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Genya belonged to a family of seven children with a hardworking mother who never slept and an abusive church father who would beat her and his children. Despite his father often beating both Genya ’ s mother and siblings his mother constantly protected them ; which he greatly admired, calling his mother “ amazing ”. His forefather was hated among the villagers and was finally stabbed to death by an nameless attacker. After that, Sanemi and Genya vowed to protect their siblings and mother together. One sidereal day, their mother didn ’ t come back home, and eldest sibling Sanemi left to find her. As suspicion and worry began to cross the minds of the children since their mother “ was never this belated before. ” Genya tried his best to reassure them, saying that they were “ tired ” and advised his siblings to go to sleep. Alone and unprotected, a sudden forte knock was heard from their door. Four of his siblings ran to the door despite Genya ‘s protests and warnings that it might not be their mother, but before he could react the door is sliced open and they were cut down immediately. During that here and now Genya ’ s cheek was cut, forming a scratch that goes across his boldness in the future. In the ensuing panic, Genya watched helplessly as the dark human body which he assumed to be a wolf attacked them. Before it could attack Genya however, Sanemi tackled it out of their window to the streets below and ordered Genya to run away. Seeing his bloody siblings and subconsciously aware that they were already dead but ineffective to in full process it, Genya tried to temporarily slow down the run by appyling imperativeness to their wounds, then setting out for a doctor to treat them. however he soon stumbled across Sanemi holding a knife and with their mother lying dead at his feet. Genya, in confusion and panic labeled Sanemi a murderer and cradled their mother ‘s soundbox in his arms as she dissolved in the rising sunlight. late on, Genya realized his mistake and decided to join the Demon Slayers to try and reconcile his kinship with his brother. Although he found he had no endowment for Breathing Styles, he discovered that he could eat Demons and profit Demonic abilities. He was discovered by the Stone Hashira, Gyomei Himejima. Since Genya couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use Breaths, Gyomei didn ’ t make him his Tsuguko, but he still decided to train him. At some indicate, he reunited with Sanemi and tried to apologize, but Sanemi rejected him and said he had no brother. After this, Genya decided to become a extremity of the Demon Slayer Corps as a way to regain some connection with his brother.


Genya participated in the Final Selection examination, [ 1 ] managing to survive the weeklong trial. He impatiently inquired about receiving his Nichirin Sword, angrily hitting both his crow and Kanata when his demand went unfulfilled. Tanjiro intervened, threatening to break his arm if he did n’t immediately let go of Kanata. When Genya alternatively dares him to, Tanjiro obliges, leaving the irate young to nurse his break arm. Kiriya Ubuyashiki, undeterred by the rough in treatment his sister received, just continues with his instructions. [ 2 ] former, at the Butterfly Estate under unknown circumstances, Genya intentionally bumped into Tanjiro, ignoring his greeting afterwards. [ 3 ] While training with Gyomei, he late received the composition of Kyojuro Rengoku ‘s death via his Kasugai Crow. [ 4 ] Genya former appeared at the Swordsmith Village, ignoring Mitsuri when she asked for his name—though out of shyness preferably than spite—and is found by Tanjiro in the hot springs. Before realizing Tanjiro is present, the marred youth ripped one of his teeth out and discarded it, incidentally hitting Tanjiro with it. He turned when his name is called, angrily told his colleague Demon Slayer to drop absolutely, and plunged his read/write head into the hot body of water when he persisted in talking with him. [ 5 ] Genya besides did not show up for any meals, having told the villagers he would n’t eat at all. When Tanjiro went to bring him some leftovers, he is n’t in his room. [ 6 ] A few days by and by, Genya listened with impatient anger as Tanjiro explained the position with Hotaru Haganezuka and the rusted Nichirin Sword, exclaiming that he did n’t care and that Tanjiro should n’t talk to him as if he were his friend. He reminded his companion that he had broken his arm, told him not to call him by his beginning list, broke the rice firecracker Tanjiro offered him, and told him to get out. He fell silent when Tanjiro pointed out his regrown tooth, telling him that he must be seeing things, but is disgusted when his companion showed him the tooth in question. Telling him to throw it out, the marred youth kicked Tanjiro out of his room. [ 7 ] Genya appeared during Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s conflict against Hantengu, aiming his gun at the Upper Rank ‘s staff-wielding form, Sekido. [ 8 ] He shot a bunch of bullets, which wholly decapitated Sekido but failed to wholly do indeed with Karaku. Moving in to finish the job with his Nichirin Sword, Genya ignored Tanjiro ‘s advice, proceeding to complete Karaku ‘s decapitation. The two Demons became four, and Genya is stabbed through the chest of drawers by the spear-wielding Hantengu, Aizetsu. [ 9 ] Aizetsu attempted to pull the spear out of Genya to attack Nezuko, alone to be ineffective to do thus. Genya shot at the surprise Demon, blowing his principal to bits. [ 10 ] He noted that the brainless Demon is starting to pull his spear free, getting a awful slash wind across his thorax as a result. Genya began to pray, avoided another attack from his opponent, and attacking the Aizetsu from behind. however, Sekido intervened using his electricity and Aizetsu attacked him once more, this time managing to smash him into a wall. Undeterred, Genya began to pray again, answering his adversary ‘s interrogate of what he is by introducing himself, promising to kill Aizetsu. [ 11 ] Genya manages to defeat his opposition, spearing him to a tree and ripping his drumhead away. He turns to face Tanjiro, his appearance immediately resembling a Demon ‘s, then grabbed him and told him not to push his luck, as he would kill the Upper Rank. He goes on to deny Tanjiro ‘s get the better of of Upper Rank 6 and states that he will become a Hashira before him. When Tanjiro happily agrees to this, even offering his support, Genya tries to call his bluff, only to see in his brother ‘s eyes that he is telling the truth. They were then interrupted by an electricity attack from Sekido, with Tanjiro heading off to find the Upper Rank ‘s fifth body, telling Genya not to attack Nezuko. [ 12 ]

Genya heads northeast at Tanjiro ‘s instruction to find the fifth Hantengu, noting with frustration that he hush could n’t see him, only to ultimately notice him : A small version of Hantengu ‘s original shape, only about the size of a rotter. He shot at his bantam enemy, then attempted to cut his head off with his blade, merely for it to break. After firing another shoot at the bantam Hantengu, he discovers his tactic would not work. Sekido ambushes him from behind and Genya merely has time to apologize to Sanemi in his mind for “ what happened back then ”, noting that he only wanted to become a Hashira so his sibling would accept him. [ 13 ] fortunately, he is saved at the last irregular by Tanjiro and Nezuko, but after Hantengu ’ second hatred forcefully combines with his companion aspects into Zohakuten, he attacks Tanjiro. Before Genya can shoot the Demon, Zohakuten uses his lineage Demon Art to turn the trees into dragons. When Tanjiro proclaims his hate for the Demon and his mentality—that Demons were protecting themselves from humans that hunted them down, even though they regularly attacked and consumed humans—Genya is shocked that the kind boy had any anger in him .
When Mitsuri arrives and starts fighting Zohakuten, he goes to protect her when the Demon stuns and closely kills her. Mitsuri decides to hold off Zohakuten while Genya, Tanjiro, and Nezuko pursue Hantengu ‘s main body. When they get constricted by the wood dragons, Genya merely eats the dragon to free themselves and absorb its Demonic abilities. After they ultimately destroy the woodwind dragon and get to Hatengu ‘s protective orb, they find that the wooden sector is empty. When they spy the modest devil, Genya throws a tree at the demon in his anger. He misses, however, so the three give pursuit once again. Tanjiro, emulating Zenitsu Agatsuma ‘s Thunder Breathing, rushes at the monster with blinding accelerate .
however, Hantegu ‘s resentment causes him to split again, creating a larger body around himself, while he is hidden inside its center. When Hantengu snap up Tanjiro, Genya goes to his aid. He pries the monster ‘s hands off and then rips off his arms, while Nezuko shoots fire at him. Due to becoming a overtone monster as a leave of consuming them, the flames start hurting him, forcing him to retreat sol the fire would n’t spread to him. Hantengu, Nezuko, and Tanjiro fall off a cliff. Genya, heavy injured, is unable to help further in the battle. After Tanjiro last slays the demon and Nezuko reveals her resistance to the sun, everyone celebrates and even Genya cracks a smile .
Genya and Tanjiro touch again at the Sanemi ‘s train. Genya starts to apologize but is stopped by Sanemi who says that he has no buddy and should just quit the corporation. Genya then says that he ate Demons to get power. This angers Sanemi as he tried to strike Genya but Tanjiro pushes Genya away and saves him. Both of them are then restricted from being approximate Sanemi. [ 14 ] They then later meet at Gyomei ‘s educate in which Tanjiro apologizes to Genya but is shaken off. Genya calls Himejima a atrocious teacher and tells Tanjiro about repetitive movements. This allows Tanjiro to move the rock finally. [ 15 ]

Genya, confused at his surroundings, traverses through the palace until he encounters Kokushibo and a critically hurt Tokito. The killer takes calculate at Upper Moon One, but he appears behind him, dismembering both his arms. Kokushibo recognizes that Genya has consumed demons before, and bisects him. Kokushibo reveals that he has encountered a Slayer like Genya, and attacks, but the Wind Hashira interferes, saving his buddy. Sanemi questions him as to why he had to join the Demon Slayer Corps, and said he merely wanted to protect him and make him live a farseeing life. Sanemi, enraged, charges at Kokushibo.



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