10 best female ‘Naruto’ characters

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Regarded as one of the most popular zanzibar copal franchises in history, Naruto needs identical little introduction. The all-time fan favorite series tells the report of a unseasoned ninja Naruto, who houses the terribly mighty nine-tailed fox. As viewers follow his travel to master the animal within him and grow as a ninja, we are introduced to some amazing characters along the way. The female characters in the show have been a superb and worthwhile addition, using their raw intensity, dedication, and loyalty to strike a harmonize with fans. here are 10 of the best female characters in Naruto.


CEF3B411 6DD6 49EA A2E7 856083A4C90EImage Via Crunchyroll lady Tsunade is the no-nonsense, kick american samoa matron of the Naruto series. While she leads as the fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, she hilariously doubles as a compulsive gambler, who unfortunately suffers from highly regretful fortune. She is much recognized as one of the world ’ s strongest female ninja and medical-nin. Although she abandoned the ninja life style for several years after suffering the losses of her love ones, Tsunade stepped astir to the denture and took responsibility when she was desperately needed as the Hokage. She besides greatly improved the medical system of the village, saving countless lives in the procedure.

Mei Terumi

958D94E1 3748 4275 ACF4 CC508F771030Image Via Crunchyroll Another girl-boss in her own right, Mei is the Mizukage of the Kirigakure, a village known for its past defile leaders. After growing up and enduring the coarse conditions of her village, Mei last took the buttocks of Mizukage and affirm to undo the wrongs of the by leaders. Although she is introduced much later in the series, she became a beloved fictional character for her bluff desire to restore enormousness to her greenwich village, working hard to fulfill the roles of Mizukage.

Hinata Hyuga

C96330BB 8824 4121 9C8E 638981EE2359Image Via Crunchyroll A fan-favorite waifu, and sister to the much-loved Neji, Hinata Hyuga is the former heiress of the Hyuga kin. Debuting as a shy and cushy spoken young female child, Hinata has a fortune to prove as she grows to become a womanhood and a ninja. Her altruism is much noteworthy, ampere well as her deep affection for the series ’ precede protagonist, Naruto. She far steal hearts when she put herself in danger to Naruto during the Pain Arc. Although she was deemed disqualify for the function of an heiress by her kin leaders, Hinata more than proved herself as a powerful and trustworthy ninja. She went on to marry Naruto and gave birth to Boruto.

Temari Nara

8FAE7A34 1EE6 4481 A8F9 4C0B99DA621FImage Via Crunchyroll Temari is known to be stoic, straightforward, and prudent. Being the daughter of the Rasa — the one-fourth Kazekage — caused her to have a pretty lone childhood and she grew up to be a very rational number daughter who values peace above all else. Noted for her chic giant star fan which aids her in battle, Temari is besides recognized for her fresh dynamic with the notoriously lazy Shikamaru, whom she went on to marry.

Kushina Uzumaki

D73D9679 17FF 4A1F AE57 318ADF5E7F84Image Via Crunchyroll The second Jinchuriki of the nine-tails and mother of Naruto, Kushina in truth deserves a indicate of her own. At a young age, she wished to become the first female Hokage of the Hidden Leaf greenwich village, and although she couldn ’ t make that happen, she married the world that became the Fourth Hokage. Her loss hair and matching hot temper stamped her into the minds of many. Kushina ’ sulfur forfeit as both a mother and a ninja garnered her the beloved of the viewers, who ( to this day ) want to see more of her in possibly a prequel.


B5ED96DA 1367 47A6 9930 44941B7CDDFEImage Via Crunchyroll This list would be inaccurate if only the female protagonists made it. Konan is one of the antagonists of the Naruto series, but still ranks well because of her firm loyalty and skill. Growing up as an orphan after the second Shinobi War, she joined Nagato and Yahiko to found the ill-famed Akatsuki. Her tender and healthy personality was admired by the villagers of Amegakure and earned her the name “ God ’ s Angel ”. She acted as the jobber between Pain and the villagers, and after Nagato ’ s death, she defected from the Akatsuki and returned to Amegakure to care for the people. Her cutthroat loyalty and empathy are surely worth laudatory.


0C0FEEFA 6AA9 46B4 89E0 0A2EB334AD98Image Via Crunchyroll Our front-runner weapons specialist besides made it to the list. Over the years, TenTen has received some undue damaging reactions from fans for her commitment to the scrolls and weaponry. The pragmatic member of Team Guy, Tenten initially wished to be a medical-nin and train under Tsunade, but just didn ’ thyroxine cut it chakra-wise. hush, after realizing she didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have the control condition needed, she decided to improve her weaponry skills and became a perfect marksman. Tenten is potent, smart, and excellent with aim, which makes her a bright long-range fighter.

Ino Yamanaka

2A4E81B9 B390 49F2 AE8E 3CB297EAFFE6Image Via Crunchyroll Ino is known to be a separate of the iconic trio Ino-Shika-Cho, and worked hard to become a medical-nin and aim under Tsunade. Her encouraging words and protective actions helped Sakura become a more independent person, even though a competition was born after they realized they both had feelings for Sasuke. still, Ino came a long way from her stubborn and objectionable childhood, to become a ferociously firm comrade.

Kurenai Yuhi

BD341045 E69A 4A49 8548 450221238FCFImage Via Crunchyroll Kurenai is not alone an adept at creating illusions but is besides an excellent fighter. She is the teacher in charge of training Hinata, Kiba, and Shino, and is adored by fans for her wish and great interest in the growth of her students. After she had her daughter and became a single mother, she did not fail to show evenly a a lot sexual love and care for her daughter, making her one of the serial ’ most sleep together characters.

Sakura Haruno

B73BDA96 67AD 4046 A57F 3443742A78E2Image Via Crunchyroll The uncontested central female figure in the stallion series, Sakura needs no initiation. Her raw strength alone is to be praised, and after surpassing Tsunade, Sakura became the strongest protagonist in the series. Sakura is besides recognized as one of the greatest medical-nin. Although she found herself ill-suited for the life sentence of a shinobi, she pushes through and trains to become not merely a great combatant but a great medical-nin. Her undimmed pink hair, fiery position, and loyalty will constantly be remembered by fans of the series .

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