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Fish Mooney

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Maria Mercedes Mooney


Fish Mooney
Subject 13


  • Unnamed † (mother)


  • Mooney’s Nightclub (formerly)
  • Falcone crime family (formerly)
  • Fish Mooney’s gang (formerly)
  • Oswald Cobblepot (up until second death)


Nightclub owner ( once )

Worker for the Dollmaker (formerly)GangsterNightclub owner (formerly)

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Make this city yours… or burn it to the ground.
—Fish Mooney to Penguin[src]

Maria Mercedes “Fish” Mooney [ 1 ] was a erstwhile extremity of the Falcone crime syndicate and the owner of Mooney ‘s Nightclub. Working for Don Falcone as one of his clear lieutenants, she plotted against him, attempting to take him down, so she could in turn take over his condemnable empire, though she was finally defeated by her former umbrella man Oswald Cobblepot. [ 2 ] Her body was late stored at the Indian Hill facility underneath Arkham Asylum, where she was later revived from the dead by Professor Hugo Strange. She later formed an alliance with Oswald Cobblepot, whom she had gained deference for as her actions turned him into the pitiless kingpin “ The Penguin ”. however, during their plot to takeover Gotham City she was unintentionally killed by an septic Jim Gordon .


early years

Mooney started from nothing and rose up to become the right hand of one of the most potent men in Gotham, Carmine Falcone. She and Falcone used to be close for some clock time since she tried to take advantage of the information acquired during this relationship to take Falcone ‘s set in the family. [ 3 ]

Working under Don Falcone

Falcone is getting old and soft, it’s time, somebody has to take over, it might as well be me.
—Fish Mooney to Oswald Cobblepot[src]

Years after the murder of her mother, she came to work for Don Falcone, finally becoming one of his high-level members. She finally controlled the Fashion District and Theatre District, a well as the easterly helping of the Diamond District. [ 4 ] Two months before the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Gotham City Police Department detectives Harvey Bullock and his new partner Amanda Wong looked up a lead regarding the background of a thief that was killed while robbing the Wayne Manor. Fish helped identify an consort from the thief ‘s Blackgate days, which ultimately culminated in the death of the Martha and Thomas Wayne. While investigating Thomas and Martha Wayne ‘s murder, detectives Harvey Bullock and his new spouse, James Gordon, come to her cabaret to ask if she had heard anything as the crime had happened in her area. When they arrive, Mooney is in the center of beating a homo who had been stealing from her. Upon meeting, she warmly greets Harvey, they being dear friends. After initially denying any cognition on the identity of the Waynes ‘ murderer, she promises to help in any way she can, while showing a cold interest in Gordon due to his downrightness and interest in the font. late, she calls Bullock to tell him one of her men had received a pearl necklace, whose description matched to the one Martha Wayne had stolen from her, from a career criminal named Mario Pepper. Bullock and Gordon visit Pepper at his family, who denies any participation in the Waynes ‘ case. After Pepper is shot to death by Bullock while saving Gordon when the former flees, the bone necklace is indeed found in his apartment, apparently proving Pepper ‘s guilt. however, Mooney is soon visited by Gordon entirely, who alleges her of framing Pepper by planting a replica of Martha Wayne ‘s necklace on him. He besides questions Bullock ‘s interest in this frame-up with Mooney. As Gordon is about to leave after trade words, Mooney has her men attack him, and then she herself strikes the telling waste from behind, knocking him unconscious mind. [ 5 ]

You! Broke! My! Heart!
—Fish Mooney to Oswald Cobblepot, while beating him with a broken chair[src]

Mooney then auditions comedian for her club, finding him very amusing for his dark wit. She receives a call from, Butch, informing her of Bullock coming to save Gordon at her implant. Bullock attempts to persuade Mooney to let Gordon go, going so far as to threaten to “ go after her ” if she kills his partner. Seeing this as disrespect and abuse to her, she orders Gilzean on the phone to hang and kill Bullock along with Gordon excessively. But the two detectives are saved by Mooney ‘s superior, Carmine Falcone and his men ‘s seasonably treatment. Keeping Bullock ‘s words in mind of how “ person talked ” from her gang to the GCPD Major Crimes Unit leading to Gordon blaming her, Mooney asks her sycophant, Oswald Cobblepot, to massage her foot as she voices her ambitions to take over Gotham from Falcone, whom she immediately considers has gotten “ honest-to-god and soft ”. After verbally comforting Cobblepot, she confidently blames him for tipping off the major Crimes Unit, as only he had seen with the imposter pearl necklace. When he protests, stating that he would “ open a vein ” for her as a show of loyalty, she immediately suggests he do then while handing him a tongue. When Cobblepot tries to back out, she turns her back, while jeeringly calling him “ [ my ] short penguin ”. Despised by this name-calling and seeing this as his chance, Cobblepot tries to attack Mooney with the tongue, lone to be viciously beaten by her with a chair, whilst breaking his leg, and giving him a limp. [ 5 ] Falcone visits Mooney her cabaret for a old world chat and tells her that Cobblepot had revealed to him of her plans to take him out soon. After Mooney squarely denies it, Falcone gives the impression of believing her and starts asking about her lover. When Mooney denies having one, merely a “ son [ she keeps ] around for exert ” named Lazlo, Falcone implacably has the latter beat by his men as a prove of Mooney ‘s place in his mob. He kisses Fish ‘s hired hand and thanks her for being honest. She aggressively orders everyone to leave her club soon after Falcone exits. Later, Fish ‘s head hood Butch is telling her it was besides early on now to make a move on Falcone. She knows and voices her desire to amass more money and men to Gilzean, so that one day, she can personally kill Falcone with her “ bare hands and [ her ] tooth ”. Butch offers to hold her shoes. She besides sadistically wishes for Cobblepot to inactive have been active so that she could have made him suffer more for talking to Falcone about her plans against him. When Gordon and Bullock render to her cabaret to ask her of the disappearance of street children from around her vicinity, Mooney shows small interest in the casing, only revealing that there ‘s an stranger “ international buyer ” who has able and healthy children kidnapped from Gotham ‘s streets and shipped to him. [ 6 ] pisces tells Lazlo to take a respite when Detectives Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen entered the institution. The two major Crimes Unit Detectives questioned Mooney concerning Cobblepot, and Mooney told the two that the rumor on the street was that Jim Gordon pulled the gun trigger against Cobblepot, turning their investigation to Don Carmine Falcone as the one who had ordered Gordon to kill Cobblepot. She late consoles Lazlo, who is worried about her, seeing arsenic should put Montoya and Allen onto Falcone ordering Gordon to kill Cobblepot. Afterward, she calls one of her henchmen to get rid of Lazlo, as he ‘s “ lost his spinal column ” and tells the henchmen to tell Butch Gilzean to make Falcone ‘s latest lover Natalia undergo an unfortunate accident. Falcone former visits Mooney, making sure there were no hard feelings from the previous night, with fish telling him “ never ”. The conversation then goes on, focusing on Falcone ‘s lover Natalia being mugged, with fish telling Falcone that she hoped whoever had done it had paid with their life, and Falcone saying that the person responsible would when they found him or her, along with anyone that helped them. [ 7 ] As separate of her plat to dethrone Falcone, Mooney hires a womanhood named Liza to seduce Falcone. [ 8 ] pisces began to train Liza in singing an aria to become her personal weapon, having to reprimand Liza after she began to complain. Later, the Falcone crime syndicate gathered, and Nikolai spoke out about Maroni thinking he won by getting a piece of Arkham, suggesting that they push back against Maroni. however, Falcone told Nikolai that they would n’t do sol yet, and an controversy between Fish and Nikolai began. Falcone reminded the two that they all needed each other and that they were syndicate. later, Fish and Nikolai shared a night of passion while reviewing their design to bring down Falcone. [ 9 ] When Fish Mooney discovers that Cobblepot was still animated, after overcoming a equip of rage, she sends Butch looking for Gordon so she could talk to him. late, Fish met with Falcone and Nikolai. Fish and Nikolai hear and convert him the importance of killing Gordon, Bullock, and Penguin, though to no avail. however, he gave fish permission to go to see Maroni to ask him to pass over Cobblepot and he ‘d send Victor to find Gordon. At Bamonte ‘s pisces met with Maroni to ask for Cobblepot, as Falcone had instructed her to do. Maroni calls for Cobblepot to offer a earnest apology to Mooney for offending her, but Mooney is n’t quenched, citing that there ‘d be “ bloodshed ” alternatively. fish was late present when Falcone proposed a peace agreement which allowed Maroni to keep Cobblepot in change for Maroni ‘s warehouse by the river. [ 10 ] Liza grows to care about Falcone and asks Mooney to be released from the plan. Mooney tells Liza about a fictional narrative her mother was a prostitute and was finally murdered by one of Falcone ‘s men. Mooney tells Liza it taught her to never be weak and Liza agrees to stay committed to the design. [ 3 ] fish late receives a visit from Oswald, who smells her. Later that night, Fish Mooney and Butch Gilzean met with Kasyanov and his people to give them a pickup truck and the localization of the privy vault where Falcone kept much of his money. [ 11 ] At her cabaret, Butch confessed to Fish that he was worried that Falcone would discover their function in the looting of his vault, but Fish convinces him that this was the time to deliver their fellate to Falcone. A few minutes subsequently, Alfred and Bullock reach the club asking to speak to Fish, however, she alone arrives after seeing Alfred tame, then holds a knife to Butch ‘s throat. Under the public opinion that helping find Selina would counterproductive to her own personal interests Mooney initially refuses to help, however, Alfred appeals to her honest side to convince her to get them the name of Selina ‘s fence. [ 12 ] At Mooney ‘s cabaret, Fish Mooney meets with Jimmy Saviano and Janacek, two other underlings of Don Falcone to find out how they felt after Falcone had raised their tariffs. Saviano stated that he wished something would happen to Falcone before any of them ended up like Bannion, and he asserted that he ‘d take over if Falcone fell as if he was following in pipeline, to Fish ‘s alarm. Later, Fish begins to make plans to deal with Saviano knowing that he would present an obstacle. however, Butch offers to handle the situation as him and Saviano had known each other since childhood. [ 13 ] fish has Liza brought to her as separate of a move on Carmine Falcone. Later, Falcone strangles Liza to death in front of Mooney, scolding fish for using a girlfriend with the likeness of his mother to destroy him. Falcone calls for Oswald, who relishes having the upper handwriting against Fish. Before Falcone has Mooney and Butch Gilzean led aside to their indeterminate fates, Cobblepot takes the opportunity to mockingly say adieu to Fish. [ 14 ] pisces is strapped to a capstone where Falcone ‘s inquisitor Bob will be in charge of torturing her. Butch Gilzean manages to free himself and knocks Bob unconscious mind, then frees fish Mooney. Mooney tells Butch that she plans to go after Oswald Cobblepot and get her retaliation by cutting his throat. Mooney and Butch Gilzean arrive at the cabaret in order to exact retaliation on Cobblepot as he negotiates a plan to combine forces. When Zsasz arrives with three associates, there is a gunfight, and Mooney and Gilzean flee. Gilzean sends Mooney out the window to escape while he buys Mooney some time which ends with Gilzean getting wounded by Zsasz. At Gotham ‘s ports, Bullock meets with Mooney where she tells bullock that she will lay low for awhile as Bullock advises Mooney not to return to Gotham City. She declares that she will return to kill Penguin. [ 15 ]

Trapped on Dulmacher ‘s island

fish calls Don Maroni, informing him that the Penguin was actually Falcone ‘s man, and had played them both in the end run. late at sea, Fish is attended to by the ship ‘s ‘ captain. The gravy boat is belated overtaken by pirates, with Mooney engaging one of them in struggle when he arrived in her room. [ 16 ] pisces woke up in an unfamiliar invest, surrounded by men fighting. She is soon approached by two men, who she gets to leave after threatening both of their lives. pisces subsequently discovers from Kelly, that the boss of the belowground prison she was being held at was run by a prisoner named Mace. She late questions Mace as to why he was the drawing card of the underground prison, as there were a lot of tough guys around. pisces uses her wits to bypass the security system of Mace and last get near enough to take his tongue from him, assassinating him and taking his home as the head of the prison. She subsequently announces to her companion prisoners that there ‘d be order from then on, though soon after their captors entered and bringing in a womanhood who ‘s eyes had been removed, to everyone ‘s horror. [ 17 ] pisces continued her strategically organize of the prison. by and by, having been confirmed that their captors were them for body parts fish manages to convince the perch of the prisoners to carry out a survival strategy together acting as a real family, and if they did so, she ‘d get some of out of there in the end run. When the captors returned seeking out a particular prisoner and using the site to her advantage, Fish offered to surrender the prisoner in exchange for crates of body of water, blankets, and fruit, but when they refuse to give them. she orders the stay of the prisoners to kill the prisoner that they had come for, as their captors needed them alive for their purposes. After being ordered by the drawing card of the group to come with him, Fish offered to go on the term that while she talked to the coach of the facility, he stay there, though he refused. however, the leader of the captor group returned, telling pisces that the director agreed to her terms and that he had to stay in the basement while she went upstairs. Though before she left she asked his appoint, with him telling her it was Thomas Schimdt. [ 18 ] pisces is brought to the high-level of the facility where she had been held captive, and after seeing assorted atrocities, the Manager corroborated her theory they were selling people ‘s organs. however, when pisces discovered that the true person who ran the place Dr. Dulmacher would not meet with her because he was handling other commitments, she wanted circus tent returned to the basement though the coach ends up offering her a bath and clean set of clothes. After her bathtub and changing her clothes, Fish is brought back to the director who in an unexpected turn of events ordered his men hold to her, intending to extract her eyes and send her binding to the prison to die. however, Fish not intending to let anyone take anything from her promptly used a spoon to scoop out her own left eye and crushes it to ruin the director ‘s plan. [ 19 ] fish later meets Dr. Dulmacher who had heard about her holocene actions. Mooney tells Dulmacher about her history with Falcone and wants Dulmacher to let her become his right pass. Dulmacher then tells her they could n’t find her a color match for her old eye, and tells her to rest up. After he leaves the room, Mooney gets up and to her surprise discovers a new blue sky eye, in her old one ‘s place. The prolong absence of fish arouses the misgiving of the prisoners she promised to help, but once she returns she reveals that as a show of good religion they had to return Thomas Schmidt, and Fish motioned for several prisoners to be taken away on Dulmacher ‘s orders. Despite the prisoners protesting, Fish reminded them that she had told them that not everyone would survive. After fish had proved herself to him, Dr. Dulmacher welcomed her to upper berth management, and then showed her the view out of the window, telling her that it was the rationality he was n’t worry about her miss or betraying him. To Fish ‘s surprise, she discovered that the facility was on a remote control island. [ 20 ]

As Dulmacher ‘s assistant, fish acts normal, talking to the patients, pretending to do her job. however, she then moves on to her real tax, breaking a lock on a door to go outside. While doing therefore, the alarm goes off and she is stopped by The Catcher who warns her that the future time she made the err of coming outside, she ‘d regret it. Later in the prison, fish informs Kelly, that she was devising a plan to escape. After she meets with the toughest prisoners, telling them of her plan to escape, and though they questioned her as to why she did n’t want her friends, the injured prisoners, by her side, Fish explained that she wanted stone cold killers backing her. fish takes advantage of Dulmacher leaving his office, to go in and steal a set up of keys to the gravy boat outside, however, before she could leave Dulmacher returned by chance. Believing that she was trying to escape, he got his gunman and aimed it at her. After preparing to shoot her, Fish lied revealing that she was there looking for a knife to end her life, as she would preferably die than end up one of the monsters created by the Doctor, like the early agency coach, who tormented her in her dreams. Putting the gun away, Dulmacher told her that if she always tried anything like that again, he would bring her back to liveliness and make her into something that the world had never seen earlier. Later, Fish restfully leads the thugs quietly to the passing. There, she commanded them to take see of the gravy boat, while she went back for Kelly. After leaving away, the alarm is activated, but they ignore it. Back in the basement, Dulmacher appears with a metal electric rod, attending to punish her for trying to flee, but the remaining prisoners are freed and begin to beat the doctor of the church before fleeing with Fish to the helicopter. Outside, the thugs realize that the gate is padlocked, and to their horror they are unable to open it with keys that Fish gave them, realizing that Fish betrayed them. soon after they are gunned down by The Catcher. At the helicopter, Fish tells everyone to get in, and begins to start the helicopter up, though The Catcher manages to shoot her in the side from the ground. [ 21 ]

concluding stand

pisces and her men sail bet on to Gotham where she attempts to outrank crime boss Salvatore Maroni and her mirror rival Oswald Cobblepot to become the new queen of the city. Upon her retort, she meets Selina Kyle and gets her and those salute with her into her crowd. fish flush gave Selina a new outfit and a makeover. pisces Mooney and her gang were at a warehouse that served as Carmine Falcone ‘s safe house at the time when James Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Carmine Falcone, Oswald Cobblepot, and Butch Gilzean arrive which led to the former four being tied up. While waiting for the Maroni Crime Family to show up, Mooney was seen near Butch while asking what was done to him. When the Maroni Crime Family arrives at the safe house Maroni calls her “ baby ” repeatedly, which angers Fish, resulting in her shooting him in the head. A rioting forms directly after. Selina Kyle makes a run for it adenine well as Cobblepot. After a few minutes where everyone hides and are found by Selina and those on Fish Mooney ‘s side, Cobblepot arrives with a machine grease-gun and kills Fish Mooney ‘s gang while Selina escapes. Knowing she was outnumbered, Fish makes a guide for the circus tent of the warehouse. Cobblepot chases her and the two engage in a competitiveness. Butch Gilzean arrives and threatens to shoot one of them. After being ordered by Oswald and Fish to shoot the other, Butch shoots them both. however, he regrets it and apologizes to Fish who accepts. Cobblepot then recovers and knocks out Butch, and pushes Fish off the warehouse into the water below. [ 2 ]


After her death, Fish Mooney ‘s body was recovered and somehow found it ‘s way to the Indian Hill laboratories, where her cadaver was stored in a pod to be experimented late on by Hugo Strange. curtly after he was killed by James Gordon and the Penguin, Theo Galavan ‘s body was taken from the morgue to Indian Hill for experiments and brought to the same room where Mooney ‘s cadaver was preserved in her tank. [ 22 ] Mooney, Indian Hill patient 13, was late revived and infused with cuttlefish deoxyribonucleic acid by Strange. Mooney apparently had all of her memories intact, prompting Strange to deliver this newsworthiness to the Court when they contacted him asking about his advance reanimating the absolutely. They then ordered him to move everything to a adeptness upstate and demolish Indian Hill. When served her food by an neat, Mooney grabbed him and demanded that the neat institute her a grill cheese sandwich. As she made physical contact with him, she somehow influenced him into doing as she asked with a cryptic new power, apparently unbeknown to either of them. When he does, Mooney was surprised at how the orderly obeyed her. [ 23 ] After this, Mooney amply turns her attention towards escaping from the facility. To this end, she commandeers a bus topology containing several unknown indian Hill inmates and escapes. The bus is subsequently derailed in the street by Butch and Oswald. fish surprises Oswald, who is mortified at the disclosure that Mooney is alive. pisces renders Oswald unconscious, and Butch retreats with their men at the batch of her. She then moves off from the scene, leaving a homeless womanhood to unwittingly unleash the monstrosities the busbar contains onto the worldly concern [ 24 ]

Hunted by the Penguin

You are my, umbrella boy, remember? You rubbed my feet, when they were tired. And now look at you. The terror of Gotham! Everything I’ve done in my life, possibly the best thing was turning Oswald Cobblepot into…The Penguin. […] It is a part of you…forever.
—Fish Mooney to Oswald Cobblepot[src]

After her escape pisces went into obscure for six months. She reconciled with Selina and created a third base embodiment of her gang, this prison term using the experiments from indian Hill. The experiments soon realised that using their powers drained their life violence, and began to seek a drug hop to help them. They went to raid a drug factory, in which Gordon ( nowadays operating as a amplitude hunter ) attempted to arrest pisces in order to bring her into detention, but ended up being attacked the other experiments which allowed her clock time to escape. Wanting to collect a bounty of Fish ‘s head, Gordon tracked down the placement of Strange ‘s assistant Ethel Peabody to lure Fish there, knowing she would be seeking her, and besides used diarist Valerie Vale knowing Fish would be watching her. indeed Fish ‘s crew arrived at Peabody ‘s placement and managed to capture her, with Gordon losing view, although he managed to capture one of the monsters. Ethel was brought earlier fish, who demanded that she gives her the placement of Strange in hopes he can fix the side effects of her revival, a good as creating an army like her to help takeover Gotham. When Ethel is unable to provide information where Strange got incarcerated after his catch, Fish ordered one of her gang members Marv who used his ability to drain people ‘s young person and age them until death to kill Peabody. A young girl named Ivy Pepper ( a acquaintance of Selina ‘s ) was brought to Fish after being caught snooping about. Selina tried to assure Fish that Ivy is with her, but Ivy started threatening that she would tell on Fish. fish ordered the female child to be killed, in which Ivy escaped lone to be briefly grabbed by Marv and fall down a drain, which to the straiten of Selina. [ 25 ] Following a contend with the Gotham City Police Department, Fish Mooney rides in a vanguard as Nancy and Sid load Harvey Bullock into the avant-garde. After Harvey mentions that a batch of people are after her, fish kisses Bullock to control him so that they can find Hugo Strange. Upon arriving at the location, Fish Mooney speaks to Hugo Strange. She tells Hugo Strange that she wants him to fix her and make an united states army. When the police are approaching, fish suggests that Hugo Strange rethinks his answer. When calling up Nathaniel Barnes, Mooney states that he will kill Harvey if anyone comes within 20 ft. of her, turning this into a hostage crisis. The news of this is seen by Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean. pisces is then told by Hugo Strange that she is the first of a newfangled generation. Their discussion is interrupted when Oswald and Butch lead an angry throng to the hostage crisis. When Gordon is caught by Nancy and Sid, Fish Mooney tells them to bring Gordon in. Gordon states he only came for Harvey as Fish states that she has two hostages. When Gordon states that he can get her out, Mooney states that he has two minutes. When the angry gang breaks through, Fish and Marv escape out the second with Strange while Nancy and Sid hold off the angry mob. Cobblepot then confronts Mooney and Strange while sending Marv on his direction. When asked by Cobblepot why she did n’t kill him when he was vulnerable and within reach, Mooney states that he is her initiation, since he was her umbrella boy and that she turned Cobblepot into Penguin, which she considered the best thing she has always done with her life and took great pride in Penguin ‘s initiation, frankincense could not bring herself to kill him, since he is a partially of her forever. Cobblepot gets emotional decides not to shoot Mooney and sends the two of them on their way while telling Mooney not to come back. [ 26 ] Professor Strange spends some time playing Fish Mooney ‘s “ nurse maid ” and is finally able to find a way of stabilizing Fish ‘s degenerating cell structure. When Hugo ‘s former employer ‘s the Court of Owls summons him back to Gotham he is forced leave Fish .

tax return to Gotham

finally, a competition between Edward Nygma and Penguin comes to a close when Nygma and his allies Barbara Kean, Butch, and Tabitha Galavan ramp Oswald ‘s stopping point hideout and take him prisoner. Before they can kill him, however, they on the spur of the moment hear noises from outside and to everyone ‘s surprise, fish enters the room accompanied by two heavily armed guards. Fish sarcastically states that things seem to be looking up. She besides mentions the looks she is getting from everyone, calling it a sign of regard. Ignoring Nygma and his group, Fish takes Penguin with him, thus saving him from his performance. As she, Oswald and her men turn to leave, Fish sarcastically tells Nygma and his gang to carry on with any they were doing. [ 27 ] After taking Oswald, Fish and two of her goons head to a prepare station in Gotham where they snatch Hugo Strange, who is planning to leave the city. pisces reveals that she knows that Strange has more of the Tetch virus hidden away and she claims that Strange will hand it over to her, so that she can finally raise the army of monsters Strange promised her. While they are leaving, the group is ambushed by Bullock and Gordon who demand Strange from him. fish realizes that Strange must have an antidote to the virus and that he is the only one who knows it. She states that she immediately can no longer give Strange to them. Gordon, who is secretly infected by the Tetch virus american samoa good, aims his gunman at Fish to kill her but before he can shoot, a freeze re from the side blasts his gun out of his hand. Mr. freeze emerges from the shadows and Fish laughs and asks whether Jim in truth thought she would head into the city without backing. She orders Freeze to take down the two but Gordon rips open a water pipe. alternatively of freezing Gordon and Bullock, Freeze ‘s beam hits the urine and creates a solid frost wall between the two parties. Looking through the ice, Fish states that the virus Jim Gordon is the “ real ” Jim Gordon and sarcastically states that it is dainty to meet him at last. pisces then laughs and leaves with her men .

Final death

fish leaves it to Oswald to interrogate Strange for the whereabouts of the cure. Once they have obtained it, Fish, Oswald and Fish ‘s men accompany the Professor to one of his mysterious lab where he has stored the anti-dote. After foreign hands it to Fish, Fish turns to Oswald and states that the two of them will rule Gotham together. Oswald confirms that they will but adds that inaugural, he needs to kill Ed Nygma. Fish tells him that everyone who stands in their way will die. As they turn to leave, Fish sees that the men she had posted outside the testing ground have been slain. The orders the unknown assailants to reveal themselves and a group of hood ninja flatten from the ceiling, demanding the cure. fish orders Freeze and Firefly to deal with the men and the two blast their weapons at the ninja. While pisces watches her men dealing with the ninja, Gordon and Bullock suddenly turn up vitamin a well. Fueled by the hate the Tetch virus unleashes inside him, Gordon joins the competitiveness and viciously attacks and kills many of the ninja. however, once the Ninjas are finished, Gordon does not stop and turns about to impale the future person. He rams the knife into the torso of Fish Mooney, who drops the antidote in pain. While Gordon slowly realizes what he has done, the aghast Fish calls him a curse horse around and falls to the ground. Oswald rushes to her slope and claims that he will get help but Fish tells him that she has died often enough to know when she is finished. With her dying breath, Fish urges Oswald to make the city his or burn it to the ground. fish then dies in Oswald ‘s arms, this clock time for adept. [ 28 ]


This is Gotham. You’re a second class psychopath compared to what we’ve got. Jerome Valeska, Fish Mooney, Penguin. They’ll be remembered. You wont.
—James Gordon to Lazlo Valentin[src]

even after her second and final death, Fish Mooney was still remembered as one of the most potent villains in the history of Gotham City, listed among other legends such as Jerome Valeska and Oswald Cobblepot. Trying to provoke Lazlo Valentin, Jim Gordon told Professor Pyg that he is a second class sociopath compared to other villains in Gotham like Fish, Penguin and Jerome who managed to stay in power for a long time. [ 29 ]


fish Mooney, for the most separate, is a calm woman with a healthy position and rear, about maternally aura which she treats with her loyal henchmen, such as Butch Gilzean and conclusion friends, allowing them to call her by her first name. however, Fish has demonstrated a poisonous and uncontrollable anneal when provoked. In these instances she is even more fierce and sadistic, like a mother whose children betray her, fish becomes profoundly hurt to the distributor point of screaming towards Cobblepot that “ [ he ] broke [ her ] heart ” after discovering his deception. Using her clever, pitilessness and womanly wiles, Fish is an ambitious climber who wants all world power for herself, whether it be Falcone ‘s stead in the criminal or the leader of the Dollmaker ‘s victims in enslavement by killing her opponents, systematically and efficiently. Although intelligent, Fish is highly impulsive which, combined with a volatile temper can besides affect the headway of her plans or stead. She could be despiteful to those in her disadvantage, prone to holding grudges and was known to never let any abuse or slight pass. namely, Fish hated being belittled for being a charwoman crime lord, particularly by a world due to her hatred of men in general as she reacted with even more ferocity when she was demeaned by the prisoner leader, Mace and Sal Maroni, killing both immediately when they referred to her in male chauvinist and objectifying names. The incident with Dollmaker besides demonstrates Fish as a determine and strong-minded woman. Without her crime empire and men to help her, she began relying on her wag and will to survive, finally return to Gotham and rebuild her crime empire with Sal Maroni and defend what is hers to her final breath in a fight to the end with Penguin. Despite her original competition with Oswald, she takes capital pride in transforming Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin, not being able to bring herself to kill him, as she valued creating him and considers it the best thing she has always done in her life sentence .

forcible appearance

fish is a short woman, with a peaky pyxie cut black hair and hot pink-dyed tips at the presence. She wears very high heels or boots that make her appear tall, along with dangle earrings and expensive dress and glittery/shiny eyeshadow, normally aureate in semblance, and has very long and thick eyelashes. After gouging out her leave eye, it was replaced with a blue one by Francis Dulmacher, giving her two distinctive center colors.

Powers and abilities


  • Mind control: After her resurrection, Fish developed the ability to order someone what to do against their will with a touch of her hand.


  • Master Strategist/Manipulator:
  • Skilled Combatant:
  • Markswoman:
  • Helicopter Pilot: During her escape from the Dollmaker’s island, she showed that she could in fact fly a helicopter.
I must say you have a remarkable constitution. I wish I could say the same of all my patients.
—Francis Dulmacher to Fish Mooney[src]

  • High tolerance for pain: Fish had an extremely high threshold for pain, as she was able to scoop out her own left eyeball with a nearby spoon.


erstwhile weaknesses

  • Cellular degeneration: Every time Mooney uses her power, her DNA deteriorates due to her body rejecting the new cells. However, the damage can be undone by not using her powers. Hugo Strange later cured her of this disability through unknown methods.


Handgun: Fish used this pistol to kill Sal Maroni. Baseball Bat: Fish uses a baseball squash racket to beat down her enemies.




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