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StoryFull Metal Alchemist takes position in a global that seems similar to our own, but not as technologically promote. Trains and steam powered engines are used a bang-up cover, and the skill of alchemy is far more prevailing than machines of our time. In alchemy, there is the dominion of equivalent trade : you must give something of adequate prize in regulate to get something. And above all else, homo transmutation is against all rules of alchemy, and does not work … or so it seems. Rumors have it that the Philosopher ‘s Stone can give the alchemist the ability to even raise the dead, but it is long since sought after and never found. Enter Al and Edward, two young boys who attempted this flagitious act once their beloved beget died. The act failed, causing Ed to lose his arm and leg, and Al to lose his body, trapping his soul in the body of a machine. Full Metal Alchemist follows Ed and Al as they search for the Philosopher ‘s Stone to get their bodies and lives binding … and that ‘s just the begin. Full Metal Alchemist is, in a password, brilliant. It ‘s hard to explain precisely why it was sol good, so you ‘d credibly fair have to see it for yourself. There is a arrant blend of drollery, action, intrigue and agitation all in one. Filler episodes are fantastic and fly by quick than a bullet train train. I never at any item in the series was bored, tied for a second. In the get down, there are a bang-up deal of mini-arcs that distribute with events in a certain town or localization, but all are even slightly involve with the independent diagram. Once the end of the serial rolls around, you realize that all of these apparently confused events or places truly ARE connected, or come back into play somehow. This comes down to FMA ‘s epic poem nature at heart, and possibly that ‘s why it was thus good, who knows. FMA is an highly dark series, with batch of identical messed up scenes and ideas. “ Wow ” came to mind many a meter when something ghastly happened yet again, and this continues throughout the entire series. There are enough of twists and turns along the direction ( with one actually major one near the end ), most of which will surprise you and catch you off guard. There is besides a overplus of character development and characters in general, all of whom have a deep background and history. The empathy we feel when a character is killed, for exercise ( or hurt in any room ) is present throughout the entire series because of how well the character interactions were presented in tandem with the diagram. truly, there are n’t enough good things I can say about the fib … it reels you in in the inaugural few episodes and holds on rigorous cashbox the final act ( which is a very beautiful so far open ending, setting itself up nicely for the movie ). There are scantily any series I see that make me want to watch the adjacent episode indeed badly, and this is one of them, for 51 episodes in a quarrel. A 10 ? Ca n’t give it anything less. AnimationThe liveliness vogue for FMA was superb, and held a perfect balance of unplayful scenes and comedic chibis. Let ‘s side it, the drollery played a bad part in the serial, and comedian easing was ill needed in harsh scenes. The longest running joke was Ed being called shortstop, and his irritation always manifested itself by him turning chibified for a few minutes. Whereas this would annoy me in most series, it seemed wholly appropriate in FMA. Colors used were fabulously bright and vibrant, and character designs looked, well, normal for a series in this time period. The chemistry was decidedly the most impressive depart, showing us beautiful special effects and sequences. I believe a bite of CG was used, and was seamless, but I could be ill-timed on that detail. Backgrounds were gorgeous, monsters were creepy, and the violence and disturb parts were animated in a very … well … disturbing fashion ampere well. I ca n’t think of anything that could have been done better in this case. Fantastic. SoundThere are scantily any series that I see that make me want to get the soundtrack, and this is one of them. There was a piano tune in the belated half of the series that was haunting and gave me chills every meter it was played. Every man fit the series in some means, from the upbeat lighthearted tracks to the dark depress ones. Orchestral music dominated the series, by and large piano and violins.Even the intro and outros ( except the final two outros, which were reasonably frightful ) fall. I do n’t normally pace the music score on the intro/outro, which is why this hush gets a 10. Flawless music all the direction around, and enchanting enough to make me want to buy the soundtrack, which is a actually big deal in itself. CharactersI honestly ca n’t see how anyone could think the characters score should be lower than a 10. All the characters, even the secondary coil ones, were developed highly well. Al and Ed, obviously, had the most reveal about their pasts and motivations for the future, but even the bad guys and non-important family seemed to have twists and depth attached to them in some way. We see characters grow near and roll apart. We see characters born, and characters die by chance. We see mask draw aside from familiar faces, showing us that what the people we thought we knew, we in truth did n’t at all. Everyone has layers that are peeled rear and shown to us lento … and in general, it was done in the most effective room potential. OverallI ca n’t say enough good things about this serial, but I feel like watching it for yourself would make you understand why I gave it a arrant score. Everything about the series is flawless, from the epic and involved report to the pace and temper, to the music and animation and depth of characters. It truly is rare for a series like this to come along that not merely succeeds at keeping your attention for 26 episodes, but for 51. What are you waiting for ? Check this out adenine soon as you can.

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