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I read final crisis for the first clock about 7 months. I picked it up largely to fill in the events in between the end of Batman RIP and Batman and Robin, which I was besides reading for the first time. Despite being very ill-equipped to read it, being fairly raw to the Dc universe ( I had read just a few Batman and Jl GN ‘s, alot of which were from new52 ), I took the dive. I absolutely loved it. It was bright, complex and original storytelling, with amazing art, and a setting and stakes unlike anyth

I read final crisis for the first prison term about 7 months. I picked it up by and large to fill in the events in between the end of Batman RIP and Batman and Robin, which I was besides reading for the first time. Despite being very ill-equipped to read it, being fairly new to the Dc population ( I had read barely a few Batman and Jl GN ‘s, alot of which were from new52 ), I took the honkytonk. I absolutely loved it. It was bright, complex and original storytelling, with amaze art, and a scope and stakes unlike anything I ‘d always read. It was slightly daunting for person new to the game, but the confusion that set in occasionally only spike my interest and made me actually want to dive deep into DC lore.
7 months by and by, I have read alot more direct current comics, and loved most of what I ‘ve read. Its been a fun ride, so I figured I ‘d give FC another read, backed by the cognition I since acquired by reading and from the helpfull people from this group. But decided to do so by reading the omnibus, hoping that it would add valuable information and a clearer notion of the scope of this event.
Rereading FC was a alot less confusing this fourth dimension around ( altough I feel there is hush alot that I have to “ decode ” ), , and loved the main event even more. It ‘s precisely a brainy narrative all around. The omnibus, however, is a very strange animal.
It collects Batman # 676-683, # 701-702, Birds of Prey # 118, DC Universe # 0, DC Universe : The last Will and Testament # 1, Final Crisis # 1-7, final crisis : numerous of 3 Worlds # 1-5, final crisis : Requiem # 1, Final crisis : resist # 1, Final crisis : Revelations # 1-5, final examination crisis : Rogues ‘ Revenge # 1-3, concluding crisis : secret Files # 1, Final crisis : Submit # 1, Final crisis : Superman Beyond # 1-2, Flash # 240-241, Justice League of America # 21, Superman/Batman # 76, Teen Titans # 59-60 and Terror Titans # 1-6.
honestly, out of all of the issues collected here, the alone ones that in truth add somehing of note to the main event are Justice League of America # 21 and the Final Crisis one issue-one shots, and the Batman issues. They are a identical enjoyable read, and actually give the reader a bigger sense of the setting of the events, and shows you FC from the position of other heroes, some of them unexpected. But that ‘s about 120 pages or so. All the rest, honestly, is padding, and not very enjoyable reads at that.
I truly ca n’t understand the reasoning behind collecting some of these titles, and the ordain in which they are collected.
The Flash, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey and Terror Titans add very litle of note to the all preceedings. Its merely there to show that the Dark Side Club was kidnapping adolescent meta-humans for underground combats, and while the concept is good, its streched way more than it should. The Teens Titans and Birds of Prey issues were actually adequate reads, but their plots entirely get resolved in the pages of Terror Titans, which was a massive and mediocre bear. terror Titans was sol so dense.
As for the mini-series … well those by and large numb a well, and added very little of prize to a lot of anything. What ‘s worse, these are collected in the middle of the brilliant Morrison penned issues, which very marrs the read experience. Between FC # 1 and # 3, there are about over 300 pages of Rogues Revenge and Terror Titans to wade through. It might have been very well if these were good mini series, but they are not. They are very very muffle.
The undertake chronological order does not work, because not merely there are inconsistencies within this chronology, but because it drowns out the massive impact the Morrison penned issues have.
To me, it would have been better to collect all those mini-series and extra issues AFTER the Morrison issues ( aside from the Justice League of America, which is great, and Flash, Teen Titans, Birds of Prey, and Terror Titans – those would have to go before FC proper, or not be collected at all ). The mini-series could go in the back, like a companion of sorts.
so, basically, The Flash, Teen Titans, Terror Titans and the Batman RIP issues collected in chronological order BEFORE the Morrison penned issues. And all the other mini-series should be collected AFTER Final Crisis as an appendix or companion of sorts.
then, I would keep Justice League of America # 21 and the one return Final Crisis one shots collected in chronologial order ( even in between the Morrison issues, because these are short enjoyable reads that actually add and tie well to the main consequence ).
queerly enougth, titles that would actually add anyhting to this event are n’t even colected hera – Countdown to Final Crisis and Death of the New Gods – sol the lector is still not getting the most apposite information anyhow. It would make more sense to just disregard the Teen Titans, Flash and Terror Titans issues, and collect Death of the New Gods rather ( Countdown is besides big, so I can see why they didnt include it ). I know certain events do not jive with the independent consequence in DotNG, but neither do some of the events from Teen Titans either, so heed as well collect the more pertinent series.
Ideally, though, either recaps or excerpts from Countdown to Final Crisis and Death of the new Gods would have been big. That should suffice, and make for a much more enjoyable read experience. I ‘d rather if they ‘d have put the most significant excerpts, or recaps from DotNG and Countdown, and skipped Flash, Teen and Terror Titans altogether.
Another annoying thing is that the issues that you are reading arent identified. I mean, a more attentive reader will figure it out, indisputable, but for person who isnt that used to these things, or does n’t notice the names of the creators from each consequence, they will not know what are the main FC issues, or the mini-series. Its rather dense to do that.
SO, if read embrace to cover, the experience is not great, and I would never recommend reading FC for the first time in this format. Start with the contents of most collections that include entirely the Morrison penned issues. If you can get the FC Companion, get that a well. But the mini-series are entirely skippable, are dull, and add very little to anything. If you hush aching for more, then by all means, get the omni.
I am still very gladiolus I got the book. It ‘s a dainty looking record, and reading the Morrison penned-issues in a bigger page format, and with extra art from JG Jones was fair a joy. And I actually quite liked the one return shots, and Justice League of America # 21. so, equitable for these reasons, i am felicitous for purchasing it. But future fourth dimension I read it, I ‘ll probably skip over the miniskirt and the early roll up issues.
Batman # 676-683, # 701-702 – 5/5
Birds of Prey # 118 – 5/5
, DC Universe # 0 – 5/5
, DC Universe : The last Will and Testament # 1 – 3/3
, Final Crisis # 1-7 – 5/5
, Final crisis : legion of 3 Worlds # 1-5 – 1/5
, Final crisis : Requiem # 1 – 4/5
, Final crisis : protest # 1 – 3/5
, Final crisis : Revelations # 1-5 – 3/5
, Final crisis : Rogues ‘ Revenge # 1-3 – 2/5
, Final crisis : secret Files # 1 – 3/5
, Final crisis : Submit # 1 – 4/5
, Final crisis : Superman Beyond # 1-2 – 5/5
, Flash # 240-241- 3/5
Justice League of America # 21 – 5/5
, Superman/Batman # 76 – 2/5
Teen Titans # 59-60 – 3/5
and Terror Titans # 1-6 – 2/5

So 5/5 for the Morrison penned issues, which are the most authoritative part of the book, and 3/5 for the rest of the issues. so, I ‘ll orund it up to 4 /5.


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