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Name Meaning

Covering of God
Price of God


Angel of Water

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rd Angel [ NGE ]

The 3Angel[

First Appearance

Angel Attack [ NGE ]
Stage 01: Angel Attack [ Manga ] Sachiel ( サキエル [ ? ] ) ( Hebrew זכיאל ), is the 3rd Angel in television receiver series, and the first one to appear fifteen years after second Impact. First emerging out of ocean east of Tokyo-3, the Angel makes it way towards the strengthen city and engages in battle with Evangelion Unit-01 during its foremost operational mission .


Sachiel ‘s body is tall, thin, and android, slightly larger than an Evangelion, and functions both on down and in urine. Its proportions do not match those of a human ; its arms are long enough to reach below its knees and its legs and feet are elongated and disproportionate. It lacks a proper android head and neck, but like other Angels, contains a congress of racial equality in the center of its solar plexus. Its head, barely mobile, appeared to chiefly be made of cram and is structured much like a dame ‘s, evening having a long beak. After the Angel regenerates from the N² mine, a second read/write head emerges from its body, with a shorter beak than the first, pushing the first one slightly upwards. Sachiel has red irises, which are able to be seen deep within its head in the eye sockets. Sachiel possesses blood of a blue-purple color, making it unique among Angels for whom rake has been observed. unusual among Angels, Sachiel possesses a respiration system based in the thighs and fork, breathe in through gills in the thighs and exhaling through a set of nostril in the crotch area. Said gills besides serve as an submerged propulsion system. The Angel ‘s natural weaponry dwell of two lance-like bone structures that carry from its forearms and are shown to be able to be energized to increase their destructive capability. These are physical structures that serve as the Angel ‘s ulna or out arm bone. After the Angel regenerates from the N² Mine attack, it develops the ability to fire a long-range energy blast from the eyes of its second face, which results in crucifix-shaped spikes of energy. While not a flight-capable Angel itself, Sachiel demonstrates the ability to use its own A.T. Field to enhance its jumping ability to great lengths. Sachiel is besides capable of altering its body human body and muscle mass, increasing it when under tenor. As a concluding recourse, it can wrap itself into a ball around its opposition and self-destruct .


Sachiel is first seen swimming through the flood ruins of a city barely east of Tokyo-3 before emerging from the ocean and engaging the JSSDF forces that attempted to stop it. In cattiness of Sachiel ‘s apparent lack of interest in the fight, the military ‘s efforts failed to cause any price, and were ineffective to slow its advance toward the city. While on its way to Tokyo-3, Sachiel was knocked back by a projectile barrage from the JSSDF VTOL crafts that happened to surprise it. however, the Angel soon adjusted to the attacks and pressed ahead. alternatively of counterattacking, Sachiel merely shot down a VTOL with the attitude of swatting a fly with curio, before using its A.T. Field to do a leap off from its aggressors. After all of their efforts prove ineffective against the Angel, the JSSDF bait Sachiel to the region of Mt. Takanosu and detonate an N² Mine underneath its feet, creating a huge explosion that succeed in damaging Sachiel, melting approximately 18 % of its mass. however, the Angel immediately starts to regenerate the damage, spawning a new facial plate that pushed the old one upwards slenderly. While the N2 mine fails to stop Sachiel, it does slow down the Angel retentive enough for NERV to prepare Evangelion Unit-01 to be sent into combat against Sachiel .
Upon arrival to Tokyo-3, Sachiel takes on a much more aggressive demeanor, revealing a new ability by casting a cross-shaped column of light in the middle of the city that penetrates into the GeoFront under. As he proceeds to wander through the city, he stumbles upon the recently-activated Evangelion Unit-01, piloted by Shinji Ikari ; however, the Unit soon fell compressed on its face, giving Sachiel the opportunity to get ahold of the Evangelion ‘s head, and proceeds to break its leave sleeve. shortly after, the Angel proceeds to smack Unit-01 mind with the lance-like structures hosted inside its forearms, impaling the Unit ‘s read/write head, and flinging it against a building .
Following a period of hush, Unit-01 reactivated, going berserker before jumping on top of Sachiel, ripping a objet d’art of the Angel ‘s face plate apart, revealing a lower, more organic-looking layer. As Unit-01 charges against the Angel once more, it is stopped by Sachiel ‘s A.T. Field, but the Evangelion promptly regenerates its previously broken leave sleeve, and easily tears through the Angel ‘s barrier. Before Unit-01 could continue its assault, Sachiel retaliated by casting a cross-shaped plosion at point-blank range at it, but it proved unable to stop the berserker Evangelion, who grabbed both of Sachiel ‘s arms and broke them with a sharp gingersnap before kicking it into a build. Unit-01 then charged at it.

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As the Evangelion landed on crown of the Angel, it proceeded to punch its core before breaking off one of Sachiel ‘s rib and using it to repeatedly stab the Angel ‘s effect, lento cracking it. Realizing its universe was nearing its end, Sachiel jumped on exceed of Unit-01, and wrapped around its promontory while its core glowed brilliantly, self-destructing shortly after and raising a cross-shaped explosion senior high school into the flip. however, even this sacrifice did not destroy the Eva, as shortly after the explosion, Evangelion Unit-01 emerged from the destruction with only moderate damage .

In other media

While Misato retrieves Shinji by car, Rei pilots Unit-01 and confronts Sachiel. During this find, Sachiel is depicted as being reasonably agile ; however, the Angel loses the ability of enlarging his muscles. Its struggle with Unit-01 changes as well : after the berserker Eva jumps in front of it, the Angel uses its right lance to strike the foe once more. The unit stops the lance between its chew the fat, however, and hits Sachiel ‘s font with his feet. The Angel gets his arm rid from the grapple of the Eva and starts slashing it against the adversary, which evades the attack by jumping away from it. After dodging more spear slashes, the Eva charges at Sachiel, who reacts by using its A.T. field. After restoring its leave sleeve, the unit destroys the barrier, only to be hit by the enemy traverse beam. The Eva deflects the attack, sending the Angel against a building. With another leap, the unit hits the Angel ‘s core with its knees. It then proceeds to smash the core with its right hand, but it is captured by Sachiel ‘s self-destruct assail. evening after being engulfed in the explosion, the Eva does not sustain any significant damage .
In the personal computer game, Sachiel is separate of the multitude Angel attack …
Sachiel is one of the playable characters in the “ brawl ” game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra. He ‘s the foremost opponent in Unit-01 Story modality .
Sachiel appears in one episode of Petit Eva: [email protected]. here, it is portrayed as a colossus giant terrorizing the city. While doing thus, it is struck on the frontal bone by a bogey thrown by Unit-01, who is at NERV Academy at the meter. Realizing what it was and where it came from, Sachiel rushes towards the school, demanding to know who threw the bogey at him. Unit-01 then decides to fight him ; however, he is way smaller than Sachiel, who proceeds to repeatedly stomp on him. This continues until Shinji plugs Unit-01 into an wall socket, which recharges him and increases his height until he is taller than Sachiel. Realizing that it can not win, Sachiel tries to run away, but is grabbed by Unit-01, rolled up into a testis, and bewilder far away. It is former found, nowadays manner smaller than it was, by Rei III, who washes it in a nearby stream and hangs it up to dry .
Sachiel, much like the master anime, is the first Angel to be seen attacking Tokyo-03. It is double-team by Shinji and Rei in Units 01 and 00. After a brutal fight, Sachiel is brought down, but not before wounding Rei in the eye with one of its spears .


The more refine adaptation of Sachiel ‘s design, labelled “ Version A “, depicts the rib and scapular carapace structures as three separate units, although many cuts in the zanzibar copal use a different version, labelled “ Version B “, where they form one compound social organization. This “ invention B ” is besides used by Sadamoto in the manga. One other discrepancy is that, in B, both right and left “ rib ” possess an upper bone-spur, whereas in A this feature of speech is only present on the leave, and visibly absent from the startle. The Neon Genesis Evangelion Proposal presents an earlier concept for Sachiel ‘s design, although it bears little resemblance to the final examination translation beyond the basic grandiloquent and thin android motif. It possessed a more crustaceous shell, with longer claws and two antennae protruding from his shoulders. His leg and arms appeared to be covered with patches of gills. He sported a different side design with a mouth and a colossus blue eye in the middle, surrounded by what appear to be six smaller orange ones .
Sachiel invention was originated from a prototype of the character Ishtar from Yoshitoh Asari manga serial Wahhaman


  • It was designed by the manga artist Yoshitoh Asari.
  • The “ch” in “Sachiel” is pronounced as a hard “K”.
  • Sachiel is one of the few Angels to appear in more than one episode. It also makes a brief cameo reappearance as a holographic shooting target in Episode 03’s training simulation.
  • Sachiel’s energy explosions blatantly resemble a Latin cross. One cross-explosion penetrates the GeoFront, but how is not known: Sachiel’s blasts are supposedly weaker than the similar explosions Zeruel sets off, at the very least incapable of damaging Unit-01. How the blasts are formed is unexplained.


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