Top 18 Hottest Demon Slayer Female Characters [2022 Ranked]

18. Nakime

Nakime Nakime is pale, has night brown glazed waist-length hair, black bangs cover her eyes, and always wears a pure black kimono. She is a beautiful chorus girl, but she loses her costume and finally becomes a female devil due to her conserve ’ mho gamble .

17. Makio

Makio Makio possesses an average height, with an ethereal consistency carriage that can entrench anyone. Although she has pale clamber, her googly eyes are the prototype of perfection. Her yellow hair cascades down to her shoulders and is majorly tied up from behind.

16. Spider Demon (Mother)

Spider Demon Spider demon has lush, velvet skin that quite brilliantly resonates under the moonlight. Her bluish green eyelashes and crimson facial markings are attributes that steal the stage. not to mention, her hair is parted in two ways, which curls down into long hair strands. She ’ s a shrewd-minded devil .

15. Kamado Kie

Kamado Kie Kamado Kie might not sound besides brassy or invite, but she is gorgeous. Her purple eyes blazingly sparkle now and then. Her hide complexion is of a lighter note. stopping point but not least, she has total darkness hair, which normally is tied down in a bun .

14. Makomo

Makomo Makomo is a former apprentice of Sakonji. She ’ s quite an early learner and no wonder why she ’ south besides one of the youngest demon slayers. anyhow, she ’ mho granted with pale skin and bluish green color eyes. She always wears noteworthy and cunning dresses .

13. Ubuyashiki Amane

Ubuyashiki Amane Amane has a particular personality, but this doesn ’ triiodothyronine overshadow her non-languid body pose. Amane has blushing white skin, coupled with lavender eyes. On top of that, she ensures that her hair cascades down in the form of a ponytail. She besides loves wearing pink kimonos .

12. Suma

Suma With round eyes and a satisfy body model, Suma can trap the hearts of millions. Her blue eyes perfectly align with her potent aura. On top of that, her black haircloth twirls to his shoulders which is slightly sexy in its way. apart from this, Suma loves wearing jewelry like necklaces .

11. Hinatsuru

Hinatsuru Hinatsuru is known for having a calm and patient personality. This duplicate, with her appearance, is highly invite. For case, she possesses a slender soundbox coupled with brown eyes and total darkness hair’s-breadth. furthermore, Hinatsuru loves having her hair tied down with a pony. It looks perfect on her .

10. Ruka Rengoku

Ruka Rengoku Ruka has quite an bizarre personality so far is gentle and docile in her ways. What makes her particular is her white student dilated or submerged within those dark bolshevik eyes. apart from this, her black hair’s-breadth looks stunning on her bonny skin, matching her loss eyes and acute nose carriage. overall, she ’ sulfur enigmatic .

9. Tamayo

Tamayo Tamayo is a sophisticate in action with a give personality that speaks volumes about her character ( gentle as a person and devil ) in the manga and series. Anyways, she ’ s blessed with extravagantly dark brown hair properly braided down to a one bespeak of reach. furthermore, her fortunate red lips make her a perfective candidate for stealing hearts .

8. Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho Kanae Kocho is the deep bloom hashira, who died before the current narrative. however, how she is predicted in the show and manga is something spellbinding. For case, she ’ sulfur tall and has ebony black hair. On top of that, her faint purple eyes can captivate anyone. not to note, she loves wearing chat up catchers on her hair.

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7. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri Kanao Tsuyuri is blessed with lilac eyes, which resonate momentarily when she passes flit glances over her enemies. She besides loves having her haircloth tied polish with a pony, which looks gorgeous and cunning. however, preceptor ’ thymine let her appearance trick you because, although she ’ s hot, she ’ randomness besides one of the deadliest monster slayers in the show .

6. Daki

Daki Daki has an affiliation with the Twelve Kizuki and is one of the celebrated antagonists in the serial. Daki has fair skin, which complements her lime-green haircloth for its worth. In summation to that, she constantly ensures that her hair is pinned down with a pony, ultimately giving her a seductive count. Her smile is just out of this world .

5. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho Considering her demeanor, she ’ s quite a fantastic person. Younger in age and having been through so much, including the massacre of her parents, she turned out to be resilient and beautiful. She has a relatively carnival complexion that is coupled with purple hue eyes. On crown of that, haircloth strands, specially those cascading down to her shoulders, twins with the color of her eyes .

4. Muzan (Women form)

Muzan (Women form) Muzan ’ s charwoman mannequin is reasonably entice because he can transform himself into diverse genders and identities. Among them, the best award goes to his female transformation because, broadly, he ’ randomness depicted as sexy and vibrant. On top of that, his female form has black hair that pairs unusually with brassy loss eyes .

3. Kotoha Hashibira

Kotoha Hashibira Kotoha is a simple charwoman with short to no extravagance. Yet her childlike aura attracts many men. She has perfect exuberant total darkness hair that is perfectly gemini to her large, flashy green eyes. apart from this, her smile is adorable .

2. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji She ’ s deadly and has a pure craving for killing. No wonder she ’ s a demon killer with little to no emotions. surprisingly, she ’ south besides a love hashira, which goes against her character. anyhow, she ’ s blessed with a becoming height and pink-green velvet hair that cascades depressed to her arm-lengths. furthermore, she has light green eyes that are inviting and can entrench anyone. To learn more about her: The Life and Death of Mitsuri Kanroji [ Love Hashira ] in Demon Slayer

1. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado Nezuko Kamado is one of the best and most competitive demon slayers in the series. She ’ mho gorgeous and has a dedicated aura attached to herself. furthermore, she has fair clamber and stiletto nails painted over pink. even her eyes are pink, making her hale appearance expect so ethereal and out of the world. not to citation, she has decent-length hair that plummets down to her arms. Did you like this post ? Click on a leading to rate it !

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