Goku vs Naruto is Finally Getting Settled in Dragon Ball Super

Naruto and Goku are two of manga ‘s most celebrated heroes, and the debate over who would win in a fight is being settled in Dragon Ball Super.
Warning: contains spoilers for chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super
A modern offspring of Dragon Ball Super is last settling the classic Goku versus Naruto argue in an matter to way. These two titans of manga are both laughably potent and laughably popular, naturally leading fans to wonder which of them would win in a fight. While it ‘s not surprising that Dragon Ball Super would attempt to settle the argument, what is surprise is the ending it seems to reach.

Dragon Ball’s sequel manga serial has been focussing on the plight of a potent combatant named Granolah the Survivor for some time now. When he was a child his people, the Cerealians, were obliterated by the Saiyans under Frieza ‘s order. This gave Granolah a burn hate of the Saiyans, which leads him to seek out Goku and Vegeta to exact revenge. together with the deceptive Heeter Gang, Granolah finds his planet ‘s two Dragon Balls and uses them to become the universe ‘s strongest fighter. It does n’t take long for Granolah to beat both Goku and Vegeta. After Granolah realizes that Goku ‘s don saved him as a child though, the Heeters use the Dragon Balls to make their own member Gas stronger than Granolah. Knowing the Heeters have manipulated him, Granolah wastes no fourth dimension in battling Gas .
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now, in chapter 80 of Dragon Ball Super from Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Granolah and Gas continue their epic brawl. One concern thing about the fight is that both of these ultra-powerful fighters display more than a few powers straight out of Naruto. Gas ‘ main tactic in conflict seems to be conjuring weapons out of nothing. Of note, Gas ‘ ability to summon endless supplies of kunai and shuriken from nowhere is evocative of Naruto ‘s Sasuke and Itachi. On the other hired hand, Granolah ‘s sudden ability to make clones feels like a reference book to Naruto’s key signature Shadow Clone Jutsu. He even uses it to overwhelm and distract his opposition, much like Naruto .
Dragon Ball Super Granolah Gas individually these two might not seem like a purposeful shoutout but when put together they do feel like a consider mention. It ‘s only natural to see this as a definitive answer to the Goku versus Naruto debate. The thing is though, that Granolah has already beat Goku and Gas is tied stronger than Granolah. deoxyadenosine monophosphate surprising as it seems, Dragon Ball Super appears to suggest that Goku would actually lose to the Seventh Hokage. While this is coherent in-universe because Granolah is objectively his universe ‘s second gear strong warrior, it besides makes sense for a real Goku versus Naruto struggle. Naruto ‘s access to jutsu and chakra give him a more diverse powerset than his Saiyan contest. Goku ‘s department of energy blasts and warlike skills are surely brawny, but so are Naruto ‘s, and he besides has access to illusions, summoning, and ninjutsu .

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Despite these qualities though, it ‘s significant to note that Dragon Ball Super ‘s Granolah bow is n’t over quite so far. Dragon Ball is ill-famed for contriving reasons for Goku to face off against an discharge ‘s big foreman. That might very well be the font here, as a flashback hints that Goku ‘s father Bardock found a direction to beat Gas, leaving room for Goku to overcome this newly enemy. Either means, fans of both Goku  and Naruto will undoubtedly still debate who would win careless of what Dragon Ball Super suggests .
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