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“ I feel sick. ” “ Did n’t you know ? One does not ‘get ‘ answers … normally, one is forced to receive them. ” ad : RE-TAKE, a multi-volume doujinshi produced by Studio Kimigabuchi, presents an alternate storyline and ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion ( and The conclusion of Evangelion by extension ). due to its art and history, RE-TAKE became one of the most popular fan-created works amongst Evangelion ‘s international fanbase in short-circuit holy order ; by now, it has likely become the most celebrated Eva doujinshi in universe. After seeing visions of a atrocious future, Shinji Ikari—now armed with the cognition of his electric potential fate—wakes up just before Bardiel attacks. Shinji ‘s determination to prevent the future in his visions lets him single-handed get the better of three Angels and raise his synch-ratio with EVA Unit-01 to unheard-of levels. Over clock time, Shinji falls in beloved with Asuka, and he soon dedicates himself to living with her. Asuka learns to parcel his affection and the two plan to spend the rest of their lives with each other. ad : The lovestruck couple has one small problem stand in the way of their happiness, though : Shinji ‘s visions of a haunt who looks precisely like Asuka—and does n’t look the least spot happy to see Asuka and Shinji together. The original interpretation of RE-TAKE, which contains numerous scenes of denotative sexual content, consists of six volumes published in the surveil order : RE-TAKE 1, RE-TAKE 2, RE-TAKE 3, RE-TAKE 0 ( which provides the experiences of the first three volumes from a different position ), RE-TAKE 4, RE-TAKE After, and the in-between chapter RE-TAKE 1.5. An “ All-Ages ” translation released later on features a completely new translation, condenses the history into three volumes, and eliminates the original version ‘s sex scenes while retaining the violence. Said Safe-For-Work adaptation can be read here and here. ad : The All-Ages version besides has a spanish and italian translation. The original version was published from 2004 to 2006, followed by the All-Ages version from 2007 to 2008. In 2018, Studio Kimigabuchi began a sequel called RE-TAKE Kai which incorporates elements from the manga adaptation and the Rebuild of Evangelion movies. set after the events of the manga ‘s ending, it involves both Shinji and Asuka going second in time after all of their friends are killed in an unexpected Angel attack, as an alternate Shinji from a timeline based on the Rebuild continuity serves as the haunt influencing the history … And later, some iteration of the ghost Asuka steps in. The narrative is still ongoing, and as such, no All-Ages interpretation of this story exists as of yet and the doujin is decidedly not Safe for Work. Compare with other Evangelion doujins, including Evangelion 303 and Aki-chan ‘s Life. Check Doing It Right This Time, once More with Feeling, The second Try or Higher Learning to see other Peggy Sue Eva stories. Check Advice and Trust, The Child of Love, The Ikaris, Nobody Dies and The One I Love Is … to see other AU Eva fics. Check A Crown of Stars, HERZ, Neon Genesis Evangelion R, Scar Tissue and Walking in the Shadow of Dreams to see other Eva good continuation fics. Go to Children of an Elder God, Gods, Angels, and Kings, last Child of Krypton, Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, Superwomen of Eva 2 : Lone Heir of Krypton and Thousand Shinji if you are interest in crossovers. Please limit trope examples to the All-Ages version.

RE-TAKE contains the following tropes:

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“ But … I ‘m alert. Alive. If I do n’t live my liveliness to its fullest, I ca n’t die. That ‘s why I ‘ll fight. even if … I have no find of winning. even if … there ‘s no future for me there. ”

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