Batman Fortnite Zero Point comic leaks: Batman’s greatest arch enemy is revealed

The sixth and final examination issue of the Batman Fortnite Zero points comedian comes out in about a week, and even before that could happen, minds have already been blown following a massive uncover .
While many tweets and leaks about the Batman Fortnite comics have been doing their rounds since April, none have been this mind-boggling and complicate. It would seem that DC has pulled out the big guns for the thousand finale, and fans are losing their minds on Twitter .

Despite Fortnite leaker, ShiinaBR talking about the possibility of surprise reveals for offspring # 6 of the amusing, no one could have imagined it would be such a huge deal.

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Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic: The Last Laugh

Of all the villains DC could have pulled out of the closest to face Batman in the confrontation, they decided to bring out the crazy of them all – The Batman Who Laughs .

According to DC Comics and the lore surrounding this enigmatic quality, he is the evil counterpart and the alternate interpretation of Batman within the multiverse. Infused with the power of Dr. Manhattan, this supervillain can do it all. From dimensional travel to immortality, nothing is beyond his range .
suffice to say, The Batman Who Laughs is much more brawny than all of Batman ‘s gadgets put together. If there is a confrontation in issue # 6 of the comic, loopers are about to witness something outstanding .

In accession to this new extremely threat, it would seem that Dr. Slone has met up with Lex Luther outside of the closed circuit. What is more traumatize is that he is mindful of everything that happens on the Island .
Based on a rough translation of their conversation, it would seem that Lex Luther and Dr. Slone had made some agreement. unfortunately, there is no context at the moment as to what this may pertain to. however, as seen in the comics, a dimensional rupture is opening up in the flip, with Dr. Slone state ,

“We have already started.”

While this may be strictly coincident, could this rift outside the island be why aliens are occurring in-game ? Or possibly could it equitable be that The Batman Who Laughs is preparing to enter Fortnite ‘s metaverse via this rift ? With sol many theories and speculation going about, the fantastic stopping point of the Batman Fortnite Zero Point comedian will be out of this world. But, on a separate note, regardless of whatever happens, the amusing collaboration has by army for the liberation of rwanda been the best this year .

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