Breakout Artist Gleb Melnikov Talks About His 2021

Our staff voted Gleb Melnikov ( “ Robin, ” “ Batman and the Outsiders ” ) as the Breakout Artist of 2021. It ’ s not hard to see why ; Melnikov ’ south art is full of energy and passion, with big character ferment and action sitting side by side. Gleb was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his work, his 2021, and what to look for in his artwork next year. Our staff voted you ‘breakout artist’ of 2021, but we all recognize that this is far from your first year in comics. Did this year feel different than years past, in terms of your own work? If so, how? Gleb Melnikov: not in truth, to be honest. I ’ m just happy to work on an ongoing again. It ’ second pretty hard to jump from style to title because normally it takes a couple of issues to get used to the characters and overall vibration of a comic. I can draw Damian and his friends in my sleep these days, it ’ s a great feel. One of the things that has made “Robin” so fun is the manga influence that is clear on every page, and the pitch-perfect manga ‘impression’ that you do in the book within a book. What are some of the manga/mangakas that have influenced your work?

Robin Manga Pages GM: The main one is Rumiko Takahashi. She was a huge influence for me from the very get down, because “ Ranma 1/2 ” was the first manga I ever read, and I ’ m still trying to learn from her. The influence is identical clearly on those “ manga pages ” in “ Robin, ” but besides you can see it in the natural process scenes. The early luminary mangakas are Naoki Urasawa, Shimamoto Kazuhiko, Hiromu Arakawa, Hiroyuki Takei and Yasuhiro Nightow. Your work at DC over the past year or so has ranged from Western (“Jinny Hex Special”) to futuristic space sci-fi (Midnighter backups “Future State”) to Battle Royale with superheroes (“Robin”). How did your approach differ on each of those projects? GM: I guess my style on “ Jinny Hex ” was pretty much the same as on “ Robin. ” “ Midnighter ” was a bit unlike, since I wanted it to look more like a 90s Wildstorm amusing. I don ’ t know if I succeeded but it was very fun however. Like every other artist I do try to change my approach a spot depending on the project, but I ’ m still trying to figure out my style and I think I finally started to feel it on “ Robin. ” My goal is to find the perfect blend of clean, slick inks with the energy of rough promptly sketches. I want my artwork to feel fast but deliberate.

Folks don’t just get to know about you from your work, you’re also prolific (and quite funny) on Twitter. In addition to some funny takes, you also share little nuggets of artistic wisdom and commentary. Would you ever want to teach cartooning or do some sort of online ‘masterclass?’ GM: Haha, I hope no-one takes my Twitter besides seriously, it ’ s all jokes for the most part. But yeah, I do have some impregnable opinions about art and comics, That doesn ’ t mean I ’ thousand never gon na change my mind though, I ’ m still learning excessively ! Don ’ thyroxine know about a masterclass, but I did think about starting a YouTube distribution channel or something like this to help unseasoned people learn how to draw comics. But I don ’ metric ton think it ’ second possible at the moment ; I have excessively much shape. If you wan na learn something specific – just make a statement on Twitter so I could argue immediately ! What are your hopes for your art in 2022?Robin 3 Double Page Spread

GM: I wan na get better at inking ! People are always compliment my inks but for me they don ’ thyroxine look good enough yet. I should pay more attention to overall draft and be less preoccupied with unnecessary details and brood. besides I need to experiment more with a page layout. But overall I ’ molarity not to pressed about it. I think I should let it evolve naturally.

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