My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s WILD Batman Design

It was the Batman floor that never was. Around 2008, and before DC Comics ‘ New 52 comics relaunch, Gerard Way proposed a Batman miniseries of wild and epic proportions that was to be entitled Batman : Kingdom of the Mad. Though the report would have featured a Batman unlike anything fans had always seen earlier, that was possibly the problem. For whatever reason, DC Comics decided to go another direction, and Way ‘s Batman undertaking was canceled. however, a few years late in 2013, Way released some of his laughably wild and epic designs for some of the characters, ampere well as some plot details .
Gerard Way is the lead singer of the ring My Chemical Romance, while simultaneously working an highly successful amusing book creator. While he is probably most celebrated for his creation of the Umbrella Academy, which won an Eisner and has besides been recently adapted into two extremely popular seasons on Netflix, he ‘s besides the co-founder of DC ‘s Young Animal impress, and besides wrote The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys mini-series. furthermore, he ‘s been the chancellor writer for DC’s Doom Patrol comics since 2016. With a sketch like that, how could DC communicate on an original Batman serial from the mind of Gerard Way ?

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In any case, Batman and Way fans alike still got a taste of what could have been, when Way released some concept art for Kingdom of the Mad a few years ago on Twitter. not lone did he reveal a brand new design and take on the Batman ‘s compare, but he besides provided new designs for respective early characters in the Batman mythos arsenic well, such as Robin, Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Riddler, and Mr. freeze .

The particular vogue and aesthetics of the characters, particularly with Batman, seem like they would have fit perfectly for the narrative Way was intending to tell. As Way himself shared, Batman : Kingdom of the Mad would have basically been a sort of Elseworlds narrative set apart from the main DC continuity under DC’s Vertigo cable In it, Bruce Wayne would have immediately gone insane from the injury of his parents ‘ deaths, believing himself to be an actual bat and becoming institutionalized in Arkham Asylum. The designs on his cape would have been a map puff by Bruce himself, detailing a world of his own make, either a kingdom of his own insane psyche or his version of Heaven according to Way. Joker about looks like he could have been a colleague bunkmate to Batman in Arkham ampere well .
It ‘s hard to determine whether or not seeing the artwork from this abandoned project helps or barely makes it worse seeing as though this unfinished comic book might not ever actually exist. Who knows ? possibly one day DC Comics will circle rear and ask Way to finish the visualize, and fans will get to see Kingdom of the Mad in all its glory. It ‘s surely possible, as DC Comics Collectibles seemed to like Way ‘s version of Batman adequate to turn it into a statue in their Black and White line .
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