Former Superman Colorist Gabe Eltaeb Says Another Reason He Left DC Was “Racism” And Treating POC Like “Victims”

Former Superman Colorist Gabe Eltaeb Says Another Reason He Left DC Was “ Racism ” And Treating POC Like “ Victims ” Former Superman Colorist Gabe Eltaeb Says Another Reason He Left DC Was “ Racism ” And Treating POC Like “ Victims ” colorist and godhead Gabe Eltaeb is disclosing more reasons why he left DC Comics last year. Overall, his self-exile was due to the modification of Superman ’ s motto that replaced “ The american english Way ” with “ For A Better Tomorrow ” immediately that Clark ’ s bisexual son Jonathan is wearing the cape and fighting climate transfer.

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Reacting to the cast of an actress of color as the redhead Carrie Kelley in The CW ’ s Gotham Knights original, Eltaeb revealed he besides parted ways with the declining publisher because of “ racism ” and tokenizing of non-whites as “ victims ” that constantly need assistant .
“ Another reason I left @ DCComics, ” he tweeted, “ the racism from leadership treating us POC like we were ‘ victims ’ to be saved. ”
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Eltaeb, who is north african and son of a Libyan immigrant, added a personal story from 2016, right after the presidential election. “ Day after Trump won, an editor emailed me saying something like ‘ people like her would protect people like me, ’ ” he wrote .
With three laughing, teary emojis, he concluded his post wonder, “ How are you gon na protect me ? I VOTED TRUMP. ”
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Disgusted by alterations made and creative liberties DC has taken with the Man of Steel recently, he not alone bolted from DC but left Publisher Jim Lee a long passionate message as to why. “ You credibly hate me and think I am a chump but [ I ] couldn ’ thymine arrest dumb any longer, ” Eltaeb said.

“ Your parents decided to immigrate to America, Jim, ” he continued. “ This country and its inheritance and the blood spilled gave you everything you have, not South Korea. even if the decisiveness to remove the credit rating american culture had in creating Superman is out of your hands…it is therefore ungrateful for you to go along with this. ”
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Eltaeb didn ’ thymine disclose what Jim Lee sent back to him but he made it clear he didn ’ thymine want his fans or anyone going after Lee out of respect for the Publisher ’ s privacy and that of his kin .
Eltaeb would rather comic readers and his followers help him restore the “ american Way ” rationale to the industry. To do this, he is producing a graphic novel christened, appropriately, “ TRUTH, JUSTICE, AMERICAN WAY. ”

in full backed, the IndieGoGo supporting his project however has nine days left and is accepting more backers. The “ 64 pages of wide color, action, and venture ” with “ Heroes you can believe in ! ” ships global and has several tiers of perks. So you ought to be able to get your copy today.

The crowdfunding political campaign presently has raised $ 37,397 from 568 backers .
2022.03.15 02.04 boundingintocomics 62309ceb6e934 What do you make of Eltaeb ’ s accusations against DC Comics ? Will you be backing Truth Justice American Way ?
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