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Fans are moving american samoa fast as the speed of lightning to call for “ The Flash ” asterisk Grant Gustin to replace embattle Ezra Miller in the approaching WB film adaptation of the DC superhero. Miller, 29, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, has caught fire from Warner Bros. studio heads after they were arrested on March 28 in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment.

Gustin, 32, has portrayed Barry Allen/The Flash on the CW series of the same name since 2014, and the testify was recently renewed for a ninth season. Miller ’ s “ The Flash ” movie was set to be released sometime in 2023. The “ Perks of Being a Wallflower ” actor ’ s future with the film hangs in the balance, as Warner and DC executives held an emergency meet on March 30 to discuss the halt. The conclusion of the assembly was to pause all future projects involving Miller and any public appearances they are scheduled to make for the action flick. last year, Miller besides had “ frequent meltdowns ” during production on the set of the film, according to a Rolling Stone report published on Wednesday. Fans dashed to social media to call for Gustin to become the following big-screen Barry Allen. person shared a meme of the “ Glee ” alum flashing a peace polarity future to a gravestone with Miller ’ randomness photograph on it. Grant gustin to Erza Miller and The flash movie # TheFlashmovie

— 𝙸𝚝𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚒🔔🦇 (@itachiistan1) — 𝙸𝚝𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚒🔔🦇 ( @ itachiistan1 ) April 6, 2022 hypertext transfer protocol : // credibly a good time to mention this, Grant Gustin would ’ ve been a much better DCEU Flash. — The One Above All  (@TOAA_Shill_) — The One Above All  ( @ TOAA_Shill_ ) March 31, 2022 hypertext transfer protocol : // “ probably a good fourth dimension to mention this, Grant Gustin would ’ ve been a much better DCEU [ DC Extended Universe ] Flash, ” a Gustin patron suggested, while another wrote, “ Ezra Miller should not play The Flash again or act at all until they get the help they intelligibly need. ” “ Warner Bros needs to find a new Flash and fast because I ’ m authentically concerned for Ezra Miller ’ south state of judgment, ” one fan scribed.

“ Give [ the function ] to grant gustin please god that man is therefore good he deserves better than a appearance with a $ 5 budget, ” person joked, comparing the CW usher to the bigger-budget WB film. “ Enough is adequate ! They should recast Ezra Miller with ‘ Grant Gustin ’ # GrantIsTheFlash # DC, ” a fan exclaimed, while another called Gustin an “ obvious ” replacement. “ Grant Gustin is an obvious choice to replace Ezra Miller, ” the drug user tweeted. “ The Flash television receiver express has had 8 seasons. Finish it. The stories are tired. Give him a chance at the movie. ”

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