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If you ’ ve been reading for a while, you may, if you can remember all the way back to the begin of Rebirth, have read my review of The Flash Vol.1 : Lightning Strikes Twice collection that introduced us to the villain of tonight ’ mho episode—Godspeed ! Rumors have been swirling since Godspeed made his debut in this early Rebirth storyline that the Speed Force-infused villain was somehow going to find his way onto the picture. Though, before I get a lot further, I equitable want to say… How amazing is it to have The Flash back on television receiver with some modern episodes ? ! ? I, for one, am pleased to be over that WAY TOO LONG three-week break ! In Flash circles, there ’ s something of an ongoing argue about whether or not the villain of the series needs to be a speedster. If Barry Allen needs to be matched both in intellectual persuasiveness AND in metahuman abilities in order to create the best enemy. Well, if this is true—and I ’ megabyte not saying it is—Godspeed is a dependable villain to bring to the indicate. Harrison Wells was both those things in the beginning temper of The Flash all wrapped up in a tease mystery to boot. Godspeed ( and his comedian book alter ego August Heart ) is an experimental scientist on the same degree of intelligence as Barry Allen and a speedster of comparable agility. Honestly, I can ’ triiodothyronine wait to see him on the show, but what ’ s extra cool to think and speculate about are all the things Godspeed ’ s arrival on the testify, even if it ’ s alone for this one episode, may ultimately herald. Godspeed 5cb559e4b6a507.11838459

At the end of The Flash ’ s fourthly season, we saw a lightning storm. different colors rained down from the sky in the wake island of the Thinker ’ s destruction. We ’ ra now promptly approaching the end of season five and there ’ s a pretty heavy implication that the lightning ramp was a little closer to what writer Josh Williamson and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico created in their Godspeed storyline. What could be actually cool about this is the lightning storm no long has to tie back to Nora Allen, but it could. possibly her traveling through meter created the storm that infused Godspeed with his powers and gave us what, in my opinion, is one of the coolest speedster suits the show has seen in a long while. Readers familiar with Lightning Strikes Twice besides know that if Godspeed is around, it besides opens the door for a hale bunch of new speedsters to emerge and populate the future seasons of The Flash. I ’ ve mentioned this in a bunch of places here on, but the post-Godspeed character I would be most aroused about seeing is Dr. Meena Dhawan. Or Avery Ho from The Justice League of China. Both of whom introduction aboard Godspeed. Meena1 5cb559fde3ea33.24822673 now, I badly doubt we ’ ll be seeing either of them in tonight ’ south episode. But the fact that The Flash is now dipping into Barry ’ s Rebirth-era adventures suggests that the door to their eventual appearance on the appearance has never been wider.

What we will see in tonight ’ sulfur episode, though, are some serious glimpses into Nora West-Allen ’ sulfur biography before she traveled back in time. now, you know, Nora learned most of her facts concerning her beget through the Flash Museum. I ’ m not sure how much, if any, we ’ ll learn of the museum tonight, but I ’ thousand bright. In fact, I ’ thousand always holding out hope we ’ ll finally get the Flash Museum in its full and complete aura. We ’ ve already had so many glimpses of it—including in Nora ’ mho memories, which I guess can be considered flash forwards. Of naturally, I super want to see the Flash Museum arrive in the “ confront sidereal day ” timeline of the indicate. If my find to see such a thing come to life means so far another badly guy across the paths of Team Flash, I can wholly live with it. In some of the Flash ’ s more recent Rebirth stories, we ’ ve learned that there are extra “ Forces ” portray in the DC Universe besides the Speed Force. This international relations and security network ’ t a development strictly tied to Godspeed, but it could be a manner to allow for a greater diverseness of threats to Team Flash in future seasons that stretch a little beyond the typical super-villains we are used to seeing. source FLA518b0214b 5cb55a1cb6ee35.15460825 PLUS, the introduction of these forces ties into some of Barry Allen ’ s children in the stream comedian book continuity. It would make sense to introduce the raw forces to take down the new menace presented by Godspeed if Nora is to remain a full-time hurl member of The Flash. I doubt we ’ rhenium identical likely to see any of Barry and Iris ’ other children, but the copulate is young and they surely have the time to have more than one child—especially if the Flash turns out to not disappear in that crisis ! But the Arrowverse ’ s take on Crisis is still over six months off. There ’ s so much Godspeed—and the writers of The Flash—could get up to between now and then !

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 post meridiem ( 7 post meridiem CST ) on The CW. For more on Godspeed and tonight ‘s episode, read our exclusive interview with director Danielle Panabaker ! Ashley V. Robinson writes about television receiver, movies and comics for and is a even subscriber to the Couch Club, our weekly television column. You can find her on chirrup at @ AshleyVRobinson and on the Jawiin YouTube distribution channel .

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