How to get the Fortnite Comic book codes to redeem the Batman Zero Point cosmetics and more

The moment issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics is last alive and it picks up from where the first base publish left off. Every emergence in this six issue series will have a particular code in it. These codes correspond to a particular cosmetic unlock in Fortnite .
The first issue of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics came with a code that allowed players to unlock the Harley Quinn DC Rebirth outfit in Fortnite. This is a standalone kit wholly and is n’t an edit style for the previously available Harley Quinn outfits in the bet on .

How to redeem the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics?

To redeem the code that players receive from the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics, players need to head over to once on the locate, players will need to log in to their Epic Games account and then enter the code in the indicate area. Once they ‘ve entered the code, players will need to hit the redeem button and the associated cosmetic will be sent to them in the game .

Players can redeem their codes at this site by entering the codes in the designated box. Image via can redeem their codes at this site by entering the codes in the designated box. Image via
The second publish of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics contains the code for the Batman Zero Wing glider. alternatively, the Zero Wing glider is besides available in the Fortnite detail workshop .

Players can acquire this glider by purchasing the Batman Zero bundle which is available for 2100 V-Bucks in the Fortnite detail shop. According to data miner ShiinaBR, if players already own the Zero Wing glider through the comics, then the bundle will cost them lone 900 V-Bucks. The bundle not lone contains the Zero Wing glider but besides the Batman Zero Point skin, a pick, a back bling and besides a load screen .

The load screen shows Batman standing somewhere near Weeping Woods, looking at something, while a wooden structure can be seen in the background. Fans speculate that the wooden structure in the setting is an promote bat trail. Given that the comics will continue into Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 ampere well, there ‘s a probability that the stream storyline in the game will spill over in the approaching season excessively.

Having said that, players can get their hands on these Fortnite Batman cosmetics by purchasing a hard copy of the Fortnite Batman Zero Point comics or by getting a DC Universe Infinite subscription. The DC Universe Infinite subscription is limited to US residents only .

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