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Real Name

Jason Peter Todd

Main Alias

Red Hood

Other Aliases

Peacekeeper Red [ 1 ],

Peacekeeper Red


( adoptive brother )
( adoptive brother ) ·
Damian Wayne ( adopted brother ) Bruce Wayne (adoptive father, deceased) · Richard Grayson (adoptive brother) Tim Drake (adoptive brother) ·Damian Wayne (adoptive brother)



Base Of Operations

Gotham City





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Mask Hunter · Former Vigilante







Black with white streak



Future State


Gerry Conway · Don Newton

First Appearance
DC Nation Presents DC: Future State #1
(November, 2020)
Quote1.png So you want me to go undercover and infiltrate the Magistrate? Betray my family and everything they stand for? That’s easy… I’ve been doing that my whole life. Quote2.png

Jason Todd src

Jason Todd is the Red Hood, a erstwhile vigilante and ally of Batman who began hunting masquerade wearers in Gotham City at the behest of the Magistrate. [ 2 ]

When Gotham got taken over by the Magistrate, Jason was approached by Bruce Wayne ( actually the villain Hush in disguise ). [ 3 ] He asked Jason to infiltrate the Magistrate ‘s ranks, pretending to betray the rest of Gotham ‘s heroes. [ 1 ] Jason agreed to the plan and enlisted himself as a Mask Hunter. This betrayal resulted in The Resistance banning Jason from traversing the rooftop. He became ill-famed for never killing his captures, unlike his chap hunter Rose Wilson aka Ravager, with whom he began an intimate kinship. [ 2 ]

Hunting the Red Hood Gang

While hunting down the new Red Hood Gang, Jason discovered its members were being controlled by nano-particles developed by the Mad Hatter. He teamed up with Ravager and the couple tracked Mad Hatter to an abandoned mini-golf path. Inside, they found nothing but the former villain ‘s skeleton. They began to search the area, when on the spur of the moment the Magistrate placed a large amplitude on Jason ‘s steer. [ 2 ] Jason fled before Ravager had a probability to turn on him, but his escape was cut short circuit by Magistrate drones. Hiding on the rooftops, he recovered one of the Red Hood Gang ‘s mind-controlling helmets and followed it to the beginning. He discovered that White Rabbit was the one controlling it, but the helmet restricted Jason from attacking her. Ravager arrived to rescue Jason, but the two were forced to fight until she broke the helmet. Magistrate drones then located the meet and opened burn on the build. White Rabbit was captured, and Ravager brought Jason in to receive the amplitude on his head. While the amplitude was dropped, and blamed on a bug in the system, Jason and Rose talked about visiting her father ‘s private island. But when Jason met up with “ Bruce ” to report on testify linking White Rabbit ‘s operation to the Magistrate, he told him that Jason would have to remain in Gotham for the time being, thus originate left the city entirely. [ 4 ]

Hunt the Batman

When the villain Warmonger bombed a huge, bat-shaped crater into Gotham City the Magistrate gave Jason the probationary title of Peacekeeper Red, to capture the new Batman, who was said to be the perpetrator. [ 1 ] Following a jumper cable from “ Bruce ”, Jason sought out Astrid Arkham, who was an inpatient at Blackgate Penitentiary. Upon approaching her cell he was confronted by the newly Batman, who was besides looking for her. [ 5 ] The three of them were captured by Warmonger, who had orchestrated a prison break-out. Jason and Batman awoke in a pit and ascribable to Warmonger ‘s stolen Hatter-Tech nanoparticles, they were abruptly compelled to fight each other. [ 6 ] During the crater explosion, these same nanoparticles were released into the city. Jason managed to counteract the Hatter-Tech with a frequency emitter in his mask. He then freed Batman and Astrid. Astrid explained that Warmonger was a fail Magistrate super-cop experiment, and that she unintentionally freed while leading her mind-controlled villain-squad, the Arkham Knights. Warmonger was immediately looking for her Arkham Knight armor, which was presently stored in the Magistrate headquarters, as it held a broadcast device for the Hatter-Tech. To get to the armor before Warmonger, Jason pretended to apprehend Batman and brought him into the Magistrate ‘s headquarter. [ 7 ] They arrived excessively late and discovered that Warmonger had already taken the headdress from the armor. Standing on the roof of the construction, he commanded everyone in the city to fight each other. Jason gave his own mask to Batman, as he would be able to free Nightwing and the other vigilantes. meanwhile, Jason begun to conflict Warmonger. [ 8 ] While he stood no luck against the giant serviceman physically, he managed to plant a turkey on Warmonger ‘s chest. The little explosion allowed Jason to snatch the headgear and stop the citywide chaos. late he met up with Batman and declared a secret partnership in bringing judge to Gotham, lighting a fresh Bat-Signal above the city. Jason then tried to confront the serviceman pretending to be Bruce Wayne, but the imposter had disappeared. [ 3 ]

The following joker

After an incidental where The following Joker robbed the identity-broker operator of her computer and killed Grifter, Jason was called in to investigate. At the scenery Jason was approached by Jodi Edwards, a mask hunter calling herself “ Hunter Panic ”. She asked Jason to become her mentor and he reluctantly agreed. together they visited Punchline in prison to learn more about this new Joker. She told them about their share history, a well as his following likely targets, Gotham ‘s three crime lords : The Terrible Trio. Following this new go they about reached Dog ‘s headquarter when a bomb was detonated inside. To cover both remaining locations Jason called in backup by lighting his Bat-Signal. [ 9 ] They arrived at Owl ‘s placement, only to find him killed. Jason deduced that Joker must be headed towards the third placement, so Jason and Hunter Panic promptly leave.

The couple found the Joker battling Batman in the flip, as the two of them hung onto the aircraft of Whale. Using Hunter Panic ‘s sky-cycle, Jason and his mentee swooped in and hitch Batman as he fell. Jason disarmed Joker and they rammed the sky-cycle into the aircraft, bringing both vehicles crashing down. As Jason arrested the Whale, Joker emerged from the debris. Knowing that the Whale had information about Joker that they needed, Jason ordered Hunter Panic and Batman to retreat with him. Magistrate robots arrived to contain the situation, but through physical contact the Joker corrupted the entire Magistrate arrangement, bringing the robots under his control. [ 10 ] Meeting up with Harley Quinn, Jason ordered her and Hunter Panic to escort the Whale across town, while Batman and he battle the Joker. They made a visit to one of Bruce Wayne ‘s honest-to-god satellite Batcaves, a network that Jason had been working to slowly bring back on-line, and grabbed equipment. They found Joker approaching the other group and ride into struggle on bikes that transform into prototype battle exo-suits. [ 11 ] Though he was at first base overpowered, Jason managed to defeat Joker with a powerful E.M.P. blast. As Batman left, Jason delivered Joker to the Magistrate, and he is given all the credit rating for the appropriate. Afterwards, Jason visited Jodi in the hospital, as she was wounded fighting Harley Quinn and Hush. As the two of them discussed Hush ‘s plan for Gotham, a Magistrate officer informed them that Joker had escaped his prison transport. [ 12 ]

Batmen at War

When reports of multiple Batman impostors began appearing throughout Gotham, Jason once again allied himself with Hunter Panic and the current Batman, Jace Fox. The group split-up to cover more land, with Jason and Jodi on the streets and Jace on the rooftops. [ 13 ] Jason was alerted to an intrusion at one of the satellite Batcaves. Inside, he encountered Talia aluminum Gul and one of the imposter Batmen. Jason believed that this Batman was once again Hush in disguise, but the man insisted that he was the real number Bruce Wayne. not wanting to waste prison term talking, Talia stabbed Jason and left with Batman. Hunter Panic regrouped with Jason and patched up the knife wound. Jason was contacted by Jace Fox, who said that Nightwing attacked him and was now calling himself Batman deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. [ 14 ]



  • Peacekeeper Armor: Extremely advanced armor with built-in gadgets, like a counterfrequency emitter in the mask.[7]

department of transportation

  • Motor Cycle[2]


  • Kusarigama: Jason uses two Kusarigama, sickles that are chain-linked to metal weights, to fight and grapple.

  • Jason was in a relationship with Rose Wilson.[2]
  • Once Rose stopped helping him color his hair,[2] he got a white streak on his forehead.[1]
  • Jason and Rose were considered to be the two best mask hunters in the Magistrate.[9]


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