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An Evangelion ( エヴァンゲリオン ), or Eva for short, is a elephantine, cybernetically modified android entity created by the organizations Gehirn and its successor Nerv. While the Evas ‘ apparent routine is to serve as general-purpose weapons against the menace of the Angels and prevent the catastrophic event known as Third Impact, a more black truth to their universe hides beneath the airfoil .

Biology and appearance

human body

Evangelions are often mistaken for giant robots, but deoxyadenosine monophosphate early as Episode 02 Evangelion Unit-01 is seen without its helmet on, revealing that Evangelions are clearly not robots, but cyborg, living creatures with mechanical components incorporated into their bodies.

Evangelions are covered from head to toe in metallic plate armor that hide their true organic shape, and in separate because they have pilots who sit in the cockpit-like Entry Plug, located in their central skittish system. This armor besides serves to restrain them and bind them to Nerv ‘s operate, and they are restrained heavily at all times when not in combat. Whether the binding armor serves to restrain them physically, or uses some other mechanism to restrict their power, is not fully known as the serve of the bindings is not elaborated upon within the series. The shoulder pylons serve as character of the constraint organization, attaching to external restraints adenine well vitamin a serving as memory for weapons like the Progressive Knife and Eva-02 ‘s spike catapult. An Eva has basically the same physical form as a convention homo, albeit with overdo torso/waist proportions and varying lead forms. The limbs are identical to human limbs in structure, down to the point of the fingers having fingernails ( Episode 03 ) and the feet having toes ( as seen in End of Evangelion ). Skull shape and features vary from Evangelion to Evangelion. Some of the fail Prototype Evangelions have a skull form about identical to that of a human, while the Mass Production Evangelions have no eyes and a vaguely cetacean pass form. Production Model Evangelions vary in head shape, american samoa well as in the number of eyes and nostril situation. Evangelions do not have a fasten size in the indicate, and vary in size as the situation demands, going from 40 meters to a towering 200 meters in altitude. Evangelions have home organs including a complete digestive nerve pathway, as evidenced by display monitors and Eva-01 ‘s attack on Zeruel, and visually seen during the dismemberment of Eva-02. With the exception of Eva-02, which has blue-purple blood, all Evangelions have red blood, which sprays out of wounds in spectacular fashion .

relative relation with Angels

A most surprise assign of Evas, are that their stallion footing and creation stem from the Angels themselves. Created from the remains of the Seed of Life, Adam ( with the exception of Eva-01, alternatively made from Lilith ), their massive bodies are formed of Particle-Wave Matter, but their shape appears to be determined genetically preferably than through their A.T. Fields since they were born without souls, having their person inserted in a Contact Experiment with a human being. With the exception of Eva-00 and possibly the Mass Production Evas, this is always the soul of the pilot program ‘s mother. Like Adam and the Angels, all Evangelions have a core, located on the solar plexus region in a similar manner to the more android Angels. Eva-01 uniquely exhibits smaller cores of unknown function : two on either side at the main congress of racial equality ‘s base, and another two positioned above and below axially. Nerv ‘s engineering allows the core to be prepared for a Contact Experiment or for piloting. Cores appear to be full of LCL, and it ‘s strange if they produce their own supply. Despite this, these cores serve only as a holding source for the unit ‘s soul, and while bearing some use, this habit is limited, as it can world power the Evangelion for a unretentive period of time without the umbilical cord cable before its complete closure. While Angels are gifted with the Fruit of Life, being the S² Engine, Evangelions are incapable of generating an S² Engine, which these cores are used to store them in ; although late in the series, Eva-01 acquires one and Mass Production Evangelions are all equipped with them. Like the Angels, Evangelions have regenerative capabilities. It is directly stated that they are capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed organs. [ Source needed ] Eva-01 in particular has demonstrated extremely firm, control re-formation, including the ability to convert foreign biomass to its own. Likewise, Evangelions can lose their limb or flush their point and have them reattached subsequently. Eva-02 ‘s leave leg is ripped off at the stifle ( which the script attributes to a smash bolt ), after which the lacerate off leg sinks deeper into the magma of the volcano, presumably beyond all hope of recovery ; however, by future episode Eva-02 is seen to be amply repaired with a wide left leg. Nerv is either capable of creating substitution arm for the Evas ( as opposed to plainly being able to reattach limbs that have been severed ), or of making Evas regrow lost limbs from their torso. Its not known how hanker or unmanageable of a action this might be, as it ‘s not clear how much time passes between episodes during the reasonably standalone “ Action Arc ” of the series, although in Episode 19, Eva-00 did not have time to grow a new left branch after the conflict with Bardiel, implying that the regenerative action is fairly slow ( at least for Eva-00 ). Like with any Angel, if the core is damaged, the regeneration process is likely slowed further or evening negated to the point of the death of the Evangelion .


Evangelions seem to be created out a screen of asexual amoeba-like [ 1 ] fission process with either Adam or Lilith, in which the torso of the Eva is ‘pulled ‘ out of the Seed ; Bochan_bird ‘s translation of the japanese liner notes, Genesis 0:12, in the “ Eva Tomo no Kai ” section :

“ [ … ] Among these are an persona of two giants lying stretched out. These obviously are Lilith and Eva-01 at the stage of the experiment where Yui disappeared. Both are in the condition with most of their lower bodies missing, and the missing lower torso appear to be joined. Yui probably performed contact in the condition with Lilith and Eva-01 joined, and was taken/absorbed into [ the Eva ]. ”

interaction and Human Interfacing

Naming system

Evangelion Unit-00 is designated the “ Prototype ”, being the first successful Evangelion in a long line of failures. Evangelion Unit-01 is designated “ Test type ”, possibly because of its unique method acting of initiation, from Lilith. Eva-02 was the first “ Production Model ” Evangelion, and Evangelions 03 to 06 were designated “ Production Model ”. The master Eva-05 and 06 were canceled and scrapped for parts, so the adjacent Evangelions belonged to the “ Mass Production Model ” of identical Evangelions 05 to 13. Eva-00 is referred to as “ Zerogoki ”, which literally translates into “ Zero Number Machine ” ( Although a loanword from English, Zero in Japanese is not pronounced the same as Zero in English ) and Eva-01 as “ Shogoki ”, literally “ beginning Number Machine ” as opposed to “ One Number Machine ”. From Eva-02 ( Nigoki, “ Two Number Machine ” ) onwards, the “ # numeral Number Machine ” (-goki) convention is followed. Eva-00, 01 and 02 use the Kanji numerals for zero, one and two respectively. Eva-03 onwards are named with roman numerals rather .

Evangelion Pilots

The Evangelion has been imbued with the soul of its original ‘s mother. Whether the soul or the pilot is chosen first is strange. A navigate can easily synch alone with a compatable soul. Synchronization depends upon the fly ‘s psychological condition. synchronism rate and performance can be pulled down when the pilot program is emotionally distress and increase under duress or anger, reaching a high when in battle fad. In Episode 14, Ritsuko ‘s “ common compatibility experiment ” marked the first time that it was attempted to switch Eva pilots between Evangelions. Rei could synch with Eva-01 reasonably well, but when Shinji tried to synch with Eva-00, it went berserker. Evangelions are thus permanently associated with entirely one fender, and while Ritsuko considered the experiment enough of a success to begin exercise on the Dummy Plug system, pilots are never truly switched between Evas in the series. [ 2 ]

The Effect of Damage to the Evas upon their Pilots

  • An Eva pilot feels everything their Evangelion feels when synchronized with the Eva, experiencing the pain of injuries the Eva sustains, i.e. Shinji feels like his left arm has been broken when Eva 01’s arm is broken. Just exactly what is the real extent of these injuries?
    • Apparently, Eva pilots feel the pain of injuries but do not actually sustain these injuries: Ritsuko points out to Shinji that “That’s not your arm” when he feels the pain of Eva 01’s arm being broken. Similarly, in Episode 10 Eva 02’s left leg below the knee is completely bitten off, but Asuka’s leg does not just spontaneously fall off as a result. Also, in Episode 19 both of Eva 02’s arms are cut off, but Asuka’s arms do not physically fall off. Even in this episode, Eva 01 is shot through the head, destroying its eye (which it later regenerates) but Shinji does not instantly lose an eye. The pilots appear to experience the pain and nervous system shock (which can actually result in severe forms of injury nonetheless) of injuries the Evas sustain, but do not actually suffer these injuries themselves. That said, it appears that if an Evangelion is severely damaged enough (even if the Entry Plug containing the pilot is not directly damaged itself), the pilot can indeed die from physical shock. For example, in Episode 19 Misato shouts for technicians to quickly cut the synchronization connection between Asuka and Eva 02 moments before the Angel Zeruel decapitates Eva 02, the sheer pain and shock of which would probably have killed Asuka. However, at odds with this is that during The End of Evangelion pilots appear to actually suffer the same physical injuries that their Eva Units suffer. This may be explained by the fact that in The End of Evangelion, the pilots were highly synchronized with their Evangelion Units. At an abnormally high synchronization ratio, it appears that pilots will really suffer injuries an Eva suffers.

Mechanics, Functions, and Technological Aspects

Piloting Modifications

All Evas have an artificial segment of spine, which is left incomplete by a round gap that the Entry Plug fits in. Inserting the entry ballyhoo completes the heart connections from the head to the the remainder of the consistency. As an add precaution, a Signal Termination Plug is frequently kept in place of the Entry Plug to prevent neural impulses from flowing. While in operation, the entry fireplug is kept covered by a flush-fitting armor plate, although it can be lifted to eject the entrance plug in an emergency .
300px 01 C300 eva01 plug Eva 01 ‘s back armor retracted to insert the Entry Plug The end of the Entry Plug is inserted into the core, which has a cylindrical cavity drilled out to accommodate it. The depth of the Plug inside the core can vary according to the synchronization rate and other factors, such as the Eva going amuck. The Entry Plug is flooded with LCL, which is either generated by the core itself or is pumped in from external memory before being processed and purified by the life-support systems. It serves to both provide oxygen and establish the radio link between the Entry Plug ‘s occupants and the Eva, although the Interface Headset would appear to be necessary to actually pilot the Eva. In addition, there appears to be an extensive computer interface between the pilot burner and the Eva, as the system must be set to the navigate ‘s native speech ( the speech in which the pilot program thinks, see note below ) to allow the Eva to activate and be piloted. It might besides link to the viewscreens in the Eva cockpit ( Which can flicker on and off depending on the activation state of the Eva ). The shoulder-armor pylons on Evangelions do not actually contain any biological part of the Eva, underneath the armor. The stallion pylon is merely an extension of the Eva ‘s out armor. As seen in Episode 14, the pylons can actually be removed should the motivation arise, in this case to fit them into external restraints ; besides Eva-00, both Eva-01 and Eva-02, which always had shoulder-armor pylons, are here seen without them.

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functional Capabilities and Equipment

Evas run off power from an umbilical cord cable, attached to a socket in the back of the artificial spur segment. How electrical energy is converted for the Eva ‘s custom, or if the Eva indeed is capable of gesture off raw electric energy alone, is not elaborated in the show. If the cable is broken or disconnected ( For increased focal ratio and mobility ), Evas have up to five minutes of Internal Battery ability in reserve ( alternatively quoted as one moment at maximum and five minutes with gain- varying depending upon plot ) [ 3 ]. They are capable of creating protective A.T. Fields arsenic well as eroding the A.T. Fields of Angels, and have frightful military capability in addition. In complete contrast to their size and bulk, Evas are capable of acrobatic feats like drop-kicks and enormous spinning leaps into the air. operation rises with increase synchronization, and an Eva in conflict rage can inflict crippling physical damage on an Angel or flush another Evangelion, or cast its A.T. Field as an nauseating weapon. The stature of Eva capabilities is the Berserk mood, when the house physician person has taken dominance from the pilot. It is characterized by feral, animal-like demeanor. A amuck Evangelion has greatly enhanced forcible persuasiveness, and, at the acme of berserker mood, can run without any electric power at all [ 4 ]. Evangelions have weapons and early equipment loaded on for combat purposes. Evas have computerized targeting systems, Radar and Sonar, a well as assorted weaponry. All Evangelions ( With the exception of Eva-00 in its master armor ) have a prog tongue stored inside their left shoulder pylon, and Eva-02 has a spike catapult in its right shoulder pylon. Eva-00 ‘s shoulder pylons have a rocket system that allows the Eva to slow down when making big jumps ( or presumably increases jump acme angstrom well ) .

Ultimate Purpose

Although Evangelions were purportedly created to combat the Angel threat, their most important function ( and one of their greatest secrets ) is to initiate a third base Impact to evolve humanity far. A few continuities of these purposes exist :

Neon Genesis Evangelion 2

Upon the clone of Adam ‘s remains through Project E, to recreate Adam through the Evangelions, Seele, with the cognition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, desired to unite both Fruits of Knowledge ( through world ‘s study of the workings, biology, and physics of the First Ancestral Race and the Angels, were able to create a host body through genetics and cloning resulting in the Evas ) and Life ( the S² Engine, the Angel ‘s basis for their fabulously monstrous powers ), they would then destroy the Lance of Longinous, having horde bodies rivaling the powers of Adam and the First Ancestral Race, which they would transfer their souls into, and become god like beings for clock time immemorial for the sake of proving “ world ‘s pinnacle laterality ” .

Rebuild of Evangelion

universe and Design Concept

125px Anno eva image sketch Evangelions as Oni The Evangelions were designed after a specific type of japanese freak called “ Oni ”, normally translated into “ devil ” or “ ogre ”. In the words of Anno himself [ 1 ] –

“There’s a monster in Japan called the Oni; it has two horns sticking out of its head and the overall image of the Eva is based on that. I also wanted to give the impression that beneath this ‘robot monster’ image is not so much a robot, but a giant human.”

Corresponding with Anno, Ikuto Yamashita worked to develop the design of the Evangelions ( With the exception of the Mass Production Evangelions and the interpolate Eva-02 design used in end of Evangelion ). In his words-

“So why did Evangelion wind up with that shape?” … The director instructed me to make, “the image of [an oni].” A giant just barely under the control of mankind. I get the feeling I’ve seen that correlation before … The image I had for the design concept was the fairy tale, Gulliver’s Travels. Enormous Power Restrained. … What I came up with was a giant that looks like a relief on a wall. … I happily discarded the efficiency and feeling of giant size that you can guess at by sight alone. … after the designs were handed in, it caused a stir — even among the staff, positive and negative opinions were flying. And from here on out, I imagine it will cause a stir among comic readers and animation viewers.”

150px Yamashita eva procession drawings Head changes during design
rather of being boxlike and angular like previous mecha such as the Gundams, Evangelion plan is characterized by smooth curves and flowing lines, giving the mental picture not of a automaton, but of a giant star human being. The final Evangelion invention is the result of a series of changes throughout early output. Most notably, the more “ demonic ” aspects of the Evangelions have largely been removed, such as the big horns ( Although the Eva-02 purpose in Rebuild has two little horns on top of its head, suggesting a restoration of some of the older aspects of the blueprint ). Head design, in particular, has been subject to a lot of changes.


  • According to Ritsuko in Episode 01, the formal full name for the Evangelion Units (almost never actually used) is “Ultimate All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon: Evangelion”.
  • Apparently, the internal controls of an Evangelion which interact directly with the pilot’s mind which the pilot is synchronized with the Eva are set to the native language of the pilot, the “base thought language” which the Eva’s systems are set to. For example, Shinji’s native language is Japanese, and therefore he “thinks in” Japanese, so Eva-01 is set to Japanese. The language mode of Eva-02, however, is set to German, because Asuka’s native language is German and she “thinks in” German. However, Asuka speaks fluent Japanese, so she can apparently set the language mode to Japanese, but still function well enough (meanwhile, Shinji doesn’t understand German at all, so he cannot function in an Eva set to anything other than Japanese).
  • Ritsuko explicitly states that only 14 year old children can pilot Evangelions, but does not elaborate on why exactly this is so.
    • Possibly it is because hormonal changes in late puberty make it impossible for adults to synchronize with Evangelions, but they want the oldest possible child pilots (i.e. if the pilot has to be before the later stages of puberty, they’d rather use a 14 year old than a four year old).
    • All Evangelion pilots were conspicuously born in the year following Second Impact. There might be a connection with this.
    • The pilot’s mothers all died or were absorbed when the pilots were infants. The system may rely on suspended maternal instincts.
    • Note that any supposition involving mothers will fail for Rei, as the soul in Eva-00 is almost certainly Rei I.
  • Evas are referred to as “copies” of Adam, and, in the Classified Information files, by the awkward phrase “clonal regenerations” (in reference to the “Adam Revival Project”, or Project E). In real life use, “clone” means an exact genetic copy, which, considering the differences the Evas exhibit amongst themselves, they clearly cannot be.
  • The term “Eva” is derived from the name “Eve” –in fact, this is how Eve is pronounced in most languages. In the Book of Genesis, Eve was created from Adam’s rib, and the Evas were created as copies of Adam.

See besides :


  1. Bochan_bird : by the way, this persona of Eva-01 being grown/separated from Lilith matches with the son used in “ Air ” to describe Eva-01 — “ bunshin ”. This word can be used for “ clone ”, but the constituent kanji “ bun ” ( divide ) and “ shin ” ( body ) besides point to the more ameobic-type replica of growth and separation. ”
  2. Misato is the one thinking this. It’s been implied that Misato does not really understand the true inner workings of the Evangelions, that they each contain a human soul. If Rei, hypothetically, is synchronizing well with Eva-01 because she is a clone of Yui Ikari, who’s soul is contained in Eva-01, Misato wouldn’t know it at this point. So if Eva-02 probably wouldn’t be interchangeable because its soul would be unrelated to another pilot…why is Misato, who doesn’t know Evas contain souls at all, the one thinking this? There is always the possibility that the director for the episode just wanted to vary up the dialogue and gave Misato a line which was actually better suited to Ritsuko: technically, Ritsuko is the only person in the room who knows the true nature about Evas and the souls they contain, and only giving relevant dialogue like that only to Ritsuko would have basically amount to a monologue by Dr. Akagi.
    • What makes it even stranger is that Misato was with Asuka and Shinji in Episode 08, where both of them broke their synch records with Eva-02. Aside from the initial problems with Shinji “thinking in Japanese”, there seems to have been no problem at all with Shinji synching with Eva-02, and if Misato herself noted it, why would she suddenly dismiss Shinji as being incompatible with Eva-02?

    Eva-00 and Eva-01 are said to have “ very alike personal data patterns ” ; Rei ‘s synch rate with Eva 01 is about the like as it was with Eva-00, and Shinji ‘s synch proportion with Eva-00 is only slightly lower than what it normally is with Eva-01. however, Misato says that she thinks Eva-02 would decidedly be antagonistic : why ? further, it is strange thatis the one remember this. It ‘s been implied that Misato does not truly understand the true inner workings of the Evangelions, that they each contain a human soul. If Rei, hypothetically, is synchronizing well with Eva-01 because she is a knockoff of Yui Ikari, who ‘s person is contained in Eva-01, Misatoknow it at this point. So if Eva-02 credibly would n’t be interchangeable because its soul would be unrelated to another original … why is Misato, who does n’t know Evas contain souls at all, the one think this ? There is always the hypothesis that the director for the sequence just wanted to vary up the dialogue and gave Misato a line which was actually good suited to Ritsuko : technically, Ritsuko is the merely person in the board who knows the true nature about Evas and the soul they contain, and entirely giving relevant dialogue like that alone to Ritsuko would have basically amount to a monologue by Dr. Akagi .

  3. five minute operational time limit using battery power, not just one minute. In Ritsuko explains in Episode 03 that Evangelions have limited inner battery office supply, and must rely on umbilical cord Cables to supply external might. Ritsuko states that “ In emergencies, it can switch to an internal battery with an active life of one minute at full ability, and no more than five minutes using addition mode. ” This “ one minute ” limitation mentioned hera is disregarded in all subsequent episodes, except Episode 09. For all virtual purposes, the Evas have aminute operational time limit using battery office, not barely one infinitesimal. In Episode 11 it is revealed that external batteries can be connected to all 3 Evas to extend their operational time terminus ad quem when they are not connected to an Umbilical Cable. They connect to an Eva ‘s shoulder armor fins, and are then retentive that they extend below the hips. presumably these are not normally attached to an Eva because they restrict its mobility.

    Read more : Umi ga Kikoeru

  4. Whenever an Evangelion yell when it goes “ berserker ” in the series, it is character of the episode ‘s dialogue chase, not barely the background effects sound racetrack. As a leave, when episodes such as this one are translated into different languages ( such as the ADV Films English knight ), the Evangelion screams have to actually be re-produced by different voice actors. The result is that Eva screams sound perceptibly different between the master japanese and english knight versions .

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