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“Holy Mother” redirects here. For the episode, see Episode 41: Holy Mother (2003 series).

Rosé Thomas

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2009 Anime Manga 2003 Anime

Identification details


“Holy Mother” (2003 anime)






  • Unnamed boyfriend (deceased, manga and 2009 anime only)
  • Dead parents, Cain (boyfriend, deceased), baby son (2003 anime only)
  • 2 adopted children (first movie only)


Cult of Leto Cornello (former)



Personal details


Spiritual leader (2003 anime)

Unique Trait

Dyed bangs


To rebuild her town

Character details

First Appearance

Episode 1 ( 2003 Anime )
Episode 3 ( 2009 Anime ) Chapter 1 (Manga)


( 2009 ) Houko Kuwashima (2003), Satsuki Yukino (2009)

Voice Actor

Colleen Clinkenbeard Rosé Thomas ( ロゼ・トーマス, Roze Tōmasu ; besides spelled Rose ) is a youthful daughter living in the eastern Amestrian town of Reole. A former Letoist disciple, Rosé was a dear follower of the faithlessly prophet Cornello until the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse intervened in the priest ‘s misrepresentation of the town and opened her eyes to the truth. Due to the differences between the master manga storyline and the plot of the 2003 anime series, Rosé ‘s appearance and narrative relevance differ greatly between the two adaptations .

Manga and 2009 Anime

Rosé first appears in Chapter 1 of the manga, where she greets the Elric brothers upon their fresh arrival in Reole. After the death of her boyfriend in an accident, Rosé became enamored with Father Cornello ‘s claims that the sun deity Leto was able of answering any prayer – even the resurrection of the dead – if said entreaty were made by person devout enough and became one of the priest ‘s first believers. She, at first, scoffs at Edward ‘s steadfast incredulity in resurrection and a higher power, but after the Elrics help her confront Cornello and reveal that his “ miracles ” were the work of alchemy and his “ great cause ” a selfish pastime of military power, she collapses spiritually. As Ed and Al leave the town, she demands angrily why they had to come and destroy the only hope she had left of reuniting with her lost love, to which Edward replies that she should stand on her own power and walk forward into a future she decides for herself. Taking Ed ‘s words to heart, she helps to rebuild the township, finally reuniting with Al. She makes a gossip on how she is lower that Ed is not with them, admitting that she has truly missed him and that she wishes to see him again. This causes Winry to become slightly covetous, something Al catches and taunts her with. She late comments to Winry how she is grateful toward Ed for opening her eyes to the fake impression and got the town moving on their accord. On The promise Day, Rosé was seen falling victim to Father ‘s Nationwide Transmutation Circle along with the other Reole residents ; but thanks to Hohenheim ‘s fail condom, she was resurrected .

2003 zanzibar copal

In the 2003 zanzibar copal series, Rosé ‘s part begins similarly, but expands differently as the two plots diverge. Rosé first gear appears in Episode 1 of the 2003 zanzibar copal, she was a young daughter living by herself in her hometown, inferring that her parents died erstwhile when she was a child. When she becomes older, she has a boyfriend who she cared for deeply, but then died in an accident. When Cornello arrives in their desert town claim he is a prophet of the Sun God, Leto, he fills Rosé with false hope telling her that he ‘ll bring her abruptly boyfriend back. She then becomes a dedicate and faithful believer in the new church of Letoism, hoping that if she does adept, it will increase her chances of bringing him back. When the Elric brothers arrive in town, they help her open her eyes to the fact that Cornello is a fraud using alchemy to do his miracles, lying to the township about being the son of Leto. Distraught by this, Rosé does n’t know what to do, and Ed equitable promptly tells her that the only matter she can do is keep moving fore because she has two absolutely good legs to stand on .
Near the end of the series as a major function, Rosé returns again, this time as the holy place mother of her town. During the genocide in Reole, many of her people were slaughtered and she was captured by the military and rape and raped by a soldier. Due to the trauma of those experiences, she became mute and some meter late gave give birth to a son, who is implied to be born of that rape. She profoundly cared for her baby and frequently carried him around with her, even when she was kidnapped and put into a capture by Dante, who was inside the body of her student Lyra and planned on transferring her soul into Rosé ‘s body. Throughout all of these experiences, she keeps halt of her memories of Ed. When she meets Ed again, they ballroom dance, and she last confesses that she loves him. After Ed is killed by the Homunculus Envy, who is revealed to be Ed and Al ‘s stepbrother, she mourns him with a pain-filled heart. Ed ‘s death manages to shock Rose out of Dante ‘s control. At the end, when Al sacrificed himself to revive Ed and sent Envy to the Gate after failing to stop him, Rosé had been watching and had to fill Edward in on the ghastly news program about his brother. When Ed wondered how to bring Al second, she told him ( like he told her at the begin ) to stand up and keep moving forward because he had two strong legs to walk on immediately, due to the fact of his limb being returned. ( These are obviously individual words of advice between them both ). In the conclusion, when Al is returned as a human, and Ed has disappeared to the other worldly concern, Rosé and her baby are seen with the Elrics ‘ friend Winry Rockbell sitting on a mound in Edward and Alphonse ‘s hometown Resembool, her baby a few months older.

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conqueror of Shamballa

Rosé appears in the movie, Conqueror of Shamballa. When Al makes his beginning appearance in the movie, Rosé is amazed because he looks merely wish Ed, and because he has become so skilled with chemistry. She is seen protecting and giving commands to the town, back in her own town in the defect. When the strange robots invading the town begin to float off, Al tries to grab them and hold them back, but Rosé grabs him and pulls him away saying, “ Do n’t go, you ‘ll disappear excessively ! ” At the end of the movie, Rosé is seen outside in Resembool once again near Winry and Pinako Rockbell ‘s house mansion along with Lt. Colonel Alex Louis Armstrong and Pinako with three children now. One of the minor children is her child from the series, but the other two are unknown. They are presumed to be orphans that she took in, because she does n’t have a syndicate of her own .
besides, in the parallel world, Ed meets a Romani woman named Noah who looks just comparable Rosé. Noah is our populace ‘s version of Rosé, though there are some differences. Rosé has dyed her bangs pink, and besides was n’t ampere quiet as Noah was. Noah besides wears part of her hair in braids, and wears makeup .


  • In the first anime series, she is portrayed with having dark skin, purple eyes and dark brown hair with bright pink bangs. In the second series however, she has pale skin, purple eyes and black hair with her pink bangs noticeably darker, much like the original manga.
  • In an omake, Arakawa depicts Rosé as a hardened warrior, in Joan of Arc-like style.
  • It would appear that Rosé is named for Rosé, a specially-crafted variant of red wine, making her namesake similar to those of Martel, Dolcetto and Roa.

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