Fortnite: How to Get the Batman Who Laughs Skin

The worlds of DC Comics and Fortnite have been collaborating for several years now, with cosmetic skins and in-game events revolving around the publisher ‘s heroes and villains. The partnership was taken to new heights earlier this year, with the debut of the six-issue Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point comedian miniseries. The comic combined the two universes in a significant canon way, leading into the events of this week ‘s Batman/Fortnite : Foundation amusing one-shot. The one-shot has been hyped for by rights introducing The Batman Who Laughs into the Fortnite universe, with an accompanying skin being available in the game. If you would like to add the Batman Who Laughs skin to your collection, here ‘s what you need to know .

For starters, a code for the Batman Who Laughs skin is available to anyone who purchases a physical transcript of Batman/Fortnite : Foundation # 1. The code will besides include a special Batman Who Laughs-themed loading screen. If you are n’t able to track down a copy of Batman/Fortnite : Foundation # 1 — or you just happen to have extra V-bucks to spend — the Batman Who Laughs bark and accompanying cosmetic items are besides available to purchase through the official Fortnite token patronize. The Batman Who Laughs bark is available for 1,500 V-bucks, with a “ Wings of Madness ” glider for 800 V-bucks and a “ Death Metal Scythe ” pick for 800 V-bucks. You can besides ge a bundle of all three for 2,200 V-bucks.

Batman/Fortnite : Foundation # 1 is co-written by Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, Batman/Fortnite : Zero Point writer Christos Gage and acclaimed Batman and Dark Nights Death Metal writer Scott Snyder. Art is provided by Joshua Hixson, with Roman Stevens on colors and AndWorld Design on lettering. The main traverse is contributed by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and Matt Hollingsworth, with variant covers from Alex Garner and Mustard. “ I believe that yea, once the answers are revealed, that ‘s out there, ” Gage revealed to reporters during a weigh consequence earlier this year. “ And I suspect that — I honestly have no idea, but I ‘m guessing that there will be. Gamers credibly saw the late cinematic between Agent Jones and The Foundation. There may be more like that, references to some of the secrets that Batman and his allies and enemies uncover. But I do n’t think it ‘s gon sodium be a mastermind recapitulation. I think that people who want to know the details or the answers should truly pick up the book, because it ‘ll all be in there. As I understand it, once the secrets are revealed, that ‘s fair now separate of the Fortnite population and how it ‘ll be referenced going further. That ‘s what I thought was so cool about this, is that it ‘s not barely for fun. It ‘s not just like, ‘Let ‘s throw a Batman on Fortnite island and have them fight some Fortnite characters, ‘ which would have been a lot of fun by itself. But we ‘re actually revealing some in truth interesting gorge about how the integral earth bring. ”

Batman/Fortnite : Foundation # 1 is now available wherever comics are sold .

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