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Real Name

Ronald Roy Rockwell

Main Alias


Other Aliases

Ronald Roy “ Ronnie ” Raymond


Catherine Rockwell ( grandma )
Ted Rockwell ( adopted grandfather )
( founder )
Elaine Rockwell ( mother, deceased )
( stepmother ) Buck Dare (Captain X, grandfather, deceased)Catherine Rockwell (grandmother)Ted Rockwell (adoptive grandfather) Ed Raymond (father)Elaine Rockwell (mother, deceased) Felicity Raymond (stepmother)


Firestorm Matrix, White Lantern Corps, Justice League · formerly Black Lantern Corps Power Company, Justice Arcana, Justice Society International

Base Of Operations

Manhattan, New York City · Ivy University, Ivy Town · Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania





Secret Identity


american english

Marital Status






(As Firestorm); 6’1″ (As Raymond)


(As Firestorm); 179 lbs (As Raymond)







Earth-One · New Earth


Gerry Conway · Al Milgrom

First Appearance
Firestorm #1
(March, 1978)

Ronnie Raymond is the hero Firestorm, fused with his teacher Martin Stein in the Firestorm Matrix. He has the office to transmute any chemical element, provided he knows the chemical formula. Raymond was in the first place killed during Identity Crisis, but restored to life by the White Lantern in Brightest Day.


Ronald “ Ronnie ” Raymond was a high school student who had been concerned about man made disasters such as Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, and Bhopal. He had besides studied the Second World War and like many others, felt it ended unashamedly due to the nuclear bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which caused problems in those areas for years after the war ‘s conclusion. This led Ronnie to join an activist group called Coalition to Resist Atomic Power, which had been protesting the construction of a ability plant called Hudson Nuclear. Too former, Ronnie learned that the group ‘s drawing card, Eddie Earhart, was not adenine noble as Raymond first believed, willing to resort to dishonest and violent means. Although no accidents had yet occurred at Hudson Nuclear, Earhart attempted to stage one by detonating TNT in the reactor sphere, ampere well as murdering plant coach Martin Stein by attacking him by surprised. This was witnessed by Raymond, whom Earhart then trapped in a room with Stein to avoid witnesses. Ronnie Raymond and Nobel Prize-winning physicist Martin Stein were caught in a nuclear accident that allowed them to fuse into the “ nuclear man ” Firestorm. Due to Stein ‘s being unconscious during the accident, Raymond was prominently in command of the Firestorm form with Stein a voice of reason inside his mind. Banter between the two was a hallmark of their adventures. After the accident that created him, Firestorm took to defending New York from such threats as Multiplex ( created in the like nuclear accident that produced Firestorm ) and Killer Frost. Their adventures began with the adolescent Raymond align to his newfound function and late delved into the return of the nuclear arms slipstream and Firestorm ‘s function as an “ elementary. ” Upon commencement from high gear school, Raymond entered college in Pittsburgh, where Stein had been hired as a professor. Firestorm ‘s list of enemies included such by and large forgotten foes as the Hyena, Zuggernaut, Typhoon, Silver Deer and Black Bison. One Firestorm enemy, Plastique, would late play a major role in Captain Atom ‘s life ; she late reformed and married Atom. He besides fought Killer Frost, who was forced by the Psycho-Pirate to fall in love with him during the Crisis. After the Crisis, Firestorm was pitted against the world, as the hero, acting on a suggestion from a terminally ill Stein, demanded the United States and the Soviet Union destroy all of their nuclear weapons. After tussles with the Justice League and most of his enemies, Firestorm faced off against a russian nuclear valet named Pozhar in the Nevada abandon, where they had an atomic bomb dropped on them. When the smoke cleared, a new Firestorm was created who was made up of Raymond and the Russian, Mikhail Arkadin ( the Russian superhero Pozhar ), but controlled by the discorporate amnesic take care of Stein .

Fire Elemental

The Raymond/Arkadin Firestom proved to be a transitional phase, as in 1989, it was revealed that Firestorm was a “ Fire Elemental. ” firestorm immediately became something of an environmental reformer, formed from Raymond, Arkadin, and a soviet clone of the former Firestorm, but with a new judgment. Prof. Stein, no longer partially of the composite at all, continued to play a function, but the focus was on this radically different character. It was during this phase that Firestorm met and befriended Shango and the Orishas, the elemental gods of Africa. He besides met their foreman deity and Shango ‘s older brother Obatala, Lord of the White Cloth. This was besides the site in which the Shadowstorm entity first appeared. Stein soon learned that he was destined to be the dependable fire elemental and would have been were it not for Ronnie Raymond besides being there by circumstance. Raymond and Arkadin were returned to their old lives, and Stein, now Firestorm, was incidentally exiled to deep space in the process of saving the ground. He thereafter spent many years traveling through space as a spider, returning to earth on only two occasions : the War of the Gods, and again in Extreme Justice, where Stein cured Raymond of his leukemia and allowed Raymond to retain the original Firestorm character on his own. After this Ronnie continued to be Firestorm on his own in Earth, but lacking the wise advices of Stein .


After the Justice League of America had traveled 3,000 years into the past to search for a missing Aquaman, Batman puts together a new Justice League to be Earth ‘s protectors while the JLA is gone. Firestorm is among the nine heroes chosen by Batman to be members in this newly Justice League. [ 1 ] After the Justice League of America returns to the portray, the raw Justice League disbands. however, respective members of the new Justice League, including Firestorm, choose to join the JLA. While a member of the JLA, Raymond acts as a junior member and is constantly cautious of upsetting his teammates and making mistakes in the field ; he states vocally a few times that he is afraid of losing his side. While in the League, Ronnie developed a airless friendship with Manitou Dawn while he was attempting to teach her the english language .


Raymond was killed during the Identity Crisis. During a battle with Shadow Thief, Raymond was impaled by the Shining Knight ‘s sword, which the Shadow Thief had stolen. The charming sword ruptured the nuclear man ‘s containment field, resulting in Firestorm ‘s body explode and his residual kernel funneling into the body of Jason Rusch, the newly host of the Firestorm Matrix. His name was featured posthumously on Rip Hunter ‘s blackboard in the statement “ Ronnie Raymond + X = Firestorm ” .

Blackest Night

During the Blackest Night, Ronnie Raymond is called by a black ability surround to join the Black Lantern Corps. In the keep up moments, his reanimated cadaver is seen confronting Barry Allen and Hal Jordan alongside Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Elongated Man, Sue Dibny, and J’onn J’onzz. He then attacks Jason Rusch ( the current Firestorm ), and absorbs him into his own adaptation of the Firestorm matrix. then, using Jason ‘s unique abilities, turns Gehenna into table salt, simultaneously ripping her heart out with a smile. He uses the Firestorm Matrix to absorb Jason ‘s wrath over Gehenna ‘s death, providing the Black Lanterns with even more emotional energies. then, he goes on to attack Barry Allen and co. at the Justice League satellite. Jason then briefly asserts himself, allowing the heroes to escape. Regaining control condition, Ronnie proceeds to absorb Jason ‘s self-control. Like other Black Lanterns, the undead Firestorm mimics the personality of Ronnie Raymond, much wisecracking and exhibiting other stereotyped adolescent behavior. In the concluding battle against Nekron, Ronnie is restored to life aboard Jason, the two separating from Firestorm. Ronnie is confused, asking Atom where Professor Stein is while Jason is upset with Ronnie killing Gehenna. Ronnie, however, apparently has no memory of doing so .

Brightest Day

During the Brightest Day, Ronnie, however clad in free-and-easy invest from a wild party the night before, arrives at Jason ‘s apartment with Professor Stein and Ray Palmer to attend Gehenna ‘s funeral. Stein and Palmer discuss Ronnie ‘s return and how he no longer remembers anything since his death at the hands of Shadow Thief. While the two lecture about the paperwork needed to have Raymond ‘s legal status as “ dead ” reversed, Ronnie approaches Jason and offers an apology about Gehenna ‘s mangle. Jason refuses to accept it, telling Ronnie that he forced him into being an accomplice to the death of his girlfriend, and that he credibly does not even remember her name. When Ronnie is actually unable to remember Gehenna ‘s name, Jason angrily lashes out and punches him in the front. This causes the two young men to merge into Firestorm, and they begin arguing inside the Matrix while Palmer transforms into his Atom character in order to help them separate. Palmer manages to separate Jason and Ronnie, but not before the Firestorm matrix causes a huge plosion, transmuting everything in the Professor ‘s testing ground into table strategic arms limitation talks. While recovering in the hospital, Stein explains to Ronnie that it seems to be very dangerous to fuse into Firestorm again. besides, it is revealed that Ronnie, after promptly leaving the hospital and being threatened by Jason ‘s founder to stay away from Jason, lied to everyone, as he seems to perfectly remember murdering Gehenna as a Black Lantern.

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Worse yet, some meter after the forceful separation, he lies sleeping in readiness of a party, when a previously heard spokesperson prods him awake – a atrocious manufacture of Gehenna, made wholly of salt, which proceeds to throttle and choke him, taunting him to remember her list ; while she is interrupted before killing him, Ronnie is left covered in strategic arms limitation talks. not excessively hanker after, he is lying, recovering from a massive orgy, when Jason again forces the unify to help several construction workers endangered when the girders at the web site are transmuted without warning to bubble gum. This time, they again hear the cryptic voice taunting them, and Ronnie accepts he remembers killing Gehenna, and they realize something else is lurking from within the Firestorm Matrix. As Firestorm, Ronnie and Jason visit Stein in an attempt to find out what is happening to them. Stein reveals to them that the Black Lantern Firestorm still exists in the Firestorm Matrix. Firestorm is then told by the entity that they must learn from each other and defeat the Black Lantern Firestorm, before he destroys the Entity. Somehow, Jason and Ronnie trade places. After running a trial to deduce the newfangled abilities of Firestorm, Professor Stein reveals the origin of the Firestorm Matrix. Stein believes that during the initial experiment he was able to capture the flicker that preceded the Big Bang that created our universe. Thereby making the matrix a trigger for a new boastfully bang, if the boys continue to experience aroused imbalance they increase the likelihood of triggering a raw big bang. Stein tells Ronnie and Jason that together they are the most dangerous being in the universe. After explaining this to the boys, the voice inside them speaks again. Declaring that it is not the matrix, a pair of black hands reaches out from inside Firestorm. forcibly separating Jason and Ronnie, Black Lantern Firestorm stands between them, classify from both Ronnie and Jason and apparently calling itself “ Deathstorm “. besides of note is that Deathstorm does not appear to be wearing a black band .
Deathstorm reveals its plan to Stein, stating that it intends to create enough aroused instability between Ronnie and Jason that the Matrix will trigger another Big Bang thereby fulfilling the Black Lantern Corps primary objective : the end of all life in the universe. In order to help accomplish this finish, Deathstorm absorbs Stein ‘s thinker in decree to use his cognition of Ronnie against him ; then, to torture Jason, Deathstorm brings his forefather, Alvin Rusch, to the lab and absorbs him a well. Taking flight Deathstorm beckons Ronnie and Jason ( who by nowadays have merged into Firestorm ) to follow it. Deathstorm leads them to Silver City, New Mexico and the resting home of the White Lantern Power Battery. Deathstorm tries to lift the battery but is ineffective to until he infects it with black department of energy, after which he is able to lift it with rest. After he threatens to destroy the White Lantern Battery and therefore prevent Ronnie and Jason to truly populate, a voice beckons him not to. The voice, apparently the one who is collecting all the emotional entities, commands him to bring the Central Power White Lantern Battery to the voice arsenic well as an army, at which point Deathstorm brings back the Black Lantern versions of Professor Zoom, Maxwell Lord, Hawk, Jade, Captain Boomerang, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Deadman and Osiris. Deathstorm and the Black Lanterns teleport to an obscure localization, Firestorm, Jason and Ronnie ultimately seek the help from the Justice League. Firestorm arrives at the Hall of Justice asking for avail. Firestorm is placed in a containment chamber while the League search for a way to stabilize the energy. however, an inner controversy between Ronnie and Jason ignites the spark, obviously resulting in the destruction of the universe. Ronnie and Jason promptly notice, after defeating an hive of Shadow Demons, that the universe was not destroyed as they thought but they were actually transported to the Anti-Matter Universe. There they are contacted by the Entity who reveals to them that since Boston Brand has not so far found the one who will take the Entity ‘s place, it is Firestorm deputation to protect the Entity. meanwhile, Deathstorm and the Black Lanterns are seen on Qward delivering the White Battery to person. That person is revealed to be the Anti-Monitor, who seeks to harvest the biography energy within the Lantern to grow stronger. Firestorm takes the White Lantern and attempts to fight the Anti-Monitor, but is defeated. Deathstorm then brings Professor Stein out of his Matrix to taunt the two with. Deathstorm then attempts to turn Ronnie to salt, but the Professor takes the brunt of the attack. Angered, Ronnie decides to truly work together with Jason to avenge the Professor. The Entity then declares that Ronnie has accomplished his mission, returning life to him in a burst of white energy that obliterates the Black Lanterns, returns Jason ‘s don to his home, and deposits Firestorm in the Star City forest. Ronnie angrily attempts to make the Entity resurrect the Professor, but is refused. Deadman then arrives, demanding that he be given the White Lantern. When the “ Dark Avatar ”, made his presence known, Firestorm is made part of the Elementals. Ronnie Raymond was then transformed by the Entity to become the chemical element of fire and protects the Star City Forest from the “ Dark Avatar ” which appears to be the Black Lantern adaptation of the Swamp Thing. The Elementals are then fused with the consistency of Alec Holland in ordering for him to be transformed by the Entity into the new Swamp Thing and struggle against the Dark Avatar. After the Dark Avatar is defeated, Swamp Thing brings back Firestorm to normal. Afterward, it is revealed Ronnie and Jason must find a direction to contain their Firestorm matrix from the explosion in less than ninety days.


  • Firestorm Matrix
    • Density Control: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix have complete control over molecules and as such can change the density of solids, liquids and gases to as light as hydrogen or as heavy as uranium.
    • Eidetic Memory: Also called “Matrix Memory Recall”, elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can access the memories of each and every single being that has ever been fused into the Matrix. New elements are allowed to automatically download surface information.
    • Energy Absorption: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can absorb massive amounts of energy as well as being able to absorb many different types of energy. Most commonly the elements and energies associate with life and the human body are absorbed. Also solar energy is a possible source of energy that can work as a “emergency battery” for elements out of power.
    • Energy Projection: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can project massive amounts of different amount of energies. Naturally occurring energy projected by Firestorm are “Nuclear Blasts” however elements can project a number of different energies at will.
    • Enhanced Vision: Also called “Quark Vision”, elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix have access to enhanced vision due to their nuclear nature. Different visions experienced are X-Ray Vision, Microscopic Vision, and Thermal Vision.
    • Flight: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can soar through the sky at amazing speeds. At first it may be difficult to achieve flight through Firestorm’s nuclear nature though most master it quickly. Firestorms have been clocked at over 600mph theoretically they can fly much faster.
    • Molecular Reconstruction Elements tied together into the Firestorm Matrix to create Firestorm have one main ability which all other stem from. Their “atomic fusion” or “nuclear nature” stem from nuclear physics tempering with the user’s mixture of psychic energies as well as physical properties. Users accessing Firestorm or the Firestorm Matrix are called “elements” as they individually make up the Matrix. Firestorms can break down and reapply subatomic particles as well as break up the molecular structure of elements and rearrange them. To do this the element must know the exact elemental make-up of the object or human. Most Firestorms cannot affect living tissue but it is possible though very unstable.
    • Phasing: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can phase their bodies through solid objects. Although they have direct control over an object’s density they can use this ability on themselves and only themselves and affect living tissue to pass through objects.
    • Psychic Link: Sometimes called “floating heads”, elements that embody the Firestorm Matrix appear mostly as floating heads to represent their psychic link to the other human being or other element in the Matrix. They can be represented however they’d like but the Matrix defaults them to a disembodied head. Even disconnected an element may have latent psychic traces of the previous user.
    • Regeneration: Though a majorly untested power as well as being as much a reaction from shape-shifting and a direct result of molecular reconstruction; nonetheless, Firestorm elements can regenerate large sections of misplaced or destroyed physical properties.
    • Self-Sustenance: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can survive in space unaided, never need to eat to sustain life and never truly need another element to be processed or broken down by their bodies. Although users may feel these needs and would enjoy producing such bodily functions it is unnecessary.
    • Superhuman Durability: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix receive an increased amount of physical resistance and durability. They can survive bullets and stab wounds as well as the physical damage of exploding constantly.
    • Superhuman Strength: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix receive an increased amount of physical strength and muscle mass. Certain elements can tap into this energy and become large hulking entities however such strength can be quite destructive to the host if not used sparingly.
    • Transformation: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can transform from their “normal” human forms into Firestorm, the Nuclear Man. However other entities may take whatever form they want; such as, Black Lantern Firestorm and Fury. Furthermore, elements can transform their body or body parts at will with concentration with an unknown level of restraint.


  • Ronnie is affectionately known as Flamehead.
  • Many of the supporting cast members from Firestorm’s comic had alliterative names, such as: Clarissa Clemens, Cliff Carmichael, Doreen Day, Jefferson Jackson, Louise Lincoln, Ronnie Raymond, etc. This is similar to a permutation inherent in the Superman mythos where a large portion of his supporting cast have names with the intitials of double “L” (Lex Luthor, Lori Lemaris, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lucy Lane, etc.).
  • Firestorm had a halo of flame encircling the crown of his head. However, this flame was not composed of true plasma, and was actually just an illusory hologram generated by Ronnie Raymond’s subconscious. As such, the halo did not possess the characteristics akin to ordinary fire. It did not generate heat or cause harm to those who came into contact with it. The solidarity of the flame altered from time to time. In some instances, the flame would extinguish itself if Firestorm were rendered unconscious or submerged under water. On other occasions, it would continue to flicker. All future incarnations of Firestorm possessed some variant of the flame halo. The Firestorm Elemental had a flaming crown that trailed halfway down his back, while the modern Firestorm had a holographic projection similar to that used by Ronnie Raymond.
  • Firestorm Annual (Volume 2) #3 tried to explain Firestorm’s power source, and says that it is the sun. But it also tells us that sunspots are the reason for his inability to multitask with his powers. Stein says that at that particular time, the solar (sunspot) cycle was at a high point but, the Wikipedia page on Sporer’s Law (just use the bottom section of the diagram) tells us that during that year (1985) there were practically no sunspots. This could mean a lot of different things: 1, nothing in the New Earth timeline is to be trusted or associated with our timeline or position in orbit. Or, there is 2: Firestorm’s powers were not actually explained and Stein’s study of Firestorm’s powers failed entirely. His real powers may be heightened BY sunspots or not related to solar radiation at all.


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