The 10 Strongest Women In Demon Slayer, Ranked According To Strength

When it comes to Demon Slayer, the female characters are amazingly few and far between. Part of this is due to physical capabilities, a total of the female slayers we see have the weakness of being unable to behead a devil, but it ‘s hush rather storm. fortunately, the ones we do are memorable .
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Chief among those would, of course, be Nezuko and Kanao, who both quickly became fan favorites for respective reasons. They are n’t the merely ones who get to show off their lastingness, however, a few Hashira and demons gaining that honor ampere well .

11 Older Sister Spider Demon

The spider kin was a solid antagonistic force, their yoke to japanese Mythology being rather cool. however, most of the class was barely fodder to work through until the team got to Rui. This is no more apparent than with Older Sister, a villain who was completely outclassed in her fight against Shinobu, despite the fact she ‘d killed over eighty humans. Her powers were more focus on around cocooning her foes preferably than any sort of physical coerce, making her slowly pickings in a clean battle .

10 Mother Spider Demon

The spider mother got a army for the liberation of rwanda better showing in her battle than her child did, even having a moment that bordered on redemption towards the end when she chose death over continuing to be ridiculed by her family. Her powers were a lot like the rest of the family, using her threads to fight from afar, using others as puppets to carry out her whims. It led to a fairly interesting struggle, but all puppet masters constantly have one major weakness, and that ‘s forcible strength. If you close the break, the battle is over .

9 Susamaru

Susamaru is first actual challenge the team runs into and works as a great way to introduce Tamayo and Yushiro to the fold. While she appeared two bow before the aforesaid Spider demons, her strength dwarfed their ‘s, being one of the most physically strong female demons in the wholly series .
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Her use of Temari and overall personality made her an fabulously fun fictional character to have around, even if she lone lasted an discharge .

8 Kanae Kocho

kanae kocho showing off kanao tsuyuri while shinobu kocho looks on angrily in demon slayer This is a smudge that ‘s garnered more on repute than anything else as Kanae is used as more a mean of pushing Shinobu ‘s development than anything else, having already been killed by the start of the report. That said, the swerve fact she was able to go toe to toe with Doma is a feat in itself, demon more than earning his set among the upper moons. While the fight ended in her death, it showed how solid a fictional character she was .

7 Shinobu Kocho

Kimetsu No Yaiba - Shinobu Insect Pillar Via: /r/manga (ppokon) If we were n’t talking about potency, she ‘d be higher up on the list, her ability in combat making her more than worthy of her title of a Hashira. She was able to surpass her baby, bringing her breath of the Insect to raw heights. unfortunately, she ‘s the prime example of a female character not possessing the potency to behead a demon. It ‘s why she utilizes poisons alternatively, offsetting some of her lacking forcible strength, as shown in her battle with Doma .

6 Kanao Tsuyuri

As with her adopted old baby, Kanao does n’t quite have the sex appeal needed to behead a demon, honestly putting them on peer foot in terms of forte, but she gets the edge because she ‘s far along at her age than Shinobu .
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As do her superhuman capabilities that led many to believe she was a future Hashira. During the conflict with Doma, she more than proved those assumptions correct, the battle is one of the best in the whole series .

5 Daki

The first base character yet to be seen in the anime makes her appearance, Daki, one of the Upper Moons. Her abilities are indeed tie to her buddy that it makes it unmanageable to grade her by rights, particularly since it ‘s noted more than a few times that she ‘s the weak of the couple. That said, she is capable of striking person hard enough to send them flying through a wall. even if she ‘s by and large riding her buddy coattails, she ‘s more than powerful in her own right .

4 Tamayo

Tamayo is one that shies aside from fight whenever possible, preferring to focus more on medicine. Her cognition of the medical field well surpassed anyone in the series, and her consumption of illusions even had Muzan reeling at first. In that battle, she showed that there was more to her, that she could be one of the stronger demons around. It ‘s a shame she never truly got to show off her capabilities until that contend, only concisely stepping in to trick Susamaru .

3 Nezuko

Nezuko always ranks near the top of fan polls, easily being one of the favorites in the serial. Her capabilities steadily progress as the series goes on as she gets a better grip of her demonic powers, learning to control them. While she is n’t the most strategic of fighters, she ‘s among the most physically potent, said to match the Upper Moons in that category. The beastly way she fights often requires her to work in concert with others to bring down a foe, something that actually sets the zanzibar copal apart from many others. team ups are quite prevailing .

2 Mitsuri Kanroji

1Mitsuri Demon Slayer Cropped

While she may not look it, there ‘s no one that comes anywhere close to Mitsuri in terms of physical force. You would n’t think it by looking at her, stallion appearance saying she ‘s going to be this bubbly character when in fact she ‘s the exact inverse. The biggest moment where her intensity was shown off was against Muzan when she was able to grab one of his tentacles and rip it off him with her bare hands, needing no use of a blade. couple that with the fact she was able to carry upwards to 120 pounds as a twelve-year-old and you easily have the strongest woman in the series .
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