Lust was the entirely female Homunculus and the second to be created by Father in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the manga. She was one of the highest commander in Homunculus ranks, taking a function of mistress among them .

strife in Liore

beginning appearing after the emergency position in Central involving the Freezing Alchemist, Lust was seen reporting to person over the earphone about the build up in Liore, apparently stationed within the town ‘s cathedral. Expressing commiseration over the death of McDougal due to his condition as a “ homo column ”, she paused concisely in ordering to chastise Gluttony over consume wyrd things, before returning to the telephone and mentioning their plan would begin very soon. [ 1 ] Several days late, after the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother had uncovered the truth in Liore to its population and defeated the false priest, Father Cornello, both Lust and Gluttony appeared to the priest within the cathedral as he attempted to escape the enrage masses. Recognizing them, Cornello was promptly killed by Lust before he could attack. Commenting that they ‘ll have to start over in the town and how Father would be unhappy, she chooses to do nothing as Gluttony begins devouring the assumed priest ‘s body. [ 2 ] not long after killing the priest, it is revealed that they had replaced him with an exact duplicate in order to continue spreading the religious fever within the town. Watching the town fall into chaos and destruction due to the division between the faithful and the “ heathens ”, Lust could lone laugh at how anserine humans were with Gluttony echoing her words. besides agreeing, the forge Cornello approached them from behind while Lust merely went on to comment that the treatment of the Elrics had been turned into something beneficial. Looking over to the priest, Lust asked how long he planned to remain in that form, alone for the duplicate to respond that he was only going with the menstruate. Relenting, the early then transforms back into his original appearance and is revealed to be an accomplice named Envy. From inside the hall behind them, one of Father Cornello ‘s followers witnesses Envy ‘s transformation and demands to know what happened to the real man. Before either Lust or Envy could do anything however, Gluttony cursorily jumps on instinct and eats the valet before he can tell anyone else. Discussing the death of Shou Tucker by the hands of Scar, Lust begins to worry about the safety of the Flame Alchemist and the Fullmetal Alchemist due to their standing as a “ human sacrifices ”, and promises to do something about it. [ 3 ]

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conflict with the State

Following the trail left by the Elric Brothers, Lust was able to locate Dr. Marcoh in a little state township. [ 4 ] Kidnapping him and threatening to destroy the town and kill anybody inside of it, she was able to gain some valuable information from the guilt-ridden alchemist concerning his research papers about the Philosopher ‘s Stone and its location. Following this precede, Lust returned to Central City in an try to discover the inquiry documents. however, ascribable to the size of the library she grew impatient and alternatively burnt down the construction. [ 5 ] While explaining her actions to Gluttony, the latter picks up the olfactory property of an Ishvalan who he claims smelled of lineage. Giving him license to eat the survivor, the two manikin act to track down the Ishvalan. Finding the man wading his way through the sewers, the duet wastes no clock in attacking him, and their competitiveness resulting in an enormous plosion which left a section of the sewers collapsed, and the local military under the impression that Scar had been killed. however both homunculi had survived, american samoa well as being confident their raven had besides escaped. Rather than pursuing however, Lust decided that it would be better to report to Father about the Ishvalan and so the duet leave the scene. [ 5 ] Appearing later with Envy, Lust arrived at the central room within Research Laboratory 5 to find Edward Elric conversing with the Slicer Brothers, the latter of which the young alchemist had merely defeated. merely as one of the brothers was about to reveal to Edward the secret of the testing ground, Lust breaks the rake seal keeping his person attached, efficaciously killing the man. Looking down on the alchemist, both Envy and herself question how he had discovered their location. Watching as Envy began to goad Edward into action, Lust was the inaugural to comment on the alchemist ‘s auto-mail arm break. Reminding the alchemist that he was being kept animated by them, Lust decides that it was prison term to destroy the build due to being discovered. [ 6 ] It soon came to the attention of the homunculus that Lt. Colonel Hughes had been digging into their activities and was coming very close to uncovering the truth. Cornering him inside of Central Headquarters records room, Lust merely bids him farewell and comments on him finding out besides a lot. Attacking with her extended fingernails, she failed to land a deadly blow and was alternatively incapacitated in return due to one of the Lt. Colonel ‘s throwing knives embedding itself in her brow. Regaining consciousness, Lust overhears him cursing in trouble only to restfully reply to herself that it should be her line. [ 7 ]

Working in the Shadows

Some clock later, Lust appears with the rest of her homunculus brethren in order to witness the return of Greed at the hands of Wrath. Mockingly flirting with Lust, Greed notes that she has n’t changed in over a hundred and reveals her nickname to be the “ Ultimate Spear “. Asking where Sloth was, Lust merely replies that he always skips out on meetings, but that was because he was working at the time. then inquiring about who Wrath was, Lust explains that he was the last sibling to be created by Father using a alive homo, and had taken on the function of the Commander-in-Chief of Amestris. Lust then watches on mutely as Father then kills Greed in a large tub, before drinking his remains to return his soul shard to himself. [ 8 ] finally, Lust discovers through Envy that Mustang was now investigating their activities due to the death of his friend Hughes, which causes them to become skittish that he may finally uncover the accuracy of their plans as well, despite having moved him to Central in order to control him. meet in a darkened room full of chimera cages, the two manikin discuss what they should do. Envy asks Lust if she ‘d been able to get any information out of her boyfriend, to which she replies that she ‘s not even certain if he ‘s capable let alone intimate. Deciding to gather some more intelligence, Lust was about to leave with Gluttony before Envy pulls her up. Asking if he had a plan, Envy reminds her that the best way to shut up an annoying chase was to give it some food. While Envy sets their plan into motion, Lust then goes and meets up with her ( under the alias “ Solaris ” ) boyfriend once more, who is revealed to be denim Havoc. Of course, despite Lust ‘s best efforts, Jean avoids telling her anything vital or confidential about his cultivate. [ 9 ] Having framed 2nd Lt. Maria Ross as Hughes ‘ murderer, Mustang appears to kill the woman to avenge his friend, leading the two homuncli to believe he was now content and would no longer investigate them. While Lust berates Envy for agitating Mustang rather than controlling him, Envy merely replies that the frank took its bait and immediately the Colonel ‘s own men may even be disgusted of him. They besides discover that Barry had been the one to assault the prison during Maria Ross ‘ escape undertake. Asking envy where he was, the younger manikin replies that he does n’t know due to Barry being well at escaping and that they did n’t have enough people. Looking over to one of the cages nearby, Lust replies that “ he ” was all they need, revealing the resident to be Barry ‘s live body. [ 10 ]

Battle in Laboratory Three

While Barry and Mustang ‘s group were running around Research Laboratory 3, Lust makes an appearance before Mustang and Havoc. Telling Havoc off for standing her up, both are surprised by the appearance of the other. Doubting her, Mustang points out the Ouroboros tattoo on her chest of drawers which proves her to be a homunculus. Questioning her on whether she knew Maes Hughes, Lust begins to comment that it was a shame she could n’t finish him off personally before being abruptly shot in the knee by the Colonel. Revealing her regenerative abilities, Lust berates them for thinking they could bring her to her knees before she is then shot multiples times again by Mustang, now through the head and shoulders .
Regenerating again from these shots, Lust then compliments Havoc on being able to recognize what she is. “ Rewarding ” them for knowing so much, lecherousness uses her fingertips to open her own chest of drawers and reveal the Philosopher ‘s Stone deep within her ridicule batting cage. Explaining that it was the core of all humans created by alchemy, Lust mentions that they besides have feelings and as such love their creators. Deducing that she did n’t plan to let them leave alive, Lust agrees and uses her prolong fingernails to cut aside Mustang ‘s pistol. Seeing him put on his alchemic boxing glove, Lust immediately cuts apart the waterline above of them, dousing the Colonel and Havoc. Realizing the situation, both men then flee the room with Lust cutting apart everything in her room to get to them .
once outside the room, Mustang is moves to decompose the oxygen and hydrogen from the multitude of body of water, leaving Havoc to throw in his light in order to ignite the gases. Their teamwork results in an enormous explosion engulfing Lust, apparently incinerating the homunculus entirely. Re-entering the room, the two survey the price caused by the explosion. however Havoc lowers his guard duty, allowing Lust to pierce him from behind with her fingertips while hiding underneath some debris. Emerging, the manikin then amply regenerates while telling the Colonel he would n’t be able to save his subordinate .
Refusing to give up, Mustang shoots Lust ‘s chest afford with Havoc ‘s shotgun before charging at her. Mistaking his intentions, Lust berates him for remember that would be able to kill her, entirely to then be shocked when Mustang buried his hand into her breast, ripping out her core and causing her body to turn to ash. Just as Mustang was about to use the stone to save Havoc, Lust begins to regenerate around the stone and his sleeve, telling him that it was n’t very gentlemanlike of him to stick his pass in her breast. Impaling him with her fingertips as good, Lust reminds him that the stone was her core before dropping him to the grind and destroying his alchemic boxing glove. Convinced both were on the verge of death, Lust then leaves the board while Mustang is left to urgently call out Havoc ‘s mention .
At the construct ‘s center, Lust confronts Alphonse, Riza Hawkeye and Barry. Asking the latter why he had joined forces with Mustang, Barry merely replies that it seemed like fun to do so, and besides commenting that she was the one he wanted to cut up the most. Realizing Alphonse was there deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, Lust angrily expresses her frustration at having to kill two sacrificial candidates in one night. Annoyed by all the spill the beans, Barry then charges at the homunculus only to be instantaneously cut down, his body reduces to scrap by a single swipe from Lust. Mentioning that she hated haunting guys, Lust then tells the deputy that she would be sending her to the same place she had sent her superscript moments ago.

Realizing the meaning of her words, Hawkeye promptly loses her composure and fires a bombard of shots into Lust ‘s body, depleting all of the ammunition she was carrying before breaking down in tears. well regenerating from the attack, Lust merely approaches the young woman with her fingertips extended. Blocking her path, Alphonse moves to protect the Lieutenant and transmutes a spear from the prime beneath them. Surprised that he was able to do so without a transmutation r-2, Lust realizes that the armored male child must have seen the Gate of Truth. easily cutting apart his weapon, Lust is immediate to impale him with all of her fingers. Calling him a confirm sacrifice immediately, the manikin rather directs her target towards Hawkeye once more before Alphonse reaches out and blocks her other fingers with his left arm .
Swinging upwards, Lust viciously rips apart his armor fair as person talk from behind her. Recognizing the fresh arrival, Alphonse quickly transmutes a large rampart from the grind merely earlier Lust is consumed by an conflagration of flames. Brought to her knees, her attacker is revealed to be Mustang standing over her. Noticing his condition, Lust deduces that he was using a transmutation circle cut into his very bark and using the flame from Havoc ‘s barge as a fuel source. Set alight once more, Lust demands to know how he was capable of moving despite the injury she had dealt to him early. Holding his side, Mustang reveals to have cauterized the wind with repeated use of his flames, though comments he about passed out respective times .
Continuing his assault on the homunculus, Lust ‘s body is repeatedly cauterize and left to regenerate before being scorched again. Inferring from her comment before, Mustang concludes that there must be a limit to her regeneration. Charging towards the Colonel, Lust makes one death attack to kill the man and launches on of her fingertips directly at his brow. however she is incinerate once more and her fingertip is stopped short of his pass by mere centimeters, and this time failing to regenerate from the damage. lento turning to ash, Lust admits defeat and comments that she does n’t mind losing to a man like Mustang whose eyes were indeed cold and miss hesitation. She then curses him by mentioning that she looks forward to the day when those lapp eyes become clouded by suffering. With these final words, her soundbox and Philosopher ‘s Stone are quickly reduced to dust, ending her life. Lust is the first Homunculus to permanently die ( Greed, though melted down before Lust ‘s death, was merely reabsorbed into Father ‘s soul and returns by and by on in a new body ). [ 11 ]


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