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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time Evangelion Imaginary ( エヴァンゲリオン・イマジナリー [ ? ] ) is an entity appearing in the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. It was introduced in the Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time movie, and is cardinal to the termination of the fib .


As report by Gendo Ikari, Evangelion Imaginary “ fanciful and fabricated, and does not exist in our world. only world, who can believe equally in both fantasy and world can perceive this EVA. ” It exists only in the Minus Space, the populace of “ the Gods ” where the Golgotha Object besides resides. While its truthful appearance is unknown, the Evangelion Imaginary appears to Shinji Ikari as a “ Black Lilith ”, besides crucified, as its appearance is based on his memories of seeing the real Second Angel Lilith. After absorbing the Spears of Longinus and Cassius, it takes on the form of a gigantic Rei, similar to the one seen in the end of Evangelion. This Rei form has detached body parts that can move individually – the head and hands are not directly connected to its torso, and the hands have some capacity to protect the head.

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After their battle in the Minus Space at the site of Second Impact, Gendo decides to show Shinji the Evangelion Imaginary. Gendo explains the nature of this theoretical Evangelion by Dr. Katsuragi. The spears of Longinus and Cassius are fused into a new black spear and absorbed by Evangelion Imaginary. Gendo says that The spears of despair and hope become each other’s sacrifice and trigger. The Imaginary and Reality blend together, and everything becomes homogenized information. The abosorption of the black spear turns Evangelion Imaginary to become white, restoring its lost lower limbs and frees itself from the hybridization. Gendo ‘s craved Additional Impact begins as Gendo says The process that rewrites not only our cognition, but the entire world as well. This is the only means by which my wish can be granted where Evangelion Imaginary will emerge into reality, rewriting it in the serve, that his wish to see Yui can be realised. Evangelion emerges from the gate to Minus Space in the form of a photorealisitc, ominously smiling Rei, causing a shockwave which turns Failures of Infinity into still-headless, white, feminine figures. The ones still active on the anchor continues to walk on the ground, some in the air, keep flying in a gigantic group around Fuyutsuki ‘s ship, some holding its hands with each other as they fly out. Mari after defeating and sikinking the Adams, watches as wings emerge from Evangelion Imaginary while the spinning globe eclipses the shining light in a scene evocative of the Human Instrumentality of End of Evangelion. And comments that Gendo is attempting the instrumentality of human souls and bodies simultaneously.

Gendo becomes distraught that he can not see Yui still : Everyone appears to be copies of Rei. Shinji attempts to understand his forefather as a person by experiencing his memories of lonliness, alienation and finally his sleep together of his mother with him. As Shinji walks near Gendo, an A.T. Field appears, Gendo is shocked as he says that he got rid of his humanity. Saying that it could be that he is afraid of Shinji. Shinji ‘s returns the cassette player and see Gendo ‘s memories of his past. Misato attacks Imaginary using the AAA Wunder, converting the ships spinal anesthesia column into the human-made Spear of Gaius, which she delivers into Evangelion Imaginary ‘s eye and to Shinji before the strive causes the ship to explode, Mari rides the spear in so she can keep her promise to come for Shinji. Shinji decides to use the spear to rewrite reality, and make it so Evangelions never existed. Gendo and Yui, as Unit-01 and 13, take the spear and transfix and erase themselves, and every Evangelion unit to ever exist with them. Evangelion Imaginary, being an Evangelion itself, falls back into the Minus Space, ending extra affect. It is left ambiguous if Shinji and Mari were able to leave Minus Space .


  • The “Imaginary” designation, taken with the Minus Space concept in the movie, probably refers to the mathematical concept of imaginary numbers, expressed with the letter “i” or as the square root of -1 This set of “complex numbers” is used often in physics to describe properties of electromagnetics and quantum physics.
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