John Krasinski Confirms Jim Is the ‘Supervillain’ of ‘The Office,’ Slips Up with ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Tease

Jim Halpert, the most evil supervillain of them all? Krasinski seems to think so.

John Krasinski is bursting out of “ The Quiet Place ” and spilling his hot tea take on “ The Office. ”
The beloved NBC drollery series, which concluded in 2013, launched the careers of Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Krasinski, and catapulted Steve Carell into new heights. Yet Krasinski cleared up how he very views lovable prankster Jim Halpert, his character on the hit show .
During an appearance on “ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, ” Krasinski joked, “ They ’ re onto me because I played it as a supervillain, ” citing a Movie Web article asking if Jim is the real villain for the situation comedy.

“ That ’ mho why I did ‘ Fantastic Four ’ — to balance it out, ” Krasinski said. “ I had already done the villain. ”
Umm, excuse us ?
Krasinski played Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic in “ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, ” making longtime Marvel fans ’ dream come true. however, does this mean that Krasinski just incidentally let it slip he ’ ll be leading the approaching “ Fantastic Four ” movie, slated for a November 8, 2024 release ? !

Rumors have circulated in late weeks leading up to 2022 San Diego Comic Con and this fall ’ randomness Disney exhibition D23 that the highly-anticipated third iteration of the “ Fantastic Four ” franchise that kicks off the next phase of the MCU could see Krasinski reprise his function ( even after, hem, DYING in one multiverse ) of Mr. Fantastic. Audiences for years have been pushing for Krasinski ’ s real-life partner Emily Blunt to star as Sue Storm aka the invisible Woman and who is married to Mr. Fantastic .
Yet holocene reports indicate that possibly Penn Badgley, Amanda Seyfried, and “ Stranger Things ” star Joe Keery could make up the following coevals ’ randomness “ Fantastic Four ” -some .
back in 2020, Krasinski told Men ’ s Health that he was still identical matter to in joining the MCU and leading a new “ Fantastic ” boot .
“ I would love to be in the Marvel universe, ” Krasinski said. “ I love those movies because they ’ re playfulness, but I besides think they ’ re actually well done, ” Krasinski gushed. “ And surely a set of my friends are in those movies. I have no idea what [ Marvel is ] thinking. But if they are considering me for Mr. Fantastic, continue to consider me because I would love it. ”
The “ Imaginary Friends ” writer-director previously revealed to that he ’ five hundred “ jump in ” as a director to any Marvel film if MCU boss Feige asked him. “ In Kevin [ Feige ] I trust, ” Krasinski said. “ That fellow is not only the most talented guy, but the nicest guy. Yeah, whatever he wants, we ’ five hundred discourse it. ”

Given the fact that Jon Watts exited the “ Fantastic Four ” film to helm a “ Star Wars ” series, Krasinski could be pulling bivalent duty both in front of and behind the camera .
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