How GEORGE PEREZ Saved WONDER WOMAN From Becoming a ‘Raunchy Sex Object’

THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS: Stepping up to preserve an icon…

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UPDATED 5/11/22: The capital George Perez has died at the senesce of 67. This first base race in June 2019 as separate of THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS. We re-present it here. Click here for our complete index of Perez features. — Dan

Welcome to THE GEORGE PEREZ INTERVIEWS, a weekly series where the comics master discusses his greatest series .
Over 13 weeks, Perez, who ’ s retiring from the world of comics, gives you his take on each installation of our holocene TOP 13 GEORGE PEREZ COUNTDOWN, which was written by 13th Dimension subscriber Anthony Durso. ( Click here for much more on that. ) The segments are culled from a panel Perez and I did at East Coast Comicon .
last time was #7 — Justice League of America. ( Click hera. )
This week, it ’ s Wonder Woman, which Perez and DC relaunched at the end of 1986, post- Crisis on Infinite Earths, with co-plotter Greg Potter :

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Dan Greenfield: We’re doing OK on time so we’re just going to keep pushing through. Number 6 on the list was Wonder Woman.
George Perez: Ah ! Yeah, Wonder Woman is a personal wallow for me. a much as my fortune has been made because of Titans chiefly, Wonder Woman was a book that, not until recently when the movie came out, did I realize how much of an shock I actually left on the quality. Because it was an uphill struggle .
even though I had a fantastic supporter in my editor, Karen Berger, a draw of the DC editors at the prison term actually didn ’ t care for Wonder Woman. I didn ’ thymine realize until I came into the agency of the then-editor Janice Race, and they were putting together a modern Wonder Woman book, that there wasn ’ triiodothyronine a individual charwoman working in that party — and you ’ re talking about a ship’s company whose publisher was a womanhood ! — who was happy with the management they were going to go in .
But they had to get the script published, or else they would lose the rights to Wonder Woman. I saw that, and at that orient John Byrne was on Superman, Frank Miller had good done Dark Knight and was going to be doing Batman: Year One with David Mazzucchelli and I fair, there was just part of me — the inner feminist in me — who was truly bothered that she was precisely kind of being thrown out .
I mean without naming names, when I saw the artist who was going to be on that, I said, “ The man is more use to drawing stuff like a Penthouse magazine. ” Every womanhood will vilify this — the chancellor female character, and we ’ rhenium going to make her into a lewd sex object ? Oh God, that is the worst commission you could always take for this quality !
And I already had a floor in mind for Wonder Woman, but I abandoned it when she devolved at the end of Crisis. I thought, “ OK, I ’ thousand never gon na have a chance to do it. ”
so, when I was talking to Janice, I said, “ I do have an idea for her. Do you want me to take a crevice at doing Wonder Woman to start her away ? ”
And at that point I thought I was just replacing the artist, but then I had history ideas and they asked me what my ideas were. Until finally by the second offspring, the writer actually realized it was becoming my book now. He bowed out graciously, no resentment any. I think he actually left the industry .
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so, I had ideas for her. I was inspired by Walt Simonson and his contract on Thor and by Ray Harryhausen. If you ’ re looking to challenge the gods, fighting skeletons, hydras, I figured what if Wonder Woman were done, before CGI, by Ray Harryhausen ? That became a concentrate for me .
besides, one thing that she is not supposed to be — she is not a female version of Superman, she is a fictional character of mythology. Karen Berger agreed and said, “ She ’ s a fantasy character ; she ’ s not a superhero in the rigid sense of the word. She ’ s a fantasy like Sinbad, all the bang-up stories and myths, she ’ s a fabulous quality. Let ’ s turn with that. ”
I said I besides needed to clean up her mythology because she was a mix of so many Greco-Roman plus mod ( influences ). I said, “ Let ’ s go back to classic Greek and let me do what I can with that. ”
And I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate recognize at the time that ever since the death of ( godhead ) William Marston and H.G. Peter, the original artist on Wonder Woman, there hadn ’ t been a single writer or artist who ever volunteered to do that koran. It was an delegate book. No one wanted to do Wonder Woman. I was the first person — particularly at a time when I could have asked for any possible visualize and they would have said yes to it .
wonder woman movie
Of all books I took on, with Wonder Woman I am fabulously gallant that after all these years … people are saying ( of the Gal Gadot movie ), “ they captured your Wonder Woman. ” And the director, Patty Jenkins, even acknowledged me as one of the influences .
DC, being one of the big companies to work for — I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect anything because I didn ’ t create the character — they paid me a bonus of six figures for that movie .


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NOTE: The text has been edited and condensed for clearness .

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