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Mark Brooks is a fairly blunt comic ledger creator, best known for his X-Men amusing book covers, and who is n’t a fan of Comicsgate. Gabe Eltaeb is the erstwhile comedian colourist of Superman : son Of Kal-El, and nowadays of Comicsgate-supported Eric D July ‘s Isom after quitting DC Comics. rear in June this year, Eltaeb began posting a serial of insulting tweets challenging Mark Brooks to a debate at San Diego Comic-Con. then at the prove, Eltaeb posted a now-deleted pinch, a photograph of him pointing at Brooks ‘ booth at the appearance commenting on Brooks ‘ absence. Brooks posted a number of tweets in answer, before Gabe ‘s tweet was deleted This workweek, back from the express Mark Brooks posted a longer affirmation on social media. After many tweets, PMs, and telephone calls regarding this by weekend at SDCC, I want to clear the tune and specify what happened in hopes it does n’t happen to anyone else .
To begin with, I blocked the person I ‘m about to speak about across all my social media about a year ago. I could tell then that I wanted nothing to do with him. This apparently was n’t a clear adequate message. Over the last few months he ‘s seemed to take big joy in posting about me, challenging me to debate him over his hard justly beliefs along with a overplus of insults and veiled threats. He has a decent following so these posts caused a shower of insults, more veiled threats, and misprint threats. It ‘s the internet after all so I brushed it off, blocked their accounts, and moved on. After 20 year in the game, my skin ‘s suffer pretty slurred. last he posted a challenge to debate me at SDCC along with a bunch together of insults and pinned it to his page. I distillery had him blocked but that does n’t mean I ca n’t reply. I challenged him to get a animation and touch grass. I know, not my gallant moment but I just wanted him to stop so I thought a snarky answer might work. I should have known it would n’t. My better angels were off that day obviously.

It appeared to me that this person was a spot obsessed. I was n’t then and still are n’t sure precisely why he chose me as the concentrate of his anger. As far I know I ‘ve never met him or do n’t remember if I had. He ‘s a complete stranger to me. apparently he works or had worked in the industry as a colorist at some period but, angstrom far as I know, our paths never crossed. But for some argue I was his newfangled favorite enemy. A one sided war where I did n’t even know I was participating. As I ‘ve frequently said, Twitter is n’t very life. I can roll, joke, mute, and block anyone and anything and not think much more about it. citizenry talk and act big behind a keyboard but I take it at face value. But I besides dislike bullies vastly .
fast ahead to this past weekend at SDCC. It was an amazing show that felt like a reunion after so many of us had missed the fun and commradre. Hugs, handshakes, and big smiles from about everyone I saw. It was a boost of exuberance we all needed. I knew “ this guy ” would be attended ascribable to his SDCC challenge and had been monitoring his social media out of an abundance of circumspection. He seemed to have anger/aggression issues so it was better safe than good-for-nothing. hush though, I did n’t expect anything to come of it. The first few days of the display went by without a arrest. If anything it felt like one big party and I was loving every moment of it. Things changed Saturday night. I got a message from a acquaintance with a screencap from Twitter. This is where I got a little nervous.

See, I ‘m not scared precisely but late events around the area put my guard up. I spent the next day scanning the crowd around my table every once in a while. I did n’t think anything would happen but besides did n’t want to get caught off guard. By the good afternoon my caution had turned to anger. How make bold anyone judge to ruin anyone else ‘s good clock. I was n’t going to be intimidated by person looking to ruin my victimize eminent. In short, I was f-cking done.

I went to my booth coach and asked for security. Within 15 minutes I had 2 plain clothed patrol officers at my booth. I shared all the posts I had along with the photograph he posted and asked that he be told to leave me and everyone else alone. My understanding it that “ he ” was n’t at his board any longer and had relinquished his point to person else so I have no idea if he found out police were looking for him. If he did n’t, he does now. Since then he has scrubbed his chitter of any note of me so I can only assume he got the message. But it does n’t erase what he did. He took his harassment into real life sentence. He recorded video at SDCC mentioning me by identify and that he was looking for me .
I ‘m hoping this is the end of it but I besides worry about future conventionality appearances. This person does n’t seem stable. If he is attending a conventionality as an attendant or guest, I wo n’t be there. I am alerting all my conventionality contacts that this will be the case from now on. If this person has harassed or sought to intimidate you, I advise you do the like. And text file EVERYTHING. Conventions are for likeminded people to come together and celebrate a hobby we all love. It ‘s supposed to be fun and carefree. No one should feel worry to attend and feel the gladden comics bring to all of us .
Some may say I ‘m overreacting and that ‘s cool. But I love going to places like SDCC sol I ‘ll be damned before person like this guy takes that gladden from me. Comics are amazing for everyone. I plan to do my separate in keeping it that room

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