Top 49 Best Female Demon Slayer Characters

 Kay Sebastian Kay -Posted July 31, 2022Top Best Female Characters in Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer is the adjacent big thing. With artificial animation, an incredible roll, and a bewitching screenplay, this usher is going to engrave its name in the Anime Hall Of Fame.

And while anime is respected for respective reasons including matter to fights, engaging stories, entertaining characters, etc, the feature that we will focus on today is Characters .

More specifically, the female characters. These are the most left out group of people in zanzibar copal write and presentation .

And that ‘s what makes an anime a lot less interest and stale. however, Demon Slayer made certain that their females are not merely fan service material and rather have a potent and cryptic personality within them .

so to take a look at all these incredible women, I have created the top 49 Best Female Characters In Demon Slayer .

I hope you enjoy it .

1. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado is the lead female character in the serial. And let ‘s fair say that she is the one who started it all .

It was because of her misery that Tanjiro decided to opt for the occupation of Demon Slayer. She was fortunate to have survived Muzan ‘s deadly acts .

however, that was n’t a complete win and Nezuko transformed into a devil. In ordain to bring her humanness back, my boy Tanjiro goes into the kingdom of demons .

And although he has n’t found a bring around so far, he is quite passionate about his approach. And with a sister like Nezuko, things are bound to be incredible .

After all, she is known for her surprises as she transformed into a full-fledged freak in the second season .

2. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho
The insect Hashira took the integral internet by storm, right from the day she first showed up. And that ‘s why Shinobu is so all-important in the series .

She is one of the tip characters who happens to be one of the strongest demon Slayers in the entirety of the Demon Slayer Corps .

She had a hapless by herself which involved her losing her sister to a demon. And that ‘s why she has a sadist attitude .

In terms of appearance, Shinobu is second to none. And the purple semblance schema of the Hashira matches her aesthetic very well .

All in all, she is a great character with some of the most gorgeous features that you can imagine from anyone and everyone in the series .

3. Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri
Kanao had it rough in her life. There ‘s a reason why she looks like an emotionless girl who has nothing going on for her .

however, that ‘s merely the surface of her character. She is one of the lead character players in the series who managed to capture the audience ‘s care without saying a word .

She is an apprentice to Kocho Shinobu and ca n’t help but look up to her as her paragon. As a member of the family, she is respected by those around her .

And because of her traumatize past, Kanao Tsuyuri became a girl with no sentiments any. But we have seen Tanjiro infuse some feelings in her heart .

Let ‘s see if that ‘s what the series will end up with .

4. Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji
Mitsuri is one of the most interest Hashira in the series. And a estimable reason for that is her presence in the usher as a character .

She will be part of the 3rd temper of the anime. And it is said that her breathing technique is called Love Breathing .

This proficiency has branched off from Flame Breathing. And as you might have guessed, the drug user of Flame Breathing was Rengoku .

consequently, Rengoku was the one who taught Mitsuri about Flame Breathing and she developed Love Breathing from it. That ‘s what makes this Hashira so limited for the hearing .

All in all, a bang-up character with an amaze outfit and some bewitching characteristics to go alongside it .

5. Daki

This demon is nothing less than gorgeous in the series. Like it or not, Daki is the most beautiful character in the stallion series .

And she is not afraid to be gallant of it. She is separate of the Twelve Kizuki, ranking as the Upper Moon 6 alongside her buddy Gyutaro .

consequently, Daki managed to take worry of Tanjiro ‘s entire police squad without a lot attempt. however, her personality is very uncivil .

And that ‘s quite meet considering that she is part of the entertainment zone. That ‘s a place where smasher speaks .

And since she is the most beautiful one, there ‘s no deny that people will constantly look up to her .

That ‘s how she developed an attitude that ca n’t be compared to anyone else in the integral series .

6. Tamayo

Tamayo is one of the most bewitching characters in the integral series. And that ‘s because she managed to go against the odds and become just like Nezuko .

For context, Tamayo is a devil who is said to be alive for over 200 years. Yeah, ages in zanzibar copal can be very mislead .

however, she is person who does n’t require homo human body to survive. And that ‘s what makes her so limited for the series .

It is said that Demons ca n’t be humane. however, she is a living exemplar of an example where the demons are not merely humanist but besides intelligent and considerate towards others .

And that ‘s what enforced the theme of human co-existence in the characters in the series .

7. Kanae Kochou

Kanae Kochou
Kanae is the erstwhile Insect Hashira. And let ‘s just say that she had a great biography for herself. however, her sacrifice was a huge price for those around her .

Kanae is one of the most luminary characters in the integral serial. And that ‘s because she is Kocho Shinobu ‘s sister .

She is elder to Shinobu which is why she was the previous Hashira. furthermore, it is said that her excellence as the Insect Hashira was unmatched .

And that ‘s what makes her worthy of this spot on our list. You may have seen Kocho Shinobu in her flower .

however, Kanae is a completely different animal in her prime. Although we do n’t get to see that moment, we do get to experience that from stories .

8. Suma

This daughter is a study of artwork. You ca n’t go wrong with her. And let ‘s good say that she has the most character out of all those who are depart of this indicate .

Suma is one of the star characters in the serial that happens to be quite crucial to the Entertainment District Arc .

She is a Shinobi and stands as Tengen Uzui ‘s wife. And that condition is a matter of pride for her .

As she stands next to all those who are nothing but side characters, her own personality fleshes out flush more .

therefore, if you are into characters with a lot of feat being put into them then this is the girl you should opt for .

Let ‘s just say that her entertainment goes far beyond what you would have imagined .

9. Mother Spider Demon

Mother Spider Demon
Mother Spider Demon is an by chance popular character in the serial. And although Rui was the independent antagonist of the Mount Natagumo arch, she was the one who managed to secure a huge audience for herself .

And I guess that ‘s an result of Tanjiro ‘s murder method for her. Mother Spider Demon was tormented by the way Rui was treating her .

In the Mirage of having a perfect family for himself, he ended up doing some of the most hideous things to his own family members .

And that ‘s why Mother Spider Demon was n’t able to bear it anymore. Her death was freedom. And this notion is appreciated so much by the zanzibar copal community .

consequently, you should give this zanzibar copal a rewatch .

10. Makomo

This cunning little female child helped Tanjiro in his travel. And although it was n’t a send aid, it was because of her that he is alert and breathing today .

After all, it was Makomo and Sabito that helped her out. It is because of those hours of rehearse and aid that Tanjiro became a demon Slayer worthy of passing the Demon Slayer Exam .

differently, he would have been a goner. And that ‘s why Makomo ‘s character flourished even more for the hearing. She faced misfortune because of her inability to match the performance that was needed to clear the examination .

however, being a ghostwriter, she ensured that Tanjiro does n’t have to face anything like that in his animation. This is why she is indeed impressive for the series .

11. Susamaru

This monster was quite formidable when it first appeared. And that ‘s why she is placed then senior high school on our list .

Susamaru is one of the luminary characters in the appearance that happened to be one of the main villains in the Asakusa Arc .

She was the one who went up against Tanjiro and the team during their visit and stays with Tamayo .

And that ‘s why she was able to pack a punch on the crew. Her shape of active is pretty simple .

She uses those balls in her hands to hurt the adversary. Let ‘s just say that if you are not a devil, even touching those balls can be extremely irritating for you .

There ‘s a reason why people look at her and think of the word, Fear. Make sure that you watch her on filmdom before proceeding further in the narrative .

12. Aoi Kanzaki

Aoi Kanzaki
She is one of the side characters in the indicate that ca n’t be overlooked by anyone. As person who is nothing but sweet and sort of cunning when angry, Aoi is a female child that is second to none when it comes to her character .

She helps Tanjiro and the team to have a smooth train school term. And it is said that she lives at Shinobu ‘s mansion as her handmaid .

This is why we see her sol frequently within the report knowledge domain of the indicate. And as a supporting quality, she manages to do her job of helping out the characters very good .

This is why Aoi is one of the most bewitching characters that the Demon Slayer franchise has to offer .

She is cunning, potent, and reliable. What else do you want ?

13. Makio

She is the best one out of the three wives that Tengen has. And that ‘s what makes her desirable of this spot on our list .

She is one of the side characters that appeared during the entertainment zone arch of the series. And as person who is n’t a separate of the entertainment zone herself, she does look quite attractive .

She helped out Tengen and Tanjiro during their contend with Daki. And that ‘s what made her so especial for the show .

She was besides a unavowed agent in the entertainment district under the commands of Uzui. And that ‘s why she stands as a qualitative charwoman in the Demon Slayer domain .

And let ‘s not get started on her cunning attitude .

14. Hinatsuru

She is one of the 3 wives that Tengen has. And let ‘s just say that her contribution to the usher was even more brilliant .

While people think that her contribution was minimal, there ‘s no deny that the consequence of the entire series would have been permanently different if it was n’t for her presence in the usher .

She is not merely a brilliant fictional character but besides a charwoman of quality and value. She managed to get a draw of information from the Entertainment District and that ‘s how she gained traction within the narrative of the series .

All in all, she is a firm character that you would n’t wan sodium mess with if you are fair a bare human with no breathing techniques .

15. Kie Kamado

Kie Kamado
As you can read, she is from the Kamado family. And let ‘s fair say that Kie is one of the most bewitching characters in the stallion show .

She is the matchless who served as Tanjiro ‘s beget. And in the entire series, she held a strong so far depleted profile .

She was always composure and collected which would explain why her stature is indeed respected within the community. And that ‘s just the surface of her personality .

She was killed by Muzan when Tanjiro left his family for some work. however, her death was n’t a complete consume .

And that ‘s because, after her death, Tanjiro became a Demon Slayer and started shaping his apparently clueless life sentence into nothing but a charming travel .

16. Hanako Kamado

Hanako Kamado
Another one from the Kamado family, ladies, and gentlemen. It is one of Tanjiro ‘s siblings. And let ‘s just say that matching their degree of prettiness is going to be a tax for sure .

Hanako is one of the side characters that happened to belong to the Kamado family. And since she is pretty young, she was bound to be taken lightly by the consultation .

consequently, if you have n’t watched the appearance yet, you should give it a move. It is because of characters like Hananko that this apparently bare shonen becomes a lot more heartwarming and bewitching for the hearing .

I mean who would n’t wan na see this cunning female child smile and flourish ? That ‘s precisely why no one does .

17. Ruka Rengoku

Ruka Rengoku
The Rengoku class has Always had it ruffianly. Kyojiro died at a very young historic period. His father lost his mind .

His brother was now helpless. And worst of all, they all lost Ruka Rengoku, his mother, because of an illness .

Ruka is one of the side characters in the display that happens to be one of the most concern characters .

In a family of some real mind-boggling personalities, Ruka turned out to be that one calm air woman who would n’t do anything inappropriate at all .

We do n’t know much about her in the series. however, her death changed the course of the Rengoku family everlastingly .

And that ‘s what makes Ruka then crucial for the narrative and its execution altogether .

18. Naho Takada

Naho Takada
She may seem like a clueless character. however, she supported the main cast identical well. Naho is one of the supporting characters in the express that serves Shinobu Kocho .

however, since the main crew including Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke were in the butterfly mansion, she was assigned to serve them rather .

And let ‘s precisely say that they managed to do so very well. This is why Nahi became a noteworthy character in the show .

She is still good a digest character who wo n’t be showing up to the forefront anytime soon. however, the fact that she took the entire fandom with her helpful and kind nature, goes on to say that this travel is going to be a baffling one .

19. Sumi Nakahara

Sumi Nakahara
merely like Naho, Sumi is besides a supporting character that resides at the Butterfly sign of the zodiac, indeed as to serve Shinobu Kocho .

furthermore, she is besides a character that is basically indistinguishable from Naho. Both of them have those round eyes and apparently happy side that makes both of them quite fitting for background characters .

They help out our boys very well during their train by being their emotional accompaniment. And that ‘s what makes the characters and the entire serial a bang-up feel for the hearing .

You may think that her absence would be irrelevant. however, it would be during her absence that you will realize how precious she is .

20. Tomi

Standing as Fuku ‘s grandma, we have Tomi. She is one of the most nameless characters in the show. And that ‘s because she is separate of the zanzibar copal version of the Mugen Train discharge .

The problem here is that everyone who watches Demon Slayer besides watched the Mugen Train movie. And therefore, they decided to skip the lapp section in the anime .

however, this womanhood was single to the anime episodes. And so, despite being highly popular and recognized amongst the hearing, she placid ended up being an obscure quality .

however, we do immediately know about her. And will ensure that she is given appropriate love and attention from now on .

21. Hisa

This honest-to-god lady may not seem all that special. however, she is the one who constantly had exposed arms for all the incredible Demon Slayers that bet their lives to protect the innocent .

And that ‘s why Hisa is thus important to the characters. Tanjiro and the team went to Kyogai in the Drum House .

That ‘s where they first came across Hisa. And it was at that moment that people realized the notion that commoners have with regards to Demon Slayer .

Let ‘s just say that this worldly concern is a bunch more divers than what meets the eye. consequently, characters like her form it a great experience for anyone and everyone who is a separate of the show .

22. Nakime

Coming in as the upper rank four, we have Nakime. While she was n’t the original upper rank four, she was decidedly a woman of quality all this while .

And that ‘s what makes her sol particular in the series. She was a devil who served none other than boastful dad Muzan .

And Nakime ‘s approach toward Muzan is what makes her so special to him. The Infinity Castle is a place that, just as the appoint suggests, is infinite in nature .

And Nakime has some serious command over this space castle. We have seen her in the zanzibar copal. however, that is n’t for any battle purpose .

It was just to bring the lower ranks together .

23. Kiyo Terauchi

Kiyo Terauchi
Another one of the supporting characters that are there to help out our main draw. This time, it ‘s Kiyo .

She is one of the side characters that happen to be a part of the trio that resides at the Butterfly Mansion and serves Insect Hashira Kocho Shinobu .

All in all, Kiyo is a quality that does n’t have any unreal features herself. however, she assisted our main characters identical well .

It was because of her and her team that Tanjiro and the squad became american samoa incredible as they did .

And that ‘s one of the biggest reasons why their presence in the anime format is nothing but brilliant for the hearing .

There ‘s a reason why people look up to her character when it ‘s on filmdom .

24. Ozaki

Ozaki is one of the Demon Slayer corps members. And she was the one who experienced the atrocious fury of Rui on Mount Natagumo .

Her character is thus obscure that we do n’t have much information about her just yet. It is claimed that she is very humble and true to her nature.

She is kind and person who will give up her seat for the aged to sit. This is what makes Ozaki so worthy of our list .

As person who is separate of the Demon Slayer corps, there ‘s no deny that Ozaki is a woman that you ca n’t ignore at all .

And that ‘s why she is standing here on our list. We see her attire as the Demon Slayer Uniform .

25. Mukago

Being part of the Twelve Kizuki is no comfortable task. And you can ask Mukago for testimony about it .

She is one of the most capture characters in the series as she was region of the twelve kizuki and stand at the lower rank and file four .

We know that she was quite cowardly amongst all the demons and resembled some interesting similarities to Rui in terms of design .

however, the fact that she did n’t get a opportunity to hold her own against anyone, makes her worthy of some serious criticism .

But hey, she was killed by Muzan. And that ‘s basically inevitable death for the characters. This is why she is placed hera on our number .

26. Muzan’s Daughter

Muzan’s Daughter
While we have only seen her once in the zanzibar copal, she is decidedly a character that we ca n’t help but think about .

Muzan ‘s daughter was the daughter who was standing aboard Muzan when Tanjiro faced him for the very first fourth dimension .

And that ‘s how Muzan ‘s daughter gained the traction and force that pushed her character to the vanguard. We do n’t know much about her .

All we know is that she is a cunning little female child who thinks that she has got herself a family .

unfortunately for her, she has got herself some serious trouble alternatively. And let ‘s just say that this worry is far greater than anything person of her age will experience .

27. Hinaki Ubuyashiki

Hinaki Ubuyashiki
The Ubuyashiki family has a fortune of female characters that capture the attention. And despite the fact that they are all with the lapp character design, they do stand out during the screenplay .

The character in the subject right nowadays, Hinaki Ubuyashiki is one of the most absorbing women in the appearance .

And that ‘s because of her condition in the franchise. For starters, she is the oldest daughter of Kagaya Ubuyashiki .

And the fact that she served her family, goes to show how loyal she is to her roots. Hinaki has ashen hair and a gorgeous smile that can melt anyone ‘s heart .

Her bow is besides quite aesthetic for everyone who looks at her .

28. Koinatsu

This young charwoman is the Oiran of the Tokito house. And the idea here is that she was very considerate of the woman of her house .

She is one of the side characters that appeared in the Entertainment District Arc. And happens to be very kind and generous to anyone and everyone she speaks to .

This is what makes her therefore particular to the consultation. And that ‘s why she is so important for the narrative and the performance of the entire discharge .

The entertainment district saga is filled with all forms of evil characters, both humans and demons, so it ‘s great to know that person like her exists in the current world of the series .

29. Kotoha Hashibira

Kotoha Hashibira
The name will give you a rough in idea of her. And if it does n’t, allow me to do the honors .

Kotoha Hashibira is one of the side characters in the franchise who besides served as Inosuke Hashibira ‘s mother. We do n’t know much about her since she was n’t person who actually appeared as a character in the series .

alternatively, she was person who was mentioned by a quality in the show. And it is said that she was highly beautiful and had a distribute of appealing features to the audience .

There ‘s a reason why people look at her and feel frightful that she never made it to the actual series .

And her kind nature is more than adequate to make us feel her absence .

30. Teruko

She was the unseasoned girlfriend who stood adjacent to Shoichi as they both experienced the fear of death firsthand .

And that ‘s why Teruko is placed then high on our list. She was a background quality who showed up during the Tsuzumi Mansion discharge .

And her part of being a victim of devil attacks was played very well. While we did n’t get all that info on her, we do know that she was quite impressive in terms of her design and stature .

She was a timid female child who stood like none other. And that ‘s why she is so captivating for the hearing .

31. Amane Ubuyashiki

Amane Ubuyashiki
The next character on our number will melt your heart for certain. And you can bet, it ‘s going to be capital .

Amane is one of the members of the Ubuyashiki kin and happens to have a bunch going on for herself .

She stands as Kagaya ‘s wife and happens to be quite lovingness towards him. Kagaya is the one who will change the course of all the events that took invest in the indicate .

The fact that Amane is immediately assisting him is quite celebrated. And that ‘s what makes her worthy of recognition from the consultation .

There ‘s a reason why people look up to her with a positive eye. And that ‘s why she is placed here on our list .

32. Uta

Yoriichi Tsugikuni had it rough all his liveliness. And let me be honest. I ca n’t imagine misery happening to me as it did to Uta .

And that ‘s why she is placed here on our list. She is Yoriichi ‘s wife. And the fact that she was killed by a demon along with her first gear child is the argue why fans always look at her with an emotional center .

This character had it extremely boisterous in her life. And despite being next to the strongest, she faced a deplorable end for herself .

This is why each and every Demon Slayer fan loves and respects this charwoman at all costs. And then, if you have n’t seen her bow however, good wait for it .

You will be blown away .

33. Kanata Ubuyashiki

Kanata Ubuyashiki
Kanata Ubuyashiki is one of the most luminary characters from the Ubuyashiki class. And that ‘s because she is the youngest one of them all .

She is under the service of Kiriya properly now as he stands as the current head of the house .

We have n’t seen Kanata do anything unreal in the anime barely so far. however, that does n’t change the fact that she is absolutely stunning on riddle .

She seems to be the kind of girlfriend that does n’t show any compunction to anyone. And as she tries to depict herself as a calm and collected individual, she tries to hide the fact that she is more emotionally vibrant than her sister .

This is what makes her character pulp out so much more .

34. Tokie

Coming in from the village of the Swamp Demon, we have Tokie. She is one of the side characters that rarely appeared in anime .

And the mind here is that the Swamp Demon kidnaps her for her own reasons. And that ‘s why she is placed here on our tilt .

Tokie is a character that ca n’t accept her fortune at all. This is what makes her worthy of all the love and appreciation she gets .

furthermore, her obedient nature is what got her into the trouble she ended up with. And that ‘s why she is placed here on our number .

35. Rui’s Mother

Rui’s Mother
Rui ‘s mother is one of the side characters that entirely appeared for a burst moment in the series. however, she did manage to leave a persistent mental picture on the hearing .

And that ‘s because of her contribution to the show. It was because of her decisiveness that Rui turned out to be the way he is .

And that ‘s what makes her indeed groundbreaking, to begin with .

36. Nichika Ubuyashiki

Nichika Ubuyashiki
Another Ubuyashiki penis is here ladies and gentlemen. Let ‘s just say that we wo n’t be getting a long ton of them anytime soon .

She is one of the side characters in the series that ca n’t be compared to anyone at all. She was the one who stood as the second gear oldest daughter in the series .

And merely like the stay of her family, she besides possesses the lapp kind of white haircloth and big eyes that are nothing less than fascinating for the consultation .

This is why Nichika is so crucial for the overall serial. however, we are so far to see more from her in the late parts of the usher .

37. Akeno Tsugikuni

Akeno Tsugikuni
This name might be raw to all those who have n’t read the manga however. however, there ‘s no deny that she served the zanzibar copal very well .

Remember those earrings ? Yeah, Akeno is the one who created them. And she is besides Yoriichi Tsugikuni ‘s mother which would explain her list as Tsugikuni .

There ‘s no deny that people are quite fascinating at times. We do know that she was quite religious toward Sun and had a pure kernel .

This is why she is placed here on our tilt. Akeno is a womanhood that stands identical solid in her characteristics .

While we do n’t see her in the read, we do know that she is quite qualitative. That ‘s where the beauty kicks in .

38. Fuku

This womanhood may seem insignificant to the consultation. however, let ‘s merely say that her contribution has been pretty interesting on its own .

She is one of the side characters that appeared in the Mugen Train arc and stood as a bento seller at the post .

She is the granddaughter of Tomi and so, she is person who ca n’t be ignored merely however. furthermore, the serial first pushed the idea that she is n’t anyone celebrated .

however, the fact that she contributed therefore well to the overall series goes on to show that she was quite a brilliant character on her own .

This is where it all comes down. She is a friendly character that interacted with Rengoku to create an amazing experience for the hearing and flesh away more as a character .

39. Koyuki

If you guys know about Keizo, you would besides know about Koyuki. And that ‘s because Koyuki is Keizo ‘s daughter .

She is one of the side characters in the series that happened to have a measly past following her .

For starters, she was bedfast most of her liveliness which made her restricted to any form of entertainment that goes beyond the 4 walls .

furthermore, she was a kind and gentle personality that faced some of the worst situations in her life. And that ‘s what makes her stand out so a lot in the serial .

Koyuki is a girl that you would n’t wan na miss out on if you wish to extract the depth of the Demon Slayer characters .

There ‘s no deny that she is one of the finest beings in the entire show .

40. Kuina Ubuyashiki

Kuina Ubuyashiki
She is the one-fourth child in the Ubuyashiki family. And in terms of daughters, she is the one-third one .

As person who stands as one of the youngest daughters of Kagaya, Kuina is bound to be brilliant. She is one of the most get characters as she stands a distribute cold and stone-hearted than anyone else .

She has a similar appearance to all those in her family. however, distinguishing her is n’t all that unmanageable considering that she has a very distinct personality wholly .

And that ‘s what makes her desirable of the stream spot on our tilt. Let ‘s barely say that she is another exercise of a fleshed-out character in the usher .

41. Omitsu

This woman caused a lot of havoc in the Entertainment District Arc. And that ‘s why she is placed here on our list .

Omitsu was the charwoman who was teased in the original trailer of the Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc. And that ‘s where it all started for her .

She is one of the most respected Oiran in the integral liquidation. And that ‘s why she is looked upon by all those who stand below her .

Omitsu is a daughter that stands second to none. And that ‘s why she is placed hera on our number .

Her aggression is quite apprehensible considering that she is one of the managers of Kyogoku House in the area .

And that ‘s why she is placed here on our list .

42. Serpent Demon

Serpent Demon
This demon has n’t shown up in the anime so far. however, she did have a luminary appearance in the manga for sure .

She was the monster that Obanai ‘s family worshipped. And that ‘s what makes her indeed capture in the first place .

If you guys remember, Obanai has a hydra on her soundbox at all times. And this is quite equip considering that he is one of the most daunting monster slayers in the entire show .

however, that notion is besides influenced by the Serpent Demon that he worships. And that ‘s what this is all about .

Her character is n’t depicted much. But we do know that the serpent demon was a formidable opponent .

43. Shizu Shinazugawa

Shizu Shinazugawa
Shizu Shinazugawa. Let ‘s just say that all of you have a grating idea of who she could be. And let me tell you, you might very well be correct on chase for her .

Shizu is one of the side characters that happen to be share of the Shinazugawa family. And she stands as Genya and Sanemi ‘s mother .

acerate leaf to say, this joining turns out to be the trip in the series. It is said that Shizu was one of the most capture individuals in the narrative .

And that ‘s because of her presence as a hard actor. She used to outwork everyone else. And this notion made her an perplex character to look up to .

Her life had nothing but misery for her. Yet her kind nature always searched for the positives .

44. Spider Demon Daughter

Spider Demon Daughter
Spider Demon Daughter is one of the most luminary characters in the display. She is from the Mount Natagumo arc of the series .

And during that discharge, Rui decided to recreate the entire family that he always wanted for himself. In that shell, he went for her as his sister .

however, the idea was n’t executed well since Rui was n’t kind enough to his own family members. And this forced relationship would n’t have lasted long anyhow .

regardless, the series continues to pave its means and make room for the sister monster to have her own riddle time .

And although it was in conversation with Rui, it was decidedly noteworthy to anyone and everyone in the series .

45. Tsutako Tomioka

Tsutako Tomioka
She is Tomioka ‘s elder baby. And let ‘s just say that her character goes far beyond just being separate of the Tomioka family .

She was a forfeit. A loss that Giyu had to experience right in battlefront of his eyes. And that ‘s why she is placed here on our list .

The misery that Giyu experienced after her death is the reason why he is sol quiet and lost in his own world .

People say that her character was quite flourishing on her own. She was not lone fascinating as person who stood as a brave and humiliate charwoman but besides mind-blowing with her beauty and position .

It ‘s a shame that we wo n’t be able to see her on screen .

46. Satoko

Coming from the story of the Swamp Demon, we have Satoko. She was a normal villager who was kidnapped by the Swamp Demon .

acerate leaf to say, things did n’t end well for her and she ended up getting killed by the Swamp Demon .

however, we do have bits of information about her character. She was reasonably adorable in terms of appearance and had a staple overdress as that of most other female characters .

This means that she is quite a beautiful being all in all .

47. Suyako

Although you might not know her, there ‘s no deny that she has deep roots within the descent of your front-runner quality .

And that ‘s what makes her so particular. Suyako is one of the side characters in the series that happens to be an ancestor of the Kamado syndicate .

And this association is nothing but brilliant in the minds of the viewers. And that ‘s why this apparently simple girl is being placed here on our number .

48. Toko Agatsuma

Toko Agatsuma
Toko Agatsuma is the great-granddaughter of, you guessed it, Zenitsu. And this relationship has a batch of features to look forward to .

however, the best part about it is that Toko turned out to be extremely beautiful and charming. Her character has equitable been teased by the creator .

however, it still managed to leave a persistent impression on the mind of the hearing. And that ‘s why Toko is placed hera on our list .

even though she is not one of the main characters, she is decidedly a name that you will remember for days after reading this tilt .

49. Yae

She stood following to Giyu to help him out. And that ‘s what makes her thus especial in the anime .

She is one of the background characters that are single to Giyu Tomioka ‘s narrative. And she experienced the animal misfortune of losing her father as a demon .

She decided to start traveling with Giyu. And that ‘s where all the fun begins. She managed to leave a durable impact on the stories .

And that ‘s why Yae is placed here on our number. She is a charwoman of quality and measure to the series.

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That ‘s what makes her so extra in the first place .

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