In, during the conflict between Asuka and the Mass Production Evangelions, Maya Ibuki ‘s laptop lists the date as being 2015 ; but episode 26 of the television receiver series explicitly states in the intro that the Complementation of Shinji, which entails the Third Impact which itself takes place within a day of Asuka ‘s conflict, is in 2016 ( “ The class is 2016 A.D. / The thing that people had lost / In early words, the instrumentality of soul was hush ongoing / however, there is far besides small time left to make mention of it all / Therefore, now, we will take the son named Shinji Ikari / and tell the fib of the instrumentality of his soul. ” ) Hence, if the original ending and End of Evangelion are assumed to take place in the same universe, the alone match of feasible dates is December 29th for the death of Kaoru, December 31st for Asuka ‘s struggle, and January 1 for the Third Impact. however, this ties into the larger debate of how to reconcile the television receiver series ending with According to the calendar in Episode 09 with the 11th falling on a Friday. Shinji subsequently spends 30 days absorbed inside of Eva Unit-01 in episode 20. If was in December, it would be 2016, but the computers indicate 2015. frankincense, Israfel ‘s destruction can be hard dated as September 11th, 2015. The demand year of his birth is disputed as respective sources have conflicting information. While 1956 is the generally agreed upon year by the residential district, sources besides list 1955 and 1957 as possible years for his birth. At this distributor point, the television serial begins focusing on the Instrumentality of Shinji, while The end of Evangelion records the war between SEELE and NERV, and 3rd Impact.

Reading: Timeline

The timeline of events heavily overlapping with the independent report shown in Neon Genesis Evangelion and The end of Evangelion See it for a more mix overview. Dates are rarely mentioned in the anime, and much there are multiple possibilities. Events are given in order, with potential dates listed if known. After the events of the Second Impact, the events in this section show the contiguous consequence of the catastrophic event while besides setting up for the start of the serial. chiefly consisting of information shown in Episode:21 and adult character birthdays, the events in this incision chiefly serve the function of exploring how the second Impact came to be. While no specific dates are known, these are the events which take position before the beginning of human and saint life. Most of the information provided here is n’t discussed during Neon Genesis Evangelion, rather it is shown in the Classified Information files from the Neon Genesis Evangelion II video game. For details on the cannonicity, see that page. The succeed is a timeline for the events in the japanese animation series Neon Genesis Evangelion and the related movies Revival of Evangelion. All information given is entirely fictional and only serves a aim for the show itself .

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The events from the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition movies largely have dates omitted from them, like Second Impact. however, the December 2006 issue of NewType Magazine has producer Toshimichi Otsuki mentioning “ the modern narrative takes place in the like period as the 1995 television serial ”, which implies that the major events from the new movies occur relatively conclude to the time they occur in the television Series. Of some of the details when a date is shown, we see that they ‘re relatively close .

Distant Past

class Unknown

  • Beings who were not of this world (referred to as gods) cast seeds of life upon Earth.[1]
  • The white and black moons crashed into Earth landing in Antarctica and Japan respectively.
  • The white moon contained five Adams[2] and five Spears of Longinus, the Black moon contained Lilith along with a Spear of Cassius for a total of 6 spears.[3]

Events taking identify or likely taking station before the begin of Evangelion : 1.0 You Are ( not ) entirely

year 11805

  • June 21 – Construction of the Guardian of the Guf class ships begins[4]


  • Yui Ikari dies during an experiment involving Evangelion Unit-01. Unbeknownst to those working on the experiment, she intentionally sacrificed herself to place her soul into the unit[5].

unspecified class

Present Events

Events taking plaza during Evangelion : 1.0 You Are ( not ) alone and Evangelion : 2.0 You Can ( not ) advance


  • The Fourth Angel attacks Tokyo-3
  • Shinji Ikari is recruited by NERV to become the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01.

14 Year Time-Skip

Most of the crucial questions regarding the timeline of the Rebuild movies is the gap between Evangelion : 2.0 You Can ( not ) Advance and Evangelion : 3.0 You Can ( not ) Redo as while it ‘s explicitly stated 14 years have passed between near third impingement and Shinji awakening on the AAA Wunder, where specific events are placed during this stretch of clock is ill-defined .

Pre-Civil War

During a stage greet, Hideaki Anno provided some data about some of the events occurring during the 14 year opening. [ 6 ] immediately following the events of Evangelion 2.0, third base impact ( late known as near-third impact ) is stopped when Evangelion Mark.06 throws the Spear of Cassius through Evangelion Unit-01. After the end of Tokyo-3 and the massive number of deaths which occurred, Gendo and Fuyutsuki are ousted from their position of air force officer and deputy commander replaced by Kaworu and Kaji [ 7 ]. While Kaworu and Kaji worked to preserve NERV and its staff, they were ultimately supposed to be working for SEELE to fulfill their goals. ascribable to his military position of world power, it is probably Kaji discovered the true nature of SEELE and their goals which acted as the catalyst for the formation of WILLE. It is indecipherable how farseeing WILLE was working in the shadows before the civil war took place, however considering their extensive plan and big crew it is fair to assume During this meter Kaji and Misato would besides begin to redevelop their former kinship and finally conceive a child [ 8 ]. Gendo somehow reassumes command at NERV Gendo uses SEELE, another conflict occurs ( probably with the 11th or 12th saint ) third shock occurs Kaji dies to stop Third Impact

between 2017 and 2035

  • Four Guardian of the Guf Class Battleships are completed and are each outfitted with one of the five Adams.The specifics around this are greatly contested since very little information is given in regards to the specific number of Adams
  • WILLE is founded in secret by members of NERV in order to stop NERV. The exact reason for their creation is not revealed.
  • Evangelion Unit-01 is launched into space

Post Time-Skip

Events taking locate during Evangelion : 3.0 You Can ( not ) Redo and Evangelion : 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time


What class did the First Two Movies Take place in ?

The first motion raised is what year the original films take place in, with the two naturalistic options being 2007 and 2018. There are two scenes which contribute attest to determine which of these years is accurate. beginning, in one of the classroom scenes early in Evangelion 1.0, shortly after Shinji becomes the fly of Evangelion Unit-01, there ‘s a poster pinned up on the classroom ‘s bulletin board which has the date 11/13 and in parentheses it says “ Monday ”. The years 2006, 2017, and 2023 all have November 13th occur on a Monday, however, since Shinji is in middle school, it ca n’t be 2023 because Yui ‘s been gone since 2004 which would make Shinji much older, alike, it ca n’t be 2006 because at the grave site, Gendo says “ The last time we came here was three years ago ”, which would make it at least 2007 ( although it ‘s possible that by this fourth dimension in the movie, it ‘s 2007 ). The begin of the educate year probably occurred in the year 2017. The lapp notice is besides on the bulletin display panel throughout 2.0. second, during one of the scenes in Misato ‘s apartment in Evangelion 2.0, soon after Asuka moves in, there ‘s a calendar visible that says “ February ” ( 28 days ) with the first of the month occurring on a Thursday. The years 2007, 2018, and 2024 all have February first falling on a Thursday. 2007 would have the lapp logistic issues with when Shinji becomes the fender for Evangelion Unit-01 and 2024 is a jump year so the number of days wo n’t fit in the calendar. This leaves 2018 as the best fitting year for Asuka ‘s arrival. Assuming the events of Evangelion 2.0 happened in 2018, this means the events of Evangelion 3.0 happen in 2032, due to the 14 year timeskip .

How Long was the Gap Between Near third base and third gear Impact ?

One big doubt is how farseeing was the gap between cheeseparing third impact and third affect. While this question ca n’t be answered, there are a few points to consider. First, the son of Misato and Kaji is stated to be the like age as Shinji was which would make him 14 when he meets Shinji during Thrice upon a time. It ‘s besides known he was born no more than 9 months after the civil war took locate since Misato was fraught when the war took place. With this in mind, it would be convienent to say there was at most one class between his birth and his touch with Shinji, however an obscure sum of time besides passed during Evangelion 3.0 during Shinji ‘s arrest at NERV and in Thrice upon a time during Shinji ‘s self expatriate at the ruins which complicates things. It ‘s potential that the timeline that the inaugural two movies cover are either from 2006-2007 or 2017-2018. If we are to assume the robustness of Otsuki ‘s statement, 2017-2018 makes more feel. If second Impact occurred at relatively the lapp time as the television series ( 2000-ish ), then it would mean the children were born before second Impact, but the conversation between Shinji and Kaji during the field travel in Evangelion 2.0 look to imply that Shinji is completely unfamiliar with what life sentence was like prior to Second Impact, making it unlikely that he was born before .

When did Operation US Take station ?

While there is no exact answer to this wonder, there are two peices of tell which act as bolshevik herrings to suggest it occoured imidately before Shinji ‘s reawaken ; Asuka ‘s plugsuit being the same as what she wore during the operation despite her having an undamaged one and the suggestion of needing Evangelion Unit-01 to power the AAA Wunders flight, a feat which is accomplished about imediately after Shinji awakens. The implication of these two incidents along with showing the convalescence of Shinji and his awakening back to back imply it all happened relatively quickly however this ca n’t be the case for several reasons. First, both Evangelion Unit-02 and 08 have been wholly refitted in wholly different armor, second, despite Asuka not having a new plugsuit, Mari does and third Unit-01 was installed into the Wunder between the operation and the Wunders first flight, processes which takes at least some time. In Evangelion 3.0 ( -120 min. ), the tip up to Operation US is shown explaining why Asuka wears her original damaged plugsuit. She choses to wear it for sentimental reasons as she is going to see Shinji, a reason which can be applied to her sojourn to Shinji once after he awakens excessively. As for Unit-01 being needed for escape, it is likely preparations to integrate the unit of measurement into the Wunder began in pararell to the recovery of Shinji and that the preparition for flight took around the lapp sum of meter as his recovery. Because of the ambiguity sorrounding the mathematical process, it is completly impossible to accurately place it onto a timeline. With WILLE running the operation, it at a minimal took place after the civil war. It ‘s possible this one of WILLE ‘s beginning operations, it besides could have been their most recent. Looking at Neon Genesis Evangelion, it took NERV one month to salvage Shinji after a similar incidental occoured. While engineering advanced greatly in the rebuild series, there are enough similarities between the two situations to say it ‘s possible it took a calendar month. Beyond these considerations, there is no other evidence to suggest the operations placement on the timeskip timeline. In short it ‘s potential the process took place anytime between the civil war and about a month before Shinji reawakened .

How a lot Time Passed During Evangelion 3.0 and Thrice Upon a Time ?

There are three major passages of meter in these two movies ; Shinji ‘s stay at NERV Headquarters, Shinji ‘s self exile at the ruins and Shinji ‘s time at Village-3. First, after Shinji returns to NERV, some sum of prison term passes between his arrival and departure as evidence by a collage and the extensive repairs done to the AAA Wunder arsenic well as the rest of WILLEs fleet.


  1. In Thrice Upon A Time, Gendo Ikari specifically states “ Beings who were not homo left behind in this rate six spears, the Adams and the world of gods. ” in citation to the Minus space. ” This statement along with early statements made by Gendo about killing the gods are clear confirmation that extraterrestrial being beings exist, although details or specifics beyond this are n’t provided
  2. The true act of Adams is debated as in Evangelion 2.0, lone four Adams are actually seen. Despite what was shown in 2.0, all tell provided in Thrice Upon A Time points to there being five as one Adam is located in Evangelion 13 for certain with one presumably being placed into either each of Mark.09-12, each of the Guardian of the Guf class battleships or most likely some mix of both ( that being an entirely disjoined debate ). Regardless, since there are five spears of longinus and five vesicles for the Adams to inhabit, it is only reasonable to conclude that there were in fact five Adams, not four .
  3. Gendo states that there were six spears in full. Knowing one spear of Cassius exists and 2 spears of Longinus exist, adenine well as that there is one Lilith and five Adams, it is reasonable to assume each Adam came with a spear of Longinus and Lilith came with a spear of Cassius .
  4. While no information is given regarding the construction timeline for the ships, a brass can be seen withing the AAA Wunder stating that the hull was laid June 12, 11805. While the year does n’t make sense using the Gregorian calendar, it could be explained using the Holocene calendar which adds 10 000 years to the equivalent gregorian year. One common criticism of this is the idea that the ships could n’t have started construction until after the Adams were awoken during second base impingement, however the dead sea scrolls which the Adams and served as the guide for SEELE and finally NERVs plans and were about far longer than the second impact so it ‘s not excessive to assume the construction began before second impact. This besides supports the hypothesis that SEELE are not human or at least at some point rejected their humanness as they would have needed to have been about to arrange the construction in the foremost place .
  5. Near the beginning of Evangelion 2.0, when Gendo and Shinji are visiting Yui ‘s scratch, we see that the scratch stone is marked “ 2004 ”, indicating that her “ death ” was in 2004 which is the same as in the television receiver Series .
  6. [1]
  7. The comments from Anno imply the scenes shown of Kaworu and Kaji in Thrice upon a time were flashbacks and did actually occur
  8. During the flashback to third impingement in Thrice upon a time, Misato shows no visible signs of being fraught. first time mothers by and large start showing signs of pregnancy after around 3 or 4 months of pregnancy which means from conception to third affect no more than 4 months could have passed .

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