10 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Heroes Reimagined As Villains

Edward and Alphonse Elric may be the heroes of Fullmetal alchemist : brotherhood, but these fan art pieces show us a much dark side of the heroes. The distinction between heroes and the villains lies in their behaviors, morals, and most important of all, appearance. The heroes in Fullmetal alchemist : brotherhood are attractive, upright, and bouncy. But there were moments when they began to diffidence. Alphonse once got manipulated by a villain and got into a fight with Edward .
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fortunately, they constantly pull out of it and stay on the good side. But it is not always the sheath. Joker was able to persuade Harvey Dent into committing crimes. The lapp way, Edward and Alphonse, could ‘ve been persuaded. Although it did not happen in the anime, tidal bore and talented fans have created their arch adaptation themselves.


10 The Dark Knight

Alphonse Elric fanart of his portrait. Movies revolving around charming and knights have one recurring root of armor moving on its own and attacking. Fullmetal alchemist : brotherhood is situated during the industrial rotation, so it implemented the subject by making its chief protagonist an armor. Of path, they went a little overboard but it fitted in the plot nicely .
This fan art of Alphonse by Marian-Vieira depicts him darkly and mystically. In the zanzibar copal, he is a elated guy but here he gives off evil vibration. overall, she did a effective job of making him a villain .

9 Seasoned Warriors

Edward's fanart, with him standing in front of Alphone. The quality blueprint is neatly done in Fullmetal Alchemist : brotherhood. Both heroes, Alphonse and Edward, with other characters have classy looks. Edward has long, blond hair with a metallic weapon .
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ArtDoge adopted a naturalistic, game style for this picture. She got the texture down neatly and the loss glow appearing from Alphonse ‘s eyes makes him look like an evil party boss. Edward ‘s hair and body are looking identical male .

8 Chidori

Edward tearing his shirt and lightning coming from his hand. Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood takes divine guidance from several genres and anime. The concept of Alchemy, and manipulating the surround and using different powers are inspired by Naruto. The engineering used like Edward ‘s prosthetic branch is from steampunk. And all that combined with action and an amazing plotline resulted in one hell of a prove .
Jacob Noble, a freelancer illustrator, and artist is the man behind this fan art. here Edward has a cruddy and roughly look- his eyes have corrupt intent. The room he ‘s ripping his shirt and manipulating electricity helps him emit that nefarious air .

7 Turned To The Dark Side

Edward performing alchemy and red stares are coming from the background. The heroes had high morals and never took a shortcut to their destination. therefore, when they had the choice to get their bodies back with a philosopher ‘s stone, they rejected the mind. Because the rock was made from sacrifices of impeccant humans. It was not in their blood to stoop indeed low .
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Mzag knows how to draw an intense scene. hera Edward is drawing a transformation traffic circle, with eyes staring from the setting. It could be that he ‘s using a philosopher ‘s stone and the figures behind are innocents he ‘s sacrificing .

6 Assassin

Edward wearing a hoodie. Edward, as the fans know him, is always cheerful and optimistic. even going against his villains, he intends to reform them first and alone puts them down when there ‘s no early choice left. But here Shiroyaaa drew him in a hoodie with an angry expression. Hoodie ‘s are used to cover the face, it could mean that he ‘s about to commit a serious crime .
regardless of what Edward ‘s intentions are in this piece, one thing is for certain — he looks much more menace than the Edward fans have come to know in the series.

5 Edward As Pride

Edward as Pride like in the game Bluebird's Illusion. Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood was not the most extravagantly draw anime. It had its blunders but they were overlooked due to the cool legal action sequences. This fanart by lekabr is not the most beautifully drawn but it delivers the message .
Her inspiration for drawing Edward as Pride may have come from Bluebird ‘s Illusion, a fan-made game, which portrays Edward as Pride. Regardless of where the inhalation comes from, the artist surely delivers a baleful version of the titular Fullmetal Alchemist .

4 Lusty Riza

Riza Hawkeye fan art as Lust. Colonel Mustang would not be happy with this one. His one of the most iconic moments was roasting Lust, in a exhausted state. now that his beloved concern, Riza Hawkeye, has become the bane herself, Mustang ‘s reaction would be storm .
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Putting him aside, ibenz009 made Riza looks gorgeous here. The corrupt and bad girl look suits her well. besides the background and her visualize all looking amazing .

3 Evil And Dangerous

Edward with a Philosopher's stone in his hand and Alphonse standing behind him. Edwards loss cloak and his black pants set him up as a function of a ring. He ‘s got the gothic look, all that ‘s left is a guitar. Although this video is cooler- the teared up clothes make him dangerous. This pipsqueak by saadirfan is decidedly not a good guy .
He never used a philosopher ‘s rock, no matter how much odds are stacked against him. particularly, the greasy and rough in hairs are brilliantly drawn .

2 The Good And The Bad

Side by side comparison of good Winry and Winry as Lust. Winry is another important lady of Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood. Whenever Edward messes up his weapon, she is there to fix him up. But the estimable girl persona was not well-received by HaryuDanto, so he made an malefic one. And it ‘s quite impressive. The good Winry should be appreciated besides since it gets overshadowed by the evil one .
As compared to Riza Hawkeye, she is lacking a filthy, black expression. possibly this time Lust converted to the good side merely like Greed. now Winry will be able to keep Edward in channel and prevent him from getting pain .

1 The Only Good Bad Guy

Roy Mustang fan art with fire in the background. There is constantly one person in a display, that everyone gets attracted to. A tragic past, cool powers, and a careless position are a trademark of them. Kakashi, Levi, and in Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood Roy Mustang takes that spot. This brassy and epic adaptation of Mustang was drawn by IISwaggerII.

Roy Mustang did n’t need a lot to become a villain. He had already slain countless innocents in the Ishvalan civil war. The like person has come second in this picture and is fix to do his government ‘s dirty work .
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