with Asuka being heavily associated with Thursdays to the point of flanderization
  • “is that your fucking fursona? that’s cringe” explanationStylistic Suck fan comic in which Shinji says the following upon noticing Asuka drawing a fursona before Asuka angrily responds with “YOURE cringe!!!!!”, causing Shinji to run away and cry to himself in the bathroom. The fact that the piece so effectively parodied the exact style of amateur anime fan comics on DeviantArt quickly brought it to attention, leading it to become a popular subject for redraws based around different IPs; the Furry Fandom also caught wind of the comic, which in turn led Asuka’s fictional fursona to become a popular subject for fanart among them.
  • Kaworu and Shinji’s Ho Yay has spawned or at least contributed heavily to the spawn of the incredibly popular mysterious light haired and emotional dark haired Boys’ Love pair dynamic in the shipping community both in the show’s home country and overseas since Evangelion’s initial release.
  • Yandere Sakura explanation ( spoilers ) Sakura Suzuhara ‘s relatively kind behavior towards Shinji in 3.0 and subsequent blend of genuine concern, sheer terror, and threats to him in 3.0+1.0 caused an explosion in fanart of her as a yandere. Often includes her injure Shinji, fighting with Mari, or implied urophagia ( as the Wunder recycles urine into drinking water ) .
  • Rei Plush / Rei Chikita explanation

    This cartoonishly-proportioned plush of Rei is worshipped by the fandom and made into assorted absurd memes, such as Third Impact .

  • Hey Carnage, did you know Candice? explanation A 4-panel webcomic where Asuka attempts to trick Carnage with a Candice antic only for Carnage to remind her of her mother hanging herself, then cutting to a picture of Asuka with a shock expression on her expression before cutting to a bill poster of Let There Be Carnage .
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