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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

August Heart

Main Alias



Jorge Heart (brother, deceased)


Flash Family,
Central City Police Department

Formerly Rogues

Base Of Operations

Mobile · Formerly Central City





Secret Identity



Marital Status




Fugitive, Former Detective Serial Killer, Prison Inmate










Prime Earth


Joshua Williamson · Carmine Di Giandomenico

First Appearance
The Flash: Rebirth Vol 2 #1
(August, 2016)
Quote1.png Y’know…when I was trying to come up with a code name for myself, I thought of calling myself the new and improved Flash. Because you clearly weren’t cutting it. But instead… I realized that with these powers…I am judge, jury and executioner. So I call myself… Godspeed. Quote2.png

Godspeed src

August Heart is the early detective partner of Barry Allen. August was the only witness to Barry ‘s accident, that turned him into the Flash. While going after a condemnable organization called the Black Hole, August was struck by lightning during a Speed Force storm in Central City. He became the Flash ‘s “ partner ”, but in unavowed, August became the pitiless vigilante known as Godspeed, and got his revenge on who he suspected to be his brother ‘s cause of death. [ 1 ]

early life

August Heart was a police officeholder for the Central City Police Department and close supporter of Barry Allen. Heart ‘s brother Jorge was besides a bull in the department. One day, Jorge was shot dead while on patrol. August was devastated by his brother ‘s death and pursue justice. Though there were no witnesses of the crime, evidence collected by the department contribute to the catch of a career criminal named Billy Parks. however, before Parks ‘ trial could go to court, the evidence against him was destroyed when Barry Allen ‘s forensics lab was struck by lightning. Barry went into a coma ( and subsequently gained superspeed from the incident ), but, without proper testify, the casing was dropped. Heart was distraught, feeling his brother ‘s cause of death had gone release .


Years later, Barry Allen was now the Flash, and August continued to work in the CCPD. Around the meter of Wally West ‘s reappearance, August was investigating a case where important technology was stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs by a a shady constitution. August recognized the group ‘s symbol, connected to his brother ‘s murder, and became heedless with his probe. Blowing his cover, August was shot at by Black Hole operatives, but, ascribable to the group ‘s experiments on the Speed Force, they had simultaneously created a Speed Force storm that struck August with a bolt of lightning, giving him superspeed. August was fast enough to catch the oncoming bullets and subdue his attackers. August was eager to become a vigilante like the Flash and, designing his own costume, helped the hero track down all the other people affected by the Speed Force storm. The two met Dr. Meena Dhawan, a new speedster who had created a Speed Force train center to help the new speedsters control their powers. Around this time, while the Flash and Meena recruited new speedsters together, August was obviously critically injured by a fresh masked speedster calling himself “ Godspeed ”. According to August, Godspeed had killed a number of recruits to siphon their speed, but he was n’t able to stop him .

Godspeed Revealed

August recovered and continued to aid the Flash and the newly heroes in defeating Dr. Carver, the drawing card of Black Hole, and trying to uncover the mystery of Godspeed. finally, the villain became boggy when Barry realized one of his victims was Billy Parks – Jorge Heart ‘s supposed killer. Barry pieced together that August was Godspeed .
Barry confronted him with the information, and August confessed. He admitted that he had given up on the justice organization since his brother ‘s cause of death had gone free and, with his newfound power, had the ability to become evaluate, jury, and executioner. August realized after he had gotten his powers that he besides had the ability to steal other speedsters ‘ speed. Though for a time he could lone do it by killing them, he practiced his skill to be able to do it non-lethally a well. With his new divine speed, August was able to move so fast as to create a duplicate of himself at any given meter, allowing him to give the magic trick that he and Godspeed were unlike people.

After a abbreviated fight, Barry realized that August had become to fast to fight and was forced to retreat when the villain was distracted. In the moderate astir to the penult confrontation, Flash called on the newly speedsters to donate their Speed Force connection to him so he could be fast enough to stand a casual against Godspeed. They did so, and Barry tracked down Godspeed for a replay. cook to conflict once again, August set his sights on Iron Heights Penitentiary, ready to do what he claimed the Flash was excessively weak to do – kill his enemies, including Eobard Thawne. however, the newly Kid Flash intervened during the final contend and helped the Flash ultimately take down Godspeed. August was imprisoned in Iron Heights like any other criminal .


While imprisoned in Iron Heights, August became a member of the Rogues, in order to secretly investigate their plan of killing Turbine. After Captain Cold had used absolute-zero energy to gain the upper hand against the Flash, August shut down the machines giving off the energy, allowing Flash to defeat Cold. August later told Barry that while in Iron Heights, he had realized what he had done as Godspeed was amiss, and that all he wanted was Barry ‘s forgiveness. [ 2 ]

arrant Storm

While Central City was being attacked by Grodd and his forces, Barry Allen became desperate and asked August for aid and freed him from Iron Heights. [ 3 ] August agrees and runs off to help fight a mind controlled Meena, much to the storm of Kid Flash and Avery Ho, who are working with Barry to defeat Grodd. After the two share their displeasures with enlisting August, Meena engages in a conflict with Godspeed. Grodd finally manages to gain operate of August, along with Kid Flash, Avery Ho and Wally. [ 4 ] He and the rest of the thinker controlled Flash Family fight Barry, until Barry manages to reverse all of Grodd ‘s mind control effects by removing Grodd ‘s association to the speed coerce, effectively “ curing ” him. [ 5 ] After defeating Grodd with the help of the newly formed Flash Family, August disappears into the Speed Force, telling Barry, “ he was right about him. ” [ 6 ]

The Flash v Godspeed

Godspeed returns to Iris ‘s workplace in rate to tell Barry not to chase after new villain Paradox, knowing this would make him do the reverse. He and Barry subspecies, while Barry questions August on what precisely he knows about Paradox. August manages to dodge all these questions, leading Barry correct to Paradox, in rally for the cognition on who killed his brother. Paradox orders August to kill the Flash, and a conflict ensues. [ 7 ] August recounts a story to Barry about a prison term he saved his life sentence years anterior, he had seen the Flash as a champion, but August tells Barry he was wrong about his vantage point and continues to fight. Barry tries to de-escalate the competitiveness by trying to convince August that Paradox wo n’t tell him what he wants to know, but this entirely further provokes August. August tells Barry that Paradox has shown him the future, so Barry runs over to Paradox to see precisely what he ‘s shown August. After Paradox reveals his design against the Flash, Godspeed reveals he was a double agent to gain Paradox ‘s believe and assists Barry in fighting Paradox frontal. [ 8 ]

Death and Resurrection

After stopping Paradox, August is killed by the Reverse Flash [ 9 ]. Thawne tells a dead Godspeed that no one will remember him and he has seen their future where neither of them have a statue in the Flash Museum. Devastated by Thawne ‘s actions, Barry vows to kill Thawne. Later, Barry visits August ‘s dangerous to pay his respects. [ 10 ] however, when Barry defeats Thawne and resets him he visits the twenty-fifth Century where a part of the Flash Museum is dedicated to Godspeed. In the present, the markings on August ‘s grave are blurred out by a streak of yellow lightning, showing that Godspeed is alive and will be known enough to be immortalized in the Flash Museum along with the other Flashes in the future. [ 11 ]




  • Power Instability: If August keeps a clone active for too long, the Speed Force pains him and recombines him with his clones. Stealing another speedster’s speed also pains him, though a great deal more than his cloning, as he mentioned that the first time he tried it, it nearly killed him.[15]


  • Speed Force Gauntlet: Godspeed wears a gauntlet that used to belong to an unnamed speedster, capable of collecting samples of Speed Force from other speedsters, as well as allow him to enter and exit the Speed Force at will.[18]

  • August has murdered children in the past in order to get faster.[22][1][23]
  • According to Joshua Williamson’s Top 10 Speedster Rankings[24] released after The Flash (Volume 5) #50, Godspeed is currently the 8th fastest person in the DC Universe. According to the ranking:
“When August first got his powers, he was maybe faster than Barry Allen, but Barry and Wallace siphoned the speed he stole from them. Now that his powers are more in check, Godspeed needs redemption if he’s ever going to tap into his true speed.”
  • Joshua Williamson revealed that August and his brother Jorge’s mother is white and their father is Latino. Their last name was originally Corazón but it was changed to Heart when they came to Central City.[25]


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